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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Save The Racoons of Billerica

There is a new daycare center on Treble Cove Drive in Billerica that has been trapping raccoons in their rubbish bins....whilst leaving their rotting garbage outside.

We have saved the poor creatures on a daily basis for the past six months.... placing boards and blankets into the bins to allow them to escape. This evening, the (out of state) staff would not allow the poor creatures to be released, and instead, called the local police to establish their "right" to trap and kill the racoons.

We would appreciate any ideas or assistance you could offer. This is entirely NOT acceptable! These are innocent animals, lured into bins by piles of open garbage. The animals in Billerica have lived side by side with our community for over 400 years, and now that a turnkey daycare centre has interloped into our midst...... all wildlife must die??

The Daycare Centre is located on Treble Cove Road & Biagiotti Way in Billerica!

We need some ideas and some kind thoughtful people!

God Bless you All!

As for humans,
God tests them
so that they may see
that they are like the animals.
~ Ecclesiastes 3

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