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Monday, September 2, 2013

Over Under Sideways Down

Choose some wise, understanding 
and respected men 
from each of your tribes, 
and I will set them over you...


  1. BabbaZee11:46 AM

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
    Cars and girls are easy come by in this day and age,
    Laughing, joking, drinking, smoking,
    Till I've spent my wage.
    When I was young people spoke of immorality,
    All the things they said were wrong,
    Are what I want to be.

    Over under sideways down,
    Backwards forwards square and round.
    Over under sideways down,
    Backwards forwards square and round.
    When will it end, when will it end,
    When will it end, when will it end.

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
    I find comment 'bout my looks irrelativity,
    Think I'll go and have some fun,
    'Cos it's all for free.
    I'm not searching for a reason to enjoy myself,
    Seems it's better done,
    Than argued with somebody else.

    Over under sideways down,
    Backwards forwards square and round.
    Over under sideways down,
    Backwards forwards square and round.
    When will it end, when will it end,
    When will it end, when will it end.

    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
    Over under sideways down...

  2. When my son first began speaking he described messed up stuff as all updown. Funny kid

  3. BabbaZee12:00 PM

    he was right

  4. he held the camera under the water and shot up to get his little creature looking down

  5. Chaz Darwin12:13 PM

    It's not twuuuuu!. I think they got this backwards.

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Eating chicken parts – or, more specifically, chicken wings – could shrink your baby’s man parts.

    At least, that’s what PETA is alleging in advance of the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

    According to a letter from PETA to Drew Cerza, the founder of the festival, “The latest scientific evidence shows that the sons of pregnant women who consume chicken are more likely to have smaller penises because of a chemical found in the birds’ flesh.”

  6. um, jokes abound in my mind.....

  7. Boom Boom12:17 PM

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday for questioning members of a Syrian opposition groups’ use of the phrase “Allahu Akbar” after what Kilmeade said “looks like a fighter jet being shot out of the sky.”

    “I have a problem helping those people screaming that after a hit,” Kilmeade said.

    McCain criticized Kilmeade for his skepticism of the phrase, which means “God is greater” or “God is the greatest” in Arabic.

    “Would you have a problem with an American person saying ‘Thank God? Thank God?’” McCain said. “That’s what they’re saying. Come on! Of course they’re Muslims, but they’re moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.”

    Except that if U.S. forces mention God now they get courtmartialed. Please note that yell Allahu Akbar while gunning down fellow soldiers doesn't count.



  10. Storagemanager12:37 PM

    Pelosi Uses Conversation With 5-Year-Old Grandson To Push For Attack On Syria

  11. Storagemanager12:41 PM

    Breaking:Rep. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Speaker Boehner Will Vote For Use of Military Force in Syria

  12. Storagemanager12:47 PM

    Mr Boehner signalled his support for Mr Obama's call for
    action, saying that only the US had the capacity to stop President Assad. Mr
    Boehner urged his colleagues in Congress to follow suit.

    Mr Cantor, the House of Representatives majority leader, said he also backed
    Mr Obama.

    Mr Cantor said: "Assad's Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism, is the epitome
    of a rogue state, and it has long posed a direct threat to American interests
    and to our partners."

    Ms Pelosi said she did not believe Congress would reject a resolution calling
    for force.

  13. Storagemanager1:05 PM

    The idea that “any strike against the Damascus regime is a blow to Iran” is dubious at best: Iraq is at least as solicitous of the Islamic Republic as is Syria, but no calls for bombing Baghdad have been proffered. Some advance the thesis that striking al-Asad’s forces helps Israel’s geopoliticial position — but one can equally well argue that cutting off Tehran’s access to Lebanese Hizbullah would undercut the ayatollahs’ main conventional warfare outlet, and thus make it more likely they would want to use the nuclear weapons they will very soon possess.

  14. Storagemanager1:07 PM

    and it’s very likely that extant Iranian-trained terrorist cells will activate in Europe and the US if we intervene in Syria.

  15. pbird1:08 PM

  16. Storagemanager1:10 PM

    What or who have led Syria to this thin red line, this point of no return?” said Patriarch Gregory in remarks first reported by on Aug. 28. “Who created this hell in which our people have been living for months? Every day, Islamic extremists from all over the world are pouring into Syria with the sole intent to kill and not one country has done anything to stop them, even the U.S. has decided to send in more weapons.”

  17. Storagemanager1:13 PM

    An English-language video posted to YouTube on Monday calls on Muslim hackers around the world to participate in a movement to bring down American and Israeli websites on September 11, marking the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City.

    "Hi, Israel do you remember us?" the modified voice-over in the video asks, referring to previous hacking operations, as a kaffiya-clad Joker laughs at the audience.

  18. BabbaZee1:16 PM

    Chaz Darwin? I thought you was dead.

  19. BabbaZee1:19 PM

    first, you steal a chicken

  20. BabbaZee1:21 PM


  21. BabbaZee1:25 PM

    Zimmy in Toronto 1980 the entire show

    get it while you can

  22. Storagemanager1:39 PM

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu planned airstrikes targeting Iran’s nuclear program, but called them off following a request from United States President Barack Obama, General (res.) Giora Eiland has reportedly revealed.

    The Mida website quoted statements reportedly made by Eiland, the former head of the National Security Council, in a closed conference on defense.

    According to Eiland, “The Prime Minister thought that we had reached the point where a decision had to be made on Iran, and he planned an attack.”

    “In principle, Israel does not need American authorization for military action, unless the Americans demand unequivocally that we refrain from an action,” he continued.

    That is what happened in this case, he said. Netanyahu presented his plan to American leaders, and was told that it was not acceptable to them. This led him to shelve the plan.

    According to the report, Eiland threw his support behind Netanyahu’s original plan. Israel still decide now how to deal with Iran, he said, “now with less time, when the decision is between bad and worse.”

  23. Storagemanager1:54 PM

    What the hell is in the water in D.C.?...........................

    Congressman Peter King said on CNN Monday that even if Congress votes no on Syria, President Obama should still take military action. He told Erin Burnett that Obama shouldn’t have gone to Congress to begin with, but now that he has, he shouldn’t have to consider himself beholden to that vote, since he has the authority to take action on his own. [...]

    Burnett asked King what Obama should do if Congress votes no. King said the president has the authority to act even if Congress votes no, though he did say any military campaign has to be more than just a day or two of missile strikes. He acknowledged the potential risk of arms ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels, but expressed his confidence at the United States’ ability to exert control over the situation.

  24. BabbaZee2:03 PM


  25. BabbaZee2:03 PM

    Igor is on crack again

  26. BabbaZee2:05 PM


  27. Storagemanager2:20 PM

    Obama seen crying like a baby...................

    11 members of the Muslim Brotherhood received life sentences for their roll in the violence in Egypt following the ousting of former Islamist ruler, and Obama ally, Mohamed Morsi.

    An Egyptian court has sentenced 11 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, from which ousted president Mohamed Morsi hails, to life in prison for violent acts against the army last month, Xinhua reported Tuesday citing state-run Ahram website.

  28. pbird2:51 PM

    Getting it.

  29. pbird2:54 PM

    They did it like that in Seattle that year too.

  30. Storagemanager3:05 PM

    Iran Aggressively Recruiting ‘Invisible Army’ of Latin American Converts to Infiltrate U.S. Through ‘Soft Belly’ of the Southern Border

  31. pbird3:10 PM

    was a powerful experience as they say

  32. BabbaZee3:18 PM

    i'll bet

  33. BabbaZee3:19 PM

    some crazy man told me that in 2005

  34. BabbaZee3:20 PM

  35. Storagemanager3:23 PM

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that a parliamentary delegation will be sent to the United States to lobby the U.S. Congress to vote against a military strike on Syria. The idea was tabled by Russian lawmakers.

    "The initiative is very timely and correct," Putin said as he met with the speakers of Russia's upper and lower houses of parliament.

    He added: "Our American colleagues could better understand and feel what the Russian Federation's position is based on and listen to our arguments."

    "We would like to address the Senate and the Congress," said Valentina Matviyenko Speaker of Russia's Upper House.

    The delegation is intending to travel to the United States before September 9 when US lawmakers officially return from their summer recess.

  36. BabbaZee3:25 PM

    all updown

  37. pbird3:25 PM

    these crazy guys...

  38. BabbaZee3:29 PM

    giant staggering hypocrite

  39. pbird3:30 PM

    nasty piece of work

  40. BabbaZee3:32 PM

    the whole "anti-jihad" movement is chock full of staggering hypocrisies

    there is no way to cleanly join their circus

  41. BabbaZee3:32 PM

    he makes me skin crawl

  42. BabbaZee3:33 PM

    the article about Pam is from her enemies of course but the point is the hypocrisy

  43. BabbaZee3:33 PM

    TP: Considering your comments on the Ground Zero Mosque, are you glad to see that Peter King will be holding hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims?

    GELLER: I am happy for any defense of America. And if those hearings lead to a better understanding of those that are plotting against this country, of course. As an American, of course I’m proud of any politican who is vigorously pursuing information against people that are trying to take over and overthrow America.

  44. BabbaZee3:35 PM

  45. Storagemanager3:38 PM

    So now the R's and D's are fine with world's in fashion now....

  46. pbird3:54 PM

    love so much, decades

  47. BulgarWheat4:00 PM

    Choose some wise, understanding
    and respected men
    from each of your tribes,
    and I will set them over you...

    I always wanted to be a wise, understanding and respected man,...but now I'm not so sure,

  48. BulgarWheat4:04 PM

    I have some news for king,......yeah, those fuckers have attacked the U.S. They have attacked our service men, civilians. In Germany, Lockerbie, London, Boston (Those weren't gang turf wars), Beirut,,,,and the list goes on forever,

  49. pbird4:05 PM

  50. BulgarWheat4:06 PM

    I have a pretty remarkable memory, and my sense of vengence us rivaled only by my survival instincts.

  51. pbird4:09 PM

  52. BabbaZee4:39 PM

  53. BabbaZee4:39 PM

    I always told you the RRRRRRRRRRR's won't save us

  54. BabbaZee4:53 PM


  55. I.C. Yurhini4:57 PM

    call Boom Boom.

  56. pbird5:33 PM

    ooo Haida country!

  57. pbird5:57 PM

  58. pbird6:01 PM

  59. pbird6:02 PM

  60. pbird6:03 PM

    lol, just weirding out the kid

  61. non libtard demonstrations outside Tears office....

  62. I think Tears cut a debt deal in exchange

  63. pbird7:25 PM

    McCain playing poker on his iPhone

    As the hearing continues, our ace photographer Melina Mara reports she spotted Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) “passing the time by playing poker on his iPhone during the hearing.”

    We eagerly await the photographic proof, but generally trust Melina’s sharp eye.

  64. saw my old dogs twin today, wanted to stop and pet him but that would be weird for all

  65. mawskrat9:31 PM

    the world is all messed up/////////////


  66. mawskrat9:37 PM

    sanity in an insane world

  67. pbird9:40 PM


  68. mawskrat9:47 PM

    have a good one pbird

  69. pbird9:47 PM

    thanks, you too

  70. Skip V. Patel9:48 PM


  71. pbird9:48 PM

    i post the photo down there, funny guy huh

  72. Skip V. Patel10:01 PM

    Rep. Charles Rangel on Monday called the situation for the United States on Syria “embarrassing,” saying America should not put its troops in harm’s way because of a “red line” drawn by the president.

    Charles Rangel

    Rangel was born in Harlem in New York City. He earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for his service in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, where he led a group of soldiers out of a deadly Chinese Army encirclement during the Battle of Kunu-ri in 1950.

  73. Skip V. Patel10:03 PM

    Kerry, a Vietnam veteran, reminded Paul that “you’ve got three of us
    here who have gone to war” and that they know what it involves.

    F*ck youse and Juan McCain!

  74. Skip V. Patel10:09 PM

    Under questioning from Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Secretary of State John Kerry said he views the Syrian rebel forces as becoming more moderate as time progresses.

    “The opposition has increasingly been defined more by its moderation, more by its breadth of membership,” Kerry said.

    Takfiri extremists Syria's insurgency killed 150 soldiers in a battle for control of an Aleppo suburb this week, including 51 who were executed after they had surrendered, according to a Syrian monitoring group

  75. Skip V. Patel10:16 PM

    I couldn't see it...I had to reload the page'

  76. its the mysterious thing disqus does with photos!


  78. BabbaZee10:20 PM

    ahhh you kill me llollllo

  79. BabbaZee10:21 PM

    All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting." - George Orwell


  81. amen a thousand times

  82. BabbaZee10:26 PM


    you and hayseed spinning the good tunes

  83. BabbaZee10:32 PM

    ooo jack

  84. Skip V. Patel10:33 PM

    Kerry tells congressional committee that Netanyahu can deal with an attack on Israel; Dempsey says Russia may boost aid to Assad if US strikes

  85. Skip V. Patel10:46 PM

    Saleswomen touting the "Pee Straight" contraption hold up signs that read: "Pee Straight: 10 Yuan for one, 100 Yuan fine for peeing in the wrong place. Why not buy a Pee Straight? Save your money for peeing straight, peeing freely! (Enjoy peeing)."

  86. Skip V. Patel10:52 PM

    CNN caught staging fake news segments with actors in Syria

    Good little water carrier for the Obama Regime that CNN is, Anderson Cooper has been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention.

    The following video shows him contradicting himself while off air, and even asking crew members to “get the gunfire sounds ready” for his video conference with Anderson Cooper on CNN.

  87. Skip V. Patel10:58 PM

    McCain and Graham are the two most powerful Democrats in the Republican Party.


  89. Igor is hiding things again. Somebody spit in the borcht.

  90. waiting around for everyone to get home
    so i infest here

  91. Carrier Nimitz Moved to the Red Sea
    By: USNI News Editor

    The big boat was supposed to come home here.

  92. pbird1:16 AM

  93. pbird1:19 AM


  94. BulgarWheat3:40 AM

    just an observation,...
    you're handsome and young and fall in love with a woman and win her heart.You share a common dream and start down your merry little road.
    You become what conventionally is called successful and focus on being more successful. It is very easy to violate the first rule which in turn negates all other rules or any good you've done in life.
    you wake up one morning and no longer know who actually lives under your own roof. a stranger in a strange land.
    it dawns on you how far you have gotten from your father and creator and begin slogging back to that place you should have never left in the first place. It's a painful journey, but step after step you plod along. It's all you know, so stopping is simply not an option.
    If you're very lucky, after many tears and much pain you find yourself back where you were at the beginning, GOD had to provide mankind with forgiveness because we're such incredible fuck ups! We really are.
    I've learned a lot this year. I'm still standing somehow, though it amazes me. I still have a sense of humor. There is nothing funnier than the human condition, nor is there anything more destructive than the human condition.

  95. Hi.
    Today, I went to the doctor and the lung cancer has gone out of
    remission. We now have to go to a new therapy. BUT there is a new
    medicine supposed to be even more effective called Afatinib made in
    Germany. It is not commercially available yet but the Ministry of Health
    has supplies and it seems that they will provide. If you know anything
    about this drug, please provide information. And please pray for me.
    Yours for a good year and good inscription. Barry

    Mr Rubin could use a spare prayer

  96. looks like Castro did us a favour, tango down


  98. BulgarWheat5:43 AM

    I can pray, and have been praying since about 2:39 this morning.

  99. BulgarWheat6:01 AM

    and I did. Had to also get the boys breakfast and lunch prepared.

    I do all of the work around this joint. The wife had been a liability over the last 28 years. I'm just waking up now.

    I never claimed I was smart.

  100. BabbaZee6:35 AM

    yes always pray for Barry

  101. BabbaZee6:39 AM


  102. BabbaZee6:40 AM

    smart would not have saved you in this case anyway

  103. BabbaZee7:11 AM

    The Romans occupied modern-day Syria, and before them, the Assyrians, Persians and Akkadians built empires there.

    The country is home to ancient Paleolithic fossils, some of the earliest evidence of agriculture and one of the largest troves of cuneiform tablets ever discovered.

    "It's probably one of the oldest occupied areas of the Earth," said Emma Cunliffe, an archaeology researcher at Durham University in England, who has published a report documenting archeological damage in Syria. "It's been continuously occupied since before modern man even existed."

    Yet hundreds of archaeological sites are imperiled by civil war in Syria; bombing and looting have ravaged some of the richest of these sites; government and rebel forces have occupied ancient castles and bulldozed archaeological mounds created over thousands of years of human occupation. All six of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country have been damaged, Cunliffe said.

    Still, some archaeologists are trying to preserve Syria's heritage. They are talking to government and rebel leaders to protect the most important treasures, and have compiled a list of the key archaeological "no strike" sites that should be protected. [5 Surprising Cultural Facts About Syria]

    "This is the heritage first and foremost of the Syrian people, and then of the whole world," said Andrew Moore, the first vice president of the Archaeological Institute of America. "It's therefore in everybody's interests to do all they can to protect these important monuments."

  104. BabbaZee7:13 AM

    I thought you meant fidel lllollolllllo

    Ariel Castro, Cleveland kidnapper, found hanged in prison cell

  105. BabbaZee7:41 AM

    6.5 Magnitude Quake off Alaska's Aleutian Islands


    lotsa detail there

  107. BabbaZee7:43 AM

    Muslim Women Ordered To Syria To Satisfy The Desires Of The Islamist Fighters

  108. BabbaZee7:45 AM

    the whole reason there is no real investigation on Benghazi is because we were sending Col Drag Queen's shit to them.....

  109. BabbaZee7:48 AM

    the mistake is you think you win her heartmany people have no heart to win

  110. Indeed, unprecedented weapons distribution started in all opposition
    camps in Hatay Province on August 21-23, 2013. In the Reyhanli area
    alone, opposition forces received well in excess of 400 tons of weapons,
    mainly anti-aircraft weaponry from shoulder-fired missiles to
    ammunition for light-guns and machineguns. The weapons were distributed
    from store-houses controlled by Qatari and Turkish Intelligence under
    the tight supervision of US Intelligence.

    These weapons were loaded on more than 20 trailer-trucks which
    crossed into northern Syria and distributed the weapons to several
    depots. Follow-up weapon shipments, also several hundred tons, took
    place over the weekend of August 24-25, 2013, and included mainly
    sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles and rockets. Opposition
    officials in Hatay said that these weapon shipments were “the biggest”
    they had received “since the beginning of the turmoil more than two
    years ago”. The deliveries from Hatay went to all the rebel forces
    operating in the Idlib-to-Aleppo area, including the al-Qaida affiliated
    jihadists (who constitute the largest rebel forces in the area).a message..."

  111. Skip V. Patel7:50 AM

    And we pray for Dr.Wheatus every day.

  112. Skip V. Patel7:57 AM

    In the most infamous year of our Ford 2006... The U.S. set up an anti-Asaad TV station "Barada TV". Broadcasting from Britain by satellite the CIA backed station sought to bring down the secular Syrian regime and replace it with and AQ-Brotherhood hodge-podge similar to Morsi's failed Egyptian government.

    We have been warning of this since 2006!


  114. BabbaZee8:14 AM

    wee I had those pants

  115. BabbaZee8:14 AM


  116. BabbaZee8:19 AM

    Blair goes boar hunting with Putin

  117. BabbaZee8:20 AM

    ``At the end of the dinner, when Tony and Vladimir had been talking about weapons of mass destruction and what we were going to do to encourage Saddam Hussein to fall in line with what the world wanted him to do,'' Putin ``suddenly announced'' that they should go boar hunting, Cherie Blair said.

    ``So there was I in my evening dress and my high heels suddenly discovering at eleven at night that we were walking down the road to go and see whether we could see some wild boars,'' Blair said. ``And of course, my heels were echoing loudly into this empty night and all Tony was saying was Cherie, for goodness's sake, can't you walk more quietly?''

  118. BabbaZee8:21 AM

    In her radio interview, Cherie Blair also recounted how she and her husband went boar hunting with Vladimir Putin, then the president of Russia, just before the Iraq war started in 2003. Putin is ``very broad-shouldered and has a physical presence -- not a man I would like to cross,'' she said.

  119. Israel
    is not planning to interfere in Syria and its enemies understand the
    price of attacking Israel, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Tuesday.
    "Israeli citizens do not need to run to stock up on gas masks."

    "We are not involved and we're not going to interfere in what is
    happening in Syria. We have repeated and emphasized this. With respect
    to American preparations for an offensive operation, this activity stems
    from the crossing of an American red line, and even with respect to
    this, we are not involved," Ya'alon said. President Obama's decision to
    seek authorization from Congress for military action in Syria was "an
    internal American one and we are not interfering with it."

    Regarding renewed Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Ya'alon said, "It
    seems to me that negotiations with the Palestinians will occupy us for
    many years." (Jerusalem Post)

  120. so who's fibbin here Boogie or Debka?

    I'd wager Boogie

  121. mawskrat8:48 AM

    Good Morni All!!!

  122. BabbaZee8:55 AM


  123. BabbaZee8:56 AM

    Cannibal Watch:

    On the afternoon of June 13, 1981, a Japanese man named Issei Sagawa walked to the Bois de Boulogne, a park on the outskirts of Paris, carrying two suitcases. The contents of those suitcases, to the lament of a nearby jogger, was the dismembered body of a fellow student – a Dutch woman named Renée Hartevelt, whom Sagawa had shot three days prior and had spent the days since eating various parts of her body.

    He was soon arrested. According to reports, Issei uttered, “I killed her to eat her flesh,” when they raided his home, whereupon they found bits of Renne still in his fridge.

    Sagawa was declared insane and unfit for trial and was institutionalized in Paris. His incarceration was to be short, however, as the French public soon grew weary of their hard-earned francs going to support this evil woman-eater, and Issei was promptly deported. Herein followed a bizarre and seemingly too convenient set of legal loopholes and psychiatric reports that led doctors in Japan declaring him “sane, but evil.”

    On August 12, 1986, Sagawa checked himself out of Tokyo’s Matsuzawa Psychiatric hospital, and has been a free man ever since.

    This is where the real story begins. VBS met up with him to find out what he’s been up to in the 30 years since.

  124. Storagemanager9:02 AM

    what up?

  125. mawskrat9:03 AM

    in my sons first firefighting class
    he was named Cadet Leader!

  126. I was called that in grade 7 gym class.....well space cadet leader

  127. Storagemanager9:06 AM

    That's did a fine job...

  128. mawskrat9:06 AM

    True Dat

  129. Storagemanager9:09 AM

    There is no freaking civil war in Syria.....there is a religious war in the middle east....Sunni vs Shia.....and we walked into it.............................

    Overnight Tuesday, gunmen opened fire on the houses of two Shiite families in the town of Latifiyah and then planted bombs around them, a police officer said. Six children, five women and five men were killed, while nine people were wounded, he said.

    Last Wednesday, gunmen shot dead a seven-member Shiite family in the same town, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) south of Baghdad.

    Sunni gunmen used to carry out brazen attacks against Shiite families in Sunni-dominated areas during the sectarian violence that engulfed the country after the U.S. invasion and peaked in 2006 and 2007. That prompted Shiite militant groups to retaliate. Shiite religious leaders and politicians have called for calm in response to the recent wave of violence, but some attacks on Sunni mosques are raising fears that Shiite armed groups are starting to retaliate.

    Medical officials confirmed the causality figure in all attacks. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to release information.

    Read more here:

  130. BabbaZee9:19 AM


  131. BabbaZee9:20 AM


  132. Storagemanager9:22 AM

    What is happening in Syria will not only affect America, Russia, Great Britain, China, Syria, Iran, and Israel. It will affect the entire world because Syria, controlling major oil assets off its coast, occupies a critical position in the global oil economy. It is possible for oil prices to go through the roof, and that would send a tsunami across the global economy. There have been reports put out by big banks like SocGen and Goldman Sachs that oil could soar to $150 a barrel if the Syrian conflict goes hot and draws in Russia and China................. “The trouble for Syria began with two things. First the discovery of natural gas in the Mediterranean right off the coast of Syria, Lebanon and Israel. Read that list again, especially Lebanon and Syria. Is the picture becoming clearer? This discovery took place about a decade ago but the thing is that there already exists in the Middle East a Liquid Natural Gas Producing power house. This is the tiny nation of Qatar.”

    Quayle continues, “Now here is where you need to put your thinking caps on. Qatar is floating in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) it has over 77 Billion Tonnes in Reserve and that is with a moratorium in place. The problem is that Qatar would love to sell its LNG to the EU and the hot Mediterranean markets. The problem for Qatar in achieving this is their regional big brother Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have already said "NO" to an overland pipe cutting across the Land of Saud.” The Qatar / Syria region has vast reserves of natural gas. Russia has a deal with Syria that allows it to sell this Natural Gas and Oil to Europe.”

    Russia now controls the oil coming out of Syria and being sold throughout Europe and China. However, there appears to be a battle for the control of that oil.

  133. Storagemanager9:25 AM

    "Israel is calm and self-assured. Israeli citizens know very well that we are prepared for any possible scenario. Israeli citizens must also know that our enemies have very good reasons not to test our strength – they know why.''

    Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting.

  134. Storagemanager9:28 AM

    Not only is it fatally dangerous to be a Christian in Syria and Egypt, but "seventy percent of Christians killed around the world in 2012 died in the African country of Nigeria, where the persecution continues today" ("Deadliest place to be a Christian: Nigeria," Charlie Butts,, May 31).

    According to a Fox News report, in Iraq, which we invaded in 2003 to liberate its people from a vicious dictatorship, "the number of Christian houses of worship there has dwindled alarmingly in the decade since the U.S. invaded and ousted Saddam Hussein from power.

    "There are just 57 Christian churches in the entire country, down from more than 300 as recently as 2003, Patriarch Louis Sako told Egyptian-based news agency MidEast Christian News. The churches that remain are frequent targets of Islamic extremists, who have driven nearly a million Christians out of the land, say human rights advocates" ("Christians, churches dwindling in Iraq since start of war 10 years ago," Perry Chiaramonte,, March 21). We hear a lot about Barack Obama's targeted killing of Pakistan's citizens, including innocent civilians, by drones, but you probably have not heard about this:

    "The destruction a Christian neighborhood suffered on Saturday speaks volumes about growing religious intolerance in the country.

  135. Storagemanager9:30 AM


    A new timeline for the origin of
    ancient Egypt has been established by scientists.

    A team from the UK found that the transformation from a land of disparate
    farmers into a state ruled by a king was more rapid than previously thought.

    Using radiocarbon dating and computer models, they believe the civilisation's
    first ruler - King Aha - came to power in about 3100BC

  136. mawskrat9:34 AM

    A friend of my wife , her son was just sent to
    Qatar he is in the Airforce

  137. Storagemanager9:46 AM

    Areas of anxiety: 9 New Year challenges for the IDF
    From a new Nasserist Egyptian strongman, via an unpredictable West Bank, to a nerve-gas-firing dictator in Syria, concerns are multiplying from every point of the compass

  138. pbird9:51 AM

    good morning all you guys

  139. pbird9:59 AM

    Oakland Man Guilty Of Murdering Friend During Argument Over Existence Of God

    That'll show him.

  140. Storagemanager10:02 AM

    Syria's deputy foreign minister said Wednesday that the regime would not give in to threats of a US-led military strike against the country, even if a third world war kicked off.

    "The Syrian government will not change position even if there is World War III. No Syrian can sacrifice the independence of his country," Faisal Muqdad said in an exclusive interview with AFP. (AFP,7340,L-3083,00.html

  141. BabbaZee10:08 AM


  142. BabbaZee10:08 AM

    oh no

  143. I looked at a whole bunch of news and like that and it sure seems like they're trying to do this attack thing. Not good at all.


    Even the mean girl is in on it.

  145. BabbaZee11:39 AM

    of course she is that is one war mongering wench

  146. BabbaZee12:58 PM

    WBAI's Death by Democracy
    Over the decades, WBAI built a reputation as a beacon of free speech. It's where James Baldwin debated Malcolm X over the power of nonviolent protest, and where George Carlin broadcast his famous "Filthy Words" show, the monologue that spawned a debate over indecency and a Supreme Court case to boot.

    It wasn't just a radio station; it was a countercultural epicenter. Legendary broadcaster Bob Fass informed listeners of his program, Radio Unnamable, of the best places to purchase acid in the East Village. And when one listener encountered a bad trip, he put a psychiatrist on the air to talk her through it.

    In the old days, Bob Dylan used to come in just to do a station break. "He'd just walk in, and we'd hand him the microphone, and we wouldn't say who he was and, you know, most people could figure it out," former general manager Chris Albertson says.

    Back then, Albertson says, "you could walk into the hallway and find the janitor—we had a janitor back in those days—deep in conversation with Ayn Rand," who had a weekly commentary show. "Where else could you find that?"

    Yoko Ono, a volunteer filing clerk in the music department, pitched in during the station's first fundraising marathon. "You wouldn't believe this, but Yoko Ono was a really humble, quiet person. I mean, the fact that she even came to me, to my office, was amazing. But then she asked if she could go on the air and help out during the marathon," Albertson chuckles. "She said, 'I'd like to sing some Japanese children's songs.' I said, 'Sure,' and so she did it. WBAI attracted people like that."

  147. BabbaZee1:01 PM

    Goodman is best known as the host of Democracy NOW!, Pacifica's iconic news program. In an open letter addressed to Pacifica's board of directors a few weeks before her Clinton interview, Goodman wrote that executives were urging her to soften the coverage, saying listeners didn't want to hear the details of police brutality before their morning coffee.

    "Instead of congratulations and kudos for our many accomplishments, Pacifica has clamped down and threatens me at every turn with dismissal!" Democracy NOW!, Goodman added, was "being censored for our critical coverage of the Democrats as well as the Republicans."

    The testy exchange with Clinton couldn't have helped matters. That month, WBAI's general manager was canned. A few weeks later, over Christmas weekend, a new GM installed by Pacifica snuck into the station at night and changed the locks. The program director and his top producer were fired via courier the next morning.

    Security cameras were installed, and guards were stationed at the door with a list of the names of producers and employees who were no longer welcome. A gag order banned those still allowed on air from discussing the station's issues.

    So much for free speech radio.

  148. pbird1:05 PM

    Guess so. That's how things go nowdays.

  149. BabbaZee1:06 PM

    Shane Salerno's film is two bombastic, bullshit-packed hours of proof that Salinger and Caulfield were right to hide out from Hollywood.

  150. BabbaZee1:08 PM

    An exhibition of Bob Dylan’s art is underway at London’s National Portrait Gallery

  151. Bat Musby1:10 PM

    Like a droning scone!

  152. pbird1:20 PM


  153. BulgarWheat1:21 PM

    America never was a democracy. A democracy is three wolves and a single sheep decided what to have for supper. America used to be a constitutional republic. but as Ben Franklin once suggested,...only as long as we can keep it. Democracy is a filthy, nasty word.

  154. pbird1:26 PM

    ha! yeah

  155. Q_Burn1:27 PM

    I hope Amy Goodman survives this mess. Pacifica owes her about $1.6 million.. she has been keeping the place afloat and not getting paid. She is far left but totally unafraid to give all sides hell regardless of their affiliations. We need that more than ever now.

  156. pbird1:29 PM

    What I have seen is not great art, but its honest and represents something.

  157. pbird1:31 PM

    How to put out a remote fire.

  158. pbird1:35 PM

    It’s Black Friday in Syria and just sitting at home, watching the game, sipping a beer and wondering who’s going to score in the third quarter, the black flag Salafis, the Muslim Brotherhood militias, Hezbollah or a race of demons erupting unexpectedly from the earth to devour all participants, never occurs to the bright boys and girls down in D.C. No, they’re dragging us into line at five in the AM in the hopes of scoring a friendly Syria for only 40 billion dollars and maybe only twenty-thousand dead Christians.

  159. BabbaZee1:38 PM

  160. BabbaZee1:39 PM

  161. Shana Tovah Amigos1:46 PM

    And they're all hurrying, running and racing to Damascus.

    Where the real killing will begin.

  162. pbird1:48 PM

    was it Robin Williams who wrote something about the earth's endless ability to soak up blood?

  163. Anwar Aswan Anderson1:51 PM

    Correct~! Goodman of course, like everyone who has posted on this website.... is a raving Communist! (Not a real Konsevative..... like Boehner, McCain, Graham....Bush...etc.)

    My friend Mike Levine has a show on WABAI....I hope they haven't dumped his show.

  164. pbird1:53 PM

    If we give the right Syrian rebels the weapons, then they will win, instead of the wrong Syrian rebels. But if we don't, then the wrong Syrian rebels will win, and even the right Syrian rebels will hate us and turn wrong, and before you know it they'll be shooting at us with the weapons we didn't give them.

    ayee, of course

  165. pbird2:02 PM

    He's so funny, except its not funny.

  166. pbird2:04 PM

    In a Pravda world, you don't read the news to find out what's going, you read the news to find out what the government thinks about what is going and then you try to derive from that what is truly taking place.

    "divide by 17" (hey, I thought you didn't like math)

  167. Men, can't pee straight? In China you face a fine.

    wuxi grab it say, you bad man round eye

  168. BabbaZee2:20 PM

    s2pit gwylo!

  169. BabbaZee2:20 PM

    iDon't! Which is why I use the expression

  170. Storagemanager2:30 PM

    Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday the U.S. Congress had no right to approve the use of force against Syria without a decision from the U.N. Security Council, and that doing so would be an “act of aggression”. [...]

    “They lie beautifully, of course. I saw debates in Congress. A congressman asks Mr Kerry: ‘Is al Qaeda there?’ He says: ‘No, I am telling you responsibly that it is not’,” [Vladimir] Putin said at a meeting of his human rights council in the Kremlin.

    “Al Qaeda units are the main military echelon, and they know this,” he said, referring to the United States. “It was unpleasant and surprising for me – we talk to them, we proceed from the assumption that they are decent people. But he is lying and knows he is lying. It’s sad.”

    Putin did not give any more details.

  171. BabbaZee2:36 PM

    they do not lie beautifully they do a very crappy job

  172. BabbaZee2:36 PM

    oooo is

  173. BabbaZee2:38 PM

    Kerry: Arab countries offered to pay for invasion

    naturally! Wahabbi Caliphate!

  174. Skip V. Patel2:38 PM

    Top US-Backed Free Syrian Army Colonel Urges FSA Units To Work With Al-Qaeda…

  175. BabbaZee2:39 PM

  176. he move from the position in the foothills of the Qalamoun mountains,
    one of Syria's most heavily militarised districts, appears part of a
    precautionary but limited redeployment of armaments in areas of central
    Syria still held by Assad's forces, diplomats based in the Middle East
    told Reuters [snip] At the headquarters of the army's 155th Brigade, a
    missile unit whose base sprawls along the western edge of Syria's main
    highway running north from the capital to Homs, rebel scouts saw dozens
    mobile Scud launchers pulling out early on Thursday."

  177. pbird2:39 PM

    I love how he does it.

  178. Rebel military sources said spotters saw missiles draped in tarpaulins
    on the launchers, as well as trailer trucks carrying other rockets and
    equipment. More than two dozen Scuds – 11-metre (35-foot) long ballistic
    missiles with ranges of 300km (200 miles) and more – were fired from
    the base in the Qalamoun area this year, some of which hit even Aleppo
    in the far north.

    The 155th is one of the most important units in the Syrian military,
    responsible for operations involving SCUDs and other types of ballistic
    missiles. The brigade commander is the brother of Syrian President
    Bashir Assad, ensuring that orders from the dictator are carried out
    promptly, and to the letter.

    Some intelligence organizations in the Middle East believe the 155th was
    responsible for the 21 August chemical weapons attack that killed
    hundreds of civilians in a Damascus suburb. Given its value to the
    Syrian regime, it's logical that the 155th and its missile assets would
    be near (or at) the top of any U.S. target list in Syria, and it's
    equally certain that Assad will do everythng he can to protect his
    chemical arsenal and delivery platforms"

  179. Skip V. Patel3:40 PM


    Temple Mount: Muslims Pelt Jewish Visitors with Stones...

  180. pbird3:58 PM

  181. pbird3:59 PM

  182. Skip V. Patel4:51 PM

    Kerry's War

    His animated recitation of chemical weapons use by Syrian strongman Bashar Assad brings to mind the first time the Secretary of Insufferable Wind-Baggery shed light unto the world of heinous crimes against mankind.

    “Not isolated incidents,” he told a congressional committee in 1972. “But crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.”

    He was not, of course, talking about the Assad regime. Not about Ho Chi Minh or even about what the Viet Cong was doing at that very moment to U.S. soldiers held in prisoner-of-war camps.

    No, he claims he was talking about what he had heard U.S. troops were doing to innocent women, children and civilians in Vietnam.

  183. pbird5:22 PM

    Special report: We all thought Libya had moved on – it has, but into lawlessness and ruin

    Libya has plunged unnoticed into its worst political and economic crisis since the defeat of Gaddafi

  184. BabbaZee5:28 PM

    Libya had the highest standard of living in the Arab world before he was murdered

  185. BabbaZee5:28 PM

    oh yes!

  186. pbird5:36 PM

    nice job with the interfering

  187. pbird5:37 PM

    isn't she cute, besides the song

  188. pbird5:39 PM

    Poor kiddo has been working at the Dairy Queen and just got her first insane customer. Called her worthless , wrote an email to corporate hq. But she is covered because what he ordered is on record and he was screaming about not getting what he ordered. Why are people so crazy?

  189. pbird5:55 PM

    Couple had two children taken away from them for A YEAR because military vet dad was taking medical marijuana prescribed to him by a doctor to treat his PTSD

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  190. BabbaZee6:22 PM

    awwww poor kid

    People are monumentally selfish abusive and insecure

    therefore they "take it out" on the dairy queen chick