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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: The Gypsy Part of Town

American Muslims make up less than 1% of the Los Angeles Police Department's officers. But in an effort to improve its relationship with local Muslims, the department has just hired its first Muslim chaplain, writes Duke Helfand.

Iranian FM Mottaki's address to the Foreign Ambassadors to Tehran
Today, almost all intellectuals, youngsters and countries and especially those in the Middle East blame Britain for planting the nefarious seed of Zionism in the Palestinian lands.
Mahmoud Ahmadi-nejad hails election as victory for the Iranian people

Iraq receives four bids for Zubair oilfield
Group 1) BP & China's CNPC;
Group 2) India's ONGC, Gazprom & Turkish Petroleum Corp
Group 3) Italy's ENI, China's Sinopec, Occidental & Korean Gas
Group 4) Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell & Malaysia's Petronas

BP, Chinese oil firm win Iraq deals

Iraq delays decision on Rumaila oilfield

Iraq oil officials still not happy with TV auction

“The criticism against allowing IOCs to invest in Iraq has not been met by the transparency initiative, as it has centred on the government's right to shut parliament out of the oil and gas policies and contracts,” ” Ciszuk said.

“In the absence of a national oil law, Iraq is still using the pre-2003-war oil law, under which the parliament had to ratify all oil contracts, something the cabinet says it now has sufficient authority to do itself, as the new post-war constitution in any case is incompatible with the old oil law,” he added.
Guaranteed ChaCHING!
The Iraq oil law, also referred to as the Iraq hydrocarbon law, is a proposed piece of legislation submitted to the Iraqi Council of Representatives in May 2007. The Iraqi government has yet to reach an agreement on the law.

In June 2008, the Iraqi Oil Ministry announced plans to go ahead with small one or two year no-bid contracts to Exxon Mobil, Shell, Total and BP — once partners in the Iraq Petroleum Company — along with Chevron and smaller firms to service Iraq’s largest fields.

These plans were canceled in September because negotiations had stalled for so long that the work could not be completed within the time frame, according to Iraqi oil minister Hussain al-Shahristani. Several United States senators had also criticized the deal, arguing it was hindering efforts to pass the hydrocarbon law.

Al Jazeera ~ Iraqi Oil for sale ~ 29 June 09

Turkey and the EU and UN
Anders Rasmussen was Prime Minister of Denmark when a private Danish newspaper published cartoons of Muhammad. The Prime Minister defended the rights of a free press. In any case, it was beyond his power to censor.

Nevertheless, when most NATO members supported Mr. Rasmussen’s nomination to head NATO, Turkey objected. It acceded only when given: an EU concession in negotiations on Turkey’s membership application, the appointment of two Turks to senior NATO posts, and an apology by Rasmussen. This was a step away from freedom of the press, because the government accepted a penalty imposed by Turkey. [Muslims often defame non-believers but bridle at non-believer criticism of themselves, whether the criticism be valid or not.]

Participants of the 21st Executive Committee meeting of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States condemned foreign countries interference in Iran’s domestic affairs in the final statement of the meeting.

While congratulating Iran on its 10th presidential election, the participants condemned certain countries interventionist approach towards Iran interior affairs and called for Iranians to stand behind their government and to support it.

The statement also expressed concern over pressures imposed on Iran for its nuclear program and emphasized every country’s right to achieve peaceful nuclear technology and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

It then asserted Israel must be prosecuted for crimes in Gaza Strip and the coastal area blockade must be ended. The participants also condemned Israel move to expand settlements in Quds.
UN coordinator says settlement freeze can lead to normalization
In the history of Czechoslovakia, normalization is a name commonly given to the period 1969 to about 1987. It was characterized by initial restoration of the conditions prevailing before the reform period led by Alexander Dubček (1963/1967 - 1968) and subsequent preservation of this new status quo. Normalization is sometimes used in a narrower sense to refer only to the period 1969 to 1971. The official ideology of normalization is sometimes called Husakism after the Czechoslovak leader Gustáv Husák.
Israeli minister, US envoy in 'constructive' talks
Mitchell and Barak refused to answer any questions as the meeting began around 1205 GMT at the Hotel Intercontinental in Manhattan -- except when Barak was asked if he was optimistic about the talks because he was smiling.

"It means a smile doesn't cost too much," Barak shot back as the meeting kicked off with a photo call for news photographers. "We are naturally positive, every day."

Fatah, Hamas to miss unity deadline set by Cairo

Hamas: Fatah agreed to committee on political detainees

Egyptian president holds talks with Saudi king
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Saudi King Abdullah have met in the Red Sea resort town of Sharm el-Sheik.

Tuesday's meeting was the second in three days between the leaders. Mubarak held talks with Abdullah on Sunday in Saudi Arabia that the official Saudi news agency said were mainly focused on "the Palestinian issue."

Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leaders suspected of having ties to Hamas
Brotherhood sources said the arrests reflected an Egyptian effort to block an international Brotherhood insurgency network linked to Hamas and Hizbullah. They said suspected Hamas and Hizbullah were also detained over the last year.
Hamas: Fear of Jihad Led US Voters to Arab-Friendly Obama
In a public address delivered on Al-Aqsa TV by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, the Damascus-based terror boss informed Arab viewers that U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama came to power in the United States due to Islamic jihad in the Middle East.
A willing ally to Hamas's hatred
THE Green Left Weekly is probably Australia's best-known radical-left newspaper. While nominally independent, it is affiliated with the Socialist Alliance party and its youth movement Resistance! Like most radical socialist groups, it invariably aligns with the anti-Israel movement.


But what isn't widely known is that the Green Left Weekly is openly promoting extremism among Arabic speakers in Australia through a monthly Arabic-language insert called the Flame. This support is not limited to Green Left Weekly's own far-left agenda. It supports terrorist groups and promotes violence as the solution to the existence of the "Zionist state."
Islamic Jihad Deputy Ziyad al-Nakhalah Talks to Asharq Al-Awsat

[Asharq Al-Awsat] I would like to start from what Asharq Al-Awsat published two days ago. Is Jihad really going through an acute financial crisis?

[Al-Nakhalah] Talking about a financial crisis at this stage is an honor for the Palestinian people and their resistance, especially if we take into consideration the siege imposed on Gaza, the siege imposed on the resistance powers in the West bank, and the siege imposed on the funds that go to the families of the prisoners and martyrs. If we are to talk about the financial crisis, we will have to link it to the siege, and not to circumstances related to the capabilities of every faction. Definitely the Jihad Movement, as long as it exists, can in one way or another provide the minimum of the requirements of its members and elements; however, sometimes there are overwhelming circumstances during which the movement cannot convey these requirements to those entitled to them.

Top US commander: Iran still supports Iraq attacks
"Iran is still supporting, funding and training surrogates who operate inside of Iraq. They have not stopped and I don't think they will stop," Odierno told reporters at the U.S. military headquarters outside Baghdad. "I think many of the attacks in Baghdad are from individuals that have been in fact funded or trained by the Iranians."
Pentagon: Stavridis assumes Top European Command Post from Craddock
Adm. James Stavridis today became the first Navy officer to assume the top post at U.S. European Command. Stavridis also will serve as NATO's supreme allied commander for Europe.
OK so WhoTF is he?
Here is his SOUTHCOM 2007 "posture statement"

Pentagon to show softer side to the world: Gates picks an admiral with diplomatic skills to command US troops in Europe
If you roll on your back and show the predator your soft white underbelly the ruthless evisceration generally ensues.
Adm. James Stavridis is an unusual choice to fill a job usually held by the Army. In his two years overseeing US military operations in South and Latin America, he has built a reputation for running a different kind of command – deploying hospital ships and soccer teams while contending with drug trafficking and corruption.
Say as long as we are going soft let's go all the fucking way....
Defense chief Gates giving 'don't ask, don't tell' a closer look
For the first time, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is outlining potential Obama administration plans to enforce the "don't ask, don't tell" rule selectively so that some gays could serve in the military. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says there may be flexibility in applying "don't ask, don't tell."

Gates said he is looking at ways to make the policy "more humane," including letting people serve who may have been outed due to vengeance or a jilted lover. The remarks appeared in a transcript the Pentagon released Tuesday.
Joey Biden & Willie RAYTHEON Lynn present environmental awards
“You have also demonstrated that in our military, you don’t need to wear a green beret to be proud of being green,” he said.

The $4.3 billion proposed for the department’s environmental programs in fiscal 2010 will continue this effort, Biden said. “It’s a big deal what you are doing, and we have a shot at doing so much more,” he said.
Hey! What's soft and green and gay all over?

Cybersecurity: A Briefing - Part I
On May 29, 2009, the Obama administration released the much-anticipated White House report and recommendations for federal cybersecurity strategy. This memorandum provides an overview of this report as well as recent cyber-related activities and pending cybersecurity-related legislation.

The federal government has undertaken a major cybersecurity strategic review that includes reorganizing policy-making elements within the executive branch, prioritizing cybersecurity efforts across the federal government and improving public-private sector partnerships to promote cybersecurity.

Congress has also established markers in this policy debate about executive branch organization and initiated possible regulatory and standard-setting efforts, new cybersecurity standards for IT procurement by the federal government and industry-specific legislation to address specific cybersecurity threats.
Warren Air Force Base Conducts National-level Terror Exercise
A simulated terrorist attack on a 90th Missile Wing ICBM launch facility provided the exercise scenario for Nuclear Weapon Accident/Incident Exercise 2009. This national-level exercise involving 11 federal agencies and 1,300 personnel was the largest and most complex exercise ever conducted at a missile base.
Five-year Raytheon defense deal nets nearly $6M

Raytheon gets $167M missile contract

CACI Appoints Former Virginia Governor James S. Gilmore III to Board
CACI International Inc provides the professional services and IT solutions needed to prevail in today's defense, intelligence, homeland security, and federal civilian government arenas. We deliver enterprise IT and network services; data, information, and knowledge management services; business system solutions; logistics and material readiness; C4ISR integration services; cyber security, information assurance, and information operations; integrated security and intelligence solutions; and program management and SETA support services
Energy Department to award $3.3B for smart power grids
5 Billion Dolla Gubbmint Pepco will get it.
Locally, Pepco has said it plans to apply for stimulus funding for its smart grid projects. It’s filed for approval for smart grid pilots in Fort Washington and Bethesda-Chevy Chase, and last week won the District’s nod for advanced metering technology in the city.
Energy bill a travesty containing who knows what

Proposed Texas nuclear reactors to cost up to $13B
Two additional nuclear reactors being considered by San Antonio's public utility will cost up to $13 billion, according to new cost estimates. CPS Energy officials want to build the $10 billion to $13 billion reactors at the South Texas Project outside Bay City, saying its the most cost effective way to get additional power.

CPS Energy owns 40 percent of the project. New Jersey-based NRG Energy owns the remaining portion, and the utilities would split the cost. San Antonio ratepayers would be hit with a 5 percent rate increase every other year for the next decade to pay for the expansion, officials said Monday. But that rate projection assumes CPS can sell excess power to other utilities, something critics are wary of.
GE's uranium enrichment venture still on track

Uranium Energy Corp concludes sale of units and common stock

GLE clears hurdle toward uranium enrichment plant

Kazakhstan denies selling Iran nuclear material
Kazakhstan's president denied on Tuesday that his country is supplying Iran with nuclear material, according to Israel Radio. Nursultan Nazarbayev made the statements following a meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Shimon Peres, who is on a historic visit to the region. The Kazakh leader said he empathized with Israel's concern over the specter of a nuclear-armed Iran, Israel Radio reported.
The Gold Man Quits Kazakhstan:
BTA Bank Debt Talks May Slow as Goldman Sachs Quits as Adviser
BTA Bank’s effort to restructure as much as $15 billion of debt may slow after Goldman Sachs Group Inc. resigned as an adviser to Kazakhstan’s largest lender.

BTA received a letter of resignation from New York-based Goldman Sachs, said BTA Chairman Arman Dunayev, who is also deputy head of the National Wellbeing Fund Samruk-Kazyna, which manages the state’s 75.1 percent stake in BTA. “It was a discussion between BTA Bank and Goldman Sachs regarding amendment of the existing contract,” Dunayev said by telephone in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s financial capital. “BTA Bank declined.”

BTA hired Goldman Sachs and UBS AG as restructuring consultants after the government took control of the bank in February. Kazakhstan, which holds 3.2 percent of the world’s oil reserves according to BP Plc, has spent 770 billion tenge ($5.1 billion) of oil revenue to prop up the economy and banking system after the global credit crisis cut off funding and the nation’s economic boom fizzled.

“The change of adviser midway through the process would not be constructive,” said Milena Ivanova-Venturini, director of Equity Research Banking & Finance, a unit of Renaissance Capital in Almaty. “A further slowdown in a debt restructuring process that is already viewed by investors as extremely slow and not particularly transparent will add further negativism to the image of Kazakhstan as a reliable counterparty.”
Kazakh regulator warns banks over high deposit rates

Israeli president makes landmark Kazakhstan visit
"We think of Kazakhstan as an excellent friend of the Israeli state," Peres said after talks with the Central Asian state's strongman President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
Kazakhstan to invest millions in Israeli agriculture research center

Israel and Kazakhstan sign space technology deal
Mazel Tov, Igor's Flying Balls Salute You.

Sneakin' a Samoan in like I won't notice, huh Obamanable?
Faleomavaega is chairman of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment in the House of Representatives. He is also a member of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources. Faleomavaega first visited Uzbekistan in 2002. He is currently in Kyrgyzstan and will visit Kazakhstan July 2-4.
US congressman visits Kyrgyzstan

Quake measuring 5.0 hits China-Kyrgyzstan border

Switzerland helps Kyrgyzstan to develop trade


Police officers have confiscated about 2.8 kg of marihuana in Kyrgyzstan, press service of the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry reported.
Jordan to boost ties with Turkmenistan

President of Turkmenistan heads for Jordan

Turkmenistan Pressured by Gazprom's Halt on Turkmen Gas Imports

Gazprom to Invest $9.2 Billion in Russian Power Sector Until 2012

Gazprom seeks to rattle EU with Azerbaijan gas agreement
~ Love Vlad

Cold War Without End
Some argue that the rise of Islamic fundamentalism made a post-Soviet peace dividend impossible.
NATO, Russia to resume military relationship
Scheffer said officials "are in the process of examining the current institutional structure of the NATO-Russia Council and have agreed to make it a more efficient and valuable instrument for our political dialogue and practical cooperation."
Romanian Uranium Taken To Secure Site
Romanian Uranium!
The last remaining bomb-grade uranium has been shipped out of Romania as part of a U.S.-Russian nuclear nonproliferation program, the Energy Department reported Tuesday. Officials at the department's National Nuclear Security Administration said the highly enriched uranium was taken from two research reactors in Romania and flown to Russia for secure storage. The shipment weighed 118 pounds.
Predicting Russia's next war
Absent a change of circumstances, soon there will be another war in the Caucasus, perhaps as soon as this summer. It will start with Russian backed South Ossetia or Abkhazia militias attacking Georgia. Defending the lives of innocent civilians, Georgia will respond.

Then, condemning Georgia aggression, an aggressive Russia army will pour over the borders and pounce on poor Georgia with overwhelming force.If this sounds a little like last summer’s Caucasus war, there is a reason. It is a reprise of it, except this time Russian troops will destroy even more of Georgia, perhaps even its democracy.

And the entire Glow Ball will let them.

GEORGIA: Eavesdropping devices found in the Alliance for Georgia office
Vlad heeeeeaaaarsss you!
GHN reports allding to the Alliance pres service. Taps were found in the office in Isani district of Tbilisi - press service
Rumors of War
"All Russia's propaganda outlets have been talking about the possibility,” Andrei Illarionov, disaffected former economic adviser to then Russian President Vladimir Putin, told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. We should neither over-react nor under-react to those rumors—and we should expect the unexpected."
Russian rail boss backs nationalisation to ease unrest
All your trains are belong to Vlad.

Russia's telecoms tsar returns to Svyazinvest
Russia's former telecom minister, Leonid Reiman, a powerful bureaucrat and moderniser of state telecoms but a controversial figure in corporate circles, will return to state service as Svyazinvest's board chairman.
Kremlin may tighten up internet use in Russia
Recently, however, there are signs that the Russian government is reconsidering its laissez-faire attitude towards the internet, especially in the wake of Iran's web-driven "green revolution".

Several Russian bloggers who have posted critical articles have found themselves charged with extremism. One is in jail. Another was arrested after comparing Russia's prime minister Vladimir Putin to a penis.

The Kremlin also uses other darker strategies for getting its PR message out, employing dozens of young, patriotic bloggers to flood chatrooms with a pro-Kremlin message, and to attack its enemies.

Writing in last week's Moscow Times, the economist Yevgeny Gontmakher revealed how he came under "massive attack" from government bloggers after criticising Vladislav Surkov, the Kremlin's chief ideologue.

He concluded: "The modern Russian propaganda machine permeates nearly every major media outlet and even extends to the blogosphere." As well as the Russian language blogosphere, bloggers are also active in the western press, including the Guardian.
The reason why Russia may have opted out of the WTO
By reversing course on the WTO, Putin has again shown himself to be Russia's master. He did the same thing last summer by lashing out against a successful mining and metallurgical company, Mechel, and provoking the war in Georgia.
Vladimir Putin gambling law banishes Russian casinos to Siberian exile
NO poker for you! POTATO!
Gambling is now illegal outside special zones in four remote regions under laws ordered by Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister, which have cost up to half a million jobs and $1 billion (£600 million) in tax revenues. The ban spells the end of an era which witnessed an eruption of gambling fuelled by a lawless business culture in which fortunes were made and lost with dizzying speed.
Goldman Sachs Tells Investors Online Gambling Coming to US
All Vlad's disposessed degenerate gamblers have to go somewhere... These Gold Man guys are unreal. I am telling you watch what they upgrade and downgrade and you will be able to predict much.

US to legalise online gambling worth $12bn, Goldman Sachs predicts

Obama running mate Joe Biden's own son, Hunter, was a lobbyist for none other than Party Gaming, once the largest online poker company
When asked how an Obama administration would affect the process for legalizing online gambling, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, told's Jenny Woo his win would be significant.

They Must to Seize yo Winnings, you Stupid MFers!
They just seized 30 million not a month ago:

June 9th: Online poker assets seized
WASHINGTON - An advocacy group for online poker said Tuesday that the federal government has frozen more than $30 million in the accounts of payment processors that handle the winnings of thousands of online poker players.

The Justice Department long has maintained that Internet gambling is illegal, a view that the poker group challenges.

The Poker Players Alliance told The Associated Press that the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York instructed three banks -- Citibank, Goldwater Bank and Alliance Bank of Arizona -- to freeze the accounts.

Documents obtained by the AP show that a magistrate judge in the district issued a seizure warrant last week for an account at a Wells Fargo bank in San Francisco, and that a federal prosecutor told Alliance Bank to freeze accounts.


"The FBI has authority to seize proceeds of specified unlawful activity without a warrant under exigent circumstances," wrote Devlin-Brown -- a process criticized by the Poker Players Alliance.
Goldman Sachs Downgrades Healthways Inc. (HWAY) to Sell
Guess these MFers are not on the Seizer Approved Gubbmint Eugenics Providers List

ACORN presses Goldman Sachs, Barclays, American Home for mortgage modifications
The ACORN housing and community activist group is pressuring American Home Mortgage Corp., IndyMac Bank successor OneWest Bank and mortgage arms of Goldman Sachs & Co. and Barclays PLC to increase aid to distressed mortgage holders and participate in federal programs offering incentives for such actions.

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, launched a campaign Monday criticizing the four lenders for not doing more to help with refinancing and modification of distressed mortgages.
The Great Bank Robbery: How the Federal Reserve is destroying America
To quote Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, “The privilege of creating and issuing money is… the supreme prerogative of government.”
Paulson, Bernanke & Lewis: Who Told Who What?
I dunno. THIRD BASE!

IMF Board Set to Authorize $150 Billion in Debut Bond Issuance

The Bush-Obama Administration
Now it ain't just me saying this anymore.....
Despite campaign rhetoric about hope and change, there's a clear line of evolution from the Bush administration to the Obama administration. Indeed, the Obama presidency resembles the Bush administration in its closing days far more than it does the Obama campaign.
Benedict-Obama: Much in common
But there’s also a more Obama-friendly wing of the American church, again including some bishops, which accents issues such as poverty relief, international peace-making, immigration reform and health care.

If Benedict takes Obama to task on abortion, as he did with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last February, it could strengthen American Catholics eager to challenge the administration. But if the meeting has a more positive tone, focused on areas of common ground, it could prove a boon for Catholics seeking constructive engagement.
Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Coming Soon

Obama Sides With Marxists Over Honduras

Earthquake shakes Honduras

Democrats are Dressing Up Socialism in Free Enterprise Clothes

Like they invented it. The Democratic Republic of the Congo salutes you!
...legislators’ affinity for the bill was derived from the fact that it “doesn’t use the word ‘tax’ — even though it amounts to one.”
House Probes Amtrak Inspector General's Resignation
An Inspector General again..... I think they call this a purge back in Vladland. If they like you they give you the option of letting you resign rather than be ruined, removed or even killed.
A House committee is investigating the recent resignation of Amtrak's inspector general, citing concerns about oversight at the publicly funded corporation at a time when it is set to spend more than $1 billion in federal stimulus funds.


The investigation is the latest controversy surrounding the government's inspectors general, who are charged with weeding out waste, fraud and other wrongdoing by federal employees and contractors.
Pennsylvania State House just says nyet to Jesus:
It is not an attempt to silence religious leaders, McCall spokesman Bob Caton said, but rather an effort to prevent taxpayers from having to foot the bill of a lawsuit if someone objects to a prayer's contents and chooses to sue the state. "Unfortunately, it's because states like Indiana and Ohio have been sued," Caton said. "We've followed the example that unfortunately was set in other places. We're bringing Pennsylvania's practices in line with what other states have done."

Tallman, whose district includes Hanover and Penn Township, said he invited Stoltzfoos to lead the prayer because he respects him both as a man of God and for his service as president of the New Oxford Borough Council. As for what transpired, the representative said he believes "some of the leadership is probably not respecting diversity."

"Why is somebody from the speaker's office going to pre-approve a prayer by a man of God?" Tallman asked. "They're putting themselves in a pretty interesting position there." He also said he does not believe concerns over potential lawsuits are legitimate, though he declined to comment further as to why.
The Articles of The Federation of Anglican Churches
yadda yadda yadda

The Articles of the Federation of Feral Jewtians

Sanofi Aventis Restructures R&D To Boost Productivity
Sanofi-Aventis said the change in the pharmaceutical environment due to the "revolution in biopharmaceutical research" has forced the group to restructure its R&D activities, in order "to maintain innovative capacities."
UK: Police force issues Muslim detainees with compasses so they can face Mecca
But don't you dare say Jesus in the PA state house!
Norfolk Police is offering compasses to suspects so they can face accurately towards Mecca when praying. The force had already painted the ceilings of some of its cells to point worshippers in the right direction.
International Real Estate For Sale In ...Iceland

Huge artificial underground cave dating back to 1AD discovered
Jun. 30 - The largest artificial underground cave in Israel, has been exposed in the Jordan Valley in the course of a survey carried out by the University of Haifa's Department of Archaeology. The enormous cave covers an area of about one acre. It is 100 meters long, about 40 meters wide, and three meters high. It is located not far from Jericho.

The cave, which is supported by 22 giant pillars, was discovered in the course of an archaeological survey which the University of Haifa began in 1978. Prof. Adam Zertal, who headed the excavating team, believes the cave was originally a large quarry during the Roman and Byzantine era and date it back to around 1-600 AD. At a later stage it is likely to have been used as a monastery.

Various engravings were uncovered in the cave, including cross markings and symbols of the zodiac. The team also discovered Roman letters. Zertal believes the cave could be the site of Galgala from the historical Madaba Map ? a Byzantine mosaic map found in Jordan, which is the most ancient map of Israel.
A small gold vase that was seized from a German auction house has been held in the Roman-Germanic Central Museum in Mainz, by museum archaeologist Michael Mueller-Karpe, who had been asked to evaluate it. Both the auction house and the Iraqi government want the artifact, thought to be 4,500 years old and stolen from a royal grave in Iraq. “I hope that, by Thursday, we will reach an amicable solution on this issue,” said Mueller-Karpe.

Six Reasons Why The Wall Is Holy

Israel’s militaryis paying more attention to the country’s archaeology. “We have 27,000 archaeological sites in Israel, most of which are in the Negev. And if you aren’t shown the remains, you would never know they were there,” said Yoram Haimi, an Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist.

Atheist Dawkins imports US God-free summer camp to England

Actually, atheist camp is a U.S. export. I wrote in 2006 about Camp Quest, founded in 1996 and now up to six American locations. It's aimed at offering a choice beyond scouting and church camps for summer fun. Now, says the Times of London, Dawkins has brought over Camp Quest to a site near Somerset.

AVO Downgrades Redoubt Volcano

Earthquake under Maui strongest to hit in years


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