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Sunday, March 24, 2013

50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain

How long must I wrestle with my thoughts 
and day after day have sorrow in my heart?
Psalm 13


  1. mawskrat11:29 AM

    my neighbors kid plays in this band

  2. mawskrat11:38 AM

    let's see...the wederman says 2-3....4-6
    or 6+ inches of snow coming/////

  3. BabbaZee11:43 AM

    snow is like a man. You never know how many inches you are going to get or how long it will last.

  4. mawskrat11:45 AM

    that's a good one!!!

  5. BabbaZee11:46 AM

    I mades it up just now! at least I think I did.

    surely someone has already said it though.

  6. Syrian Jihadist Rebels Seize Jordan-Israeli Buffer Zone

    Syrian rebel forces have seized a 25-kilometer (15 mile) buffer zone stretching from the Jordanian border to the Golan Heights.

    Everything is going as planned!

  7. BabbaZee12:56 PM

    go ahead drug the shit outta lil' Johnny
    but do not dare smoke weed!

  8. BabbaZee1:27 PM

  9. No wonder the Chinese are the largest group of asylum seekers slipping into the US. Here Jason Dzubow writing at The Asylumist tells us why. Babies! They want to have babies, lots of babies and for that reason we grant them asylum.

    The Gallup organization just released the results of a poll of 500,000 people worldwide. It turns out that America is the first choice destination for 138 million adult would-be immigrants. (Their children would no doubt add scores of millions more, bringing the total up to around, say, 200,000,000.)

  10. The way Mexicans look at the situation today, America is just too damn full of Mexicans to bother with.



    Obama Justice Department Fighting to Deport Christian Homeschooling Family Seeking Asylum

    The U.S. Justice Department is fighting in court against a German family that came to America to homeschool their children.

    Uwe and Hannelore Romeike fled to the United States in 2008 after German authorities demanded that they stop homeschooling their six children. Homeschooling was made illegal in the country in 1938 under the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler, and the law has never been repealed, but rather strengthened. In 2007, the German Supreme Court ruled that the country’s mandate that children be sent to public school is necessary to “counteract the development of religious and philosophically motivated parallel societies.”

    German officials have been cracking down on families that keep their sons and daughters at home, and have threatened them with fines, imprisonment and even the removal of the children from the household. The Romeike children were taken from their parents for a time before fleeing to the United States for refuge.

    In 2010, Memphis immigration judge Lawrence Burman granted the family asylum, stating that he believed the Romeike’s would face persecution for their faith if they returned to Germany.

  12. But what about O'Bama's Uncle in Mass.?

    I'll bet he won't be tossed out on his mozlim ass.

  13. pbird3:36 PM

    Nice huh?

  14. Grammy Cracker3:55 PM

    Assad is either dead or wounded, depending on who you read, shot by a bodyguard.

  15. BabbaZee3:57 PM


    It is like having to root for Gaddafi's corpse all over again.
    what a shit world.

  16. Grammy Cracker4:00 PM

    Tellin’ ya. Oy.

  17. pbird4:03 PM

    you never know....

  18. Grammy Cracker4:04 PM

    I am already late for a 10 year old’s birthday party. This getting-ready-for-Pesach thing is work I tells ya!

    Must to shower and take the kid his present while the world burns to the ground around us. 💗

  19. pbird4:18 PM

    a working definition of life!

  20. Under Bloomberg, NY Police have wasted 1 million hours arresting low-level marijuana users, mostly Black & Latino. …

  21. Israeli....who happens to be an Arab Christian.....Amazing voice!

    Lina Makhoul - Grizetta Tango Romanza

  22. Big Sale in New Bedbugistan!

  23. mawskrat8:16 PM

    my daughter and her SIL at the baby shower

  24. pbird8:21 PM

    aw...the goils

  25. BabbaZee9:11 PM

    you have nice looking offspringles

  26. BabbaZee9:16 PM

    Anders Breivik the musical




    lol! for BZ....


  31. Grammy Cracker10:21 PM

    Islam and Fashion are mutually exclusive terms.

  32. Grammy Cracker10:21 PM



    i likes this one, Brasil stuff popular then

  34. One of the world’s strangest and rarest mental disorders is Cotard’s Syndrome. Also known as the Cotard Delusion, the Nihilistic Delusion, and the Walking Corpse Syndrome, CS causes sufferers to believe that they are dead (figuratively or literally) and do not exist.

    I always thought the walking dead only existed in movies and video games. Until I read about Cotard’s Syndrome (CS), that is. Apparently, people who suffer from this rare but very real mental disorder actually believe that they have died and are not of this world anymore. The condition is named after a 19th century French neurologist, Jules Cotard. In 1880, he presented the first patient to be diagnosed with the condition at a lecture, calling her Mademoiselle X. She is said to have suffered from significant self-loathing, a denial of the existence of God, the Devil, and several parts of her own body. She also believed she was damned for eternity and incapable of dying a natural death, so she had no reason to eat anymore. Mademoiselle X eventually starved to death.

  35. Most people who suffer from CS are also diagnosed with schizophrenia., but sometimes, CS also occurs as an adverse reaction to Acyclovir, an anti-viral drug used to treat herpes simplex virus.



    little dancing boy has become a choreographer, good for him





  42. But last year, Nagel committed an unpardonable sin. He published a book called Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False. Yikes. Ferguson shows in hilarious if also disturbing detail how the orthodox high priests of the neo-Darwinian consensus — chaps like Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins — have read Nagel out of the fraternity of OK people for daring to question the tenets of their faith.

  43. The single greatest obstacle to turning women into fully productive members of the workforce, i.e. batteries, is not men obstructing them but their persistent belief in metaphysics. If the thing that is keeping women out of the underpaid labor force is "family", then family must go, and if what pulls them towards family is love then love has to be a fantasy.

  44. Unfortunately-- and this is exactly the trick of it all-- it sounds crazy to say, "wait for true love!"-- it sounds regressive to say that pushing yourself at work might not be worth trading your family, but that's the trick, the system has framed that question as binary, as if there were no other possibilities, no middle ground. The system has made it so that you can only choose one side, "aspire to be a COO!" or "don't be a COO-- you should be home with your kids!" It is a classic double bind, and you can't ask: for the entirety of my life, these are the only two choices?

    Love is dying, the system is killing it. The only acceptable portrayal of fulfilled love is with vampires and BDSM billionaires, not because those men are great but because there's no worry you'll meet one, enjoy your little fantasy. Now back to work, whore, you need fulfillment.

  45. pbird1:16 AM

    guess its beddy bye time, goodnight all

  46. pbird2:00 AM

  47. pbird2:03 AM

  48. pbird2:06 AM

  49. pbird2:10 AM

    always amused by this one

  50. pbird2:14 AM

    got a nice new head cold all full of percocet per doktah
    not very schleepy

  51. pbird2:15 AM

    i need a dumptruck mamma to unload my head, heh

  52. pbird2:17 AM

    This page became so elevated that it transcended time space :(

  53. pbird2:23 AM

    Gregory asks, “Where’s the line? Where is too far for government to go?” Bloomy’s comforting answer:

    I do not think we should ban most things.

  54. pbird2:27 AM

    this time for sure

  55. BulgarWheat3:19 AM

    I think I have one of those damned things in my garage!

    Can't seem to find the charger for it though.

  56. BulgarWheat3:28 AM

    a headline that I'm going to have to call BULLSHIT on.

    'Mossad spy' spilled secrets to Hezbollah...


  57. BulgarWheat3:41 AM

    from what I recall, I think that's what death looks like. looks like a pretty nice stroll to me.

  58. BulgarWheat3:48 AM

    that was one rough Sunday. Cold rain blowing in the face sideways. Can't stand getting rain on my glasses. Just one of those things. Today doesn't look like much of a cakewalk either, but that's alright. If nothing else, I'm persistent.

  59. BulgarWheat3:49 AM

    I'll simply STFU and continue doing things as I always do things and hope for a little sunshine and fair weather down the road.

  60. BulgarWheat5:20 AM

    This talentless pimple on the ass of society is starting to get on my last nerve. I've got two kids who likely would not exist if it weren't for me having access to firearms. Over the course of a lifetime, I've learned to take care of myself and my family. Doom unto him or her that threatens me or my family.. I'm kinda stubborn that way.

    Jim Carrey on Gun Control Opponents: ‘Heartless Motherf%ckers Unwilling 2 Bend 4 the Safety of Our Kids’

    sod off, Jim, you talentless hack.

  61. BulgarWheat5:31 AM

    Local Police Face Ammunition Shortages
    Local Police Face Ammunition Shortages

    Yeah? I think I'll keep my firearms then.

  62. BulgarWheat6:34 AM

    reckon I should go fetch some provisions soon.

  63. No reason not to believe it.

  64. So WHO does have all the ammo?

    The Feds will disarm uncooperative local police also, certainly those who insist on keeping their oaths.

    An Inside Look At ‘Oath Keepers’ – A Right Wing Domestic Terrorist Organization?

    A written exam administered by the Pentagon labels “protests” as a form of “low-level terrorism” — enraging civil liberties advocates and activist groups who say it shows blatant disregard of the First Amendment.

    The written exam, given as part of Department of Defense employees’ routine training, includes a multiple-choice question that asks:

    “Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorism?”

    - Attacking the Pentagon

    - IEDs

    - Hate crimes against racial groups

    - Protests

    The correct answer, according to the exam, is “Protests.”

    “Its part of a pattern of equating dissent and protest with terrorism,” said Ann Brick, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, which obtained a copy of the question after a Defense Department employee who was taking the test printed the screen on his or her computer terminal.

  65. I'll second that resolution. Sod off Jim!

  66. Feinstein’s assault weapons ban, Universal Background Check is a gun registry by another name

    Are We Being “Set-Up?”

    I can’t put my finger on it, but I have this nagging feeling that Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban is not gone. My paranoia tells me the democrats are going to squeeze it through a “back door” somehow.

    There are those among gun right’s advocates who believe that having Feinstein’s assault weapons ban tacked onto another (a different) gun control bill, of some kind, will make it easier to pass the Senate.

    Consider this: “It’s a trap! It’s a non-event. What’s going to happen is they’re going to take another bill, and that could be the veterans’ gun ban and then bring that to the floor,” said Mike Hammond, chief counsel for Gun Owners of America, a pro-Second Amendment group.

    Hammond said bringing a less controversial bill to the floor will make it easier to find the 60 votes needed to open debate.

  67. BabbaZee7:57 AM

    Moaz al-Khatib, the president of the main coalition of the Syrian opposition in exile, declared on Sunday that he was resigning, and complained bitterly about foreign powers that he said were withholding aid from the Syrian rebels while trying to control their every move.

    The resignation of Mr. Khatib, who has pushed for talks between the Syrian government and its armed opponents, came five days after the coalition elected an interim prime minister, Ghassan Hitto, who rejects any such dialogue.

  68. BabbaZee8:01 AM

  69. I spent several hours on the phone with Israel last night.

    Happy Pesach!

  70. BabbaZee8:02 AM

    Happy Pesach

  71. BabbaZee8:03 AM

    I have never watched anything he was in can not stand his face

  72. BulgarWheat8:03 AM

    ain't over yet. anyone that thinks it is is a fool.

  73. BabbaZee8:03 AM

    i love that thing

  74. If the Military’s Future Stealth Jet Fails, the Navy’s Got a Backup Plan

    And the Navy downplays radar-eluding stealth capability in its war plans, instead preferring to fight its way through enemy defenses or fire weapons from a distance. “It is time to consider shifting our focus from platforms that rely solely on stealth to also include concepts for operating farther from adversaries using standoff weapons and unmanned systems — or employing electronic-warfare payloads to confuse or jam threat sensors rather than trying to hide from them,” Adm. Jonathan Greenert wrote last year in the U.S. Naval Institute journal Proceedings.

    (Mmmmm..... sounds like they are reverting to Israeli tactics and technology)

  75. BabbaZee8:06 AM

    On this day in 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory in New York City burned down

  76. BabbaZee8:07 AM

    Mostafa Ali is a journalist for Ahram Online and member of Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists. Here, he talks with Eric Ruder about what these clashes represent in Egypt's ongoing revolutionary process.

  77. BabbaZee8:08 AM

    Media Labels Arab Spring Pro-democracy as Muslim Brotherhood Fulfills Jihadist Vision

  78. BabbaZee8:10 AM

  79. BabbaZee8:13 AM

    People are a waste of food
    You'll never hear the end
    They're only ever happy
    When they're burying their friends
    And they take take take
    But they never take a hint
    The ice caps getting skinny
    Still they're not concerned
    They're very near extinct

    People are a waste of food
    The end is nearly nigh
    They've always said the sky would fall
    Now it is you have to wonder why
    You want to shrink your stinky footprint?
    Get your tubes tied
    Or even better yet
    Go commit suicide
    They can't say you didn't try

    And oh my,
    Well i hear the sound of horses' hooves
    Come the middle of the night
    And oh my,
    Its time to get your gun license
    I see four horsemen riding through
    A cold and endless night

    If money is the root of evil
    Fear of death is worse
    This mortal coil is not a test
    And you can't hide in a purse
    So don't go casting no dispersions in the street
    'Cause the half the world that starves
    Will know the half you're in
    Does not deserve to eat

    And oh my,
    Well i hear the sound of horses' hooves
    Come the middle of the night
    And oh my,
    It's time to get your gun license
    I see four horsemen riding through
    A cold and endless night

    People are a waste of food
    Don't bother learning Chinese
    Thou shalt find oneself perturbed
    By less verbose calamities
    Just get some Heinz baked beans,
    A 12 gauge, bandolier and tinned dog food
    We'll eat your dog, bury our dead
    Or eat them instead
    That's entirely up to you

    And oh my,
    I hear the sound of unshod hooves come the middle of the night
    And oh why
    Well, from now on 'til your grandkids finally get what you deserve
    I'm going to be stuck here with you wookies
    Eating fortune cookies
    Until my guts churn

  80. BabbaZee8:13 AM

    The Drones are on tour with Neil Young

  81. Prince Harry to tour US to promote troops' rehabilitation

    Shouldn't Hagel be doing this?

    I guess not.

  82. pbird8:16 AM

    yeah not bad, if I can walk easily and not be in pain I will know it is that walk

  83. pbird8:18 AM

    lol, yeah mine is up in a kitchen cupboard to high for me to reach

  84. pbird8:18 AM

    he gives me the total creeps, i have seen him in socalled funny movies....not funny

  85. pbird8:23 AM
    haunting me this morning
    love tb sheets too

  86. BabbaZee8:24 AM


  87. pbird8:24 AM

    yes, those poor girls
    was it kipling who wrote song of the shirt
    i go look

  88. pbird8:26 AM

    nope, Thomas Hood

    th fingers weary and worn,
    With eyelids heavy and red,
    A woman sat, in unwomanly rags,
    Plying her needle and thread —
    Stitch! stitch! stitch!
    In poverty, hunger, and dirt,
    And still with a voice of dolorous pitch
    She sang the "Song of the Shirt."

    "Work! work! work!
    While the cock is crowing aloof! 10
    And work — work — work,
    Till the stars shine through the roof!
    It's Oh! to be a slave
    Along with the barbarous Turk,
    Where woman has never a soul to save,* * [A reflection of Hood's conception of Islam.]
    If this is Christian work!

    "Work — work — work,
    Till the brain begins to swim;
    Work — work — work,
    Till the eyes are heavy and dim!
    Seam, and gusset, * and band, 20 * [cloth inserted to strengthen or widen a garment.]
    Band, and gusset, and seam,
    Till over the buttons I fall asleep,
    And sew them on in a dream!

    "Oh, Men, with Sisters dear!
    Oh, men, with Mothers and Wives!
    It is not linen you're wearing out,
    But human creatures' lives!
    Stitch — stitch — stitch,
    In poverty, hunger and dirt, 30
    Sewing at once, with a double thread,
    A Shroud as well as a Shirt.

    "But why do I talk of Death?
    That Phantom of grisly bone,
    I hardly fear its terrible shape,
    It seems so like my own —
    It seems so like my own,
    Because of the fasts I keep;
    Oh, God! that bread should be so dear
    And flesh and blood so cheap! 40

    "Work — work — work!
    My labour never flags;
    And what are its wages? A bed of straw,
    A crust of bread — and rags.
    That shattered roof — this naked floor —
    A table — a broken chair —
    And a wall so blank, my shadow I thank
    For sometimes falling there!

    "Work — work — work!
    From weary chime to chime, 50
    Work — work — work,
    As prisoners work for crime!
    Band, and gusset, and seam,
    Seam, and gusset, and band,
    Till the heart is sick, and the brain benumbed,
    As well as the weary hand.

    "Work — work — work,
    In the dull December light,
    And work — work — work,
    When the weather is warm and bright — 60
    While underneath the eaves
    The brooding swallows cling
    As if to show me their sunny backs
    And twit me with the spring.

    "Oh! but to breathe the breath
    Of the cowslip and primrose sweet —
    With the sky above my head,
    And the grass beneath my feet;
    For only one short hour
    To feel as I used to feel, 70
    Before I knew the woes of want
    And the walk that costs a meal!

    "Oh! but for one short hour!
    A respite however brief!
    No blessd leisure for Love or Hope,
    But only time for Grief!
    A little weeping would ease my heart,
    But in their briny bed
    My tears must stop, for every drop
    Hinders needle and thread!" 80

    With fingers weary and worn,
    With eyelids heavy and red,
    A woman sat in unwomanly rags,
    Plying her needle and thread —

    Stitch! stitch! stitch!
    In poverty, hunger, and dirt,
    And still with a voice of dolorous pitch, —
    Would that its tone could reach the Rich! —
    She sang this "Song of the Shirt!"

    Note: The source of this text is Inglis, R. B., et al., Adventures in English Literature (Toronto: W. J. Gage, 1952), pp. 436-37.

  89. pbird8:30 AM

    to you also

  90. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s seven-round limit on magazines sold in New York will be suspended “indefinitely” by a measure in his $136.5 billion budget set to be passed this week, Dean Skelos, a Senate majority leader said.

    The ban on magazines holding more than seven bullets was set to start April 15. Cuomo has said the law needs to be rolled back because manufacturers don’t make seven-round holders. The measure was a center piece to a gun law the 55-year-old Democratic governor pushed through the legislature in January, making New York the first state to respond with tougher gun regulations to the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre.

    The budget “bill will have an indefinite postponement of the issue,” Skelos, the Long Island Republican who co-leads the Senate with a group of five breakaway Democrats, told reporters in Albany yesterday.

    The suspension means magazines holding up to 10 rounds will continue to be sold. Other pieces of Cuomo’s gun law, including measures that close loopholes in a 2000 assault weapons ban that Cuomo said had more holes than Swiss cheese and tougher background checks for sales, won’t be touched by the changes. The governor began pressing for tighter firearm controls after 20 children and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School Dec. 14.

  91. BabbaZee8:34 AM

    The Barbarous Turks

    band name of the day
    Middle Eastern punk

  92. pbird8:35 AM

    would be nice eh?

  93. BulgarWheat8:35 AM

    private donors take care of that shit. can't bother self-imporant assholes like hagel with that.

  94. pbird8:36 AM

    By the 60s, the world—the hip, young edge of it, anyway—had caught up, at least partially, with Gypsy. It had remade itself into something like his image, confirming his extravagant self-confidence, and he rode that Dionysian tiger with characteristic enthusiasm—while, it should be said, never descending into the dark, druggy abysses of that era.

  95. BabbaZee8:38 AM

    “Wait,” I said, “he’s still alive?”

    “Sure, and he hasn’t changed one bit since the old days...

  96. pbird8:38 AM

    YouTube Hits a Billion Monthly Users

  97. pbird8:47 AM

    we have a new kid hanging around the house paying court to this girl, he is Italian, goes to work everyday making sails, is polite and looks like an angel....he seems to be rough competition for the last one. If I were her I'd marry him.

  98. pbird8:49 AM

    oh he also play good guitar and is wise about music

  99. pbird8:50 AM

    he sounds a bit like Dan Auerbach

  100. pbird8:53 AM

  101. pbird8:59 AM

    Lest you think you might not need this form, consider that “premiums for some consumers buying their own plans could go up as much as 116%, and small-business rates as much as 25% to 50%.” So a lot of people in theory will be filling out this 21 page application. We have a question: considering that half of Detroit is illiterate and 80% of NYCHS college entrants at CCNY lack sufficient reading skills to matriculate, how are the applicants going to get beyond page one, let alone getting to page 21?

  102. What? Iraq Is Still Receiving American Aid? Bookmark and Share

    From a news story on Kerry's trip to Iraq:

    "U.S. lawmakers were also closely monitoring the issue of Iranian over flights and could move to block Washington's assistance to Iraq, which totaled $1.7 billion during the 2012 fiscal year."

    (So why don't the Dittoheads protest this waste....instead on blaming Granny?)

    "The Iraqi-Shiite Terror Regime Needs more go kill your grandparents. Do it today)

  103. BabbaZee9:01 AM


  104. BabbaZee9:01 AM

    I like it

  105. BabbaZee9:02 AM

    rough video matches the tune though

  106. pbird9:02 AM

    In 1970, Washington became the first -- and remains the only -- state in the country to legalize elective abortions by a popular vote.

    A generation later, and 40 years removed from the landmark United States Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling that extended abortion access nationwide, Washington is once again poised to stand out.

    With 21 states having adopted bans or severe restrictions on insurance companies from paying for abortions, Washington is alone in seriously considering legislation mandating the opposite.

    The Reproductive Parity Act, as supporters call it, would require insurers in Washington state who cover maternity care -- which all insurers must do -- to also pay for abortions.

    Read more:

  107. pbird9:03 AM

    you should see this one, holy cow

  108. BabbaZee9:03 AM

    Reproductive Parity


    they are not reproducing they are destroying

    so there is no "parity"

  109. BabbaZee9:03 AM

    take a stealth photo!

  110. pbird9:04 AM

    so much blood

  111. pbird9:05 AM

    i see what i can do....

  112. BabbaZee9:06 AM

    I saw a piece about how all these buildings they paid for there are unusable and empty billions in waste maybe it was on Al Jiz I do not remember

  113. pbird9:07 AM

    Apple can now track you indoors

  114. pbird9:09 AM

    yes and they are using them for goat shed or something

  115. What is your ObamaCare number? According to the Dittoheads.....The White Trash and Useless Niggahz have been using it for years!

    I am against ObamaCare because it was drawn-up by Insurance companies and Big Pharma....just an extension of the anti-free market monopolies that have made America weak ...The Republican Platform. ain't in operation yet.

  116. pbird9:11 AM

    Fertile locusts swarm into Israel on Passover eve

  117. And......(Don't tell the Rushbo)... IT AIN'T FREE! It is very expensive.

  118. nucking futz


  119. pbird9:23 AM

    oh he knows that

  120. pbird9:27 AM

  121. pbird9:28 AM

    feeling much better now

  122. pbird9:31 AM

  123. BabbaZee9:32 AM


  124. BabbaZee9:33 AM

    good segue from Freddie Muppets!

  125. pbird9:33 AM

    oh da! fly translove airways

  126. pbird9:38 AM

  127. pbird9:41 AM

  128. pbird9:48 AM

    Clip No. 3779

    Egyptian Cleric Dr. Khaled Said: U.S. Aid to Egypt Constitutes Jizya Tax

  129. pbird9:49 AM

  130. pbird9:52 AM

    Monument with ‘Palestine’ replacing Israel was hidden from Obama
    Palestinian authorities in Bethlehem removed ‘State Monument,’ put peace dove in its stead, three days before president came to pray at Church of the Nativity

  131. pbird9:52 AM

    I am surprised they bothered.

  132. But...................Halliburton still got paid!

  133. pbird9:55 AM

    A Tunisian Salafi preacher has called for a 19-year old girl who posted her topless pictures on Facebook to be “quarantined” and stoned to death before she starts “an epidemic.”

    Tunisian newspaper AssabahNews quoted Salafi preacher Alami Adel, who heads the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, saying: “According to God’s law, she deserves 80 to 100 lashes, but what she committed is worth much more than that. She deserves to be stoned to death and she must be quarantined because what she did is an epidemic.”

    “She is like someone suffering from a serious and contagious illness and she must be secluded and treated,” he added.

    The young Amina, who is part of a feminist movement and group called FEMEN can be seen smoking a cigarette topless with Arabic words written across her chest in black that reads in English “My body belongs to me.”

  134. pbird9:56 AM

    its all too much for me a simple peasant to keep track of

  135. pbird9:58 AM

    Portland, Oregon – An Oregon high school teacher was escorted from the building by police this week over what is believed to be related to his continued opposition to Planned Parenthood’s presence in the classroom.

  136. Just blame Granny! (Seniors Steal! )

  137. BabbaZee10:31 AM

    go Femen

  138. Let'em DIE!!! The maybe (Ha haha!) The insurance companies will lower the rates for the under 35's!

    (As if that would EVER happen)

  139. BabbaZee10:42 AM

    It was not for Obama's sake but for the fact that photos were going to be taken and then people would see the photos and react

  140. BabbaZee10:43 AM

  141. Did you know that 210,469 Palestinians were admitted into Israel to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals in 2012?

  142. BabbaZee10:44 AM

  143. BabbaZee10:44 AM

    I would have guessed even higher

  144. I was hearing on the radio that most Palestinians would given a choice, prefer to stay under Israeli governance and if there was a Palestinian state that they would move out of it.

  145. reckon so


  147. Neighborhood Bully

  148. BabbaZee10:50 AM

  149. BabbaZee10:51 AM

    no more utubes left with that one anymore

  150. BabbaZee10:57 AM

  151. A solicitation on the Federal Business Opportunities website details
    the DHS’ plan to purchase 360,000 rounds of “Commercial leaded training
    ammo (CLTA) Pistol .40 caliber 165 grain, jacketed hollow point.” The
    bullets are to be delivered to the Federal Law Enforcement Training
    Center in Artesia, New Mexico, the same destination for 240,000 hollow
    point rounds which were only purchased last month.

  152. way nice

  153. BabbaZee11:23 AM

    Imagine waking up to find out that as much as 40 percent of the money you thought was safely deposited in the bank was seized, without your permission, to bail out a near-bankrupt government.

    That's just what thousands of large depositors in Cyprus woke up to Monday morning after European Union officials accepted a last-minute deal offered by the island's lawmakers to secure a $13 billion bailout to avert imminent financial meltdown.

    The deal, which also slashed the island's oversized banking sector, came as euro ministers in Brussels threatened to cut off crucial emergency assistance to Cyprus' embattled banks after business on Monday if no agreement was reached.

  154. horrible

  155. The amount of debt worldwide is more than all of the bank accounts in the world, and the current financial situation in Cyprus is the inevitable next phase: Confiscation.

    Financial Fascism We will all be Cyprus!

    Max Keiser-The Keiser Report

  156. Ohhhh! But wait! There's more!

  157. Sooooo.....Speaking of Donovan... listen to this one...can you hear some Leitch influences?

  158. BulgarWheat1:39 PM

    Molon Labe, if you can find it MF'ers!

  159. BulgarWheat1:47 PM

    it's amazing to me how people can be so fooking dishonest with one another.

    what's even more amazing is how much you are despised for actually being honest.

    just an observation.

  160. pbird1:47 PM

    first line yeah

  161. BulgarWheat1:50 PM

    it was a rough weekend. to remain honest I had to bust some balls and ruffle some feathers. I could have taken the easy way out, but felt I had to stand on principal.

    The easiest way to resolve an issue is rarely the right route to take.

  162. pbird1:52 PM

    there are so many old songs just like this one

  163. BulgarWheat1:54 PM

    I'm sitting pretty on .40's and .223 at the moment. It does mean me and the lad won't make as many visits to the shooting range, but we'll just need to muddle through as best as we can.

  164. pbird1:57 PM!

    i dunno

  165. pbird1:58 PM

    i like it better when they sing in Hebrew

  166. pbird2:03 PM

    Two things that I’m sure are totally unrelated (maybe)

    Wikipedia on Gun laws in Cyprus:

    Cyprus has strict gun control. Private citizens are completely forbidden from owning handguns and rifles in any calber, even .22 rimfire. Only shotguns are allowed, and these require a license. Shotguns are limited to two rounds. The only shotguns typically sold in stores are double-barreled side-by-sides or over-unders. Pump actions and semiautomatics are prohibited.

    Bloomberg (via Drudge) on the Cyprus bank deal (emphasis mine)

    With the ECB threatening to cut off emergency financing for tottering banks as soon as today, Cyprus’s leaders engineered another way of shrinking the island’s financial system.

    The revised accord spares bank accounts below the insured limit of 100,000 euros. It imposes losses that two EU officials said would be no more than 40 percent on uninsured depositors at Bank of Cyprus Plc, the largest bank, which will take over the viable assets of Cyprus Popular Bank Pcl (CPB), the second biggest.

    Cause and effect or coincidence, you decide.

  167. Q_Burn2:05 PM

    You know what aggravates me more? When people who were previously communicative simply don't return phone calls or emails any more.. because they don't want to tell the truth? Grow some gonads!

  168. pbird2:07 PM

  169. pbird2:09 PM

    you can't find a broad brush solution to evil

  170. BabbaZee2:13 PM

  171. No, not "Dear Prudence"... the Donovan song!

  172. Why Babba wont go to the Vietnamese restaurant with me

  173. pbird2:20 PM

    lol, no dear prudence at all

  174. I'd love to stand on my Junior High School Principal!

  175. Here it is!


  176. BabbaZee2:23 PM

    is true

  177. pbird2:24 PM

    you know i was thinking of hurdy gurdy man this morning

  178. BulgarWheat2:24 PM

    Kazakhstan. My company wants to send me to K-Stan. There are people there who still want to kill me after all of these years. They do have lovely goats though.

    The great thing about taking a dirt nap while traveling on company business is that the family gets one big assed check.

    The food sucks. I've been there before.

    The russians are probably still pissed off too.

  179. BabbaZee2:25 PM


  180. pbird2:25 PM

    sounds like a movie....who will play Bulgar in the movie?

  181. pbird2:27 PM

    reminds me of the little old balloon man whistles far and wee...

  182. BulgarWheat2:29 PM

    the guy in the pine box it seems. these people are fucking serious. after this weekend, shucks I'll strap on my boots and go I guess.

  183. pbird2:29 PM

    "The person who thinks he can live without others is mistaken. The person who thinks others cannot live without him is even more deluded."
    --- Chassidic Saying

  184. pbird2:30 PM

    hmmm, do you have a choice?

  185. BabbaZee2:33 PM

  186. pbird2:33 PM

  187. BulgarWheat2:37 PM

    getting another job would be a choice. K-stan. 32 years ago I had a bounty on my head and those fuckers hold a grudge for a couple thousand years.

  188. pbird2:38 PM

    ah, i see

  189. BulgarWheat2:39 PM

    astana is the nicest shit hole these people have.

    would prefer not to run into any old russian pals either.

    fuji film.

  190. BabbaZee2:40 PM

  191. BabbaZee2:41 PM