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Monday, April 27, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Ecumenically Offending One & All ~

Dave Bartholomew
The Monkey Speaks His Mind

King of Jordan: Israel must surrender to Arabs or face war

Jordan's King Abdullah appeared to threaten Israel with war in an interview on NBC's "Meet the Press" program on Sunday.

Abdullah, widely regarded as by far the most moderate of Arab leaders, said that if Israel is not pressured to meet Arab land-for-peace demands it will face war within 18 months.

Abdullah did not reveal how he could so precisely predict when the next Arab-Israeli war would erupt, but earlier in the day he used that knowledge to urge US President Barack Obama to put heavy pressure on Israel to surrender to Arab demands.

Turkish/Syrian War Games:
Turkey and neighbouring Syria began on Monday their first ever joint military drill along their border in an apparent bid to improve security. Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak called the move "a disturbing development".
Clinton says US will never sell out Lebanon
Yah... OK....Hez'b'allah Akbar, there, Hill!
US secretary of state makes first official visit to Beirut, pledges Obama administration's commitment to maintaining Lebanon's sovereignty
Lebanon charges ex-general with spying for Israel

China, Israel agree to boost bilateral ties
The two sides vowed to enhance economic cooperation, promote nongovernmental exchanges and push for sound development of bilateral friendship.
Nobel laureate accuses Israel of 'ethnic cleansing'
Yeah well, ARAFAT is a Nobel Laureate too, nu?
"I believe the Israeli government is carrying out a policy of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians here in east Jerusalem," said Maguire, who won the 1976 Nobel prize for her efforts at reaching a peaceful solution to the violence in Northern Ireland.
Maguire is a friend of America's (very) Special Envoy to the ME Mr. George Mitchell:
MMMmmHmmmmm! That's right. Dig this, from the comments in the article linked:
eileenfleming Says:

I emailed Irish Nobel peace Prize Laurette, Mairead Maguire for her take on Sen. George Mitchell. She wrote:

.........Senator Mitchell is a good man whom I admire as he helped in the peace process in Northern Ireland.

I remember he travelled well over 100 times from USA to Northern Ireland to help bring the various parties together and was very helpful...

I am glad he has been appointed and know he will bring great compassion, fairness and perseverance to his enormous challenge. Yes, like him I believe every conflict can be solved, where there is political will. The conflict of the Israeli state and Palestinian state (yes I said Palestinian state as even if Israel does not recognize it the world does) can be solved by Israel ending its occupation and apartheid system and this is a problem of political will of Israel and USA to bring freedom and justice to the people of Palestine. I hope the appointment of Senator Mitchell is a sign that the USA Administration is Prepared to treat both parties fairly and equally, and to work for Palestinians Human rights and Freedom....Peace Eileen, Mairead.........

I met Mairead last November in Jerusalem during SABEEL's [Arabic for THE WAY] 7th International Conference THE NAKBA: MEMORY, REALITY AND BEYOND and published her Key Note Speech WAWA Blog November 26, 2008.

Okeedokee then.

CHRISTIAN Science Monitor Sez:
The danger of an Israeli strike on Iran

And THE LAWD sez.....

Durban II as part of an Islamist 'new world order'

There's that phrase again! But none of this is happening so STFU, right?
"We're seeing an erosion of support in the West for freedom of expression in the guise of preventing incitement against Islam," says Rose.

Egypt spy chief to visit Israel

Who wants to talk to Hamas?
Every Last MFing One of THEM.

Hamas has had more international visitors since US President Barack Obama came to power, and there are signs that the international community is reconsidering its boycott of the Islamist group. Groups of lawmakers from the UK and EU, travelling independently, have made widely publicised visits to Hamas's exiled leader in Damascus in recent months.

'Obama wants aid to go to PA even if Hamas joins government'

Hamas leader Meshaal re-elected

Norway to study accusation of Israeli war crimes
I cordially invite Norway to also study my ass while they are at it.
A group of Norwegian lawyers filed the complaint, using a new law under which foreigners can be charged in Norway with war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity even if the alleged acts were carried out elsewhere.
Iran Ready to Cooperate with OIC Members on Israeli "Atrocities"
Chomping at the bit, no doubt!

"Iran is ready to cooperate with the police of member states of OIC to collect documents on the genocide of the Palestinians by the Zionist regime," Ahmadi-Moqaddam was quoted as saying.

He made the remarks at the Conference of Prosecutors of Islamic States in Tehran, in which prosecutors are expected to explore ways to sue some top Israeli officials for "war crimes" during the 22-day offensive on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Iran confab indicts Israel for war crimes

EU not ready to upgrade ties with Israel
[Insert me laughing like a crazed maniac HERE]
Israel must back the creation of a Palestinian state and recommit to the Middle East peace process before the EU can deepen ties with the Jewish state, the European Commission said Thursday.
Michelle Malkin's Roxana Saberi blogburst

Latest NEWS on Saberi

Iran detains "terrorist team" linked to Israel
The "terrorist team" was "linked to Zionist elements," he said, adding that they were intending to cause "disorder" and "insecurity" by launching successive explosions "ahead of the presidential elections" in Iran slated for June 12.

"According to the evidences, the Zionist regime is planning to connect to and guide the anti-revolution elements and to use them as a tool for its wicked ends," he said, but did not elaborate the details.

Nostalgic Iranians throng to war-time
Ahh yes the good old days, piles of hands and heads everywhere, blood running in the streets, the sticky sweet cloying smell of thousands of infidel & shahid corpses wafting noseward on wayward winds. You Stupid MFers.

Mentioning Saudi Arabia a special friend of Bangladesh...
...he said the Saudi king plays a significant role in the Islamic world. It is not right to make such a wrong information about him. "We will be glad if Saudi Arabia takes manpower from Bangladesh," Nazrul Islam Khan, joint secretary general of BNP told journalists.
Islamic Militancy And Pakistan's Rogue Generals
"I think that the Pakistani government is basically abdicating to the Taliban and to the extremists," Clinton told the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Yeah? Well I think the Pakistani Government is in league with the Taliban & the extremists, always was, always has been, and you know it very well, Ms. Clinton. You ALL know it and you ALL have known it all along. Abdicating MY ASS.

Abu Dhabi ruling family linked to torture video
The emergence of a video purporting to show a senior member of the United Arab Emirates' ruling family co-ordinating the torture of a businessman has threatened to tarnish the reputation of the pro-Western, oil-rich Gulf state.

The video purports to show Issa bin Zayed al Nahyan, the half-brother of the Manchester City owner, Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan, participating in the torture of an Afghan grain dealer with whom he had had a disagreement.

The al Nahyan clan's position as rulers of Abu Dhabi, the biggest of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, means they have also acted as hereditary rulers of the state since it was founded in 1971.

At a desert location under cover of darkness the torture victim, Mohammed Shah Poor, is held down and has sand stuffed down his throat.
Koran Fully Translated Into Ukrainian For The First Time

Azerbaijan President congratulates OIC conference participants
Islamic civilization promotes peace and tolerance, humanism and good deeds. Islam rejects all crimes including terrorism, extremism and violence. Such actions pose a threat for public and political stability of states and security of civilians, said the letter by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev addressed to conference of the heads of the law enforcement agencies of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) which takes place in Baku on April 21.
OIC against Iran's and Turkey's co-operation with Armenia

Obama avoids calling Armenian murders 'genocide'

Russia moves troops closer to Georgia's capital
This is not Georgia's capital, it is Vlad's, you stupid headline. You do not understand this great fact of Soviet Truth? We have ways of making you understand. You will see.

Russia's Lavrov calls NATO drills in Georgia 'dangerous'
Winter comes again sooner than you think, proles.

We will tell you what is history and what is not. STFU, Plebe.
As of September 1, it's no longer the "subjects of the Russian Federation" who will decide whether the language, history, or culture of their nominally dominant non-Russian ethnic entities will be taught at state schools. What this means for Russia's 21 nominally autonomous republics and other ethnic minorities represented at other levels is difficult to overstate. Their struggle to retain their cultural and ethnic identities in today's Russia is truly a desperate one.
The Central Scrutinizer Sez: Here! Acceptable History for your proletarian reading so you STFU now and sing immediately with me the Happy Birthday song:

Happy Birthday, Vladimir Lenin, Revolutionary and Leader of Russia
Sing LOUDER I can't hear you! And you forgot GLORIOUS!

Gazprom buys Chevron oil ops in Italy

Parvanov: Gazprom should not command us!
They should not... but they will, and they do!

Bulgarian President: Gazprom May Not Interfere with Our Sovereignty
They may not, but they do and they will!

Turkmenistan Dangerously Defying GAZPROM
Bad Vlad, he must to break you. You will see.

Turkmenistan and Georgian to expand cooperation

German RWE Signs Groundbreaking Agreement for Turkmen Gas

Pakistan to seek import of Turkmenistan gas thru Iran

US Embassy in Ashgabat: Results of Richard Boucher's visit

Prime Minister of Georgia to visit Turkmenistan

NATO Delegation Holds 'Fruitful' Meetings In Tajikistan

Bulgaria joins NATO surveillance

Bulgarian government approved the country's joining the Intelligence Fusion Centre or IFC.
Even in Kazakhstan they understand the power of the BRAND:
Kazakhstan needs recognizable and strong national brand

Kazakhstan expects to become member of European Union

UN Special Rapporteur to visit Kazakhstan
Special Rapporteur, huh? WTF is that?
KAZINFORM Special Rapporteur of the UN on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment Manfred Nowak is to make an official visit to Kazakhstan at the Governments invitation on May 5-14, 2009
Special Rapporteur is a title given to individuals working on behalf of the United Nations who bear a specific mandate from the UN Human Rights Council (or the former UN Commission on Human Rights, UNCHR), to investigate, monitor and recommend solutions to human rights problems. They are also called "Special Procedures".

[Middle English raportour, judge, from Old French raporteur, from raporter, to bring back; see rapport.]

Yer so fuckin' Special. I wish I was special. But I'm a creep...... I'm a weirdo....

China National Petroleum to Acquire 49% Stake in Kazakhstan Gas

Kazakhstan to strengthen dialogue between West and Islamic World
I do not come to unite - I come as a sword to DIVIDE.
~ Jewsus

Opposition Weekly Suspends Operations In Kazakhstan

Western Union facing problems with cash in Uzbekistan
Naturally, there IS no cash allowed in Uzbekistan right now as I had reported in the links the other day....

Nice country ya got there, Stan.

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan expands its geography

Kuwait, Uzbekistan plan to strengthen bilateral ties

Russian Rights Activist Barred From Entering Kyrgyzstan

Angolan First lady receives Chevron Africa chairman

Turkey's TPAO to explore oil with US Chevron

Experts: North Korea a Fully Fledged Nuclear Power
We needed experts to determine this?

China to Unveil Nuclear Submarines

Analysts hike forecasts for China's economic growth

ExxonMobil makes technology investment in China

China Stepping Up Purchases of US Treasury Debt
They Must Own You

CNPC Gets OK To Sell US$3 Bln Dollar-Denominated Bonds

A skeptic's guide to Goldman Sachs

World Bank, IMF Call For Govts To Provide More Funds

Why Is Venture Capital Under Assault?
President Obama and Treasury Secretary Geithner recently declared a need to regulate venture capital firms on the grounds they pose systemic risk to our economy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Venture capital is focused almost entirely on new technologies of small startup companies, the failure of which assuredly has no effect on the larger economy.

Obama Signs TARP Oversight Bill Into Law

666 blog label brings out the devil in Goldman Sachs

Behold Czar Paulson in action:
According to Andrew Cuomo, New York state attorney-general, Ken Lewis, the chief of BofA, told investigators under oath that his decision not to tell shareholders about the deterioration in Merrill assets before the takeover was completed was the result of pressure from Mr Paulson and Mr Bernanke. “I was instructed that: we do not want a public disclosure,” he allegedly said.

Mr Lewis is also said to have claimed Mr Paulson threatened that the entire board and management of BofA would be fired if it tried to renege on the deal. Mr Cuomo said on Thursday that Mr Lewis’s testimony and other findings “raises fundamental questions about the interaction of regulators and those they regulate”.

Calling Out Politically Connected Banks

New Bank Failures: Week of April 27

Countrywide Is Gone - Here Comes "Clarity Commitment"
Rebrand, rename, rerob us all again.... Go ahead, we're too fucking stupid to deserve any better.

Russia, US to hold "unprecedented" talks on economy
The source said the Russian delegation, headed by Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, will meet with the new U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and President Barack Obama's economic advisers Lawrence Summers and Paul Volcker.

"Such broad contacts with the economic bloc (of the U.S. administration) have never taken place before, they are unprecedented," the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told reporters.

The source said Kudrin has already been working closely with U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner but the two countries needed to broaden these contacts to include other officials.
Obama's budget will make us the most socialist country in the world
What is truly disturbing is the American people would gladly hand over their hard-won freedoms for simple short-term financial security. In fact, a March 2009 Gallup Poll found that while “64 percent of Republicans say they place more trust in businesses to solve the nation’s economic problems, 72 percent of Democrats say they trust the government more, underscoring the enormous philosophical divide in the way Republicans and Democrats view the government’s role.”
US Plans Informal Meetings With Cuba


Reid, D-Nev., writes: "'That speech was phenomenal, Barack,' I told him. And I will never forget his response. Without the barest hint of braggadocio or conceit, and with what I would describe as deep humility, he said quietly: 'I have a gift, Harry.'"
UUUCCCCCCCHHHHH deluxe times eleventy toot mazillion multiplied by infinity.

LATimes: Obama's New Muslim Appointment is Hope... for Egyptians
I will begin this right at the top by saying that I don't care a whit if the appointment of any American official brings hope to Egyptians. After all, an American official should be concerned with America's interests not Egypt's. Not that I am saying that American officials or appointments should necessarily have as a chief criteria for appointment an interest in the denigration of any foreign land, but that what's good for America should be any new official's chief concern.

However, apparently the L.A. Times thinks that it is germane to U.S. interests that Egyptians are "rejoicing" that President Obama has appointed a female American Muslim to his administration. In, "Muslim woman's appointment as Obama advisor draws cautious optimism" from April 22, Noha El-Hennawy is reporting from Cairo that Egyptians are happy with Obama's purported outreach to Muslims.

Obama crony, king-maker Lou Susman goes to London
Susman, a Chicago lawyer who retired Feb. 1 as vice chairman of Citigroup Global Markets, has been a Democratic moneyman for decades and served as finance director for several presidential campaigns. He was such a prodigious fundraiser for Sen. John Kerry in 2004, helping raise $247 million, that he was described in a Chicago Tribune article as a vacuum cleaner because he was able to “Hoover” money from “deep pockets.”
Plouffe Daddy on Clinton
"I will admit, personally, It was a hard thing for me to get my arms around in the beginning when [Obama] first raised" the notion of appointing Clinton Secretary of State, Plouffe said, citing the appointment as evidence of how personally secure Obama is.

"My respect for her grew – my annoyance might have grown too -- but there’s very few human beings" who could have endured the long, almost impossible, primary.

"She was just effective every day," he said. " I think that it impressed the president."

Obama’s Communications Chief to Quit
A "well respected Democratic OPERATIVE"? Okeedokee then ...I think I get it.
I am very curious to see who takes her place.
Ellen Moran is leaving as his communications director after three months to be the chief of staff to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, a White House official confirmed on Tuesday. Ms. Moran, who turns 43 on May 1, was something of a surprise choice last November for the job of developing the president’s message and communications strategy.

While she has been a widely respected Democratic operative for years, most recently as executive director of EMILY’s List, the influential fund-raising network for candidates who support abortion rights, and before that in the AFL-CIO’s political department, Ms. Moran had not been a part of Mr. Obama’s tight campaign circle of advisers. She had strongly backed Hillary Rodham Clinton initially for the Democratic presidential nomination. “It wasn’t a good fit,” said one Democrat close to the White House, in a comment echoed by several others, all of whom nonetheless praised her political skills.
The National Security Agency will not take charge of cyber security in the US, notwithstanding calls for it to do so in what is increasingly seen as a critical area.
"We do not want to run cyber security for the US government," Keith Alexander, NSA director, said -yesterday during a speech to security industry professionals. "I think we need to dispel the rumours."

His remarks come just four days after Barack Obama received a recommendation from administration appointee Melissa Hathaway on what should be done to protect classified government networks, the internet and the institutions and infrastructure that rely on both.

GE to sell homeland security business to France's SAFRAN
Bow to your new French Overlords, Proles!

"This move aligns Homeland Protection with a business that is committed to globalization and further investment in new detection technologies and new products for the Homeland Security space," said GE Security Homeland Protection President and CEO Dennis Cooke.

According to a statement from GE, even once the group is owned by SAFRAN/Sagem Securite, the division will still have research and development benefits by still having access to the GE Global Research Center and GE Healthcare.

The Homeland Protection business unit of GE has developed a variety of solution that might be used in airport security, including sensor technology for spotting traces of explosives and dangerous chemicals or biological agents.

Read it again: This move aligns Homeland Protection with a business that is committed to globalization and further investment in new detection technologies and new products for the Homeland Security space.

Raytheon partners with Narus
Raytheon Company has partnered with Narus in which Raytheon will embed NarusInsight(TM) to monitor internet protocol (IP) traffic and provide knowledge to help manage and protect sensitive government networks.
OK... WhoTF is NARUS?

Narus is a US private company which produces mass surveillance systems. It was founded in 1997 by Ori Cohen, who had been in charge of technology development for VDONet, an early media streaming pioneer.

It is notable for being the creator of NarusInsight, a supercomputer system which is used by the NSA and other bodies to perform mass surveillance and monitoring of citizens' and corporations' Internet communications in real-time, and whose installation in AT&T's San Francisco Internet backbone gave rise to a 2006 class action lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against AT&T.

In 2004, Narus engaged the former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency, William Crowell as a director. From the Press Release announcing this:

"Crowell is an independent security consultant and holds several board positions with a variety of technology and technology-based security companies. Since 9/11, Crowell has served on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Task Force on Terrorism and Deterrence, the National Research Council Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism and the Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age."

Narus has venture funding from companies including JP Morgan Partners, Mayfield, NeoCarta, Presidio Venture Partners, Walden International, Intel, NTT Software and Sumisho Electronics. Narus has several business partners who provide various technologies similar to the features of NarusInsight. Several of the partners are funded by In-Q-Tel.

Tick Tock mah ferals. One day you will simply never hear from me again. And everyone who sounds like me, too. Gird up.

Two deals bring Raytheon $245.7 million

Scientific American gets all apocalyptically Biblical on your "reasonable" asses:
Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?
The biggest threat to global stability is the potential for food crises in poor countries to cause government collapse
I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hell was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.
~ Revelation 6:8

There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, fearful events and great signs from heaven.
~Luke 21:11

Science Races to Parse New Virus

Global alarm as killer swine flu spreads
What is very very bad for them is very very good for us ~ Glorious Comrade Lenin

Scientists set to build mini sun in lab

CHINA: Official of quake-hit county hangs self

Indonesia: 5.2 rocks West Nusa Tenggara

Romania:Magnitude 5.3 quake rattles Romania and Moldova
Special prayers for reader StrulZ's safety

Hawaii: Trio of Earthquakes Shake Big Island

La Cumbre Volcano In Galapagos Spews Lava, Gas And Smoke
Me too.

Gay Couples Line Up for Marriage Licenses in Iowa

Guy Forsyth
The Monkey Speaks His Mind

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