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Saturday, April 11, 2009

MrsOC's Feral House of Bongos Presents: PIQUANT

Frank Zappa

Pleasantly pungent or tart in taste; spicy.
Appealingly provocative: a piquant wit.
  1. Charming, interesting, or attractive: a piquant face.
  2. Archaic. Causing hurt feelings; stinging.

French, from Old French.

Present participle of piquer, to prick. See pique.

Piquant was the smell
Aboard the Piquod
After months of hell
Eating biscuit and rot
Chasing the whales
And slicing their guts
Setting the sails
And dreaming of sluts
~ Lucius Septimius

One must be careful
When out dining
Lest conversation interfere
With the waiter's instruction
As happened to a friend
A moral allegory
When at a restaurant
Which prided itself on
Catering to tastes rare
Asking the waiter
"Recommend the special della casa"
Bent her ear to her date
And not to the man
In the pressed white coat
Who offered suggestion
To her occupied ears
She thus signaled approval
Of a dish she thought'd be piquant
But was shocked on arrival
That what she had done
Quite without thinking
Was to pick ant.
~Lucius Septimius

When he asked me what sort of cigar
As we entered the drawing room
I asked for one piquant
To stave off the gathering gloom.
So he pulled one most spicy
From out from the massive oak-doored
Built in, vainglorious
Satrapical humidor.
He lit it with a lighter
Weighing half a pound of pure gold
And handing it back to me
As the smoke us began to enfold
Said that he was sorry about this
But my time had come to a close
And with that, the cigar in my teeth
Extinguished, with a huge fire hose.
~ Lucius Septimius

If life is a dish
Then my only wish
Is that it be the sort that lingers
Several courses plated
Until I'm sated
But yet eagerly licking my fingers

As for flavors I'd choose
Not the sort that abuse
The tender confines of my tongue
But neither one boring
That leaves me snoring
Like the pap I was fed when young

No, when it comes to taste
Nothing that flees with haste
Or pretentious, in a form soi-disant.
No, something sweet-sour
With a potent after-power
Serve me a life delicately piquant

And when I'm done
And so is the fun
And they clear the plates from my table
I'd pause in brief
Over the last apertif
Remembering the taste still, as I'm able.
~ Lucius Septimius

To my dismay I have to say
Most of the words we use today
Come down to us from middle Engelush
Though half of them from German come
With grim determinatsheum
As German words are wont to do
If they are to be used by you.

Though bastardized and left to dry
Out in the sun or made to fry like small flat fish
I’d venture not to ask of your which one is what.
Why would you know much more than me?
Though Lucius should (and tell us free)
We’d give him fine wine to decant
And make him salsa dip (piquant)
~ mrsoc

I love the sound of piquant!
I love a piquant taste!
We need piquant, to spark things up,
To give our lives a taste!

A taste of something new and sharp,
Of something bright and tangy,
Something new to wake us up,
Something tart, and zany!

Something between tears and smiles,
To jolt us, from enui,
I love piquant, tears, tart, and smiles,
"Piquant" is good for thee! (And me!)

Piquant in the news:
I'm told that in Louisiana, "piquant" is a synonym for "shockingly profane."
Perhaps Quin can clear up this matter of regional dialect.
~ Mostly Excellent PK

Nobody gets out of here without a rhyme.
It's now your time.
~Mostly Excellent PK

I am here
And you are my chaise
I am here
And you are my chaise
I am here
And you are my chaise
~ Battlestar PKactica

Peek Aunt.
Peak Ant.
Pea can't
Pee cant.
Pique Kant.
~ BabbaZee

Piquantify this ~
sounds like math to me.
Olfactorially speaking...
what does a nine smell like, anyway?
~ BabbaZee

Scentless Apprentice

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