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Monday, October 7, 2013

When The Eagle Flies

The Lord will bring 
a nation against you
 from far away, 
from the ends of the earth, 
like an eagle swooping down,
 a nation whose language 
you will not understand, 
a fierce-looking nation 
without respect for the old
 or pity for the young.


  1. BabbaZee1:28 PM

    Please pray for Dr Hugh Cort who is going to hear this week if he is eligible for a lung transplant and if he is approved he will then have to wait on a list for lungs -he is 2 years into his condition and is worsening physically he needs
    this to happen quickly

    Please pray for Georges wife Ellen who experienced some problems with her heart a day ago which is already partly comprised of pork valves

    Please pray for Georges who has an MRI on 2/6

    thank you

  2. pbird3:48 PM

    Yee haw.....

  3. pbird3:51 PM

    In 1731, King Frederick I of Sweden gave a lion he had killed to a taxidermist who had never seen a lion before, and this was the result

  4. MyDogLuke4:36 PM

    praying for the best

  5. MyDogLuke4:38 PM

    My granddaughter could have done better. Are you going to get home before you're snowed in?

  6. pbird4:39 PM

    We drug in last night.....poof.

  7. MyDogLuke4:50 PM

    Glad you made it home safely. Our leaves are starting to change. It was like summer this weekend (85 +), but now back into the 60's. Oh well.

  8. pbird4:57 PM

    Thanks. We saw several seasons during the trip. 32 in some places and 75 in others. Lots of red leaves and so on.

  9. MyDogLuke5:00 PM

    You are quite the adventurer there lady, someday I'll have to do more travelling. We did get to Florida in February, that was warm.

  10. pbird5:02 PM

    Unfortunately, I did not find this motel.

  11. Skip V. Patel5:36 PM

    You sincerely will not believe what is in vanilla flavoring

    Don't let anyone ever tell you that Fox News doesn't break important stories. In an Oct. 2 exclusive headlined "Beaver butts emit goo used in vanilla flavored foods," Fox peels back the lid on the beaver vanilla-scented butt goo scandal. (Actually they "borrowed" the story from National Geographic.)

  12. pbird5:58 PM

    Huh...I heard it was made from paper manufacturing left overs...

  13. pbird6:16 PM

    Oregon lava and lots of it.

  14. pbird6:20 PM

    First there was a website that predicted when your parents would die; now there's a watch that not only predicts when you will die, it also begins counting down.

    Users fill out a questionnaire about their medical history before subtracting their age from the overall results to get their death score. This score is entered into the Tikker and the countdown begins.

    Dubbed the 'death watch', Tikker has been created by Swedish inventor Fredrik Colting but far from being morbid, Colting calls it 'The Happiness Watch' and claims it has been designed to help people make the most of their life and cherish the time they have left.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    more foolishness

  15. MyDogLuke6:32 PM

    My motto is to live every day like it's your last, and some day even I'll be right

  16. mawskrat6:47 PM

    I says it's the day of the eagle!!!

  17. mawskrat6:48 PM


  18. pbird7:04 PM

    My favorite rock.

  19. Skip V. Patel7:37 PM

    Rock on!

  20. Skip V. Patel7:54 PM


    Richard Jewell: The Wrong Man

    The 1996 Olympics in Atlanta were rocked by a bomb that killed one and injured more than 100. In the rush to find the perpetrator, one man became a target. There was only one problem. He was innocent.

  21. BabbaZee8:07 PM


  22. BabbaZee8:09 PM

    nice photos pbird


  24. pbird8:55 PM

    Danke sehr

  25. mawskrat9:37 PM

    I'll take Montana Slim over Hannah Montana>LOL

  26. Skip V. Patel10:05 PM

    Navy SEALs Left Behind This Gear During Their Failed Somalia Raid

    How A Lone Terrorist Smoking A Cigarette Foiled The Navy SEAL Raid In Somalia





  31. dats cute, my dad used to yodel before us evil kids teased him out of it

  32. This is James. He lives upstairs.





  36. Storagemanager8:05 AM

    Gulf states to introduce medical testing on travellers to 'detect' gay people and stop them from entering the country

    Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE already outlaw homosexuality, but are toughening their controversial stance

    Kuwait's director of public health says 'gays will be barred'

  37. Storagemanager8:19 AM

    DUBAI - Libyan militants have called for the kidnapping of American citizens in Tripoli and for attacks on gas pipelines, ships and planes to avenge the capture of a senior al-Qaida figure by US special forces in Libya last week.

    Nazih al-Ragye, better known by the cover name Abu Anas al-Liby, is a suspect in the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 civilians.

    He was snatched on the streets of Tripoli on Saturday and is being held aboard a Navy ship in the Mediterranean Sea, US officials said.

  38. Storagemanager8:53 AM

    Yawn...North Korea is going kill us again...Yawn........SEOUL - North Korea said on Tuesday its military would be put on high alert and be ready to launch operations, stepping up tension after weeks of rhetoric against the United States and South Korea, whom it accuses of instigating hostility .

  39. mawskrat9:19 AM

    Good Mornin Peeps.

  40. Storagemanager9:31 AM


  41. pbird9:35 AM

    yawn....good morning

  42. mawskrat9:50 AM

    going to look at a car for my son today

  43. awkwardsituationist:

    98 year old dobri dobrev, a man who lost his hearing in the second world war, walks 10 kilometers from his village in his homemade clothes and leather shoes to the city of sofia, where he spends the day begging for money.

    though a well recognized fixture around several of the city’s chruches, known for his prostrations of thanks to all donors, it was only recently discovered that he has donated every penny he has collected — over 40,000 euros — towards the restoration of decaying bulgarian monasteries and churches and the utility bills of orphanages, living entirely off his monthly state pension of 80 euros and the kindness of others.

  44. MyDogLuke11:06 AM

    And I was going to complain that the folks I work with want me to find a $ 700.00 or difference in the 120,000 trades and tens of billions of dollars I had to enter for a customer this month.

  45. MyDogLuke11:14 AM

    Good luck, maybe you can get him a mustang convertible and let him drive the Dad car "till he's ready"

  46. What a nice dad.

  47. pbird1:03 PM

    < a href="" title="Soon, Drones May Be Able to Make Lethal Decisions on Their Own">Soon, Drones May Be Able to Make Lethal Decisions on Their Own

  48. pbird1:15 PM

    Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll are announcing their departure from the English Defence League. This move has come after many months of deliberation and many years of constant efforts by Robinson and Carroll to prevent the EDL from being infiltrated and co-opted by racists, anti-Semites, fascists, neo-Nazis, and far-right elements. Increasingly, Robinson's time has been taking up with patrolling and policing EDL demos to keep out these infiltrators and far-right ideologues. He has decided, and my AFDI colleague Robert Spencer and I strongly endorse his decision, that his time is better spent working for the defense of England and human rights against Sharia and Islamization in different and more effective ways.


  49. pbird3:30 PM

    i have nightmares like this

  50. Storgemanager4:07 PM

    hahahahahahahahaha...........Should you decide to apply for health coverage through Maryland Health Connection, the information you supply in your application will be used to determine whether you are eligible for health and dental coverage offered through Maryland Health Connection and for insurance affordability programs. It also may be used to assist you in making a payment for the insurance plan you select, and for related automated reminders or other activities permitted by law. We will preserve the privacy of personal records and protect confidential or privileged information in full accordance with federal and State law. We will not sell your information to others. Any information that you provide to us in your application will be used only to carry out the functions of Maryland Health Connection. The only exception to this policy is that we may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.

  51. Storgemanager4:07 PM

    The only exception to this policy is that we may share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.

  52. pbird5:08 PM

    Why Is This Not a National Tragedy?

    A troubled young mother is shot dead and our ruling class applauds.

  53. pbird8:45 PM

  54. pbird8:56 PM

  55. pbird9:04 PM

    slow start, but good

  56. BabbaZee9:20 PM

    t Vaillancourt went on a trip last week that was intended to showcase some of America’s greatest treasures.

    Instead, the Salisbury resident said she and others on her tour bus witnessed an ugly spectacle that made her embarrassed, angry and heartbroken for her country.

    Vaillancourt was one of thousands of people who found themselves in a national park as the federal government shutdown went into effect on Oct. 1. For many hours her tour group, which included senior citizen visitors from Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States, were locked in a Yellowstone National Park hotel under armed guard.

    The tourists were treated harshly by armed park employees, she said, so much so that some of the foreign tourists with limited English skills thought they were under arrest.

    When finally allowed to leave, the bus was not allowed to halt at all along the 2.5-hour trip out of the park, not even to stop at private bathrooms that were open along the route.

    “We’ve become a country of fear, guns and control,” said Vaillancourt, who grew up in Lawrence. “It was like they brought out the armed forces. Nobody was saying, ‘we’re sorry,’ it was all like — ” as she clenched her fist and banged it against her forearm.

  57. pbird9:21 PM

    Yes. We are being punished. Its a bad sign.

  58. BabbaZee9:21 PM

    meantime back at the assburger ranch they think this is justified and good

  59. BabbaZee9:22 PM


  60. BabbaZee9:22 PM


  61. pbird9:23 PM

    mhm, they do

  62. BabbaZee9:24 PM

    US adults are dumber than the average human

  63. BabbaZee9:25 PM

    American adults have low (and declining) reading proficiency,0,3562742.story

  64. pbird9:26 PM

    allllllll in the plan!

  65. BabbaZee9:31 PM


    I had to go to the Bronx today now I pass out

  66. pbird9:35 PM

    have a good Nap!

  67. pbird9:36 PM


  69. goodnight all, I am still pooped from road trip! Love to yez

  70. *hi Grammy!*

  71. BulgarWheat4:23 AM

    yeah? no surprises here. we're dumb as a box of rocks.

  72. Israeli deficit shrinks big-time and oil reserves also increase

    it can be done!

  73. Storagemanager8:22 AM

    Two soldiers were slightly wounded in the Golan Heights by mortar fire emanating from Syria. They were treated at the scene. A mortar shell exploded in the northern Golan Heights. It is not known whether the attack was spillover from the ongoing Syrian civil war or intentional.

  74. Storagemanager8:26 AM

    Reuters) - The United States is leaning toward withholding most military aid to Egypt except to promote counter-terrorism, security in the Sinai Peninsula that borders Israel, and other such priorities, a U.S. official said on Tuesday.

    The official said U.S. President Barack Obama had not made a final decision on the issue, which has vexed U.S. officials as they balance a desire to be seen promoting democracy and rights with a desire to keep up some cooperation with Egypt's military.

    The military on July 3 overthrew President Mohamed Mursi, who emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood movement to become Egypt's first freely elected president last year, following the end of Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule in February 2011.

  75. mawskrat8:28 AM

    73 years have passed since Oct. 9, 1940, where in Liverpool, England, a war was raging but yet a child was born into this world. A child whose influence would help change the very world he was born into.

    John Lennon would have turned 73 ye...ars old today.

    We could go on and on about John but we feel it is best to say it in two words.

    Thank You.

    Happy Birthday John. May we meet again

  76. pathetic all foreign aid should be halted

  77. Storagemanager8:35 AM

    Old people held at gunpoint...for wanting to see Yellowstone................

    The bus stopped along a road when a large herd of bison passed nearby, and seniors filed out to take photos. Almost immediately, an armed ranger came by and ordered them to get back in, saying they couldn’t “recreate.” The tour guide, who had paid a $300 fee the day before to bring the group into the park, argued that the seniors weren’t “recreating,” just taking photos.

    “She responded and said, ‘Sir, you are recreating,’ and her tone became very aggressive,” Vaillancourt said.

    The seniors quickly filed back onboard and the bus went to the Old Faithful Inn, the park’s premier lodge located adjacent to the park’s most famous site, Old Faithful geyser. That was as close as they could get to the famous site — barricades were erected around Old Faithful, and the seniors were locked inside the hotel, where armed rangers stayed at the door.

    “They looked like Hulk Hogans, armed. They told us you can’t go outside,” she said. “Some of the Asians who were on the tour said, ‘Oh my God, are we under arrest?’ They felt like they were criminals.”

  78. Storagemanager8:37 AM

    Looks to the Gulags have started.................‘Oh my God, are we under arrest?’ They felt like they were criminals.”

  79. Storagemanager8:41 AM


  80. Storagemanager8:44 AM

    Hodgson, who accused the park service of “Gestapo tactics.”

    “The national parks belong to the people,” he told the Enterprise. “This isn’t right.”

    Calls to Yellowstone’s communications office were not returned, as most of the personnel have been furloughed.

    Many of the foreign visitors were shocked and dismayed by what had happened and how they were treated, Vaillancourt said.

    “A lot of people who were foreign said they wouldn’t come back (to America),” she said.

  81. Skip V. Patel9:09 AM

    Every one of those "Park Rangers" should be taken into custody, tried, convicted, and sent off to labour/re-education camps for the remainder of their miserable lives, (Their families should be stripped of all assets and deported to Somalia)

  82. Skip V. Patel9:12 AM

    The only credible "Western" leader is Stephen Harper.

    G-d bless Stephen Harper.

    G-d damn the rest.

  83. BabbaZee9:15 AM


  84. BabbaZee9:16 AM

    An off-duty federal officer who fired his gun at a car that cut him off has a history of aggressive behavior, according to news reports.

    Angel Echevarria, an officer with the Department of Homeland Security, was recently arrested and charged with aggressive assault and shooting into an occupied vehicle in Boca Raton, Fla. after opening fire on a red Toyota that had committed a traffic infraction.

  85. BabbaZee9:17 AM

    A mustard agent has been detected in the Pueblo military facility charged with housing chemical weapons.

    The Pueblo Chemical Depot announced that a chemical monitoring crew Tuesday detected and confirmed the presence of mustard agent vapor inside a chemical storage igloo.

    Someone call the UN we are in violation of international law

    Remove the Regime

  86. mawskrat9:33 AM

    I like to put a mustard agent on my shalomeski sammich

  87. mawskrat9:34 AM

    rye bread only!!!!

  88. pbird9:35 AM

    oooo Pueblo is a nice place, and yeah remove the regime!

  89. pbird9:36 AM

    well to be fair, some of them don't like this one bit....

  90. pbird9:39 AM

    shalom! I was just dreaming of a couple of little lost handful sized baby elephants...covered with dry mud, had to be washed..pretty fun dream

  91. pbird9:43 AM

    you can't be held responsible for dreams

  92. Skip V. Patel9:46 AM

    The "Rangers" involved in the armed confrontation with tourists have no credible alibi and should be sentenced to a life at hard labour in the Gulags.

  93. pbird9:48 AM

    The patient closed his or her eyes and mouth and blocked one nostril. The clinician opened the peanut butter container and held the ruler next to the open nostril while the patient breathed normally. The clinician then moved the peanut butter up the ruler one centimeter at a time during the patient’s exhale until the person could detect an odor.

    The distance was recorded and the procedure repeated on the other nostril after a 90-second delay.
    Dramatic difference

    The clinicians running the test did not know the patients’ diagnoses, which were not usually confirmed until weeks after the initial clinical testing.

    Patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease had a dramatic difference in detecting odor between the left and right nostril—the left nostril was impaired and did not detect the smell until it was an average of 10 centimeters closer to the nose than the right nostril had made the detection in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

  94. pbird9:49 AM

    yeah, probably some of them are enjoying this

  95. BabbaZee9:51 AM

    that's interesting

  96. BabbaZee9:51 AM


  97. BabbaZee9:51 AM


  98. Skip V. Patel9:52 AM

    I hate peanut butter.

  99. pbird9:55 AM

    hm, inneresting....i hate mint and cinnamon, always did

  100. pbird9:55 AM

    weird isn't it

  101. America's Secretest Weapon

    The object in this photograph, just short of an inch long in real life, is a round of small-arms ammunition known as ".22 Long Rifle", mostly for historical reasons, It works perfectly in hundreds of different kinds of pistols and revolvers, as well. It is a puny thing, relatively speaking, compared to other popular rifle and pistol cartridges

  102. Taking nothing at all from Mike, here's another statistic that ought to raise the hair on the back of the neck of every potential troublemaker with an IQ bigger than his shoe size: the historically important fact about the humble .22 Long Rifle is that Americans shoot two billion rounds of the stuff every year. That's 11 million pounds of lead -- 5700 tons -- poured downrange every year, 40 grains at a time.

  103. mawskrat10:46 AM

    I'm full of angst.........

    Meet the asteroid that might hit Earth in 2880

  104. mawskrat10:50 AM


  105. sure hope I don't live to 900+ yrs old


  107. It's in the union contract. Ya have to say that stuff to see if they're serious.

  108. BabbaZee12:22 PM

  109. pbird2:57 PM

    Everytime I come back from a trip my computer is buggy. Hm.

  110. pbird3:08 PM

    Gross: U.S. Taxpayers Shelled Out $634,320,919 To Build Obamacare Website…

    which as you know, doesn't work

  111. Skip V. Patel3:31 PM

    Washington Redskins Change Their Name To The D.C. Redskins
    Sports News in Brief • Sports • NFL Football • sports culture

    WASHINGTON—Following an outpouring of criticism from across the country, the Washington Redskins announced Wednesday that they are officially changing the team’s name to the D.C. Redskins. “We’ve heard the concerns of many people who have been hurt or offended by the team’s previous name, and I’m happy to say we’ve now rectified the situation once and for all,” said franchise owner Dan Snyder, adding that “Washington Redskins” will be replaced with “D.C. Redskins” on all team logos, uniforms, and apparel. “It was a difficult decision—and one that, frankly, I’m a little embarrassed took me so long to make. So hopefully we can now put this issue to bed and start cheering on our D.C. Redskins.” In light of Snyder’s decision, Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan told reporters he will change the feather in Chief Wahoo’s headdress from red to a “more appropriate” shade of red.

  112. pbird3:34 PM

    OH good....good!

  113. Skip V. Patel3:37 PM

    Shutdown plays chicken with public health as antibiotic-resistant Salmonella outbreak spreads

    As the US government stretches out into its second week, with federal food-safety and disease outbreak personnel sent home and prohibited from returning to work--even if they wanted to without pay!--a major foodborne-illness outbreak has begun. And it involves raw chicken meat.

    The Food Safety and Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture has announced that hundreds of illnesses in 18 or more states were caused by chicken contaminated with Salmonella Heidelberg, traced to Big Poultry producer Foster Farms.

    Maryn McKenna had an early report here. And even better, it appears to be an antibiotic-resistant strain. An unusually high number of people who were sickened had to be hospitalized.

    In related news, wow, I just noticed that Foster Farms has rebranded itself as "humane" to animals.

  114. BabbaZee3:39 PM

  115. Storagemanager3:57 PM

    Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Says “Martial Law” Is Needed To Reopen The Government…

  116. Skip V. Patel5:34 PM

    Israel Expresses Dismay at Cutback of U.S. Aid to Egypt

    JERUSALEM — Officials and experts in Israel responded on Wednesday with a mixture of disappointment and alarm to the news that the United States planned to reduce its military aid to Egypt in response to this summer’s brutal crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and the continuing violence it has spawned.

  117. brutal crackdown gtfoh

  118. Skip V. Patel7:08 PM

    Dr.Wheat needs a "Bike n' Beard".... it's a human right!

  119. Skip V. Patel7:27 PM

    They coulda' bought LGF for about ninety bucks!

  120. Skip V. Patel7:28 PM

    Bikes, beards, beer and ammo are required for a satisfied mind.

  121. BabbaZee7:30 PM

    James Woods: 'I Don't Expect to Work Again' in Hollywood

  122. BabbaZee7:30 PM

    I go dig a new bongatorium

  123. BabbaZee7:31 PM


  124. BabbaZee7:35 PM

    because he says he wants one. Bulgar that is.

  125. I know and agree

    just worry about him

  126. pbird7:55 PM


  127. pbird7:59 PM

    Good for him, but lucky for him he probably doesn't really need to work again.

  128. pbird8:06 PM

  129. pbird8:15 PM

    Shutdown may hit Alaska "Deadliest Catch" fishery

  130. pbird8:17 PM

  131. pbird8:21 PM

    babyface reminds me of a kid i know

  132. pbird8:26 PM

  133. Q_Burn8:59 PM

    It's still a great day to be alive!

  134. Q_Burn9:10 PM

    Did someone mention a satisfied mind?

  135. pbird9:15 PM

    dats nice!

  136. Q_Burn9:19 PM

    LIve Burritos! Sin City 1969

  137. pbird9:25 PM

  138. Q_Burn9:31 PM

    That's the best Mexican Afro I have ever seen!

  139. pbird9:35 PM

  140. Q_Burn9:37 PM

    I just forced #2 son to listen to that and showed him this picture of the Freddy Fender water tower. He actually remembers it from when we used to go visit his Grampa in Brownsville. It's right off highway 77 in beautiful San Benito.

  141. Q_Burn9:45 PM

  142. BabbaZee9:52 PM

    me too

  143. pbird9:53 PM

    ees pretty good

  144. pbird9:53 PM

    Sam made me do it

  145. BabbaZee9:53 PM

    GOD bless Freddy Forever

  146. BabbaZee9:54 PM



  148. After having thus taken each individual one by one into its powerful hands, and having molded him as it pleases, the sovereign power extends its arms over the entire society; it covers the surface of society with a network of small, complicated, minute, and uniform rules, which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot break through to go beyond the crowd; it does not break wills, but it softens them, bends them and directs them; it rarely forces action, but it constantly opposes your acting; it does not destroy, it prevents birth; it does not tyrannize, it hinders, it represses, it enervates, it extinguishes, it stupifies, and finally it reduces each nation to being nothing more than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.
    [Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America]

  149. wow armed guards taking out tea partiers, just as John Robb predicted at the start of all this

  150. BabbaZee8:34 AM

    In a recent interview, Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako describes the deteriorating situation in Iraq, with growing Islamic fundamentalism leading to increasing tension and lack of security.

    Patriarch Sako was born in Northern Iraq in 1948. At the end of January 2013, the former Archbishop of Kirkuk was appointed Patriarch of Babylon. The new Patriarch chose the name Louis Raphaël I.

  151. BabbaZee8:35 AM

    I have no idea who John Robb is or what you mean - elaborate

  152. BabbaZee8:42 AM

    A retired police officer armed with an assault weapon and a handgun fired up to two dozen shots at a federal courthouse in West Virginia yesterday before police returned fire and killed him, police said.

  153. BabbaZee8:49 AM

    On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Post published a story chock full of details about Detective Wojciech Braszczok, the off-duty NYPD officer who was arraigned earlier that day on riot and criminal mischief charges.

    But the October 9 Post story barely scratches the surface of the information Braszczok has apparently posted online: in a dating-site profile, on Twitter, via a Photobucket account--full of both shirtless selfies of himself and shots of nearly naked women--and on message boards.

    Braszczok--who, according to other emerging news reports, also appears to have been working undercover at Occupy Wall Street--is ALL OVER the Internet.

    His trail isn't hard to follow: You just look for the mohawk-topped fellow who goes by the handle "evovillen."

    When not working for the NYPD or allegedly smashing a Range Rover window while tooling around with a pack of biker buddies, Braszczok's hobbies appear to include posting photos of scantily clad women to Photobucket and photos of cars and motorcycles to message boards, and endeavoring to pick up ladies on

    See also: Motorcycle Gang Chases, Attacks SUV Driver on West Side Highway

    On his Singlesbee profile, "Evovillen" describes himself as 6'1", athletic, attractive, Catholic, with "some college" education, unmarried with one or more children who do not live with him. He never smokes, but drinks occasionally.

    He says he's interested in slender, athletic, or average "girls" aged 18 to 34 who live within 20 miles of Ridgewood. (No smokers, please. "Occasional" drinkers OK.)

  154. Skip V. Patel8:49 AM

    Libyan PM Ali Zeidan released after being kidnapped by militia that protects parliament (McCain-Obama must be shocked)

    $2 Billion NSA Spy Center is Going Up in Flames

    Technical glitches have sparked fiery explosions within the NSA's newest and largest data storage facility in Utah, destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and delaying the facility's opening by one year.

    And no one seems to know how to fix it.

    Pentagon’s $5.5 Billion Dollar Shutdown Spending Spree

    Just hours before Congress shut down the federal government and put hundreds of thousands of federal workers out of work, the Pentagon quietly went on a shopping spree and spent billions.

    The Defense Department awarded 94 contracts totaling more than $5.5 billion on everything from Mercedes-Benz trucks and robot submarines to a new gym at the Air Force Academy, complete with a television studio, Foreign Policy first reported.

    Kerry pledges support for Southeast Asia, apologizes for Obama’s absence at gathering

    “I bring you both President Obama’s sincerest greetings and his apologies for not being able to be here,” Kerry said at the beginning of a meeting with the ASEAN leaders. “You all understand why.”

  155. BabbaZee9:00 AM

    Instant Virgin Spray
    - $39.95 USD

  156. Skip V. Patel9:19 AM

    New Extremist Foxes Welcomed into U.S. Chicken Coop

    Say hello again to two of the most over-promoted and sinister figures involved with the current U.S. government: Mohamed Elibiary and Dalia Mogahed. If you were one of those Christian Copts standing in the ruins of your village or church, what message would you take from all this?

  157. Skip V. Patel9:21 AM

    An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: wake up!

    As a young Israeli who had just completed five years of service in the IDF, I looked forward to my new job educating people in the Pacific Northwest about Israel. I was shocked, however, by the anti-Israel bigotry and hostility I encountered, especially in the greater Seattle area, Oregon, and Berkeley. I had been very liberal, a member of the leftist Zionist party, Meretz, but the anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel that I have seen in the U.S. has changed my outlook personally and politically.

  158. Storagemanager9:36 AM

    The Biblical patriarchs of the Jewish nation actually practiced Islam, MK Ibrahim Sarsour (Ra’am Ta’al) has claimed in a new statement.

    Sarsour made headlines last week for declaring that Jews are “prophet murderers” in response to a joke in an Israeli paper about immaculate conception.

    In his latest statement, Sarsour condemned remarks made by Ministers Naftali Bennett and Uri Ariel about Israel’s rights to Judea, Samaria and the Temple Mount, saying that there was proof in the Koran that there is no Jewish connection to these areas.

    According to Sarsour, the Koran “proves without a doubt” that Abraham was a “Muslim” and that Isaac and Jacob were “hanifs” who “submitted” to Allah.
    Hanif is an Islamic term for pre-Koranic figures who rejected idolatry in favor of monotheism.

  159. Skip V. Patel9:36 AM

    Undercover cop tricks autistic teen into buying pot

    An undercover cop from the Riverside Sheriff's Department pressured a teen with autism, Tourette Syndrome, and bipolar syndrome to buy a tiny amount of pot for him, then arrested him and got him expelled from school. What a shameful thing to do.

  160. mawskrat9:41 AM

    Good morning Peeps.........
    had to do a lot of digging yesterday in order
    to fix a crack in my foundation that leaks
    when we get a lot of rain.

  161. mawskrat9:43 AM

    can chuck spray it on his ass?///

  162. pbird9:43 AM

    oh my what a job! Is it all better?

  163. Storagemanager9:44 AM

    With aid cut, Obama blackmails Egyptians into putting the Brotherhood back in power — or else.

  164. pbird9:44 AM

    It is shameful.

  165. pbird9:46 AM

    Be nice if they could spell English words. Sheesh.

  166. pbird9:47 AM

    Ugh, I come in Peace from the recent past and WA state. Shalom and stuff

  167. mawskrat9:50 AM

    from the you just can't make this stuff up file..............

    Judge says living Ohio man is legally dead

  168. pbird9:50 AM

    MIT's New Iron Man Suit to Give US Soldiers Super Strength, Night Vision and Liquid Armour

  169. pbird9:51 AM

    yup, somebody isn't doing their job

  170. mawskrat9:51 AM

    won't know till we get another one of them thar 3 inches of rain in one day rains

  171. pbird9:52 AM

    too much rain.....

  172. Storagemanager9:53 AM

    winterized the motorhome..lot of damn work...

  173. pbird9:54 AM

    all done?

  174. Storagemanager9:55 AM

    Ready for 10 below

  175. MyDogLuke10:03 AM

    You smokum peas pipe?

  176. Storagemanager10:06 AM

    White House Considering How to Punish Egypt for Not Being Nice to Muslim Brotherhood

  177. Skip V. Patel10:08 AM

    Woman Says She Called 911 for an Ambulance for Her Fiancé, Cops Came and Shot Him Instead

    Jack Lamar Roberson was shot and killed by police in his home on Friday afternoon in Waycross, Georgia. According to local TV station First Coast News, his fiancée Alcia Herron called 911 for an ambulance after becoming worried about diabetes medication Roberson had taken.

  178. MyDogLuke10:08 AM

    Sounds like they needed help from this guy.

  179. Storagemanager10:08 AM

    Obama can be beat on some things..........

    In an update on the plight of Claude Moore Colonial Farm, which has been closed by the partial government shutdown, Managing Director Anna Eberly says that the National Park Service barrycaded her and her staff inside the farm today. But then, suddenly, the rangers relented.

    “We have good news for you at last!” Eberly says. “The NPS has reversed their decision to close the Farm and we will be open [Wednesday] as usual. You can now visit the 18th century Farm, come to the Book Shop tomorrow afternoon, participate in Farm Skills on Thursday and have picnics at The Pavilions again. And all of our volunteers are welcome to come back ‘home’.”

  180. nah....ain't smokin at all

  181. Storagemanager10:10 AM

    Just a few days after U.S. Special Forces captured Abu Anas al Libi in Tripoli, the Prime Minister of Libya was kidnapped and then released after several hours. Once again, the U.S. Secretary of State – in this case, John Kerry – may have demonstrated incompetence relative to Libya. The abductors pointed to Kerry’s comments that the Libyan government knew about the raid in Tripoli that netted a high value target for the U.S.

  182. Skip V. Patel10:11 AM

    America the Lawless

    From the Obama administration to the NYPD, government in America refuses to follow the Constitution.

    Andrew Napolitano | October 10, 2013

  183. BabbaZee10:12 AM

    never drive a car when you're dead~

  184. BabbaZee10:14 AM

    Who Cares About Miriam Carey?

    The epidemic of police violence in America is largely ignored

    Rep. Tim Griffin (R-Ark.), got into some trouble for appearing to blame the “violent rhetoric” of President Obama and other Democrats for the shooting. Attempting to do some damage control, before any facts were known, Griffin excused his comments by saying he had “tweeted out of emotion.” He texted a response to BuzzFeed: “The shooting today is a terrible and inexcusable tragedy and an act of terrorism. No one but the shooter is to blame.”

    But the only shooters in last Thursday’s incident, despite the reaction by Capitol police and members of Congress, were Capitol police officers themselves. Miriam Carey, the woman they shot, was unarmed. Police say she tried to ram a barricade (an “outer perimeter” fence, or checkpoint) in front of the White House before speeding off, leading police on a chase through Washington, D.C.

  185. i wish i could get that through mah head

  186. BabbaZee10:16 AM

    Before you rejoice that the government has seized an alleged terrorist in Libya who was indicted for planning the notorious 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa, before you join the House of Representatives in a standing ovation for the Capitol Hill Police who killed a woman whose car struck a White House fence and who then drove away at a high speed, and before you commend the New York Police Department for quickly getting to the bottom of an alleged assault by a motorcycle gang that tormented a young family on a city street, please give some thought to the rule of law.

  187. incredible

  188. BabbaZee10:17 AM

    this is SO DISGUSTING

  189. Skip V. Patel10:18 AM

    "Like children observing and imitating their parents' unsanctioned, inappropriate, yet repeated behavior, when cops see the use of the military today to pull off government crimes, to shortcut the law and to evade the Constitution, they arm themselves with military-grade hardware and do the same."

  190. The U.S. could have sought his extradition, as it did with some of them, had President Obama not bombed the American-friendly government of Col. Moammar Gadhafi out of existence, without a congressional declaration of war.

  191. BabbaZee10:18 AM

    How low we have
    sunk when Obama can be praised for not executing someone with a