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Monday, July 27, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Seditiously Sporting Sinfully Sallow Skin ~

US: Parade of Fools to "caution" Israel
The long march of the caliphate's whores...
The Obama administration is dispatching four of its most senior foreign policy and security figures to Israel this coming week with the same message on two open questions causing friction between the close allies: Don't do it.

Taking a firmer line with Israel than the Bush administration, President Barack Obama is urging Israel to stop all settlement construction in the West Bank or risk closing off the most promising avenues for peace negotiations.Washington also wants Israel to shelve any plan for a military strike to sabotage Iran's nuclear facilities, arguing that Obama's offer of engagement and talks with Iran deserves time to bear fruit. Obama's senior military advisers say a strike could cause more problems than it solves in the short run, but Israeli leaders are firm that their small country in Iran's line of fire must make such calculations for itself.

US Defence Secretary in Israel amid US peace push

Obama Presses Israel to Halt Plans Funded by Rennert, Moskowitz
Renco Group Inc. founder Ira Rennert and bingo entrepreneur Irving Moskowitz are among U.S. donors who have given $25.4 million in five years to build Jewish homes in Arab parts of Jerusalem -- the same areas where President Barack Obama is pressing Israel to stop such construction.

The American contributions, detailed in Internal Revenue Service records, have gone to organizations such as Ateret Cohanim. The group says it bought at least 45 properties, most in Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter, to advance its goal of settling a Jewish majority in the now predominantly Arab Old City.

The donations have also helped fund plans to build Jewish homes on the Shepherd Hotel site in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The U.S. State Department two weeks ago asked Israel to halt the project, which has been condemned as a threat to Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects by the French government, the European Union and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Plans to build homes for Jews in that part of the city are “the type of issue that should be subject to permanent-status negotiations” in the Middle East peace process, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters on July 20.

Rabbi Ovadia slams US: We're not their slaves
In his weekly sermon Shas' spiritual leader protests US pressure on Israel to halt settlement construction, says 'Messiah will throw them out'
Amen to that, Rabbi.

US envoy pays 2nd visit to Syria

America ends internet embargo on Syria

FEATURE-Water crisis uproots Syrian farmers
Which is part of why they are demanding the Golan so loudly now....

Hezbollah Leader Threatens Tel Aviv Strike
Hezbollah's leader was quoted by two Lebanese newspapers Monday as warning that his Iranian-backed militants will strike Israel's largest city of Tel Aviv with missiles from Lebanon — if the Jewish state attacked the guerrillas' south Beirut stronghold in a new war. The papers — As-Safir and Al-Akhbar, both with close ties to Hezbollah — said Sheik Hassan Nasrallah made the threat during a weekend closed meeting with a group of Lebanese expatriates.
Egypt refers 26 Hezbollah suspects to trial

Arafat returns to haunt Fatah talks
Yassir sleeps with the Arafishes, never to return my friends!
"Fatah has never recognised Israel's right to exist and it has no intention of ever doing so," said Rafik Natsheh, a member of the Fatah Central Committee, last week.
Hamassholes controlling Fatahasses movement
A senior Fatah official on Sunday accused Hamas of seeking to foil his movement’s general convention which is going to take place in the West Bank in August.Hussein Al-Sheikh, Fatah Secretary General, said that Hamas is preventing Fatah members from traveling to the West Bank to attend the convention in Bethlehem.“Hamas conducts political extortion and tries to obstruct the (Fatah) convention,” Al-Sheikh said in a press statement.

Hamas, Fatah Power Struggle Creating '2 Police States'

Hamas to compel Gaza women to wear head scarves

Hamas launches Islamic virtue campaign in Gaza
Islamic virtues include STFU, STFD, put on this bag, and die.

Hamas PM Haniyeh loses 10,000 Facebook friends
The social networking website Facebook has shut down a fan page dedicated to supporters of Hamas Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh, London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat reported on Sunday.

The page had accumulated over ten thousand "friends" when Facebook removed it, and Facebook has issued no official statement regarding the reasons for the webpage's deletion. A supervisor of the Haniyeh fan page told Al Hayat that he expects similar action to be taken against a related Facebook page devoted to the apparently more popular Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal who has obtained over seventeen thousand "friends.
Iran's warnings to Israel "serious": commander
A senior Iranian army officer said on Sunday that Iran's warnings to Israel against possible aggression are "serious," the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

"If the leaders of the occupying regime (of Israel) plan to attack our territories, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran will confront any act of aggression ... beyond its border sand will give them a decisive response," Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari, Commander of Iran's Army Ground Forces, was quoted as saying. "The Islamic Republic armed forces enjoy the capability to respond to all threats in the best way possible," Heidari added.

Clinton says Israel should be patient on Iran
Yes it won't be long now, pesky Juden, so please - wait patiently for the kaboom. Thank you!

Israel defense minister: No option off on Iran
U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates tried to reassure Israeli leaders that President Barack Obama is not naive, and he said the offer to bargain with Iran isn't good indefinitely. After meeting with Gates, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak suggested his country's patience is limited, saying - three times - that Israel would not rule out any response.
US urges Iran reply by September
Again with September... Bulgar Wheat, call your office.
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has urged Iran to respond to US diplomatic overtures by September.
by Professor Paul Eidelberg

Revolutionary Guard tightens hold in Iran crisis

Mousavi camp rejects link with foreign embassies

India launches nuclear submarine

NKorea 'threatens to retaliate' against UN sanctions

What Part of "Death to America" Doesn't DHS Get?
Oh they get it alright. They love it, even.
The July 2006 issue of "The Shield" obtained at the July 19 conference in Illinois was entitled "Interfaith Dialogue: Is it acceptable?" The answer is a resounding "no." Christians and Jews are "kuffar" (non-Muslims or infidels) and therefore: "To make it seem as if we are 'brothers in faith' with the kuffar is to commit a haraam (sin) and betray the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad." Muslims "are not to sit and talk about common things between Islam and the corrupted teachings of Christianity and Judaism."

The same publication contains an article titled "Muslims Who Love Allah's Enemies" consists of Quranic verses like this: "O Believers, do not take the Jews nor the Christians as your friends, they are one another's friends only. If anyone of you takes them as friends, surely he shall be counted among them. Indeed, Allah deprives the wrongdoers of His Guidance."
China state-owned corporate derivatives debacles
China's state-owned corporates have suffered billion dollars in losses related to commodity price or forex trading over the past year, but also have a longer history of periodic derivative trading debacles. Some of the recent cases appear to have been simple bad luck on hedging markets at the peak; others were blamed on a 'rogue' element -- a risk manager, a lone trader -- who was operating beyond his mandate. Several times over the past 15 years the companies involved have tried to renege on those deals.
How China Lost Pakistan
The following is the full text of one 2005 speech by General Chi Haotian:

As everybody knows, according to the views propagated by the Western scholars, humanity as a whole originated from one single mother in Africa. Therefore, no race can claim racial superiority. However, according to the research conducted by most Chinese scholars, the Chinese are different from other races on earth. We did not originate in Africa. Instead, we originated independently in the land of China.

The Peking Man at Zhoukoudian that we are all familiar with represents a phase of our ancestors evolution. The Project of Searching for the Origins of the Chinese Civilization currently undertaken in our country is aimed at a more comprehensive and systematic research on the origin, process and development of the ancient Chinese civilization. We used to say, Chinese civilization has had a history of five thousand years. But now, many experts engaged in research in varied fields including archeology, ethnic cultures, and regional cultures have reached consensus that the new discoveries such as the Hongshan Culture in the Northeast, the Liangzhu Culture in Zhejiang province, the Jinsha Ruins in Sichuan province, and the Yongzhou Shun Emperor Cultural Site in Human province are all compelling evidence of the existence of Chinas early civilizations, and they prove that Chinas rice-growing agricultural history alone can be traced back as far as 8,000 to 10,000 years.

This refutes the concept of five thousand years of Chinese civilization.Therefore, we can assert that we are the product of cultural roots of more than a million years, civilization and progress of more than ten thousand years, an ancient nation of five thousand years, and a single Chinese entity of two thousand years. This is the Chinese nation that calls itself, descendants of Yan and Huang, the Chinese nation that we are so proud of. Hitlers Germany had once bragged that the German race was the most superior race on Earth, but the fact is, our nation is far superior to the Germans.

Australia: Despotism is no way to do business
Yet how can this be, our eager legion of China-will-save-us enthusiasts cry. If China has weathered theglobal economic crisis better than any other power, and if the Chinese export-economy is as lean and supple as any on the planet, surely they are right to reject our own esoteric way of ordering our affairs, and to insist upon - as party jargon delights in calling it - "market socialism with Chinese characteristics"?
Killings of Uighurs by China in East Turkistan
Behold the world's most expendable Muslims.

Iran, Tajikistan to Expand Cultural Cooperation

Glorious Kyrgyzstan Has the Best "Harm Reduction Program" in Central Asia!
The Central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan sits along a drug trafficking route, and has an estimated 80,000-100,000 drug users, more than half of whom inject drugs. Unlike some countries in the region, Kyrgyzstan has embraced harm reduction strategies such as needle exchange and methadone maintenance. Even prisoners in Kyrgyzstan have access to these programs. By going this route, they have been able to curb the country's HIV epidemic.
Dispute Dogs Kyrgyz Poll Ahead Of Results Announcement

World Socialist Website Sez:
US outrage over “rigged” elections does not extend to Kyrgyzstan
And they are quite right. But he did shit about Iran as well.
The brazen rigging of an election, the repression of the opposition and the use of police violence and live ammunition against demonstrators has been met with silence and indifference on the part of the Obama administration and the US media. These events were taking place Thursday not in Iran, but rather in the landlocked Central Asian state of Kyrgyzstan. In their habitual diplomatic language, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe election monitors declared that the Kyrgyz vote “fell short of key standards” and constituted a “disappointment.”
Volume of import of oil through Chinese-Kazakhstan pipeline

Central Asian unification should start from energy
As Kyrgyzstan was gearing up for presidential elections on July 23, the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan, Zhanysh Rustenbekov, talked to New Europe correspondent Kulpash Konyrova about plans to unite the Central Asian republics, energy cooperation and the closure of NATO’s air base Manas.
Why Prince Andrew's Kazakh friend paid an extra £3m for Southyork
Prince Andrew was paid £3million above the market price for his former home by the president of Kazakhstan to garner lobbying favours, a book has claimed.
Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has been accused of corruption, criminality and electoral fraud, was behind the purchase of Sunninghill Park, his former son-in-law alleges.
Clinton calls Russia a 'great power'
Very Good, Comrade Cankleski, but next time kneel when you say it. Vlad approves!

Clinton: US Wants Strong Russia
Vlad is most strong man in all Glow Ball! Of course you want me!
~ Most Glorious Vlad of the Bad

Putin Receptive as Steel Firms Appeal
I know tovarich, this headline is turning you bigly on.
~ Vladski who's your Dadski

Putin holds meeting with GAZPROM
The future development of Russia's gas sector, Gazprom's activities in particular, and the company's cooperation with the metalworking industry were discussed at the meeting.
Vladimir Putin: Good.
Russia admits violation in Ukraine base incident
HAHAHA! I do not mind to admit it, silly headline!
I will violate all what I please.
~ Vladski Impales Her

Russia to build balanced nuclear missile force by 2050
“In our understanding, it is important to know exactly what the navy should be by the year 2050, proceeding from two things: it must be a balanced nuclear missile force and, secondly, it must comply with the state’s national interests and economic possibilities,” Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said on the occasion of Russia’s Navy Day celebrated Sunday.
Six killed in suicide blast in Russia's Chechnya

Energy firms help pay for CA regulators trips
State officials who lead California's war on global warming often travel abroad on trips supported by the major greenhouse gas polluters they regulate, a Bee investigation has found. Industry lobbyists and executives routinely join them.

Since 2006, more than two dozen top state officials have fanned out across the globe on such trips, bound for a climate change policy tour in Europe, meetings with high-level government officials across South America and China, even a safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa – all on someone else's dime.

They have logged more than 700,000 air miles and touched down in 17 nations, on trips collectively costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the process, their air travel alone emitted 275,000 pounds of heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Uranium Contamination Haunts Navajo Country
It was one year ago that the environmental scientist showed up at Fred Slowman’s door, deep in the heart of Navajo country, and warned that it was unsafe for him to stay there.
Bolivians resist Iran's search for uranium
Iran's worldwide search for uranium to feed its nuclear program has sparked a local revolt in this marshy town in Bolivia's eastern lowlands, whose inhabitants are alarmed by plans to extract radioactive minerals from a nearby mountain.
Tanzania has 54 mln pounds of uranium deposits

Infectious Diseases Study Site Questioned
The Department of Homeland Security relied on a rushed, flawed study to justify its decision to locate a $700 million research facility for highly infectious pathogens in a tornado-prone section of Kansas, according to a government report. The department's analysis was not "scientifically defensible" in concluding that it could safely handle dangerous animal diseases in Kansas -- or any other location on the U.S. mainland, according to a Government Accountability Office draft report obtained by The Washington Post.

The GAO said DHS greatly underestimated the chance of accidental release and major contamination from such research, which has been conducted only on a remote island off the United States.
US-allied refugees still branded as terrorists
Almost every day for three years, prison guards at one of Saddam Hussein's most notorious prisons tortured Sami Alkarim. Now, in a cruel twist of fate, the accomplished Iraqi artist is being treated like a terrorist by the U.S., the country where he sought refuge.U.S. officials have told him they can't give him permanent residency in Denver because of messenger work he did as a teenager for the same political party that counts the current prime minister of Iraq as a member.
Earthquake monitors placed in North Dakota

Kamchatka volcano spews ash to 5000 meters in Russia's Far East

24 and counting since yesterday morning in the Andaman Islands

The areas surrounding the Andaman Islands are also getting in on the action:
Vanuatu hit by 6.2 earthquake

5.5 strikes eastern Taiwan

Earthquakes, Last Seven Days Worldwide

BTW the area surrounding the Andaman Islands is the same area of the world that produced the 9.0 quake that birthed the 2004 Tsunami:

2004 Tsunami could have been more destructive
Detailing on various aspects related to the intensity of tsunami earthquake, Jayant Tripathi, head, department of earth and planetary sciences, Allahabad University, who has analysed the data related to the killer tsunami for about a year, said there is a strong possibility of occurrence of a major earthquake in the region of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the future as the Indian plate is moving northward with a slight tilt in eastern direction. By continuous movement, the energy is getting accumulated and is locked in the subduction zone of Sunda trench near Sumatra region which was the main cause of the tsunami earthquake in 2004, he said. The probability is much higher as this region lies under high stress zone, added Tripathi.

About the amount of energy released by the tsunami in 2004, Dr Tripathi said, "If one compares it with the atomic bomb explosion of Hiroshima, the energy released was as much as exploding 1.3 billion bombs of that kind.'' The Hiroshima bomb was of 12 kilotonnes intensity whereas the December 2004 tsunami was of 15 billion kilotonnes capacity, he added. Talking of energy released in tsunami, the seismologist from AU said, "if the energy released could have been trapped by any means, it could have compensated for the energy requirement throughout the world for the next 220 years.''

Had the earthquake occurred on the landmass, Tripathi said, perhaps the entire habitat of Indonesia and Sumatra would have vanished. Because of the high intensity of the tremor, a fault has been formed at the oceanic bed which is 1,300 km long and 150 km wide.
Landslide in southwest China kills at least 6

Meantime there is also a monsoon in the Bay of Bengal near the Andamans....
Monsoon active over north-east, subdued elsewhere

Are we here just for your amusement?
The rise of "ethno-tourism"...
Or, how horndog prolier than thou wealthy elitist liberal touristas pay plenty to gawk lasciviously at the native women of the Andaman Islands and treat them like curious monkeys in a zoo....

When the Jarawa tribe of hunter-gatherers began to emerge in ones and twos from the dense rainforests of the Andaman islands in 1997, it seemed that these mysterious, handsome people only wanted to take a brief look at the modern world and would soon return to the trees.

But in the months that followed, shy Jarawa youths slowly gained in confidence and could be found hanging out on the side of a road recently built through their land. Then they started to stop cars and buses going by, and to beg for food. They even began to board ferries to travel between the islands.

No one knows why these people - one of the original tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, a remote archipelago in the Indian Ocean - decided to leave the forest at that time. Twelve years on they have become a tourist attraction. Local companies take people to gawp at and photograph them as if they are animals in a zoo. Some throw sweets and biscuits to them, or offer them lifts and money.

The Jarawa Women of the Andaman Islands

Muslim study based on German eugenics says man evolved in Andaman, not Africa

Allahabad University suggests that the Andaman, Nicobar Islands & south Asian islands, not Africa, spurred Darwin's glorious evolution of man! Whatever will the Chinese say? Allahabad University also believes in the missing link.... based on Haeckel... but stops short of renaming it Dirty Crusader Kuffaricus Al-Monkey Judenthropicus Horribilus Maximus.
The physical features of the four Andaman tribes -- Andamanies, Jarawa, Sentinelese and Onge show that the hypothesis propounded by eminent German biologist Ernst Haeckle that the genesis of human race has to be from a tropical country stands true. Among these, Jarawa and Sentinelese are in the purest form, untouched by the modern way of life and racial mixing, states Sahay. The remnants of earliest human culture are found in Andaman and other South Asian Island upto Tasmania, which have become extinct. "Although the island chain has always been the home of early Negrito race, but the purity diminishes as we proceed from west to east because of racial mixture that has taken place," said Sahay.

Giving details about the evidence which strengthen his observation, Sahay said that Darwin's theory about the evolution of mankind had a missing link between ape and man which was solved by Haeckle, who named this missing link as Phecanthropus, the apeman. Haeckle has propounded that it was the tropical country where mankind had lost its hairy cover and that the apeman would be fond only in the region where apes are found. In this case, gorillas and chimpanzees are found in Africa and orangutan and gibbon in Malaysia.
SCIENCE! Ernst Haeckle, Social Darwinism, and the "Monist Leauge"
Everything old is new again my friends!
The publication of Ernst Haeckel's best-selling Welträtsel ('Riddle of the Universe') in 1899 brought social Darwinism and earlier ideas of racial hygiene to a very wide audience, and its recapitulation theory became famous.

This led to the formation of the Monist League in 1904 with many prominent citizens among its members, including the Nobel Prize winner Wilhelm Ostwald. By 1909 it had a membership of some six thousand people.
Haeckel's most famous quotation is
"Politics is applied biology"

Recapitulation Theory:
Biogenetic Law:
n. The theory that the stages in an organism's embryonic development and differentiation correspond to the stages of evolutionary development characteristic of the species. Also called Haeckel's law, recapitulation theory.
The scientific origins of national socialism:
Social Darwinism in Ernst Haeckel and the German Monist League,
London, Macdonald, 1971, 8vo., pp. xxxii, 208, illus., £4.
This has proved to be an important and controversial book. Its sub-title describes its contents better than the title; it is the author's thesis that Nazi ideology owed much more to science than has hitherto been admitted. It was Ernst Haeckel, with the Monist League that he founded, who, with the support of social Darwinism as propounded in his Die Weltrdtsel of 1899, produced a romantic vision of science which had a direct influence on Hitler himself. Science was, of course, distorted by the Nazis, and yet biology in particular played an important role in the origin and development of their cult. Until Professor Gasman's scholarly work appeared, it was usually thought that the reverse was the case and that fascism opposed science and most of modern culture. However, he drew upon material not previously examined and presented a convincing case that has not been seriously challenged.

His book is essential, therefore, for the understanding of modern Germany. But in addition it has also a general message derived from the events in Germany, where scientific, biological ideas were permitted to take on a mystical significance. This danger and its ghastly consequences should be widely recognized and a comparable situation hopefully avoided. It is the subtle, insidious growth and manipulation of scientific concepts that will interest the historian of science and medicine, and for a well-written, accurate and impeccably documented presentation of this type of malignancy Professor Gasman's book can be strongly recommended.

Consideration of the influence of pseudo-science, and of the way in which Haeckel extracted from Darwinism the pieces that suited his own theories, which concerned his own advancement and that of his country and race, are salutary indeed. Thus the historian can also benefit from this book in matters concerning the socio-intellectual make-up of the scientist. Altogether this is a challenging and highly stimulating work on the
history of scientific ideas.
Haeckel's ideas on race, eugenics and euthanasia
And naturally his Jesus is not a Jew. Here also behold the origin of the Arab penchant for calling us apes and dogs:
The "lowest savages" such as Australian aborigines were closer to apes or even dogs in their reasoning faculties than to humans like Goethe or Darwin, Haeckel said. Jesus' noble personality was not semitic, but "more characteristic of the higher Aryan race" Haeckel believed that the Germans were racially superior and "deviated furthest from the common primary form of ape-like men"
The last name along the path from Darwin to the Nazis that we need to consider is the zoologist Ernst Haeckel, Germany's best-known Darwinist and a fanatical supporter of eugenics.

World famous radical evangelical atheist Dick Dawkins is also nothing more than a ZOOLOGIST my friends. "Evolutionary Biologist" is nothing more than a bullshit euphemism for racial eugenicist. By the early twentieth century, proponents of eugenics - the "science" of racial improvement had melded evolutionary biology and incipient genetics with long-standing cultural racism. This did not go away, it only when underground, rebranded, and has reemerged relegitimitized.

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