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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Am Sure This Jesus Will Not Do.

When first I let these devils in
in dark pretense to chastity
Blaspheming LOVE
Blaspheming thee
thence rose secret adulteries
and thence did covet also rise
My sin Thou hast forgiven me
Can Thou forgive my blasphemy?
Can Thou return to this dark hell
And in my burning bosom dwell?
And can Thoust die while I may live?
And can Thoust pity and forgive?
Then rolled the shadowy man away
from the limbs of Jesus
to make them his prey
An ever devouring appetite
glittering with festering venoms bright
Who don't keep the secrets of holiness!
The mental powers by diseases we bind
But he heals the deaf the dumb and the blind
Whom GOD has lifted for secret ends
He comforts and heals them and calls them friends
But when Jesus was crucified
then was perfected galling pride
in 3 nights he devoured his prey
and still he devours the body of clay
for dust and clay is serpents meat
never made for man to eat ...

seeing this false Christ
in fury and passion
I made my voice heard all over the nation
What are those.....

I am sure this Jesus will not do
either for Englishman or Jew.

~ William Blake
1810 the Rosetti Manuscript

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