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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Truth

You love evil rather than good, 
falsehood rather than speaking the truth.
Psalm 52

Every time I try to tell where you're goin' wrong
You run and hide your head and call me crazy,
All I tried to tell you was that you could get it on
If you just wouldn't be so lazy.
Oh, what can we do, oh I tried to tell you, everything is true.
I'm tryin' to tell you I've tried everything I knew,
ooh, to try and tell you
The truth ... I wanna tell you the truth,baby, 
I wouldn't ever lie to you,
I'm gonna tell you the truth now.

Makes me want to cry,
get the strangest kind of old lonely,
As the oceans overflow with people come and people go
And still you're only make-believin',
Baby, what can we do? I believe in you,
how can I tell you, everything is true,
And I tried to tell you the truth

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