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Monday, June 1, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Murder, Incorporated ~

Leonard Cohen
The Future
Give me back the Berlin Wall
Give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
It is murder.
US may stop supporting Israel at UN
Senior US officials this week warned that the Obama Administration will discontinue America’s traditional defense of Israel at the United Nations if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not agree to stop building homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria.
Hey since the US is busy issuing threats against Israel anyway let's not forget US General Keith Dayton's Palestinian Nationalist Army who can "only be strung along for so long!":
The United States Of Palestine

Obama promises the Palestinians Jerusalem
YES we know, see above!

PM: Demand to halt natural W. Bank growth 'unreasonable'
Yes they know it is unreasonable yet they demand you jump in the ovens anyway.

OIC: “Islamophobia a Clear and Present Danger to Global Peace & Security"

That is CORRECT!
Because if you continue with your erroneous racist Islamophobic ways, and you fail to straighten up & fly right, declaring like GWB that we are a religion of peace, we will blow your MFing infidel asses up, do you get it yet, dhmmi?

Goldstone's UN inquiry team arrive in Gaza
No one expects the Uncle Chommish Inquisition!

Egypt ramps up security for Obama visit
Ahead of the visit, Egyptian security forces have rounded up hundreds of students at Cairo's Al-Azhar University, an ancient hub of Islamic scholarship that is co-hosting Obama's visit.
Co-hosting his visit? Really.
Okeedokee then:
SEARCH: Al-Azhar University / Muslim Brotherhood

French Jews are shocked and outraged by an anti-Zionist party's campaign slogans for upcoming European Union Parliament elections.
What rock were they sleeping under that this should shock them, I ask you?

Most Turks do not want any Jewish Neighbors

Yet another SHOCKA!
But looooook: They don't like you any better than they like me:
Istanbul university study suggests Turks have low tolerance for diverse lifestyles; 52% would not want Christian neighbors
Taliban kidnap 300 students, others in Pakistan
"The students reported that one Taliban carrying a hand grenade boarded each of the buses and took them away. We don't know where they have gone," he said.
Super Caliphellations from VOA:
Now with twice the propaganda as PRAVDA, and half the facts!
Ellison said he believes President Obama has the political muscle to convince pro-Israel members of Congress that a U.S.-brokered peace agreement in the Middle East would serve the interests not just of the Palestinians and the region's Arab states but of Israel as well.
Obama May Need 'Magician' Skills in Cairo to Reach All Muslims
Oh but he has them, he is the Obamassiah, have you not heard?

Iranian candidate plans global nuclear company
Iranian presidential candidate Mohsen Rezai says he will resolve the conflict around his country's nuclear programme by forming an international company for uranium enrichment if elected next month. The company would be based in Iran and have Middle Eastern or European countries as shareholders, Rezai told Iran's Press TV.

Each member would have its own rights and Iran would head a governing board that included international members, he said, according to the state-run channel.
Iran Officials Fret Over Rise in Violence
Iranian Officials Fretting over violence.
How very fucking quaint.
Are they vexed as well? Restive even?

Ex-Tech student offered help to terrorists, prosecutors say
Although Syed Haris Ahmed was “one step removed from a bomb thrower,” he conspired to support terrorism here and abroad, federal prosecutors alleged Monday.

Assistant U.S. attorney Robert McBurney, in opening statements of the former Georgia Tech student’s terrorism trial, said Ahmed made casing videos of Washington-area landmarks in April 2005 that wound up in the hands of extremists.

Say I know.... let's give him a state!

2/13/2008: Methodist Manual Maligns Israel, Stereotypes Jews
Reminder: President George W. Bush calls himself Methodist.

World Bank giving 22 million to Mugabe but claim they are not
A top World Bank official said on Wednesday grant funding to Zimbabwe was not going through the government, which has yet to demonstrate to the international community it can manage the economy with prudence and transparency.
World Bank Vice President for Africa, Obiageli Ezekwesili, told Reuters some $22 million in grants from the Bank were being spent on behalf of donors through international agencies, aid and church groups to help small farmers and the poor. Media reports this week said the World Bank would make its first grant available to the Zimbabwe government since 2001, signalling the institution was re-engaging with the bankrupt southern African country. Ezekwesili denied the reports, saying the World Bank was not lending to Zimbabwe’s government.
Who's government are they lending it to then?
This MFer Mugabe is still in charge is he not?

Grassley: GOP must stick to principles
What principles would those be then?
Because it seems to me that anyone in your party that had genuine princples now resides under your Republican Party bus. And thanks for running McCain too.

GATES: North Korea's intentions on missile test are unclear
Unclear? They seem pretty freakin' crystal from here fella.
Or should I say China's intentions?

Former rebel Mauricio Funes was Monday inaugurated president of El Salvador at a ceremony witnessed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
So... WhoTF is Funes...
and why is Hillary there presiding over his coronation...
and why should you care?

I'll tell you:

MARCH 2009:
CNN Correspondent Now the Communist Candidate in El Salvador
The presidential candidate of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), the communist revolutionaries in El Salvador the Reagan administration battled in the 1980s, is, a Monday Washington Post story noted, “a former correspondent for CNN en Espanol.”

In the March 9 article, “In El Salvador Vote, Big Opportunity for Leftists,” reporter William Booth relayed from San Salvador that the journalist-turned-politician “considers himself to be El Salvador's Barack Obama.”

Booth relayed:
After a 12-year civil war and a peace undermined by soaring crime, leftists in El Salvador are on the verge of completing a remarkable journey from armed struggle to the presidential palace. Their candidate is a veteran TV broadcaster and morning talk show host, Mauricio Funes, whose Facebook page lists his political views as “other.”

Funes, 49, a former correspondent for CNN en Español, was recently recruited by the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN), the revolutionary group-turned-mainstream political party that is favored by polls to win the presidency in a vote scheduled for March 15....

Funes considers himself to be El Salvador's Barack Obama -- an agent of change in a country beset by the highest murder rate in Latin America and an economy in free fall.

The comparison is overt: Funes and the FMLN use images of Obama in their ads (despite objections by the U.S. State Department), saying both candidates were smeared by their opponents as allies of extremists. The FMLN television spots complete the link by employing the Obama slogan in English and Spanish, vowing "Yes, we can!"...
Yes, apparently they can.

Hacker Soldiers Wanted
“Everybody's attacking everybody,” says one engineer, 30, for contractor Raytheon.
Fed cybersecurity: The new growth market
Terry Gillette and Scott Chase run a Raytheon unit in Florida that finds flaws in Pentagon computers.
Bankrupt G.M. Says It Owes $172 Billion
Timmy G, you bad asset you!
Fire up the printing press for a few billion more ...

US Vows To Be Hands-Off Owner Of GM

Our name is called Obamanable Bushman.
Render unto Seizer what is Seizers.

Thoroughly Modern Marx Pt.1
Dig this shit !
Leo Panitch, Economist and Professor at York University, talks to Paul Jay about the relevance of Marxist theories in studying today’s global economy. Panitch discusses the ideological crisis of the free market theory and notes that at this time “Marx would not be offering policy advice to governments about what is to be done in the face of this crisis; he would tell people to overcome their social isolation, form new collective organizations and identities, and make a social revolution.”
Geither in China: TRANSCRIPT
In recognition of our mutual interest in a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship, President Hu Jintao and President Obama agreed in April to establish the Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Secretary Clinton and I will host Vice Premier Wang and State Councilor Dai in Washington this summer for our first meeting. I have the privilege of beginning the economic discussions with a series of meetings in Beijing today and tomorrow.
US Geithner Announces New, Key China Affairs Staffers

Federal Reserve Puzzled By Yield Curve Steepening

Puzzled, they are!

New US border rules take effect
Headed to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean? Here's a tip: Take your passport to avoid a headache coming home.
US swine flu cases hit all 50 states
QUICK! PANIC! There is a lot of money to be made here...

Barack Obama's health plan takes shape

Is 'DISASTER" a shape?

MedImmune Wins $90M Contract for Swine Flu Vaccine


Redoubt oozes lava, pressure builds

Earthquakes continue around Fairbanks

North Sulawesi hit by magnitude 5.5 earthquake

Russian police detain 33 anti-Putin protesters
Russian riot police have detained 33 opposition demonstrators as they attempted to stage a protest demanding Prime Minister Vladimir Putin resign for his handling of the economic crisis.
Silly Dissidents. Vlad is Czar For Life.

HA HA HA! In Soviet Russia Glorious Helicopter Accidents You!
President Dmitry Medvedev has nominated a former St. Petersburg colleague of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to become Irkutsk's governor, a post that remains vacant after the previous governor died in a helicopter crash.
My name is called Vlad. Say it!

US and Russia hold second round of START arms talks
Don't fuckin' START with me, I'm in no mood!

More banks involved in Russian-German pipeline venture

Germany Set to Deepen Ties to Russia With Opel Sale

Kurdistan:New competition with Russia and new ties with Europe
Four large European and Arab companies announced on Sunday, May 24, 2009 that they have signed a contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government to export natural gas from the region to Europe. The project includes connecting Kurdistan's gas to the Nabucco Pipelines from where it will continue to be transferred to Europe.
HA HA HA! Nabucco is the Phantom of the Opera, silly proles.
~ Badass Vlad, Czar for Life

'We have cured a cell,' report says

And finally, in the "Everyone is batshit crazy with the freakin' fringe on top" Department:

Tiller as Hero & Martyr:
Dr. George Tiller spent much of his 68 years on earth working for an ideal – every woman’s right to safe reproductive freedom – for which he was long persecuted and today he paid the ultimate price. I do believe that if the good doctor could watch what happens next, he would not at all feel the sorrow that comes from dying in vain or after a life without meaning. His was a life that did not end in death, but lives on with even greater purpose and reason than it already had deservedly accrued. As we say South of the Border, where we have many martyrs - old and new - for human freedom: George Tiller, presente.
Roeder as Hero & Martyr:
The law failed to stop Tiller from his illegal murdering ways.
Roeder went around the law to bring justice to Tiller.
At FoxNews:

Federal marshals protected Tiller during the 1991 Summer of Mercy protests, and he was protected again between 1994 and 1998 after another abortion provider was assassinated and federal authorities reported finding Tiller's name at the top of an assassination list.

One of Tiller's lawyers and friends, Dan Monnat, told ABC's "Good Morning America" that Tiller had been supported by his wife and children in his decision to continue providing abortion services.

"If Dr Tiller is not going to service a woman's right to chose, who will do it?" Monnat said.

"Many of those have been terrorized and run off by protesters," he said about other abortion providers.

"Federal marshals protected Tiller".....
Think about the many, many implications of that for one minute please.
I appreciate it.

MAY 2008:
Today's ap wire highlighting Sebelius' intimate relationship with George Tiller, the nation's most notorious abortionist, is already making media rounds. Thanks to Operation Rescue, we have a picture of Sebelius holding a tee-shirt alongside Tiller in the Governor's mansion with the words "Trifecta- Sebelius, Parkinson, Morrison 2006." (talk about a Hell of a photo op..)
MARCH 2009:
Sebelius, Tiller, and the the Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus

APRIL 2009:
The Associated Press reports that in documents it recently reviewed, President Obama’s choice to head the department of health and human services, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, received three times as much money from late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller than she previously acknowledged.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue weighed in on this issue today:

“The name Dr. George Tiller is synonymous with death. By his own admission, he has performed over 60,000 abortions. His specialty is killing babies in utero who are nearly born, or are already partially born. He is a master at that. This is the same guy who lavished Kathleen Sebelius with cash when she ran for office in Kansas: he knew what he was buying—a public official he knew wouldn’t betray him. Now we know how really generous he was.

“Sebelius testified that she received $12,450 from Tiller between 1994-2001. Here is what AP is reporting today: ‘What Sebelius left out: Campaign finance documents show that Tiller also contributed $10,000 to Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund PAC in September 2000, and his clinic, Women’s Health Care Services, contributed $8,000 to the PAC in December 2001 and another $5,000 in March 2002.’

“The real problem is not Sebelius’ habitual underreporting (she also had to pay more than $7,000 in back taxes): the real problem is the source of her PAC money. Tiller has to kill kids—he admits to killing 100 per week—in order to get the dough he needs to grease Sebelius. No wonder the last three archbishops of Kansas have publicly criticized her.
APRIL 2009: Sebelius-Tiller story 'always changing'
More questions are being raised about financial issues surrounding HHS secretary-designate Kathleen Sebelius.

The Kansas governor is President Obama's pick for secretary of Health and Human Services. During confirmation hearings she said she had received $12,450 from well-known late-term abortionist George Tiller and nothing from him in her run for governor. Operation Rescue's Cheryl Sullinger offers her take on that story. "We were able to uncover documentation that she, in fact, received at least $26,000 more than that -- and possibly even more...," says Sullinger.

Sebelius then changed her statement to reflect the new amount.
And, in conclusion:

WTF was he doing IN A CHURCH?
Talk about your perverted ~ISMings.
Do any of these people even own a bible?

An usher no less, his wife in the choir.
The perfect picture of an all American family man.

What kinda CHURCH has a George Tiller in it, ushing?
His wife, singing angelically in the choir?

George Tiller. Who boasted of 60,000 + abortions that he performed personally.

So, I have to listen to all this hooplebabble that he is some great guy who was "at worship" when he was murdered?
WhoTF exactly was he worshiping?

Not that Roeder's ~ISM was any better.
It was not better.
It was different than Tiller's, and entirely demonic, if it played any role in encouraging him to whack this guy out.
Which likely it did.


You can call all that bullshit Christian all you want to,
both packs of hypocrites...
But Jewsus is coming
to take his name out of every vile mouth.
Out of the mouths of the Tillers
and out of the mouths of the Roeders
and out of the mouths of those
who would support either of them
or call themselves their "churches"

Woe unto you, Popes of Laodicea,
Whores of Babylon,
Frogs from the Mouth of the Beast.
Murder Incorporated.
Mondo Uber Deluxe Woe Infinity unto you all.
~ BabbaZee

Bob Dylan
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
But you who philosophize disgrace
and criticize all fears,
Take the rag away from your face.
Now ain't the time for your tears.

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