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Monday, April 6, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Who Knows Where or When?

Dion & the Belmonts
Where or When?

Ain't a matter of IF. It's a matter of WHEN.



by Geert Wilders

Global Islamist terrorism that dare not speak its name
Der Spiegel interviews Janet Napolitano

'Man Caused Disasters' and 'War on Terror'
There are over 100 definitions for the word 'Terrorism'. The multiplicity of the definitions indicates there is a problem with properly defining what terrorism actually is; thus to have a war on it is problematic, notes Yvonne R. Davis.
King of Morocco: Israeli practices in Jerusalem are illegal
The Jerusalem Committee was established by the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

The Moroccan Foreign Ministry released a statement saying that the 20th session of the Jerusalem Committee will discuss the necessary steps to be taken at the international level to stop "Israeli policies in Jerusalem." These policies have negative repercussions on the situation in the Palestinian territories and on the peace process, the statement said.
CAIRO: An Egyptian Islamist has threatened to go to court to block a plan to produce a TV series on Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian Islamists: Deny entry to 'Zionist terrorist' Lieberman

Muslim Brotherhood’s English editor banned from leaving Egypt
Cairo, Egypt – Egypt’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood reported on Saturday that Khaled Hamza, its English language editor of their Web site, was not allowed to travel to London for medical assistance.

One of the group’s younger bloggers, who often helps with the Web site, told PANA here that Hamza had been going to England to seek medical aid for health reasons, but was turned away at the airport.
Hamas denies reports that Abbas to head Palestinian unity gov't

Nasrallah on the Possibility of Recognizing Israel
This is a translation of an excerpt of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's recent speech from Qifa Nabki's blog:

Today, and tomorrow, and after one year, and one hundred years, and one thousand years, until the Hour of Judgment, we and our children and our grandchildren and our people... as long as we are Hizbullah, we will not recognize Israel.

What is Israel? Israel is a plundering entity, an illegal and illegitimate state, a racist, belligerent, terrorist state. By what standard can a human being, Muslim or Arab, recognize an entity of this kind, and come and say, simply: "Yes, this is Israel," while three quarters of it or more has been given to foreigners brought from all corners of the world, and while the people who are in the right, who are the legitimate ones, the people of the land and the holy places, the Palestinians - Muslims and Christians - have to let go, and leave, and surrender, and submit! Show me that standard! What is the religious standard? What is the moral standard? What is the humanitarian standard? What is the nationalist standard? What standard is it?!

IRAN: No major difference between Obama and Bush
There is no real difference between incumbent US President Barack Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush, a senior Iranian cleric says.

"In practice we witness no change in [the policies] of Obama and those of Bush, the only difference is that Bush used to speak harshly while Obama does so less than Bush," Seyyed Ahamd Khatami, a member of Iran's Assembly of Experts, said on Friday.
Actually, that part is true.

Khamenei hails Venezuela's 'courageous' cut in Israel ties

US and Israel may fall out over Iran

Obama reiterates US support for Palestinian state
Let me be clear: the United States strongly supports the goal of two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security," Obama said in a speech to the Turkish parliament.
In Turkey, Obama Says US ‘Never’ at War With Islam
ANKARA, Turkey —President Obama, directly addressing a majority Muslim country for the first time in his presidency, said Monday that the United States “would never be at war with Islam.”
Obama's Rabbi
Rabbi Capers Funnye
Yes that's his name. The ghost of Dickens on acid is writing this all, I'm TELLIN' YA!

Khatami, Obama to attend Alliance for Civilizations summit in Istanbul

Iran's Khatami in Turkey for Alliance of Civilizations meeting

Khatami, Obama may meet in Turkey

Iran formally charges jailed US journalist

Tocqueville's Truth About the US and Russia

NATO leaders agree to resume direct talks with Russia

Obama fails to win NATO troops he wanted for Afghanistan

Incoming NATO chief: Confront religious prejudice

NATO pick addresses Muslim concerns

Obama: Russia has 'legit' Euro interests

US wants constructive ties with Russia, China
Give your hearts to GOD, Spudniktariats, cause your asses belong to the enemy.

China, Russia Rebuff US Bid to Condemn N. Korea Rocket Launch

Obama's human rights fiasco

Russia says to start nuclear talks with US in April

Obama: Threats to security, economy are worldwide...

White House says nuclear-free world achievable
Yah. Okeedokee then! Ignorance Akbar!

Washington is poised to swallow the lethal pill of global socialism

Chavez says he wants to 'reset' relations with US

Communists win Moldovan elections

Belarus FM calls for unified international energy management strategy

China's Sinopec wins oil deal from Kuwait

OIC Mulls International Forum On Financial Crisis

Mad Mullahs Mulling.

Saving the economy or setting up a socialist dictatorship?

Liberal socialists salivating to take over everything

J. Effin' Kay on his way to Darfur photo op

Goldman Sachs Leveraged Finance Healthcare Conference 2009 being held on Wednesday, April 8 OK. So WTF is Leveraged Finance Healthcare?

Anything using the term is connected to the Gold Man and they do not expound on it.

So, let's try WTF is Leveraged Finance?
Leveraged finance is funding a company or business unit with more debt than would be considered normal for that company or industry. More-than-normal debt implies that the funding is riskier, and therefore more costly, than normal borrowing. As a result, levered finance is commonly employed to achieve a specific, often temporary, objective: to make an acquisition, to effect a buy-out, to repurchase shares or fund a one-time dividend, or to invest in a self-sustaining cash-generating asset.
Ohhh Kay I get it. But you do the math. I'm no good at math.

Is the US Financial System One Big Ponzi Scheme?

Central banks set currency swap lines via Fed for US banks

Geithner: Government may force bank CEOs to resign
Fuckin' gangsters.

Hedge fund paid Obama adviser Summers $5.2 million

Fannie, Freddie overseer defends big bonuses

Gazprom sells USD 351 million in bonds

Gas shortfalls and Putin's pique

Dubai police accuse Chechen vice-PM in murder case

IN "DISCOVER" MAGAZINE: Post-Christian America

Pirates seize British cargo ship in Gulf of Aden

US judge allows deportation of accused Nazi guard

Chia Obama Heads Pulled From Stores
ch-ch-ch Chia !

Chile's Llaima Volcano Erupts Again

Alaskan Volcano Erupts Again

6.3 Italian quake kills 100+, devastates medieval town

Bryan Ferry
Where or When?

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