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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Oh My Love

His left arm is under my head, 
and his right arm embraces me.



  1. pbird7:31 PM

    Ah ha! Hi you guys.

  2. BabbaZee8:09 PM


  3. pbird8:09 PM


  4. pbird8:10 PM

    long thread that last one, haha

  5. BabbaZee8:11 PM

    Hey now we know!

  6. BabbaZee8:11 PM

    I should have waited till 1,000!

  7. pbird8:11 PM

    i think you could have!

  8. pbird8:21 PM

    Bulgar number 666 last thread! ooo

  9. BulgarWheat8:21 PM

    so I turned into Stan on the previous thread?

    guess I should at least have some fun then.


  10. pbird8:21 PM

    oh you saw dat

  11. BulgarWheat8:22 PM

    the phone updates even if my browser doesn't actually I think Stan lives in my phone now that I think happened.

  12. pbird8:23 PM

    i think goofy lives in mine

  13. pbird8:28 PM

    Canadian relief for Moore tornado victims denied at border

    This is embarrassing, damn it

  14. BulgarWheat8:38 PM

    The lad is up at his formal dance at the golf club. The wife and another mom are both having a glass of wine and waiting for the young men to emerge in their uncomfortable clothes and shoes. Maybe the lad will even get one of those slow dances that gives the typical 13/14 year old a woody that he's sure everyone in the room is watching. Such an awkward age.

    I promised that I wouldn't bother him in any way tonight. Give the young man a little space. The lad seems quite popular with his pals. Hope he

  15. BulgarWheat8:40 PM

    I have time to grab a decent nap. The couch is calling my name.

  16. BabbaZee8:49 PM

    After officers were called to the Fairfield County home owned by John Valluzzo last week, it was as if the expected story line evoking Amadou Diallo or other police killings had been turned on its head. This time the person who was shot was a successful 75-year-old businessman and philanthropist, and the policeman a well-liked veteran who was a rare minority officer in a virtually all-white department. The setting was not a dark city street but a 9,000-square-foot estate in a green, historic Connecticut town whose residents have included Eugene O’Neill, Judy Collins and Henry Luce.

  17. BabbaZee8:50 PM

    let's take a look around the Seattle real estate listings to find
    some examples of the strange, the weird and just the plain terrible

  18. BabbaZee8:52 PM

    Giant pink slugs discovered on mountain in Australia

  19. BabbaZee8:54 PM

  20. BabbaZee8:56 PM

    Massive, violent crowds protest Turkish leader's policies

  21. pbird8:57 PM

    i KNOW, ewwww! pretty!

  22. pbird9:00 PM

    well you should have seen that assortment of New York rooms for rent I saw.....incredible amounts of money for gross tiny rooms

  23. BabbaZee9:01 PM


  24. pbird9:01 PM


  25. pbird9:03 PM

    the cops seem so jumpy lately

  26. mawskrat9:06 PM

    LOVE YAH you back or is you not?/
    that is all//

  27. mawskrat9:08 PM

    yumski I says

  28. BabbaZee9:09 PM

    I never left.
    Love you too!

  29. mawskrat9:12 PM

    you got it Bulgar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    respect her....... son of Bulgar
    though.........have a good time if you can
    jus sayin/

  30. Storagemanger10:19 PM

    Well I am again .....wrong.......I have a hell off a wall cloud over my house.....damn spooky really....we shall see.

  31. BulgarWheat10:47 PM

    Dropped the lad off for an after dance party. Guess he's meeting his sweetie. I'll have the wife pick him up when he's completed his evening of teenaged debauchery. What ever the hell that means anymore. Viva Le Hormones!

  32. hmmm, it changes really fast huh?

  33. pbird2:27 AM

    good night all

  34. pbird2:44 AM

  35. BulgarWheat4:44 AM

    hope the lad had fun last night.

  36. Storagemanger7:18 AM

    I storms...hello

  37. Storagemanger7:25 AM

    President Obama...You SIR will see the I.R.S. in your dare you speak ill of the SUNNI!.........Chomsky condemns Turkish police crackdown on protestors

    Noted linguist, activist says police actions recall 'most shameful moments of Turkish history'; two killed, 1000 injured in protests, Amnesty reports,7340,L-4387012,00.html

  38. Storagemanger7:26 AM

    McCain.....get him Barry....I love the SUNNI

  39. BulgarWheat7:30 AM


  40. BulgarWheat7:31 AM

    always good news to hear, Storage

  41. Storagemanger7:31 AM

    President Obama....the Leader of Turkey has the right to pepper spray ...even shoot his people as he sees fit.....He is trying build a SUNNI Caliphate and he deserves the support of the world.

  42. Storagemanger7:35 AM

  43. Storagemanger8:00 AM

    More specifically, they believe that Muslims have been divinely commanded to wage war against those who refuse to accept Allah as the supreme authority of the universe; Mohammed as Allah's prophet; the Koran as the revealed and unchanging word of Allah; and sharia as the law that mankind must obey.

    They believe, too, that the world is divided between the Dar al-Islam, the lands where Muslims rule, and the Dar al-Harb, the lands where infidels rule. They reject the possibility that the two realms can — or should — peacefully coexist. On the contrary, the Dar al-Islam must do whatever is necessary to defeat and destroy the Dar al-Harb.

    Many Westerners find it difficult to comprehend that people actually hold such beliefs. These Westerners — there is no tactful way to say this — are ignorant of world history, the millennia of conflicts in which one group after another has attempted to impose its language, culture, religion, and DNA on others.

  44. Storagemanger8:00 AM

    Qur'an:8:39"Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah."

  45. Storagemanger8:05 AM

    Is the Middle East on the Brink of War?

    According to The Daily Beast, when it comes to the Syria conflict, recent developments may lead to a regional military conflagration. A series of escalations—including Israeli airstrikes on Damascus, Hezbollah’s decision to openly send thousands of fighters across the border, and the European Union lifting its arms embargo on the rebels—have dramatically increased the risk level. The Daily Beast adds that given the signs that planned U.S.-Russian-endorsed talks in Geneva might not even get off the ground, there is evident cause for worry. Close observers now worry the Middle East is on the brink of a wider war, notes The Daily Beast,—one that will have as profound repercussions for the region as World War I had for Europe

  46. Storagemanger8:34 AM

    How are all the peoples in Obamaland today?

  47. BulgarWheat8:36 AM

    feeling slightly shackled and oppressed. how's about your neck of the woods?

  48. Storagemanger8:42 AM

    Working part time as I can find no full time....other than that .....great.

  49. Storagemanger8:44 AM

    Paul, a first-term senator and Tea Party favorite surging in popularity, took the latest shot by opposing aid to the rebels – a key part of McCain’s plan to end the two-year Syrian civil war in which 70,000 civilians and others have been killed.

    “It is very clear that any attempt to aid the Syrian rebels would be complicated and dangerous, precisely because we don't know who these people are,” Paul wrote in an opinion piece earlier this week. “The situation in Syria is certainly dire. … Al Qaeda is making confirmed inroads into the country. No one wants to see Syria become a bastion of extremism. But like other American interventions in the past, U.S. involvement could actually help the extremists.”

    But McCain, fresh off a secret trip to Syria, on Friday upped his call for intervention -- telling the Associated Press the opposition needs heavy weapons.

    Read more:

  50. Storagemanger8:45 AM

    'Happiness index' plummets for Hispanics, blacks and young in US...

    Wealth of most Americans down 55%...

  51. Storagemanger8:48 AM

    Syrian rebels, Hezbollah in deadly fight in Lebanon
    15 rebel fighters reported killed in clashes with Hezbollah in Lebanon's border region with Syria; sources say they may have been ambushed while setting up rockets to fire into Shi'ite areas in Bekaa Valley.

  52. Storagemanger8:50 AM

    McCain :::: Damn it....I want America kids to get in that war....fight for the SUNNI damn it......Give me your sons and daughters damn it.

  53. BulgarWheat8:54 AM

    since I stopped drinking and had surgery, I've become very sensitive to how people are dealing with things around me. People seem filled with a tremendous amount of doubt, in each other, in the government, in society in general, if our financial security, in the every day things that tend to make people stressed out under the best of circumstances. People are starting to crack now. I feel like a spectator. If anyone ever had a reason to crack, I've certainly been there several times over the last few months.

    But I haven't. To a certain degree I even find that I've become preternaturally calm in the face of it all. I don't understand that at all, but I accept and welcome it. So much I can't even begin to explain, but I accept it gratefully and willingly. GOD is good!

  54. Storagemanger8:56 AM

    Because you are a feral and have seen the bad coming...and were ready for it.

  55. BulgarWheat8:57 AM

    the entire country is in a survival mode. I fear it's going to get pretty bad once people figure out that there is no money left in the coffers. We're beyond overdrawn as a society. The beginning of the end as they say.

    Belize is looking pretty good right now.

  56. Storagemanger8:58 AM

    Obama and McCain want to join a war....that only helps SUNNI Islam....take your sons and daughters and have them fight for Sunni Islam....12 years after 9-11....Twilight Zone anyone?

  57. Storagemanger8:59 AM

    hahahahahaha...and they speak English...

  58. BulgarWheat9:00 AM

    I'm sure that plays a large part in it, but there's something more to it, Storage. Words fail me though if I try to explain it.

  59. Storagemanger9:00 AM

    Go to Belize and start Babbaland...

  60. Storagemanger9:01 AM

    It is the power of the BOOK...

  61. Storagemanger9:04 AM

    On 9-11 across America...we sat in horror as members of Sunni Islam killed more than 3,000 of American President and an American Senator...want us....the American people to support SUNNI ISLAM....if it was a book or a would out and say...that could never happen!

  62. Storagemanger9:12 AM

    Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her [a]Offspring; He will bruise and tread your head underfoot, and you will lie in wait and bruise His heel.

  63. BabbaZee9:12 AM

    Sunni Cleric Issues Appeal for World’s Muslims to Help Syrian Rebels

    The Owners are united in this cause.... Man up, be a patriot, give generously to the brave forces who fight for your freedom!

    Thank you for your service Freedom Fighters!

  64. pbird9:14 AM

    We watched an episode of Tony Bourdain in Lybia last night. It was actually kind of scary but very interesting to see the people and what they do to get by in life on the street level. It was filmed last year I think.

  65. pbird9:15 AM

    Shalom down the slopes, weeeeeeeeeee!

  66. Storagemanger9:16 AM

    I guess Obama and McCain care only for Syria.....screw Lebanon............................
    Syrian Islamist Rebels Pound Hezbollah Stronghold In Lebanon With Rocket And Mortar Fire…

  67. Storagemanger9:17 AM

    Lebanon Claims: Israeli Warplanes Over Beirut
    Lebanon claims Israeli warplanes flying over Beirut, appeals to UN.

  68. Storagemanger9:18 AM

    The world is on the eve of a big ass war...and most don't even see it.

  69. BulgarWheat9:22 AM

    we may face something very similar to what happened in Argentina over the last 12 years. Ferfal covers the everyday life in Argentina on his blog. Not exactly post-apocalyptic Mad-Max stuff mind you, but the world is not going to become a more secure place and post-america is going to join all of the other failed societies in histories dusty books.

  70. BulgarWheat9:24 AM

    I see it. I'm as well provisioned as I can be.

  71. Storagemanger9:25 AM

    hahahahahahaha...............Chomsky condemns Turkish police crackdown on protestors

    Noted linguist, activist says police actions recall 'most shameful moments of Turkish history'; two killed, 1000 injured in protests, Amnesty reports,7340,L-4387012,00.html

  72. Storagemanger9:27 AM

    Charles will you denounce

    your hero?...hahahahahahahaha

  73. mawskrat9:28 AM

    Good Mornin Ferals.......the gardens look
    good this morning!

  74. Storagemanger9:28 AM

    Almost 1,000 people were detained in more than 90 protests held
    across the country, as Catharina Moh reports

  75. pbird9:29 AM

    However that may be, things stand where they stand. Syria has the distinction of being the place where all the falsehoods and incompetence of the administration come together. It’s where all the bills come due. It is where ‘leading from behind’ meets ‘no exit’.

    The fundamental problem with Syria is that Obama cannot afford to win. That having started the process of upheaval in the Arab World using jihadis, the administration is now almost as afraid of victory as defeat. The reason why Benghazi must never be discussed is that it is a preview of all that we are about to receive.

    The renewed proposals to arm the Syrian rebels and to create a No Fly Zone over the region are indicators of just how desperate things are. The administration is drifting to the conclusion if they must choose among evils then they are better off designating the Russian/Iranian axis as the primary enemy, even at the cost of boosting an al-Qaeda front to victory in the region.

  76. pbird9:29 AM

    Good Morning. Pictures?

  77. Storagemanger9:30 AM

    I don't believe that....I think Obama wants a SUNNI Caliphate.....I don't care what people say about me....he wants it.