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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Father And Son

I will proclaim the Lord’s decree: 
He said to me, 
“You are my son;
 today I have become your father."
 ~ Psalm 2


  1. mawskrat1:31 PM

    getting ready to go to Columbus for
    the USA/ Mexico contest!
    I will be a good lad and hoist a couple of pints
    for the USA!

  2. Thanks
    to President Obama's strength, we have a Russian proposal regarding
    Syria. We hope that it is credible and real, and therefore progress.


  3. Skip V. Patel1:33 PM

    When "Self Defense" becomes a "threat"

    That inbred clown...John Heinz Kerry has deemed Bashar Assad's statement : "We shall defend ourselves from any attack" as a "threat"!!!

    Kerry-Klown's ridiculous (not to mention Fascist) statement, is in concordance with Eric "Gunrunner" Holder's pledge to "re-examine" America's self defense laws. ( )

    The RIGHT to defend one's self, family and community from attack is G-d given and universal. The spineless media puppets and drugged up residents of Post-America are an insult to the Founders and American ideals and principles.

    Let's just hope that there is no G-d, no Judgement & no good and wrong, otherwise.... we are in big trouble!

  4. Skip V. Patel1:33 PM

    Gen Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To Invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya..

    Kerry Pushes Linkage: Failure of Israel to Make Peace Fuels Extremism Around the World

    Kerry to AJC: World leaders bring up peace process 'everywhere I go'

  5. BabbaZee1:33 PM


  6. BabbaZee1:33 PM

    there it is yes

  7. Skip V. Patel1:33 PM

    Can we follow this guy????

    John Kerry Blames Israel For Fueling Islamic Terrorism…

  8. Skip V. Patel1:33 PM

    Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has zero respect for the four courageous Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, one year ago tomorrow.

    Obama using al-Qaeda YouTubes to go to war in Syria

    Al-Aqsa Brigades call on attacks against Israel from Friday,7340,L-4428166,00.html

    (This should please O'Bama, Kerry, etc)


  10. pbird1:37 PM

    Have fun!

  11. BabbaZee1:38 PM



  12. Skip V. Patel1:46 PM

    The Company We Keep!

    Radical Egyptian cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi says he supports strike in Syria because “the Muslims cannot do it.”

  13. pbird1:54 PM

    Wrecking crew arrives soon.

  14. Nah I'd rather put on my stretchy pants and practise my handstand twerking

  15. pbird2:10 PM


  16. Skip V. Patel5:14 PM

    There was a time when rogue states would turn over their arsenals to us (ie Gaddafi). Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    Obama aids the genocide on the Christians of Syria

    by sheikyermami on September 9, 2013

  17. don't look now but your complimenting GW

  18. Skip V. Patel5:39 PM

    Barry Rubin Nails it!

    Syria must be an Islamist state.

    This has been a major priority during the Syrian civil war, and not just that the incumbent Syrian regime should be overthrown but that its replacement should be an Islamist, preferably a Muslim Brotherhood one.

    Obama Administration: The New Seven Pillars of “Wisdom” on the Middle East, Part One

    Obama Administration: The New Seven Pillars of Wisdom on the Middle East, Part Two

  19. Skip V. Patel6:21 PM

    The Syrian ‘Rebels’ and Chemical Weapons: Remembering Your Al-Qaeda History
    by Andrew C. McCarthy

  20. Skip V. Patel6:30 PM

    Was McCain involved in Syrian (O’) Bag (y) exchange?

  21. Skip V. Patel6:42 PM

    Healing Cancer with Cannabis

  22. pbird6:50 PM

    Will read when i get home. Sound good. Hope it works.

  23. Skip V. Patel7:44 PM

    U.S. Government to Give $313,000,000 to Muslims for Home Mortgages

  24. 'Artificial egg' made from PLANTS backed by Bill Gates set to revolutionize cooking goes on sale at Whole Foods

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  25. BabbaZee7:50 AM

    They murdered Gaddafi anyway didn't they

  26. Skip V. Patel7:52 AM

    12 years after Al Qaeda murdered 3,000 Americans, Obama demands we send our military to fight along-side them..

  27. Skip V. Patel7:53 AM


    Real Eggs, Real Butter, and Real Milk

  28. Skip V. Patel8:02 AM

    Live at 9:30am EST: President Obama, SecDef & Martin_Dempsey participate in ceremony at Pentagon 9/11 Memorial.

  29. Skip V. Patel8:07 AM

    Colorado Lawmakers Ousted in Recall Vote Over Gun Law

    COLORADO SPRINGS — Two Colorado Democrats who provided crucial support for a slate of tough new gun-control laws were voted out of office on Tuesday in a recall vote widely seen as a test of popular support for gun restrictions

    The recall elections ousted two Democratic state senators, John Morse and Angela Giron, and replaced them with Republicans. Both defeats were painful for Democrats – Mr. Morse’s because he had been Senate president, and Ms. Giron’s because she represented a heavily Democratic, working-class slice of southern Colorado.

  30. Russia will offer Iran a
    new supply of S-300 rockets and the coordination of the construction of
    an additional nuclear reactor in Bushehr, the Russian paper Kommersant

    whatcha gonna do when Putin runs all over you? - Hulkster

  31. Kerry: US awaits Russian ideas on securing chemical weapons

    just spitballin here, but wouldn't you want to hear those idears before you fuckin agree to it all?


  32. Skip V. Patel8:27 AM

    Freed Captives Differ on Claim Syrian Rebels Framed Assad With Gas Attack

  33. BabbaZee8:30 AM

    'Just as we don't look back at the 18th and 19th centuries and condemn people for racism in the same way as we would condemn a modern person for racism, I look back a few decades to my childhood and see things like caning, like mild paedophilia, and can't find it in me to condemn it by the same standards as I or anyone would today.'

    Dawkins, 72, who is known for his strong religious criticism, said it was important to distinguish between varying levels of paedophilia, and that cases involving rape and murder should not be compared to 'mild touching up'.

    In a new autobiography Professor Dawkins told how a master at his Salisbury prep school had pulled him on to his knee and put his hand inside his shorts', adding that other boys had been molested by the same teacher.

    While he said that he had found the episode 'extremely disagreeable' he wrote: 'I don't think he did any of us any lasting damage.'

  34. BabbaZee8:31 AM

    it's all bullshit

    how many chemical weapons do WE have?

  35. BabbaZee8:34 AM

    Study: Men With Smaller Testicles Are Better Fathers

    must be because they have bigger tits

  36. Canada can't even beat Mauritaunia in soccer, oh my.

    Hell they still openly practise slavery

  37. Skip V. Patel8:38 AM

    Welcome to the taste of Spain right here, in Seattle, Washington at Chico Madrid Restaurant. I've been lucky to visit Spain twice - once in Madrid and once in Barcelona. I still remember the crowded, lively restaurants, where you are seated close enough to your neighbors to hear their conversations (and understand them if you are fluent in Spanish). The hustle and bustle of the servers, small plates coming and going, pitchers of sangria getting empty and refilled...delicious memories!

    711 Bellevue Ave, Seattle, WA
    M-F: 7am-close
    Sat: 8am-close
    Sun: 8am-close

  38. Storagemanager8:38 AM

    An early Wednesday morning blast has rocked Libya’s Foreign Ministry building, located in the middle of Benghazi — a one-year reminder of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate down the road.

    The Wednesday explosion caused serious damage to the Foreign Ministry building, The Associated Press reported. It also damaged a facility located next door that serves as the offices of the Benghazi branch of the Libyan Central Bank.

    Several passers-by were injured in the explosion, mostly by flying glass from blown-out windows, emergency officials said.

    The explosion comes one year after terrorists believed to be linked to al Qaeda stormed the U.S. facility in Benghazi and killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Officials are investigating and few other details are known.

  39. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    Carcinogenic Chemical Spreads beneath American Town

    Mancelona, Mich., suffers from one of the nation's largest plumes of an industrial solvent called trichloroethylene

  40. Storagemanager8:40 AM

    Four people were killed on Wednesday when a car bomb exploded at an intelligence facility in Egypt's Sinai, state television reported.

    More than 10 people were wounded in the attack. The Sinai, which borders Israel and the Gaza Strip, has seen a sharp rise in militant attacks since the army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July.

  41. Skip V. Patel8:40 AM

    Al-Qaeda-linked group takes responsibility for Sinai bombing,7340,L-4428538,00.html

  42. BabbaZee8:40 AM

    Drone designers disguise hawk-eyed craft as eagles

    A Spanish company plans to dress up spy drones as avian predators and sell them to armed forces across the world

  43. Storagemanager8:43 AM

    The Obama administration secretly won permission from a surveillance court in 2011 to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency’s use of intercepted phone calls and e-mails, permitting the agency to search deliberately for Americans’ communications in its massive databases, according to interviews with government officials and recently declassified material. In addition, the court extended the length of time that the NSA is allowed to retain intercepted U.S. communications from five years to six years — and more under special circumstances, according to the documents…

    There’s more:

  44. Skip V. Patel8:43 AM

    Syrian rebels: Russian initiative ‘dirty deal’, only good for Israel,7340,L-4428521,00.html

    Opposition laments positive attitude toward Russian compromise, urges US to revert back to attack plans. ‘Neutralizing Assad’s chemical weapons serves Israel, not the Syrian people,’ rebel commander says

  45. BabbaZee8:44 AM


    Fatin Yousef endured the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the outbreak of fierce Sunni-Shiite fighting in 2006, and an uptick in militant attacks after US troops withdrew in December 2011.

    As a Christian, she faced even more persecution than the average Iraqi. But while roughly half of Iraq's estimated 1 million Christians fled the country, she stayed put for a decade -- until this summer.

    Three weeks ago, Ms. Yousef finally left her country for good, taking refuge in Amman with her teenage daughter and elderly mother. Among her extended family of about 60 relatives, only one remains in Iraq.

    Her story could not be independently verified by the Monitor but it is consistent with the accounts of other Iraqi Christian refugees, illustrating the persistent threat faced by one of the world's oldest Christian communities, distinct but not disconnected from the widespread suffering of Iraqis of all backgrounds.

    Yousef says her uncle was kidnapped and then killed after three days, targeted because he was a Christian. The perpetrators called her family to collect his body, then began threatening her.

    "Within 24 hours, you will leave your job, leave your house. If you don't leave in 24 hours we're going to blow up your house," Yousef recalls them telling her over the phone. So she quit her job as a stewardess with Iraqi Air, her employer for 13 years, left her house, and moved in with an aunt.

    She finally resolved to leave Iraq, but the day of her departure her sister called from Syria, where more than 300,000 Iraqi Christians have taken refuge. She told Yousef that her husband had traveled back to Iraq and was kidnapped on arrival; her sister begged her to stay and seek his release.

    She stayed, but they never heard from him.

    Yousef's daughter, Lorita, found herself the only Christian in her class of 40 at school. She was required to sit through Islamic religious instruction that denigrated Christianity.

    They couldn't find comfort in church because they were too scared to attend after the Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq killed at least 58 worshippers at Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad in 2010.

    "We don't go to church in Baghdad, of course not," says Yousef. "Then they will kill us in the church."

    But despite not being able to attend church, she has maintained a strong faith and credits God with helping her get Lorita out of Iraq safely.

    "The most important thing is that God helped me with was to save my daughter," says Yousef, who hopes they will be able to join her sister in Australia. "She's the most important thing in my life."

  46. mawskrat8:44 AM

    Good Mornin Peeps...a solemn day for sure

  47. Storagemanager8:45 AM

    We Remember you

  48. BabbaZee8:49 AM


  49. Storagemanager8:50 AM

    Bibles called 'worse than chemical weapons'
    Syrian rebel fighters make video of confiscated materials


  50. mawskrat8:50 AM

    USA-2 Mexico-0
    met some nice folks!!

  51. Storagemanager8:54 AM

  52. Storagemanager9:06 AM

    Rand Paul..............“Twelve years after we were attacked by Al Qaeda, 12 years after 3,000 Americans were killed by Al Qaeda, President Obama now asks us to be allies with Al Qaeda,” he began. “Americans by a large majority want nothing to do with the Syrian civil war. We fail to see a national security interest in a war between a leader who gases his own citizens and Islamist rebels who are killing Christians.”

  53. Storagemanager9:13 AM

    A Syrian caricature shows U.S. President Barack Obama smile and pluck the petals
    of a daisy, as he wonders, “Should I bomb? Or shouldn’t I bomb?”

    As Obama
    delays a strike against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime thought imminent just
    over a week ago, Syrians on both sides of their civil war are resorting to black
    humour, sharing jokes and cartoons via mobile phone and the

    After saying he had the authority to act on his own to strike
    Syria for its deadly use of chemical weapons near Damascus on August 21, Obama
    then referred the matter to Congress for a vote.

    Now, with the prospects
    of a quick congressional vote diminishing and Obama cautiously welcoming a
    Russian initiative that would see Assad hand over his chemical arsenal, an
    imminent decision by the president is even less likely.

    That apparent
    hesitation to act has given both pro- and anti-Assad Syrians a field

    One Syrian posted a picture of Obama on Facebook with a biting
    caption that reads: “When Congress gives me the green light to strike, I will
    ask my wife Michelle and my in-laws. If they say it’s alright, I’ll go ahead!”

  54. Storagemanager9:17 AM

    Last year, we all watched in horror during the assault on our American consulate in Benghazi. Still more terrifying was the fact that we abandoned Americans who were under attack.

    Even today, a year later, some ask regarding the incident: “What difference does it make?” Even today, some say that Benghazi is a “phony scandal.”

    Those who say and believe this are just as much of a threat to the safety and security of our constitutional republic as are the attackers. In their shameful attempts to deceive, they are evenly complicit in the loss of American lives.

    On this day, we should not pause to consider multiculturalism and negating offense to others. On this day, we should not entertain insidious conspiracy theories. Instead, remember the enemy who attacked us — and who will continue to attack us — just because we are a nation and a people who believe in individual liberty.

    Remember those who lost their lives.

    And lastly, remember those who abandoned Americans a year ago and — to this day — seek to deceive the American people.

    God bless the greatest nation the world has ever known, these United States of America.

  55. Skip V. Patel9:21 AM


  56. Storagemanager9:29 AM

    We remember you...we remember the pain and horror of that day...and many of us know there will be more pain and horror for this Nation to come..there are no good guys in the Syrian war...So pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the people of America...

  57. mawskrat9:43 AM

    my wife and I will honor all our fallen heroes, Firefighters, Police , Military
    and all the people from the World trade centers by doing what Americans do. We will enjoy watching the Reds Play the Cubs. Living our lives as proud Citizens of the USA
    is the best tribute I can think of! ALWAYS REMEMBER!!!!

  58. Storagemanager9:44 AM

    Obama just called this a national day of service again!

  59. mawskrat9:46 AM

    just can't make this stuff up....Babba is bad

    Feral pig pinches multiple six-packs of beer and runs riot at Pilbara camp sites

  60. Storagemanager9:50 AM

    Jennifer Griffin...As I look to my left I don't see any other news origination covering the Pentagon event...

  61. BabbaZee9:57 AM


  62. BabbaZee9:57 AM

    It is Neil's BD I am making a cake

  63. BabbaZee10:01 AM



  64. BabbaZee10:02 AM

  65. mawskrat10:02 AM

    tell Neil Happy Birthday

  66. Skip V. Patel10:02 AM

    "BD"???? What the fuckle is BD??? Is it like VD?

  67. BabbaZee10:03 AM



  68. BabbaZee10:03 AM

    Having described Western support for the Syrian opposition as a Zionist plot during a visit to Damascus this summer, Nick Griffin, the leader of the xenophobic British National Party, spent part of Monday encouraging his followers to support President Bashar al-Assad in online discussion forums read by American voters.

  69. Skip V. Patel10:03 AM


    (Never mind)

  70. BabbaZee10:03 AM

    will do

  71. I.C. Yurforensichini10:05 AM

    Try and keep it out of the rain...

  72. somebody should serve him alright

  73. Shalom kidz!!!
    In spite of it ALL we endure. In terms of the big Lebowski, we abide. Yup

  74. Happy Birfday to Neil!

  75. They don't look nearly as roided out as my squirrel did.

  76. Waffle Wagon coming to town

    maybe good idea to check it out

  77. mawskrat10:16 AM


  78. mawskrat10:17 AM

    at Mother Jones...the truthers are out/

  79. tiresome

  80. mawskrat10:18 AM

    Monkey Chow.....RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. perfectly prophetic

  82. lalalalal!!!
    So we won the footy game?

  83. I.C. Yurtrutherhini10:21 AM

    KANSAS CITY, MO — A man known for harboring conspiracy theories over what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 was mysteriously killed today after a building fell on top of him during a controlled demolition, sources confirmed.

    Jessie Evans, 27, a college dropout who often told people he was “just asking questions” and wore shirts that called for “9/11 truth” was crushed immediately. He was the publisher of the “Government 666 False Flag blog” which promoted the truth of what is actually going on in the world “for people who aren’t just mindless sheep,” according to the masthead.

    Friends of Evans were stunned after hearing the news.

    “I just couldn’t believe it,” said Jason Wrightsman, while browsing the Infowars website. “I think it’s quite obvious that the government was trying to silence Jesse and they blew up a building in order to do it. It’s really the only possible explanation.”

    Others believe it was likely Mossad agents, pro-Zionist terrorists, Jewish CIA agents, or evil people from Israel. “It might even have been al Qaeda, which was created by Israel,” one source added, speaking on condition of anonymity from his home at 5323 Keystone Lane.

    Read more:

  84. mawskrat10:23 AM

    yep...see some of my pics below
    had a great time!

  85. mawskrat10:25 AM

    hate when the JOOOOOOOOOOOOS
    do that....payback is a biatch

  86. that reallllly looks good..i could even go there!

  87. mawskrat10:27 AM

    no Squirrels for me I prefer Hamster on a stick!

  88. does NOT remind me of that Mexican American father in NM in yesterday;s news....

  89. no rodents!

  90. mawskrat10:33 AM

    ME ME ME!!!!!!!

  91. Why is he backing off? Because he knows he doesn’t have the American people and isn’t going to get them. The polls, embarrassingly, show the more people hear the less they support it. The president’s problem with his own base was probably startling to him, and sobering. He knows he was going to lose Congress, not only the House but very possibly—likely, I’d say—the Senate. The momentum was all against him. And he never solved—it was not solvable—his own Goldilocks problem: A strike too small is an embarrassment, a strike too big could topple the Assad regime and leave Obama responsible for a complete and cutthroat civil war involving terrorists, foreign operatives, nihilists, jihadists, underemployed young men, and some really nice, smart people. Obama didn’t want to own that, or the fires that could engulf the region once Syria went up.

  92. mawskrat10:39 AM

    yep....they gave everyone a scarfe

  93. mawskrat10:42 AM

    for der Babba

    Quelli che... - L'esibizione e l'intervista di Beth Hart 10/02/2013

  94. Then get ready for the spin job of all spin jobs. It’s already begun: the White House is beginning to repeat that a diplomatic solution only came because the president threatened force. That is going to be followed by something that will grate on Republicans, conservatives, and foreign-policy journalists and professionals. But many Democrats will find it sweet, and some in the political press will go for it, if for no other reason than it’s a new story line.

    It is that Syria was not a self-made mess, an example of historic incompetence. It was Obama’s Cuban Missile Crisis—high-stakes, eyeball-to-eyeball, with weapons of mass destruction and an implacable foe. The steady waiting it out, the inner anguish, the idea that crosses the Telex that seems to soften the situation. A cool, calibrated, chancy decision to go with the idea, to make a measured diplomatic concession. In the end it got us through the crisis.

    Really, they’re going to say this. And only in part because this White House is full of people who know nothing—really nothing—about history. They’ve only seen movies.

    The only question is who plays Bobby. Get ready for a leak war between Kerry’s staff and Hillary Clinton’s

  95. oh yeah, the photo didn't show until i refresh page....of course that's you! nice scarf!

  96. mawskrat10:45 AM

    Babba has been busy

    Drunken moose gang menaces Stockholm resident

  97. mooses are dangerous anyhow

  98. BabbaZee10:48 AM


  99. mawskrat10:48 AM

    mooses and moosi

  100. BabbaZee10:49 AM


  101. mawskrat10:50 AM

    going to the game...BBL

  102. BabbaZee10:51 AM

    you is so slimmy!

  103. BabbaZee10:51 AM


  104. BabbaZee10:52 AM

    have many pounds of fun

  105. BabbaZee10:53 AM

    ahahah AGGH!

  106. BabbaZee10:53 AM

    sorry about the "art"

  107. ditto really

  108. that happens doesn't it, lol
    what some people put up there...

  109. they are forecasting record breaking heat here today...89. that is NOT cool...ugh

  110. yesterday the water damage guys left huge dehumidifiers downstairs and in the bathroom and industrial fans going all night. Crazy. Like a wind tunnel until they come back and start ripping out

  111. BabbaZee11:01 AM


  112. weeeeeeeeeeeee, i do love red shoes

  113. BabbaZee11:02 AM

    beastly here today maketh me ill

  114. ew, its funny how it wears on ya

  115. WOW! quick she is with the songs!

    Thank you! Can I retire now?

  116. BabbaZee11:04 AM


    in Post America you must work till you die on the job

    30% more Chinese!

  117. BabbaZee11:07 AM

    That is going to be followed by something that will grate on
    Republicans, conservatives, and foreign-policy journalists and
    professionals. But many Democrats will find it sweet, and some in the
    political press will go for it, if for no other reason than it’s a new
    story line.

    Bullshit Republicans are REPEATING it

  118. well in my position as head pet chicken i can't really expect to retire..who would be pet chicken?

  119. she can't be right about everything but she had a pretty good feel for it

  120. BabbaZee11:20 AM


  121. BabbaZee11:20 AM

    iGo bake you a cake now Pbird wish me luck

  122. she's goin' in!!!! its be otay...that is an easy cake

  123. had to steal another picture from Gerard! Too good!

  124. hi Bulgar. I see you!

  125. Top Republicans Refuse to Sign Pledge to De-Fund Obamacare - See more at:

  126. Skip V. Patel11:38 AM

    Watch new episode of Stakelbeck on Terror show: The Syria Debacle

  127. pbird2:25 PM

  128. BabbaZee2:38 PM

  129. BabbaZee3:06 PM

    Woman brutally face-planted into pavement during arrest; charged with battering police

    "DON'T YOU F***ING TOUCH ME," the officer roared, before delivering a crushing blow to the woman's face

  130. BabbaZee3:06 PM

    For the Strength of Youth!

    they will make excellent Muslims

  131. BabbaZee3:09 PM

    The Syria researcher whose Wall Street Journal op-piece was cited by Secretary of State John Kerry and Sen. John McCain during congressional hearings about the use of force has been fired from the Institute for the Study of War for lying about having a Ph.D., the group announced on Wednesday.

    “The Institute for the Study of War has learned and confirmed that, contrary to her representations, Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy does not in fact have a Ph.D. degree from Georgetown University,” the institute said in a statement. “ISW has accordingly terminated Ms. O’Bagy’s employment, effective immediately.”

  132. BabbaZee3:13 PM

    Extreme Life Forms: Life Found in the Sediments of an Antarctic Subglacial Lake for the First Time

    Evidence of diverse life forms dating back nearly a hundred thousand years has been found in subglacial lake sediments by a group of British scientists.

    One DNA sequence was related to the most ancient organisms known on Earth and parts of the DNA in twenty three percent has not been previously described. Many of the species are likely to be new to science making clean exploration of the remote lakes isolated under the deeper parts of the ice sheet even more pressing.

  133. BabbaZee3:16 PM

    I was watching her on the TV when you posted this!

  134. BabbaZee3:24 PM

    Help Kickstart World War III!

    President Obama needs your help starting World War III! Find out how you can help!

  135. I.C. Yurforensichini3:28 PM

    Because, Obama.

    Yusef Islam aka Joe Jihad

  136. pbird3:38 PM

    Ha! So funny

  137. pbird3:39 PM

    Everybody loves it!

  138. pbird4:29 PM

    that naughty wench!

  139. pbird4:30 PM

    lol, those guys....the young Mormons I know back home don't conform very well...

  140. pbird4:33 PM

    very interesting, still much to discover

  141. pbird4:39 PM

    How does a man, any man, get like that? Is it steroids? I am flabbergasted everytime one of these shows up.
    They were always doing something sneaky and mean to my brat brother way back in the 60s and 70s but I always figured he was running his mouth too much. But never like this girl endured.

  142. pbird4:43 PM

    "He's going to do it anyway. It will be a pinprick ... and there will be people on our side, he hopes, who are stupid enough to say, 'OK, he ignored Congress, we're going to try to impeach him.' He desperately wants Republicans to try to impeach him. It's his only chance of winning anything in 2014."

    small lightweight article, but I think he has a point

  143. pbird6:02 PM

    tain't natural

  144. pbird6:05 PM

    Joe Cocker - Summer In The City

  145. pbird6:09 PM

    cute live performance

  146. pbird6:15 PM

  147. pbird6:17 PM

    its worse in MASS, more humid

  148. BabbaZee7:21 PM

    it is brutal here

  149. BabbaZee7:23 PM

    Elizabeth O’Bagy – No Ph.D, and oh SNAP, She Works for Syrian Emergency Task Force

  150. BabbaZee7:25 PM

    L'Himalaya photos by Ernst Haas

  151. pbird7:31 PM

    they'll probably hang this whole thing on this chick

  152. pbird7:33 PM

    ah you got her too

  153. pbird7:41 PM

    taking a long time to all load but neat pictures!

  154. pbird7:43 PM

    some guy came to the door wanting a few bucks for yard work...S said no, but now wishes he hadn't, haha
    guy disappeared like he was an angel or something

  155. willing to earn a bob

    gotta like that

  156. yeah if thats what it was, as always

  157. well yeah

    you've made me start thinking about our bathroom situation

    my buddie is retiring to Newfoundland , and of all the people think I'd rather he do it - so gonna have to broach the subject

  158. ah yes, a modern easily cleaned bathroom is a fine thing....

    say, what do you think about travel in the Maritimes? Daughter and I are daring ourselves to go up there for a bit next year

  159. where he\s goin

  160. he wants me to help him move- ak drive a load, factor in some moose hunting- I might never return

  161. 'Forest boy' found after 16 years in wilderness

  162. you might not!!

    Have you ever explored Alberta...there is an awful awful lot of Alberta. Wow. You drive and drive.

  163. little but drawn to water

  164. I always live by salt water. Strange to consider living inland.

  165. In comments likely to enhance his progressive reputation, Pope Francis has written a long, open letter to the founder of La Repubblica newspaper, Eugenio Scalfari, stating that non-believers would be forgiven by God if they followed their consciences.

    Responding to a list of questions published in the paper by Mr Scalfari, who is not a Roman Catholic, Francis wrote: “You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God’s mercy has no limits if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart. The issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience.

    “Sin, even for those who have no faith, exists when people disobey their conscience.”

  166. never thought I'd consider Nfld always thought Fl, TX, Carribean etc, but the maritimes is looking better every least until pinko Trudeau takes over-forget that



  169. wow, very glamorous!

  170. NSA Chief's Former War Room Was Modeled After the Starship Enterprise

  171. "Everybody wanted to sit in the chair at least once to pretend he was Jean-Luc Picard," says a retired officer in charge of VIP visits.

    He is not the captain of the Star Ship Enterprise! The very idea!

  172. BabbaZee6:29 AM

    Putin's Letter to America

    My working and personal relationship with President Obama is marked by growing trust. I appreciate this. I carefully studied his address to the nation on Tuesday. And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States' policy is "what makes America different. It's what makes us exceptional." It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord's blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.

  173. BabbaZee6:30 AM

    idiosos are the ones that "listened" to her

  174. BabbaZee6:50 AM

    pictures of Occupied France

  175. BabbaZee6:50 AM

    Machine guns, missiles and even warships: The huge array of military equipment available in London at world's largest arms fair

  176. BabbaZee6:50 AM

    att P - the shoes!

  177. BabbaZee6:52 AM

    No one doubts that poison gas was used in Syria. But there is every reason to believe it was used not by the Syrian Army, but by opposition
    forces, to provoke intervention by their powerful foreign patrons, who would be siding with the fundamentalists. Reports that militants are
    preparing another attack - this time against Israel - cannot be ignored.

    It is alarming that military intervention in internal conflicts in foreign countries has become commonplace for the United States. Is it in
    America's long-term interest? I doubt it. Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying
    solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan "you're either with us or against us."

  178. Skip V. Patel7:06 AM

    A New Newfie?

    Good place~

  179. Skip V. Patel7:27 AM

    Sounds like big fun! I have been to many "Arms Fairs" when I worked for the magazine.

  180. AI ICUS7:43 AM

    YOOOOO ! ! ! HOOOOO ! ! !

  181. AI ICUS7:53 AM

    My momma was born in 1941. The family moved around Poland like vagabonds...

  182. BabbaZee8:28 AM

    it is illegal to have strangers over for dinner

  183. BabbaZee8:28 AM

    ola amigo

  184. BabbaZee8:29 AM

    House Republicans will include an extension of the so-called Monsanto Protection Act in the spending bill designed to avert a government shutdown, according to text of the legislation released Wednesday by House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-Ky.).

  185. BabbaZee8:31 AM

    Syrian Christians Largely Ignored in Debate Over U.S. Intervention

  186. mawskrat8:34 AM

    a lot of people just walked least I stopped and gave some respect

  187. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    Can Emotional Intelligence Be Taught?


    But it can be mimicked.

    end of my article on the subject~

  188. BabbaZee8:43 AM

    Expert who traveled with Syrian rebels: So-called ‘moderates’ are Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamists

  189. BabbaZee8:45 AM

    An American citizen who left the Somali militant group al-Shabab is reported to have been killed by the group's fighters.

    Sources told VOA's Somali service that Omar Hammami died early Thursday when militants attacked his hideout near the town of Bardher.

    The militants also killed two other people in the attack, including Osama al-Britaini, a British national of Pakistani origin.

    The 29-year-old Hammami told VOA last week he had broken ties with Moktar Abu Zubayr, saying the al-Shabab leader does not abide by the principles of Islam and has turned the group into one that oppresses Muslims in a bid to win control of Somalia.

    Hammami said al-Shabab was trying to kill him, and that he still considered himself a terrorist.

    He traveled to Somalia in 2006 and joined al-Shabab's military wing. The FBI says that in 2007, after Ethiopian forces invaded Somalia, he joined the front lines as a fighter and eventually became a leader in al-Shabab. The U.S offered up to $5 million for information leading to his capture.

  190. BabbaZee8:46 AM

    Official says CIA-funded weapons have begun to reach Syrian rebels; rebels deny receipt

  191. BabbaZee8:49 AM

    Pastor Terry Jones Arrested Before He Can Burn Qurans

    A Florida pastor was arrested on Wednesday while driving a pickup truck towing a large grill filled with kerosene-soaked Qurans to a park. The pastor said he planned to burn 2,998 Qurans, the Muslim holy book, one for each victim of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, reports the Associated Press. Wednesday was the 12th anniversary of the attacks.
    QUOTE: "Dr. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outrage Center agreed publicly this weekend to toss in a couple of copies of the Talmud into the fire when he, showing his Christian love, will also be burning copies of the Quran. Please join him, and I hope, Michael Collins Piper, on Sept. 11th for this occasion and be aware that this
    is a BYOT event. For Shas Party members – BYOT means “Bring you own Talmud” and please be ready to toss it into the fire."