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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

If I Was Sick

At once the man was cured; 
he picked up his mat and walked.
John 5


  1. BabbaZee12:26 PM

    Skip V. Patel from last thread

    First It Was Charlie Sheen. Now Antonio Villaraigosa Is Hanging With... Mitt Romney?

    Remember the presidential campaign? Feels like forever ago, but you may recall that L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was out of town a lot rounding up votes for President Obama.

    Cable news bookers grew to rely on him whenever they needed someone to trash Mitt Romney's "extreme" views on immigration. And he didn't stop there, once saying, "If they had their way, Mitt Romney and the Republicans would repeal the 20th century."

    Well: bygones. Villaraigosa and Romney are bros now.

    Villaraigosa's reward for all that campaigning was a handshake and the satisfaction of a job well done -- but not the cabinet post he had been angling for. So now in the twilight days of his mayoral administration, he's looking to make some new friends.

    Up in Sacramento on Tuesday, he let slip that he's been chatting with Romney. Villaraigosa was there to give a speech at the Sacramento Press Club, and afterwards he was asked whether he would endorse either of the candidates running to succeed him.

  2. BabbaZee12:33 PM

  3. The are "examples" of "Gun Violence" (NOT...self defence) posted on anti-gun site

    —The Augusta Chronicle

    A man who returned home early Tuesday to find two intruders in his Enumclaw, Wash., house fatally shot one of them. The homeowner also fired at the second intruder as he sped off in the man’s stolen SUV. The suspect who fled was later arrested.


    A man is clinging to life after being shot in a home in Trenton, N.J., during an apparent home invasion Tuesday afternoon. Police went to the South Ward home around 3 p.m. on a report of three men wearing masks and found the wounded man. The crime scene is two doors down from a home where a man was shot dead during a home invasion in September.

  4. Anonymous12:38 PM

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  5. pbird2:20 PM

    waiting to hear any news...going to bed for a while

  6. akakalakin3:07 PM

    I wanted lobster when I woke up from surgery, the recovery nurses must hear the weirdest shit

  7. Q_Burn3:36 PM

    My dad had open heart surgery in 1966 when it was relatively new. When he could eat a solid meal again they offered to get whatever he wanted. He wanted a baloney sandwich and a beer- and they got it for him.

  8. akakalakin3:57 PM

    Security officials on
    Wednesday ordered staff, media and attorneys to evacuate Boston's
    federal courthouse, according to a Reuters reporter on the scene.

    Scores of people could be seen leaving the building. No further details were immediately available. (Reuters)

  9. akakalakin4:05 PM

    now that`s health care

  10. pbird4:07 PM

    Washington (CNN) -- In a critical indication of growing U.S. military involvement in the civil war in Syria, CNN has learned Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is ordering the deployment of up to 200 troops to Jordan, according to two Defense Department officials.

    The troops, which will come from the headquarters of the 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss, Texas, "creates an additional capability" beyond what has been there, one official said.

    The group will give the United States the ability to "potentially form a joint task force for military operations, if ordered," he said.

  11. pbird4:11 PM

    Authorities say the wife of a former judge has confessed to being involved in the shooting deaths of a North Texas district attorney, his wife and an assistant prosecutor.

    Kim Lene Williams was arrested early Wednesday. Kaufman County sheriff's spokesman Lt. Justin Lewis says Williams is being charged in all three deaths. Lewis says she is being held on $10 million bond.

  12. Q_Burn4:14 PM

    Nurse, we'll need a pound of goetta and a case of Bud Light.. STAT!

  13. BabbaZee4:14 PM

    it is difficile because no one is going to tell me what is going on with Bulgar but Bulgar and I am sure he is in no condition to tell me anything at the moment but I will continue to try to get some word

    I have to go out at 5 if I have not gotten any word by then I will check again when i get back

  14. BabbaZee4:16 PM

    I am calling the hospital I am on hold

  15. pbird4:32 PM

  16. BabbaZee4:49 PM


    They did not do the procedure on Bulgar because he is not making enough platelets - this because his spleen is outraged .... really!

    It's a chain effect - the liver is functioning poorly and this puts pressure on the spleen and the spleen starts to make less platelets - SO

    they have to try to get his platelet count up first before they can do anything. They want to try to stent him but it may not work out he may go from a stenting procedure to a bypass procedure. It is both the cornary and carotid arteries that are blocked.

    they cant do anything till they get his blood a little thicker though

    they are looking to try for Saturday

    They are not addressing his stomach at all at the moment till he gets through the heart but they must and they will

    SO I think the best thing to do now is to pray for his platelet count to rise and his liver function to improve

    he sounds great he knows you all love him and are praying for him and he loves youse too.

  17. Q_Burn5:02 PM

    Thanks Babba. Prayers will continue.

  18. akakalakin5:07 PM

    don't forget some grilled pony

  19. akakalakin5:12 PM

    so a nuke Vlad bomber flies up and down everybodies shores

    no big deal, we just tag'em with some f18, f15/16 whatever

    then it catches on fire? nuke on board? intent? what now? should we nuke them?

    why it should have never been allowed in the first place


  21. what happens when a nuke is detonatated in the air 200 miles off shore? Bueller?

  22. pbird8:09 PM

    nothing nice

  23. BabbaZee9:13 PM

    pray for his spleen it is outraged.

  24. BabbaZee9:13 PM

  25. BabbaZee9:18 PM

    total failure of electronic services


  26. mawskrat9:25 PM

    yes I read that...will do

  27. BabbaZee9:26 PM

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned the West on Wednesday that it will pay a heavy price for its alleged support of Al-Qaeda in Syria. According to AFP, Assad said his regime's defeat is not an option.
    He made the comments in an interview with state television Al-Ikhbariya, in which he said the West is playing with fire.
    "The West has paid heavily for funding Al-Qaeda in its early stages. Today it is doing the same in Syria, Libya and other places, and will pay a heavy price in the heart of Europe and the United States," Assad said.
    Last week, the jihadist rebel group Al-Nusra Front pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, who had previously urged rebels to establish an Islamic state in Syria.
    are facing a new war, a new method" with fighters, some of whom are
    Arabs, not Syrians," the president said in the hour-long interview,
    adding that the "army is not fighting a war to liberate Syrian
    territory, but a war on terror."
    While saying the "situation is
    better now than it was before," he claimed that "there are big powers,
    in particular the United States, that do not accept countries to be
    independent; they want them to be submissive."

    A linky from Storagemanager who is also praying for Bulgar

  28. BabbaZee9:31 PM

  29. BabbaZee9:31 PM

    that's an OVM fatwa in the making there!

  30. Miller: A lot o' people don't realize what's really going on. They view life as a bunch o' unconnected incidents 'n things. They don't realize that there's this, like, lattice o' coincidence that lays on top o' everything. Give you an example; show you what I mean: suppose you're thinkin' about a plate o' shrimp. Suddenly someone'll say, like, plate, or shrimp, or plate o' shrimp out of the blue, no explanation. No point in lookin' for one, either. It's all part of a cosmic unconciousness.

    Otto: You eat a lot of acid, Miller, back in the hippie days?

    Miller: I'll give you another instance: you know how everybody's into weirdness right now?...

    "I do my best thinking on the bus. That's how come I don't drive. The more you drive the less intelligent you are."

    Well, I must say, that explains a lot.

  31. It all ties in somehow.

  32. hi Storage




  36. BulgarWheat7:04 AM

    met with my hemotologist last night around 10:30,....right as I was falling asleep. He walked me through the entire roadmap of my blood, it was fascinating really. The liver while damaged is still operating. It'll never be 100%, But I have to take care of what function it still has. He's got me on pills for my thyroid also to boost platlet output also.

    They found on actual damage to the heart, but I do have some arterial blockage. The hemotologist was less gloom and doom them the cardiologists and seemed to think if we take a day or two, we can get my platlettes up enough to proceed with the angioplasty.

    On another note, it's been since early Monday since I've had a smoke or a drink. The doctors have been detoxing me and keeping a careful eye on me. Very nice staff, easy people to work with. That has helped.

    Once I wrap this up I'm either going to take a 7 day or 30 day sobriety sabbatical (treatment). My liver is salvageable, but just barely. Maybe I can focus all of that mad energy on documenting the madness of my life and how I got here. I'd read it even though I've lived it.

    Thanks very much to everyone and all of their prayers!!! It means a lot to me! Also makes me a lot less apprehensive about the procedure. I love youse guys too!

  37. BulgarWheat7:34 AM

    I seemed to have missed a lot of mail over the last week. Not much of it especially good news either. WTF is wrong with people?!!!

  38. BabbaZee7:40 AM

    Did they say you had cirrhosis or just damage to the liver?

  39. BulgarWheat7:41 AM


  40. BulgarWheat7:41 AM

    all good things must come to an end...

  41. BabbaZee7:43 AM

    yes they said cirrhosis?

  42. BabbaZee7:43 AM

    I go take AI's liver.

    be right back.

  43. BulgarWheat7:43 AM


  44. BulgarWheat7:44 AM

    heh! maybe we just tell Q to hold off on the budlight and goetta.

  45. BabbaZee7:48 AM

    Veterans receiving letters prohibiting the purchase, possession, receipt, or transport of a firearm/ammunition

  46. BabbaZee7:48 AM

    you can have half of mine

  47. BulgarWheat7:50 AM

    that's very kind, but I think maybe I just salvage mine. I can do that. Like the burning apartment story we discussed yesterday on the phone, a wake-up call, GOD smacking us in the forehead so to speak. Got my attention.

  48. BulgarWheat7:58 AM

    since my platlettes jump up about nearly 20% in one day, maybe they can give me a transfusion and plan on a possible Saturday angioplasty. I can catch up with the GI Dr. after we get this blockage stuff fixed

  49. BulgarWheat8:00 AM

    we're all criminals now,...because the kenyatte said we were.

  50. BabbaZee8:00 AM


  51. BabbaZee8:03 AM

  52. O'Bama is really pissed about not getting Bulgar's firearms!

    BITTER O...



    Bloomberg RAGES...

    Feinstein Fumes...

    Biden Wipes Away Tears...

    Cuomo Complains...

    Reid Mocks: 'Imagined Tyranny'...

  53. Fertilizer Plant Explosion North Of Waco, 45 Miles From Bush Ranch in Crawford...

    EMS Director: 60-70 dead...

    Registered as 2.1 Magnitude Earthquake...

    Blast Rocks Five-block Radius...

    'It was like the whole earth shook'...


    Do it for the kiddies~!

    Confiscate all the bullshit in Congress!

  54. BabbaZee8:08 AM

    Pentagon sending additional troops to Jordan

  55. BabbaZee8:10 AM

    Connecticut officials reacted Wednesday with shock, disappointment and anger to the U.S. Senate’s rejection of gun control legislation inspired by the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

  56. BabbaZee8:13 AM

    JORDAN says it's against military intervention in neighbouring Syria, as more US troops head to Amman and amid a warning by President Bashar al-Assad that the crisis could engulf the kingdom.

  57. akakalakin8:13 AM

    grilled pony not on the menu there I gather

  58. BabbaZee8:16 AM

    "I do not want to spend the next year coming up here talking about Benghazi," he said.,0,2688127.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+%28L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories%29

  59. BabbaZee8:16 AM

    that will take a lottta trucks

  60. BulgarWheat8:21 AM

    nope. no grilled pony

  61. BabbaZee8:22 AM

    Screwed by the IRS. Literally.

  62. BulgarWheat8:23 AM

    I go take a short walk out to gardens. digest my breakfast. Looks like it's going to be a nice day. not really sure what all is going to go on here today.

  63. mawskrat8:25 AM

    morning Bulgar prayers for yah my friend

  64. BabbaZee8:25 AM

  65. BulgarWheat8:31 AM

    Thanks! It's appreciated.

  66. BulgarWheat8:33 AM

    hopsickle gowns are a cruel hoax on all of mankind. Ties at the back? Shit! I have trouble tying them from the front!

    Better put my computer up. I've got company coming soon and need to free up some space. At least I don't have to share a room with anyone.

  67. BabbaZee8:36 AM


  68. buzzsawmonkey10:04 AM

    Note that the prohibitions against lashon hara ("evil speech," i.e., gossip) are not directed at slander and falsehoods, but against retailing true stories---because the "truth" may be merely a partial truth, and/or may be damaging if you spread it around no matter how true it is.



    dedicated to Brother Wheat

  71. Now I go get on nice little old lady gear and go for a while. Fools em everytime.

  72. love the words

  73. akakalakin10:32 AM


  74. Women In Indonesian Province Have Been Banned From Farting

    According to a new law, the women in the Indonesian province of Aceh will now have to hold in their farts or face punishment, which may include 20 lashes for small farts and up to three months in prison for bigger bouts of flatulence. The mayor of the city, Sayyid Yahia, said the ban against female gas passing was necessary to save peoples’ morals and behaviors:

    “Muslim women are not allowed to fart with sound, it’s against Islamic teachings … When you see woman fart loud, she appears like a man. But if she sit sideways and pass it quietly, she looks like a woman.”

    The ban will not extend to “quiet” farts or gas passed in the home. “It will be the responsibility of the husband to make sure that his wife upholds Islamic values at home,” Yahia explained.

    Medical doctors, scholars and anyone who has one lick of logic have spoken publicly against the law, saying that farting has little to do with modesty and everything to do with digestive health. The Indonesian Feminists Association told local media that they will fight for their right to fart as they please.

  75. The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus.

    This admission was recently posted on

  76. buzzsawmonkey10:38 AM

    "Big PU, my dear Alphonse."
    "Big PU, my dear Gaston."

  77. STUDY: Acetaminophen eases existential anxiety...

  78. buzzsawmonkey10:48 AM

    Omigod! McCarthyism!

  79. BabbaZee10:50 AM

  80. BabbaZee10:50 AM

    get me a truckload

  81. BabbaZee10:51 AM

    I always say you have the best disguise of all

  82. BabbaZee10:51 AM

    that's right

  83. BabbaZee10:55 AM

    sekrit police military equipments?

  84. BabbaZee10:59 AM

    omigod! A line from the Manchurian Candidate!

  85. BabbaZee11:00 AM

  86. buzzsawmonkey11:00 AM

    Original, or remake?

  87. BabbaZee11:09 AM

    original see below
    I did not see remake

  88. BabbaZee11:09 AM

    excellent book

    i read it about 30 times as a kid

  89. BabbaZee11:11 AM

    Richard Condon wrote it

  90. BabbaZee11:12 AM

    In Mile High, his eighth novel, one primarily about how a single spectacularly ruthless gangster named Eddie West imposes Prohibition upon an unwary populace, Condon sums up the theme of all his books in a single angry cri de coeur:

    "Prohibition fused the amateurism and catch-as-catch-can national tendencies of the early days of the republic with a more modern, highly organized lust for violence and the quick buck. It fused the need to massacre twelve hundred thousand American Indians and ten million American buffalo, the lynching bees, the draft riots, bread riots, gold riots and race riots, the constant wars, the largest rats in the biggest slums, boxing and football, the loudest music, the most strident and exploitative press with the entire wonderful promise of tomorrow and tomorrow, always dragging the great nation downward into greater violence and more unnecessary deaths, into newer and more positive celebration of nonlife, all so that the savage, simple-minded people might be educated into greater frenzies of understanding that power and money are the only desirable objects for this life."[5]

  91. akakalakin11:14 AM

    the government is now considering not deported(ing) Ali Alharbi."

  92. buzzsawmonkey11:16 AM

    That "cri de coeur" is eloquent, but it is, I regret to say, utter crap---both historically and psychologically.

    It reads like something Bernardine Dohrn would utter.

  93. BabbaZee11:17 AM

    "...people are being manipulated, exploited, murdered by their servants, who have convinced these savage, simple-minded populations that they are their masters, and that it hurts the head, if one thinks. People accept servants as masters. My novels are merely entertaining persuasions to get the people to think in other categories."
    ~ Richard Condon 1977

  94. BabbaZee11:21 AM

    i disagree but OK

  95. buzzsawmonkey11:38 AM

    First: Prohibition was pushed for decades by the do-good crowd; the Anti-Saloon League, the WCTU, etc. This was pushed partly as a feminist and save-the-children issue, to try and prevent nasty brutal workingmen from drinking up their wages and beating up their families. To suggest that Prohibition was "imposed" by some gangster is lunacy; to suggest that there were, at the time Prohibition became law, any such national gangster figures is also fantasy.

    We can get into the grotesque group-identity view of America and Americans another time, but Condon is way, way off there, too. He sounds like Ward Churchill on acid.

  96. BabbaZee11:39 AM

    Preparing for that possibility, Rahim has been strategizing for days with another imam, William Suhaib Webb at the 1,000-member Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury.

  97. BabbaZee11:40 AM

    literary flourish

  98. BabbaZee11:41 AM

    I read it as he is referring to the government as the gangsters

  99. BabbaZee11:41 AM

    which they were and they are

  100. buzzsawmonkey11:44 AM

    The government may be gangsters, but Prohibition was the result of a grassroots political movement---"Progressivism."

  101. BabbaZee11:47 AM

    As far as I am concerned the "progressives" and the "conservatives" have far more in common than not and both have dirty hands in every disgusting situation that I have investigated

    the myth that "conservatism" will save us or is "better" is just that

    a myth

  102. BabbaZee11:51 AM

    I am equally disgusted by both gangs of liars

  103. BabbaZee11:55 AM

    Muslim Persecution of Christians: February, 2013
    Half of the Victims Were under the Age of Six

  104. BabbaZee11:56 AM

  105. buzzsawmonkey12:00 PM

    Babba: to bring it up from the discussion downthread, I am not arguing for or against "progressives" or "conservatives." I was merely pointing out that Prohibition, which author Condon in the quote you provided describes as being "imposed" by some "gangster" with a will to power, was in fact a movement that came out of a long-term political grassroots agitation.

    The movement in question was the Progressives, but that is beside the point; the real point is that it was a movement, in which millions of people believed---not something "imposed" by any single figure or cabal, in or out of the government.

    What I object to in Condon's screed, aside from the gross historical inaccuracy of his description of the source of Prohibition and the suggestion that, at that time, there was any one central figure in the US that was powerful enough to "impose" it, is his apparent view of people generally and Americans in particular as uniquely violent and vicious and uniquely reveling in that violence and viciousness for the mere sake of the cruelty itself.

    I believe that is utter nonsense, and says more about Condon's own soul than anything else.

  106. BabbaZee12:06 PM

    I did not read it the same way you did

    I understand your POV

  107. BabbaZee12:08 PM

    Americans in particular as uniquely violent and vicious and uniquely
    reveling in that violence and viciousness for the mere sake of the
    cruelty itself

    a case for the truth in this could be successfully argued on a million levels and is easily observable all around us from Blogistan to Afghanistan

    However I would change the term to Post Americans first before making the argument

    more accurate

  108. BabbaZee12:11 PM

  109. U.S.-Canada Civil Assistance Plan 2012

    The following is the most recent version of the U.S.-Canada Civil Assistance Plan signed in January 2012. The original ten-page agreement, signed in 2008, was released via the Freedom of Information Act that same year. However, the document’s appendices were not released due to their “pre-decisional” status. The 2012 version of the plan available below includes all appendices.

    1. This bilateral plan provides a framework for military forces of one nation to support military forces of the other nation that are providing military support of civil authorities.

    2. The focus of this document is the unique, bilateral military planning considerations required to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to national requests for military support of civil authorities. Nothing in this plan prevents either nation from responding unilaterally; rather, this plan will facilitate unity of effort, if and when requests for bilateral support are received.

    The NORTHCOM SJA shall advise on any contemplated USNORTHCOM support to U.S. law enforcement.

    So much for any imagined "Sovereignty" in Post America!

    Download the complete report here:

  110. pbird1:43 PM

    Ugh. That's really ugly.

  111. BabbaZee1:47 PM


  112. BabbaZee1:50 PM

    Muslims Find a Welcoming Home in Famously Catholic Ireland

  113. BabbaZee1:56 PM

    providing military support of civil authorities

  114. Q_Burn1:57 PM

    Americans are no more violent or vicious than anybody else. Has to with POWER and its ability to corrupt. When you are "the world's only superpower" that leads to hubris, arrogance, stupid mistakes galore. Then comes the reckoning, when you realize you are not so powerful after all. And so does everybody else. That's the phase we are in now, the decline phase. See Roman Empire, British Empire etc.

  115. BabbaZee2:05 PM


  116. Absolutely correct Mr.Burn... in fact, Los Americanos are less violent than most peoples.

  117. pbird2:13 PM

    The Irish are famously antisemitic too. Weird because it seems way out of their area.

  118. pbird2:15 PM

    I pipe up too and agree.

  119. pbird2:17 PM

    also deadly shit, kills yer liver

  120. BabbaZee2:17 PM

    if you read the thing it is so stupid!

  121. Q_Burn2:19 PM

    Death also eases existential anxiety.. at least I hope so.

  122. pbird2:22 PM

    I think we can depend on that.

  123. pbird2:23 PM

    The horspittle where little R works has case after case of dead livers caused by Tylenol.

  124. I hate to remind youse of this... However....

    US Marks 30th Anniversary Of Beirut Embassy Bombing

  125. pbird2:47 PM

    In the run-up to the 2012 election, a story surfaced about an Iraqi billionaire who managed to buy access to Washington policy makers while funding a Chicago Pay-to-Play scheme that helped produce a Governor, a U.S. Senator, and, ultimately, a President of the United States.

    The story was eight years in the making, yet despite the extent of his political influence, this Iraqi’s name remains largely unknown. He wants it that way. In fact, he has spent a significant sum attempting to hinder the reporting of his activities by the news media. The lack of attention paid to him, however, is inversely proportional to his level of importance.

    His name is Nadhmi Auchi.

    Auchi is now a British citizen. He bought respectability in Britain and in Europe through both donations to charities and self-serving gifts to politicians.

    He was once Saddam Hussein’s arms merchant. He morphed into Saddam’s main financial operative in Europe. Today, he is one of the richest men in the world, and has, over the last few decades, been a player in nearly every noteworthy, corrupt, international deal involving Europe and the Middle East.

  126. The Long Shadow Of Katrina

    by Brandon Webb · April 15, 2013 ·

    In early 2012, I had an unexpected conversation with my friend Chris Kyle (author of American Sniper) about the Katrina debacle. I had heard rumblings about Special Operations (mainly SEALs) snipers being deployed to New Orleans to support the effort to restore order. He confirmed the rumors and shared his own intimate knowledge that close contacts of his, many who were apparently still serving on active duty, took leave to work for the controversial PMC (Private Military Company), Blackwater.

    Chris went on to tell me that the bulk of the guys he knew directly had racked up over thirty kills between them near and around the Super Dome. I asked him about Rules of Engagement, and asked, “Who were they shooting at,” and he just gave me a big Texas shrug and smile. I figured out really quick that it was 180 grains of due process (usually to the head at 200M).

    We carried on with our own personal conversation on the morality of it all over many beers, and into the early San Diego morning. It clearly bothered him, and it still bothers me. It’s obviously a very uncomfortable topic. However, if we continue to ignore what really went down, history has taught us that it will come back and bite us in the ass. I personally don’t like repeating my mistakes: if I make a mistake, I learn from it, and move on.

    The morality of what went down when Martial Law was declared is an important topic of discussion that needs to discussed. Private Military Contractors (PMCs), police units, and military had an impossible job, no argument there. However, killing fellow American citizens with Iraq-style ROE, all in the name of restoring order, should be looked at and learned from. Unless, of course, we are ok with putting due process and the Constitution on the back burner in these situations. I personally would not like to continue down a path towards Oceania.

    Why wasn’t this a bigger deal in the media at the time? Because press coverage was extremely restricted, and limited as a result. So now all we are left with is rumor and a few courageous individuals who are slowly coming out of the shadows to tell the truth.


  127. pbird2:58 PM

    Um. Thats a hard pill to swallow.

  128. BabbaZee3:11 PM

    He also reportedly gained access to the White House
    over the course of four separate administrations, beginning with George
    H. W. Bush, through the Clinton era and that of Bush 43. And it goes
    without saying that he was intimately involved with the political career
    of one Barack H. Obama.

  129. BabbaZee3:35 PM

    (Documentary) 1920 – The year the Arabs discovered Palestine

  130. buzzsawmonkey3:56 PM

    Gotz to go teach, but here's a song that is as un-PC as you like: "Was I Drunk? Was He Handsome? And Did My Ma Give Me Hell!"

  131. BabbaZee4:05 PM

    Islamist Ultimatum to Syrian Christians: Convert, Leave, or Die

  132. BabbaZee4:06 PM


  133. buzzsawmonkey4:09 PM

    Pretty lively, no?

  134. pbird4:15 PM

    Having raised three daughters and a grand daughter I can see the mother's point. But yeah.

  135. BabbaZee4:45 PM


  136. pbird5:14 PM

    ahahhahahaha I bet he Does MIss HIm!

  137. pbird5:19 PM

  138. BulgarWheat6:27 PM

    I do miss that garage-thieving little fur bearing critter

  139. BulgarWheat7:47 PM

    I'm having my esophogus and stomach scoped tomorrow. ECP or something like that. It's sedated but doesn't take too long. Longer to wake up really.

    After I get home I may disappear for some other treatment for a month or so. We can discuss that someday, just some other time.

    Had an MRI today. Whether I have the angioplasty or they treat it through medicine all depends on the outcome of that.

    We'll see what happens.

    My daughter is coming to see me tonight at the hopsickle. The wife and my maw were here all day long with me.

  140. BulgarWheat7:49 PM

    gotta shut down for a few minutes and wait for the daughter to come visit. Back later.

  141. AI ICUS8:15 PM


  142. pbird8:31 PM

    I do on my Samsung Galaxy every day! What's up with Iphone?

  143. pbird8:32 PM

    glad you're getting lotsa company

  144. pbird8:41 PM

    Government Caught in Boston Bombing False Flag Cover-up

  145. mawskrat8:56 PM

    just get well Bulgar....prayers

  146. AI ICUS9:38 PM

    The diquss - on this page anyway, refuses to show the messages.

    I can go to American Thinker and anywhere else and it's fine...

  147. mawskrat9:48 PM

    Samsung Galaxy..........
    I've been there before/

  148. BabbaZee9:48 PM

    you have to make sure it is set to NEWEST

  149. BabbaZee9:59 PM

  150. BabbaZee10:03 PM

  151. sounds really good

  152. ew, terrible!



    ok, better one








  162. the one i really love

  163. getting head checked?



    dang Irishmen


    ok i be quiet now

  167. Love this!

    It speaks for all of us.

  168. akakalakin4:08 AM

  169. akakalakin4:10 AM

    12:58 AM PDT: “BREAKING: NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports SWAT teams
    responding to building in Watertown because multiple motion detectors
    have gone off,” NewsBreaker tweets. Another Twitter user adds, “NBC’s
    Kerry Sanders reports 2nd suspect may be inside Watertown building where
    motion detectors have gone off; SWAT on the way.”

    WCVB reporting that the building is lit-up with police spotlights.

  170. akakalakin5:32 AM

    so much for domestic tangos

  171. BulgarWheat6:57 AM

    "The situation remains unclear..."

    Story of my life. They have been identified as Chechen's.

  172. BulgarWheat6:59 AM

    no water or food since midnight last night. having a procedure this morning.

  173. BabbaZee7:00 AM

    we loves ya
    we will be praying

    this is no big deal this test I have had it many times

  174. BabbaZee7:01 AM

    I agree with them a lot

    does this make you drink?

  175. BulgarWheat7:02 AM

    and I have to put that silly hospital gown back on. I really hate those things.

  176. You can't keep running around nekkid!


  177. BabbaZee7:03 AM

    I had to wear one the whole time I was in the hospital, all the time, every time. At least you get to change!

  178. WBUR online.... up to the minute coverage from Boston

  179. BabbaZee7:11 AM

    They were fracking in the town where they had that huge blast in Tejas

  180. BabbaZee7:11 AM,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45373924,d.dmg&fp=a21a0cca16bf81a8&biw=1360&bih=555

  181. BabbaZee7:13 AM

    Zohar Zaranyev or something like this is his name

  182. akakalakin7:17 AM

    tea partiers in Chechnya?

  183. BulgarWheat7:23 AM

    I go shut down now so I can put my stuff away in my bag and at least grab a shower and shave. I guess we go to op around 9:30