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Monday, December 10, 2012

Egyptian Fantasy

 Then a new king,
to whom Joseph meant nothing, 
came to power in Egypt.
Exodus 1

How did Washington become the best friend of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, even as President Mohamed Morsi was asserting dictatorial powers and his followers were beating up secular liberals in the streets of Cairo?

Salma Abu El-Magd arrested after interrupting speech by Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian in New York, released after four hours in custody...
Egyptian-American arrested in US after calling Brotherhood leader a ‘liar and a murderer’ 

In an exclusive report for Al-Masry Al-Youm, Mohamad Jarehi reports that protesters suspected of working against the Muslim Brotherhood are tortured and beaten with the knowledge of the police before being handed over for formal detention at a site just outside the presidential palace in Heliopolis.

Egyptian F-16 fighter jets made low passes over the center of Cairo on Sunday in a rare maneuver by the air force over the capital amid high political tension, AFP correspondents reported. The military was not immediately available for comment.


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    Read more:

    oy, reediculous

  2. “To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail.”
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

  3. “Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into a realm beyond words…By means of art were are sometimes sent - dimly, briefly - revelations unattainable by reason.”
    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

  4. William Binney, a former NSA member turned NSA whistleblower, is saying to whomever will hear that the NSA is storing information—from emails to google searches to Facebook posts—on every single citizen of the United States, and they’re doing it all without a single warrant. While his interview with Russia Today occurred just a few days ago, the story about a highly classified government complex in Bluffdale, Utah, where it is believed that all of this information will be stored, broke back in March.

    they are like an infernal god of some sort, keeping the records of lives, a santa clause from hell

  5. BulgarWheat10:37 AM

    yeah, but it's really not all that comfortable.

  6. The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

  7. never been, but i assume not

  8. the mormon connection is something to think over

  9. ANOTHER Bullseye Painted On The Backs Of U.S. Military Vets…

    You know the world is flipping upside down…going off the rails…when those who are most appreciative of the U.S. military – and what they sacrifice for all our freedoms – seek to discourage others from joining their ranks, at least until the Pyromaniac-in-Chief is hauled out of office! Fellow patriots, a woman’s gotta do what she gotta do.

    And the likes of Dem Senator Schumer (a political operative to the depths of his ‘progressive’ soul) has the temerity to feign, that a so called mental illness should preclude vets from owning guns, yet in no way does he address the real dangers to the nation; ensuring that Muslim terrorists/leftist anarchists are included in every bill which deals with national defense! You know, the good for the goose..the gander too…and all that jazz. But never mind, such truth telling ain’t gonna happen because the brouhaha is NOT about national security. Not at all. However, it is about total control aggregated in the hands of radical, revolutionary leftists, the same crew which hails themselves as ‘progressives’, liberals and human rights advocates. For crying out loud.

    The O'Bama Regime is intent on disarming our veterans..........

  10. I know. They disarm the ones who know how to use the things if needed.

  11. BabbaZee10:46 AM


  12. BabbaZee10:46 AM

    and I have

  13. I swear to you, that area is creepy. I was there but left soon, almost shaking the feet.

  14. BabbaZee11:04 AM

  15. BabbaZee11:08 AM

    seroquel. #2 expenditure @dod

  16. BabbaZee11:16 AM

    The NSA has become the largest, most covert, and potentially most intrusive intelligence agency ever.

  17. ah, yes. I forgot him.

  18. jeez, use cash ....

  19. BabbaZee11:42 AM


  20. grrr, snort

  21. You know, there was a language system before that had to be broken by GOD. I can easily see him laughing at the supercomputer spy agencies and CONFOUNDING them. Ha. Easily.

  22. BabbaZee12:15 PM

    this was what my friend Charles E Boyle was megalithically on about

  23. BabbaZee12:16 PM

    the universal language, among other things

  24. BabbaZee12:17 PM

  25. BabbaZee12:21 PM

    Pope Prepares to Tweet.

  26. BabbaZee12:28 PM

    7.1 Mwb - BANDA SEA

  27. i will look him pondering the cheapest way to wring hand laundry....ha, true

  28. the hand laundry gets clothes much cleaner than the old electric, but wringing is a problem even if you have killer paws like mine

  29. BabbaZee12:49 PM

  30. keep dancing!!!

  31. BabbaZee1:25 PM

    there probably is not much out there on him he was a dissident crank yanno made lots of enemies was not part of the scientific establishment was fired from numerous universities

    genuine defiant Irishman

  32. pbird1:27 PM

    very cool. there used to be an earthquake predictor guy like that, had a magazine called Zyzygy or something like that...

  33. pbird1:29 PM

    maybe he is dead

  34. BabbaZee1:29 PM

    Photographers Detained, Harassed in Iraq

  35. pbird1:30 PM

  36. BulgarWheat1:37 PM

    The muzzies have demands in Columbus. Tell 'em to head over to high street on any friday or saturday night with their demands to see what shit-holes the kids live in.

    Somali's no less. Crap.

  37. pbird1:44 PM

    Charlie was born in New York City April 27th, 1924 to the late Mary Nammack Boyle and Judge John Neville Boyle, Sr. He resided in New York City, then at the family home "Faraway Hills" on Boggs Hill Road in Newtown, CT. He was a Danbury resident since his marriage.

    He bravely and with conviction served his country in the U.S. Navy with an Honorable Discharge in 1946.

    Charlie was educated in the scholastic tradition, graduating in 1942 from Cranwell Preparatory School. His quest for knowledge led him to receive in 1949 from Yale University a B.S. in Botany, in 1956 from Fairfield University, an M.A. in Education. In 1960, as a National Science Fellow at Rutgers University, he was instituted into the Earth Science Institute. In 1964 from Union College, he received a M.S.T. in Geology. Additionally, graduate courses in religious studies were taken at Fairfield University, and in 1976 at the State University of New York-Fordham sponsored by the John XXIII Institute and the Maryknoll Seminary which resulted in an M.A. in Eastern Oriental Theology. In addition, through the Universal Life Church he received a Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics.

    Professionally, he was a safety engineer and senior field underwriter with the National Insurance Company. He retired from teaching the sciences in 1981, having taught last in the Westport school system. He was currently involved in the study of Metaphysics, Mythical systems, the Megalithic Phenomena, as well as the language system, investigating, comparing and interpreting ancient languages to those of today. He was a lecturer throughout the Northeast and Colorado, with several copyrighted monographs. His book in progress is entitled, "Megaliths, Mysteries and Messages." He was a member of the Epigraphic Society, the Health Science Institute, a Dowsing Consultant, a healing practitioner, and a Native American pipe carrier. He was also a past elected member of the Danbury School Board.

    ***** I assume this is him. My dad can dowse btw. I was flabbergasted when he admitted it. lol

  38. BabbaZee2:11 PM

    yes what link is that from

  39. pbird2:13 PM

  40. This started with Reagan... then Bushki-41... it carried on with bubba klinton.... then the borders were wide open with that little faggot Georgie!

    You voted for 'em??

    Take responsibility for your actions!

  41. You voted for it.... Youse got it!

  42. BabbaZee7:24 PM

  43. The regime will not fall due to these demonstrations alone. Remember what happened to the Mubarak regime — it fell for the following reasons:

    – The army would not defend it.

    – The army then overthrew it.

    – The Muslim Brotherhood-led opposition would not compromise.

    – The West would not support the regime.

    These conditions, except perhaps the first one, are not in place today. Ultimately, Mubarak’s regime — not just Mubarak, but the whole regime — fell only because the army overthrew it. There is no sign of this happening now. And the West, ironic as it might be, supports the Muslim Brotherhood government, especially because the U.S. is willing to go ahead with transferring almost $10 billion in aid. Also, the Brotherhood will not concede to the opposition on any substantive point, despite whatever cosmetic maneuvers it makes.

  44. Mayan apocalypse: Serbia's mystic mountain targeted by believers
    Hotels at the base of a supposedly mystical mountain in Serbia are being inundated with booking requests from people who are convinced that the end of a Mayan calendar heralds the destruction of the world on Dec 21.

  45. Credulity Abounding, band name

  46. RALEIGH, N.C. – A federal judge has ruled it is unconstitutional for North Carolina to issue pro-life license plates unless the state offers similar plates supporting abortion rights.


    i hope its true, lol


    excuse me for being silly

  49. AutoZone Fires Worker Who Stopped Robbery



  52. I keep thinking he looks like his mother's darling, lol

  53. BulgarWheat5:34 AM

    I seem to remember some long haired Juden saying something about only the FATHER knowing when and how it was going to go down.

    Just a different flavor of the golden calf as best as I can figure it out.

    Moshe will not be pleased.

  54. BulgarWheat5:35 AM


  55. BulgarWheat6:02 AM

    Bobby does a respectable job here.

  56. BulgarWheat6:17 AM

    Zimmie approved

  57. BulgarWheat6:30 AM

    "An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all."
    Oscar Wilde

  58. Close the borders8:18 AM


  59. Cluck Bernstein8:34 AM

    How not to build a winning army

    No soldier who goes through basic training learns how to use his rifle as a police baton. Not every soldier learns, in one course or another, how to extract himself from a violent mob. Soldiers' training is based on a legacy of victory in battle, helping their wounded comrades under fire, and using their weapons accurately to avoid hitting "uninvolved" parties. Each combat soldier learns how to hold a line while charging toward the enemy, so as not to mistakenly shoot a comrade in the back.

    However, no soldier was ever taught to hold a line with lawyers, who represent those who claim to carry the badge of morality and peace but won't hesitate to stab him in the back.

    In the not-so-distant past, all combat soldiers were willing and ready for the moment when they would need to use their weapons and put to use everything they had been prepared and trained for. In the not-so-distant past, each soldier knew that "returning home safely" was a goal achieved through the level of their soldiering skills, partly the result of the expertise acquired through training and partly due to the dependency on one's friends and commanders.

    The reality has changed but no one bothered to give the soldiers the proper tools to deal with this impossible situation. Today, "coming home safely" means not falling victim to an embarrassing photograph taken by a terrorist with a camera for a weapon. This is what happens when you take skilled soldiers trained to win and ask them to be policemen and crowd dispersers.

    Our short memory clouds our judgment and requires us to provide the correct guidance to our soldiers, our children, in the battle they are currently fighting. The lynch carried out by the crazed mob in Ramallah 12 years ago, in which two Israel Defense Forces reservists were horrifically murdered, has been all but forgotten. A little less than a year ago a father and son were killed when a rock thrown at their vehicle hit the father in the head while driving. They, too, have faded from our memories.

    Instead of trying to appease the cameras and the "foreign" journalists, it is preferable to inform any person with a rock in his hand or behaving violently that the IDF doesn't intend to employ the same means. The IDF will hurt whoever threatens its soldiers, citizens or borders, and will do so with the use of live fire, precise and several times more painful. The soldiers who protect us and allow us to live normal lives need to know they were sent to carry out an achievable, legal mission, and will receive backup for any act that doesn't deviate from the purity of arms, without regard to the purity of the camera.

    Two weeks ago was the end of Operation Pillar of Defense, in which Israel displayed its military, intelligence and moral might. The ink on the cease-fire deal has still not dried and Khaled Mashaal has already stoked the flames of hate to new levels in Gaza, clearly signaling what awaits Israel once Hamas also gains control in Ramallah. In the meantime, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas continues to encourage the popular resistance, while we act as if the whole world is a stage and the soldiers are marionettes.

    If our soldiers continue popping tear gas in the alleyways of Hebron and Kafr Qaddum, if we keep seeing soldiers flee enraged mobs because they aren't allowed to use their weapons — then please don't be alarmed if tomorrow morning we wake up to find tens of thousands of Palestinians marching toward Jerusalem, Jaffa and Beersheba.

    The only way to face the future is to determine, now, that we won't allow the rock thrower of today to become tomorrow's suicide bomber, and for the stone hurled at us to be replaced with a rocket or roadside bomb.

    Zvika Fogel is an IDF brigadier-general (res.) and former chief of staff, Southern Command.

  60. BulgarWheat8:36 AM

    shooting the lawyers and photographers might be a good place to start

  61. BabbaZee8:38 AM

    The UN is now hosting in the public entrance hall of its New York headquarters a Palestinian exhibit which includes pieces that artfully depict all of Israel as Palestine. The display goes hand-in-hand with the logo featured at the top of the cover page of the speech that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ delivered to the General Assembly on November 29, 2012. That emblem continues to promote a
    one state solution, Palestine without Israel.On November 29th the General Assembly granted “Palestine” the status of
    “non-member observer state” under the pretense that the move brought the world closer to a two-state solution. But that same evening Palestinian UN representative Riyadh Mansour opened an exhibit entitled “Palestine – Memories
    Dreams Perseverance.” The political message is not subtle, with the works bearing titles such as “homeless,” “delirious in exile,” and “to Jerusalem we travel.”

    The emblems of a long list of Palestinian terrorist organizations include the familiar shape in which Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are all combined into the only and only Palestine.

  62. ST6 Rescues Hostage Held by Taliban, One Friendly KIA

    I’m posting the original Reuters summary that came off the wire since they are one of the few not calling SEAL Team Six “special forces”. Semantics aside, reports indicate a half dozen dead Taliban. The doctor was successfully extracted, but sadly a SEAL Team Six operator was killed in the process. Another hard man died doing his job and doing it well. -Jack

  63. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    No you dont shoot photographers

  64. BabbaZee8:40 AM

  65. BabbaZee8:40 AM

    he does!

  66. How did Washington become the best friend of the Muslim Brotherhood in

    It's all a part of Obama's version of the new world order.

  67. Just the lawyers please..... and bring back the tactics used during the Intifada....... Suppressed 10-22's to silently take out the leaders...... it really spooks the followers.

    Of course our American friends did not approve!

  68. BabbaZee9:01 AM

    AMERICAN EMPIRE two words that don't fit together.
    The definition of Empire has not changed, but the definition of American
    has.This film examines the causes of what is destroying America
    and the illusion of freedom that we have been indoctrinated into
    by corporate media.
    Beginning with the founding of the Federal Reserve,
    a private banking cartel that controls debt and inflation,
    an economic empire has been created that is dedicated
    to destroying our planet and all its natural resources
    in an effort to amass money.
    Our food is produced to maximize profit despite the fact
    it is lacking in nutrition,
    is filled with pesticides (cide+to kill),
    and is causing diseases of epidemic proportions.
    Our medical industry is geared to maximizing profit
    as opposed to creating health.
    Our financial industry is a giant monopoly game
    where people who create nothing amass huge amounts of money
    at the expense of the middle class and the poor.
    All of this is orchestrated by a state, not a government,
    that is ruled by Wall Street.

  69. Israeli commandos have been quietly deployed to Syria to track the status of Bashar Assad's arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday, citing other news organizations

  70. BabbaZee9:05 AM

    well it did not start with Obama

    and it will not end with him

    Mitt would have done it too

    and the "dialogue" was opened with Bush in 2007

    the biggest mistake people I know make is that they think the "R" will change this

    It will not change under an R

    it never has changed under an R

  71. BabbaZee9:05 AM

    Anyway nice to see you!

  72. BabbaZee9:10 AM

    Our Secret Connections with the Muslim Brotherhood
    Consider President Eisenhower. In 1953, the year before the Brotherhood was outlawed by Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, a covert US propaganda program headed by the US Information Agency brought over three dozen Islamic scholars and civic leaders mostly from Muslim countries for what officially was an academic conference at Princeton University. The real reason behind the meeting was an effort to impress the visitors with America’s spiritual and moral strength, since it was thought that they could influence Muslims’ popular opinion better than their ossified rulers. The ultimate goal was to promote an anti-Communist agenda in these newly independent countries, many of which had Muslim majorities.

  73. BabbaZee9:11 AM

    1953..... Ike was an RRRRRRRRRR

    One of the leaders, according to Eisenhower’s appointment book, was “The Honorable Saeed Ramahdan, Delegate of the Muslim Brothers.”* The person in question (in more standard romanization, Said Ramadan) was the son-in-law of the Brotherhood’s founder and at the time widely described as the group’s “foreign minister.” (He was also the father of the controversial Swiss scholar of Islam Tariq Ramadan.)

  74. BabbaZee9:12 AM

    By the end of the decade, the CIA was overtly backing Ramadan.

  75. BabbaZee9:13 AM

    The Bush administration devised a strategy to establish close relations
    with Muslim groups in Europe that were ideologically close to the
    Brotherhood, calculating that it could be an interlocutor in dealing
    with more radical groups, such as the home-grown extremists in Paris,
    London, and Hamburg. And, as in the 1950s, government officials wanted
    to project an image to the Muslim world that Washington was close to
    Western-based Islamists. So starting in 2005, the State Department,
    taking account of the Brotherhood’s rising power in Egypt and elsewhere,
    launched an effort to woo the Brotherhood. In 2006, for example, it
    organized a conference in Brussels between European Muslim Brothers and
    American Muslims, such as the Islamic Society of North America, who are
    considered close to the Brotherhood. All of this was backed by CIA
    analyses, with one from 2006 saying that the Brotherhood featured
    “impressive internal dynamism, organization, and media savvy.” Despite
    the concerns of Western allies that supporting the Brotherhood in Europe
    was too risky, the CIA pushed for cooperation. As for the Obama
    administration, it carried over some of the people on the Bush team who
    had helped devise this strategy.

  76. BulgarWheat9:13 AM

    another army of fucking contractors and insurance thieves are wandering around my house. It's been nearly two months and not a damned thing has been done to resolve or fix the leak.

    One fella noticed my G23 on my hip. I'm not in a particularly good mood today. With luck he noticed that also.

  77. BabbaZee9:15 AM


    the insurance people are not going to cover that I thought we covered that part 2 months ago.....

  78. BulgarWheat9:15 AM

    that does not belong in the media. this should not have been disclosed.

  79. BabbaZee9:15 AM

    As for the Obama administration, it carried over some of the people on the Bush team who had helped devise this strategy.

    I used to have a list of all the people he "carried over" form Bush

    It was LOTS of people

  80. BabbaZee9:17 AM

    the problem is we are deluded. People think voting R will change this course.

    it will not.

  81. BulgarWheat9:17 AM

    yes, I understand.

    now please explain to me how I'm going to convince a hard-headed woman otherwise. When it happened I said, "Fuck it! Just fix it!"

    That hasn't worked out well for me.

  82. BabbaZee9:19 AM

    Oh I see

    you do not have to convince her

    it is what it is and they will not pay

    just fuckin fix it anyway

    so your problem is not them it is her so stop walking around wagging your bad mood at them

    it is not their fault!

  83. BulgarWheat9:20 AM

    I'm as polite as I'm capable of being.

    That will have to do.

  84. BabbaZee9:20 AM

    well it is not their fault is the point

  85. pbird9:40 AM

    Good morning troops

  86. BabbaZee9:42 AM


  87. pbird9:43 AM

    shalom back

  88. pbird9:53 AM

    Clinton cancels Mid East trip due to illness

    funny, yesterday, I thought for a moment about Hillary's death popping up in the news

  89. pbird9:55 AM

    when our sewer line in the yard broke it was our problem, all ten thousand bucks of digging it up and laying a new pipe.

  90. Conrad Cabal9:57 AM

    You are correct! I wonder who leaked it.... hmmm...who does most of the leaking?

  91. hayseed10:14 AM

    Good Mornin Peeps

  92. so, good morning!

  93. Dali, why not?

  94. Anja Hitzenberger: Chinese Fast Food

  95. FEMA is still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Sandy more than a month after the storm hit New York City. Although most of the city has returned to normal, federal disaster employees continue to find distressed people, often the elderly and disabled, trapped in apartments in the farthest corners of the city. Federal and city authorities are now assessing what exactly went wrong. Much of the blame thus far lies with the city Housing Authority, which is charged with managing city-owned housing and preparing for exactly this sort of catastrophe.

    A new feature in the New York Times explores just how unprepared and ineffective the Housing Authority was in tackling the largest disaster the city has seen since 9/11. . . . The article compiles an overwhelming list of failures: signs of deep incompetence, political game-playing and multilayer bureaucratic failure on the part of the Housing Authority. Faced with a serious crisis, the agency failed miserably in doing its most basic job—not so much because of a lack of money as because of slothful management and an inefficient, ossified bureaucratic culture. The Housing Authority after Sandy did exactly what bureaucracies usually do: it covered its rear, staged heartwarming photos for the press, and shamefully neglected the poor and the helpless it was supposed to serve. In other words, it behaved much like a failing public school, or any other blue model institution out of its depth and focused mostly on preserving its routine as the real world crumbles around it.

    makes me sick

  96. Bing Quock,11:11 AM

    Defund FEMA.............and the DHS....And Pakistan and all other America-hating Mozlim shiiteholes!

    That should balance the budget!

  97. sure help

  98. US sending 20 more F-16s to Egypt, despite turmoil in Cairo

    Read more:

    it would help to stop this nonsense also

  99. BulgarWheat11:15 AM

    picking up the pieces?

  100. in a very relaxed manner

  101. Mysterious mass whale graveyard unearthed in the Chilean desert
    Scientists are baffled after finding fossil remains of 75 whales that died within yards of one another, more than a kilometer away from the sea.

  102. Bing Quock,11:19 AM

    Government officials are quietly installing sophisticated audio surveillance systems on public buses across the country to eavesdrop on passengers, according to documents obtained by The Daily. Plans to implement the technology are under way in cities from San Francisco to Hartford, Conn., and Eugene, Ore., to Columbus, Ohio.

    We live in a place that would make Unkel Josef Stalin blush!

    (Please see graphic below)

  103. he'd just want his cut

  104. BabbaZee11:26 AM

    well maybe it was not so far from the sea the day they got there???

  105. BabbaZee11:26 AM

    YaVol Grampa

  106. right, misleading headline

  107. BulgarWheat11:29 AM

    Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much.

    Oscar Wilde

  108. BulgarWheat11:32 AM

    Is a good day to break out some Oscar...

    True friends stab you in the front.

    Oscar Wilde

  109. BabbaZee11:33 AM

    well he got that from Jewsus I think he said it first

    and if you keep quoting European Fag Artistes people will say I have destroyed your mind


  110. BulgarWheat11:33 AM

    Babba will love this! It's the whole beard thing...

    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

    Oscar Wilde

  111. BabbaZee11:34 AM

    so fuckin crazy

  112. BabbaZee11:36 AM

    I love Oscar

  113. BulgarWheat11:41 AM

    he's one of the most brilliant fags of them all.

    fags was not used as a pejorative. I think he'd appreciate that.

  114. BulgarWheat11:43 AM

    Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.

    Oscar Wilde

  115. BulgarWheat11:43 AM

    ask an Egyptian

  116. oh right!

  117. used to know a guy who looked just like him

  118. BabbaZee11:50 AM

    Jewsus said when you forgive your enemies it is like dumping hot coals on their head


    it's true

    he got it from Exodus 23 and Proverbs 25 see Matthew 5

  119. BabbaZee11:51 AM

    he would

  120. BabbaZee11:57 AM

    “American exceptionalism.” Bowing to Islam

  121. BabbaZee11:58 AM

    Oscar is a brilliant fag not Jewsus

    ahahah DAMN YOU IGOR

  122. that was my immediate thought too

  123. breakfast report...soft cooked egg on short grain white rice with sesame oil...yummers. I made the kids Korean BBQ tofu, they like that better.

    somebody has to do the breakfast report

  124. well, yeah, he was the guy who took painter girl from me when she was sixteen, to live with him in Seattle..just love that guy

  125. I gor so enjoys his little tropes

  126. it was a bad time for p

  127. THIS is what poverty sometimes looks like in America: parents here in Appalachian hill country pulling their children out of literacy classes. Moms and dads fear that if kids learn to read, they are less likely to qualify for a monthly check for having an intellectual disability.

    Many people in hillside mobile homes here are poor and desperate, and a $698 monthly check per child from the Supplemental Security Income program goes a long way — and those checks continue until the child turns 18

  128. This is painful for a liberal to admit, but conservatives have a point when they suggest that America’s safety net can sometimes entangle people in a soul-crushing dependency. Our poverty programs do rescue many people, but other times they backfire.
    Oinkers Aloft!

  129. BabbaZee12:13 PM



  130. BulgarWheat12:39 PM

    no one bothers to think about what the hell happens to the kid once they turn 18 I guess.

    not really my perspective.

  131. BulgarWheat1:11 PM

    both you and Babba have spent some time on the res. I met a lot of native american's who simply wanted to escape that hell by joining the army of all things!

    it's nothing short of slavery, and I don't approve of slavery.

  132. Bankey Moune1:11 PM


    And..............North Carolina has a world class education system, from K-12 to University.... up there with Russia, Israel and the very best on planet Earth! Seriously great system that puts most of Post Amerika to shame!

    You are a very lucky dissident..... so far.

  133. BulgarWheat1:12 PM

    wasn't much left to destroy I suspect.

  134. BulgarWheat1:22 PM

    something in the neighborhood of ,...well,...a shitload of money is going into repairing my bathroom. this too shall pass.

    we brought our "forensic" engineer in this morning along with the insurance agents and their engineer. The insurance company said, "We don't cover that..." and I asked what is it that you don't cover and what steps did you take to conduct failure cause analysis? They hadn't done a damned thing and they knew they were busted. They want to write up a second claim and we refuse, because that allows them to drop us entirely from our insurance policy and they don't want to tell their home office they did a half-assed job and fucked up. That's not my problem. It's their problem.

    I had work to do this morning and had to excuse myself from the room before I strangled the agent and dialed up my brother. I handed the phone to my insurance agent, and big brother gave him an attitude adjustment of some sort. I'll have to ask him about that sometime. I have no idea what he said, but I've never seen a white person turn whiter than that moment.

    They are going to pay and they're going to pay through the nose. I've already got a new insurance agent lined up.

  135. BabbaZee1:40 PM

    Well the fact of the matter insurance wise as I understood it was: if a condition causes water damage in a home over a period of time and the homeowner did not address it, this is not covered. Flooding due to weather is not covered either you have to get FEDERAL flood insurance. Water damage is only covered on home owners policies if it is an immediate tragedy like pipes bursting or something like this, and if this sudden event is not triggered by neglect. For instance if the pipes freeze and break and cause damage they will cover that but if the pipes break because no one fixed them for ten years, no... things like this... There is no insurance policy in these United States that will cover damage done by a long term slow leak. So why you are angry at the reps or think that this is not true for you but is for the rest of the United States is beyond me..... ?

  136. Bing Quock,1:41 PM

    Big win for gun-rights groups: Federal appeals court tosses state ban on carrying concealed weapons

    SPRINGFIELD-In a huge win for gun-rights groups, a federal appeals court in Chicago Tuesday tossed the state's ban on carrying concealed weapons and gave Illinois' Legislature 180 days to craft a law legalizing concealed carry.

    "The debate is over. We won. And there will be a statewide carry law in 2013," said Todd Vandermyde, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association.

    In a split opinion, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling in two cases downstate that upheld the state's longstanding prohibition against carrying concealed weapons.

    "We are disinclined to engage in another round of historical analysis to determine whether eighteenth-century America understood the Second Amendment to include a right to bear guns outside the home," Judge Richard Posner wrote in the court's majority opinion.

    "The Supreme Court has decided that the amendment confers a right to bear arms for self-defense, which is as important outside the home as inside. The theoretical and empirical evidence (which overall is inconclusive) is consistent with concluding that a right to carry firearms in public may promote self-defense," he continued.

    "Illinois had to provide us with more than merely a rational basis for believing that its uniquely sweeping ban is justified by an increase in public safety. It has failed to meet this burden," Posner wrote.

    "The Supreme Court's interpretation of the Second Amendment therefore compels us to reverse the decisions in the two cases before us and remand them to their respective district courts for the entry of declarations of unconstitutionality and permanent injunctions," he continued.

    "Nevertheless we order our mandate stayed for 180 days to allow the Illinois legislature to craft a new gun law that will impose reasonable limitations, consistent with the public safety and the Second Amendment as interpreted in this opinion, on the carrying of guns in public," Posner said.

    In a minority opinion, Judge Ann Williams wrote that Illinois is within its rights to ban weapons in "sensitive places" like government buildings, churches and universities in the name of safety.

    "The Illinois legislature reasonably concluded that if people are allowed to carry guns in public, the number of guns carried in public will increase, and the risk of firearms-related injury or death in public will increase as well," Williams said. "And it is also common sense that the danger is a great one; firearms are lethal."

    Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who was defending the state's prohibition of concealed carry, did not have an immediate response to the ruling released Tuesday morning.

  137. BulgarWheat1:58 PM

    the leak was based on the actual plumbing and not the shower stall as they had first implied (before looking of course). That is covered. This was a sudden cause, as in I took a shower and a bubble ballooned in my living room ceiling about the time I dried off and came downstairs to take the lad to a soccer game.

    Why in the hell even bother with home insurance if they don't cover damage to the home? That makes no sense at all. The perfect scam. Not even the mafia has that kind of chutzpah!

    I've paid them for going on 14 years now and haven't cost them a nickle before. It's time Bulgar got what he invested in. Nothing more, nothing less.

  138. BabbaZee2:12 PM

    I am not defending insurance I have asked that same question a million times ....

    just wondering what the hub bub was about since I thought this was over 2 months ago

  139. BabbaZee2:15 PM

    lots of shit is covered fast and with no problems of course and you have to have it in order to own a home but the whole idea of insurance period is a scam to my thinking as well

    Only reason I know dick about it is because he's a freakin insurance agent (which I hope he does not go to hell for! )

  140. BabbaZee2:15 PM


  141. pbird2:16 PM

    Bert Jansch, Ralph Mctell, Jan Akkerman, Stefan Grossman

  142. BabbaZee2:20 PM

    four people here have done time on the rez!

  143. BabbaZee2:23 PM

    all that being said if GOD forbid a person's house ever burns down it is imperative to have insurance otherwize, da zotz - you is wiped out

    been there
    apartment - so you don;t HAVE to have insurance
    so no in the South Bronx we did not think to get renters insurance nor could we have paid for it had we thought of it in the first place ....

  144. pbird2:31 PM

  145. BabbaZee2:33 PM

    ohh that's great

  146. BabbaZee2:36 PM

    Oh we love Jack so much don't we!

    yes we do!

  147. pbird2:40 PM

    Yes we do, always always. This collection has a very nice version of the Imaginary Theme

  148. pbird2:44 PM

    I am building a playlist for someone who likes to sit here so I don't have to listen to the same damn thing over and over.

  149. BabbaZee2:49 PM

    good thinkin lincoln

  150. pbird2:51 PM

    I think I have about ten hours of stuff ready.

  151. pbird2:54 PM

  152. BabbaZee2:54 PM

    In Turkey, Abbas threatens to take Israel to ICC over E1
    President Mahmoud Abbas says PA may file charges with International Criminal Court over plan to build 3,000 new units in J'lem, W. Bank; denounces move as "act of aggression" at joint conference with Turkish president in Ankara.

  153. bweep2:55 PM

  154. BulgarWheat2:59 PM

    What an outrage! Joooos wanting to live indoors!

    That's very aggressive!

  155. BulgarWheat3:00 PM

    howdy, bweep

  156. BabbaZee3:09 PM

    ahah I saw that

    also squirrels and crows I think have been accused in Iran and a parrot once in Turkey!

  157. bweep3:09 PM

    personally I think the vulture WAS spying for Israel...

  158. bweep3:13 PM

    Ever since I've been coming here goading, Babbazee I've seen this shifty looking squirrel hanging around in the tree outside my balcony....

  159. BulgarWheat3:14 PM

    never turn your back on those Israeli ferrets. They're quite ruthless.

  160. BulgarWheat3:14 PM

    I think I go nap now.

  161. BabbaZee3:14 PM

    11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See

    Many documents produced by the U.S. government are confidential and not released to the public for legitimate reasons of national security. Others, however, are kept secret for more questionable reasons. The fact that presidents and other government officials have the power to deem materials classified provides them with an opportunity to use national security as an excuse to suppress documents and reports that would reveal embarrassing or illegal activities.

    I’ve been collecting the stories of unreleased documents for several years. Now I have chosen 11 examples that were created—and buried—by both Democratic and Republican administrations and which cover assassinations, spying, torture, 50-year-old historical events, presidential directives with classified titles and…trade negotiations.

  162. BabbaZee3:20 PM

  163. bweep3:20 PM

    Oh the parrot was stitched up....but the crows!!!...Mossad every last one of them....

  164. BabbaZee3:21 PM



  165. BabbaZee3:22 PM

    no this is the vulture that spies for Israel the other is an imposter!

  166. bweep3:26 PM

    I reckon Pixar should remake "Midnight Express" with a parrot....You know...Lighten it up a bit...

  167. BabbaZee3:27 PM


  168. BabbaZee3:30 PM

    Laughing !!!!

  169. Anonymous3:34 PM

    This is a test. Lame but true. Is p on stinking phone.

  170. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Can't see youtubes er nttin

  171. Bing Quock,3:47 PM

    Oy! Three fuckin' months?????

    Sue the bloody insurance company!

  172. pbird4:00 PM

    Test, heh

  173. pbird4:01 PM

    Different phone browser. NMM

  174. BabbaZee4:23 PM

    On the backdrop of the Obama administration's decision to designate the Syrian jihadi group Jabhat Al-Nusra a terrorist organization, there have been signs of mounting support for the latter. The designation, set for release today, December 11, 2012, is, in fact, an amendment to the 2004 designation as terrorist of the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), which the current U.S. administration, relying on "sufficient factual basis," claims that has been operating in Syria under the guise of Jabhat Al-Nusra.[1]

    The designation, as mentioned, has generated a fresh wave of support for Jabhat Al-Nusra, which has been credited with executing numerous sophisticated attacks against the Syrian regime and playing a crucial role in weakening the latter. Syrian opposition websites and online campaigns on Facebook and Twitter have called on the public to take part in support rallies for Jabhat Al-Nusra to be held this coming Friday, under the slogan "No to American Involvement [in Syria] – We Are All Jabhat Al-Nusra." At the same time, the designation has also generated increased anti-U.S. sentiment among Syrians.

    Following is an initial review of the reactions to the U.S. designation of Jabhat Al-Nusra as a terrorist organization:

    On December 6, 2012, the Syrian opposition website published an article in which it acknowledged Jabhat Al-Nusra's role in weakening the Syrian regime. It also questioned the U.S.'s motives behind its designation of the group as a terrorist organization, claiming that, in doing so, it hoped to check the mounting popularity and support Jabhat Al-Nusra enjoys among the Syrians. On the issue of Jabhat Al-Nusra's declared goals of establishing an Islamic state following the toppling of the Bashar Al-Assad regime, the website said that there was "nothing wrong" with Jabhat Al-Nusra's stated aspirations, especially since these are shared by a large number of Syrians, particularly among members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The website warned the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) against accepting such "serious dictations" by the U.S. as the terrorist designation, urging it to oppose the move decisively.[2]

    In another article, urged all Syrians to unite behind Jabhat Al-Nusra. It also questioned why the group was targeted by the U.S. despite not having killed even a single American, whereas, it said, the Syrian regime has killed tens of thousands of Syrians and committed multiple massacres of its own people. The website urged FSA leaders and members to declare their solidarity with Jabhat Al-Nusra, and called upon the SNC to take political steps to halt the U.S.'s move.[3] In yet another article, warned the U.S. against escalating its hostile actions vis-à-vis Jabhat Al-Nusra, adding that such actions would backfire, leading to a dramatic increase in the group's popularity among Syrians. It also said that the U.S. has missed its chance for effective involvement in Syria, and warned it that any involvement now would turn the country into a graveyard for America.[4]

    Social media outlets were also used to voice criticism of the U.S.'s designation. Several Facebook pages called on the Syrians to take part in rallies to show solidarity with the group, planned, as noted, for this coming Friday, December 14, 2012, under the slogan "No to American Involvement [in Syria] – We Are All Jabhat Al-Nusra." One such page has thus far generated over 20,000 "likes." On Twitter, one member asked supporters of Jabhat Al-Nusra to flood the social networking service with the group's propaganda, in a show of support for the mujahideen and by way of censuring the U.S.

  175. BulgarWheat4:24 PM

    nope. no naps. there were holly bushes to trim.

    sometimes it sucks being the tallest person around the joint.

  176. BulgarWheat4:28 PM

    no need to sue them. my older brother has a way with one can give a nasty-gram quite the way he does.

    he's never lost a case since he joined the bar (not in a Babba way of course) in 1984.

  177. BulgarWheat4:29 PM

    don't ask about northwoods.

  178. BulgarWheat4:34 PM

    one of the plumbers left with my wrench today.
    a neighbor never returned another wrench of mine.
    an asshole my wife works with was trying to use my 16 inch chainsaw on what I assume was a much larger tree and blew up the gears before I ever had a chance to use it at my own home, and now my Fisker trimmers have gone missing when the wife and son used then on Sunday.

    I'm going to put my tools away and no! No one may borrow them again. This is starting to get old. My grandfather, Pop, said, "Borrowing someone's tools is like borrowing the truck or their best hunting dog." Pop was a very wise man.

  179. pbird4:42 PM

  180. BabbaZee4:49 PM

  181. BabbaZee4:50 PM

    I read that as WENCH at first ahaha

  182. BabbaZee4:53 PM

    my Fisker trimmers have gone missing when the wife and son used then on Sunday

    that's bizarre
    what were the wife and son trimming?

  183. BulgarWheat4:53 PM

    I typed it and read it the same way a moment ago.

  184. BabbaZee4:54 PM

    a plumber should not need to borrow the homeowner's wrench maybe you need a new plumber!

  185. BulgarWheat5:32 PM

    holly bushes and azalias

  186. BulgarWheat5:33 PM

    those damned holly bushes get enormous after 21 years.

  187. BulgarWheat8:53 PM

    Homeland Security increasingly loaning drones to local police

    What could possibly go wrong?

  188. BulgarWheat8:58 PM

    I go sleep now. A visit to the garage and maybe listen to some Super Tramp before sleep. It takes me back to a young time in my life.

    I had an incredible stereo back then. Akai 747 reel to reel, Bang-Olefsen amp and turn-table,, and an Akai cassette with 4 Bose 901's. I know some folks don't like the Bose speakers, but the surround sound really is amazing, least to me. Music in the round.

    a cheery tale of skull duggery

  190. Jersey City Unveils 3-Story High ‘Eye In The Sky’ Surveillance Tower To Fight Crime
    Police Say Technology Will Provide Officers Bird's-Eye View Of High-Crime Areas

  191. “It makes us smarter. It makes us better and once again, it’s another step we have to take as we embrace technology and do policing,” Comey told reporters, including 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

  192. Univ. police reviewing officers’ conduct after video of dorm room raid goes viral

    Richard and Linda Thompson - We Sing Hallelujah


    Brooklyn Express - Love Is The Message

  195. Most chilling Michigan video — “There are people under there, oh my God”