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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Cinema Zed: Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out - 1947
Director: Carol Reed
Starring: James Mason,
Robert Newton & Cyril Cusack

Fantastic film ostensibly about a botched burglary staged by Irish revolutionaries and sold as an exciting film noir, which it is if that is all you want from it. However this film is not truly about burglary or the IRA, it is not even a political statement it is a morality play. What this film is truly about is how a variety of people treat a condemned and dying man in the last 8 hours or so of his life. It is about what goes on inside his head ... it is about compassion ... it is about the lack of compassion - It is about redemption - and the denial of redemption.
It is about

There are aspects to the visuals that are important to take note of, shadows of crosses here and there, the rain that turns to snow as the film progresses that becomes steadier heavier and harder through to the end, the isolation the COLD... the distance from GOD... Pay attention to the scene near to the end where he is with the painter and the paintings come to life with the priest among them - he is reciting the bible in this scene...

See the film. It will vastly improve your character.
2 Speak1696 to413 the children1121 of Israel,3478 saying,559 Appoint5414 out for you 853 cities5892 of refuge,4733 whereof834 I spoke1696 unto413 you by the hand3027 of Moses:4872 3 That the slayer7523 that killeth5221 any person5315 unawares7684 and unwittingly1097 1847 may flee5127 thither:8033 and they shall be1961 your refuge4733 from the avenger4480 1350 of blood.1818

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