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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're Wearing A Mask

I do not sit with the deceitful,
nor do I associate with hypocrites.
~ Psalm 26

You're wearing a mask
You look better that way.
Are you my friend ?
Are you my plumber ?
Are you my god ?
What do you do ?
Wearing a mask
You're wearing a mask
Which mask are you ?
Complicated crushed up disappointed
squirming angry thrusting stabbing
regretting starving greedy
human alien being,
struggling down the street,
up the alley, in the elevator,
through the party, to the office,
in the bedroom,
on your way to the morgue.
Bullshitting, lying...
doing a good deed or feeling loved?
Barely possible.
Aware of insatiable demands
of not a society all around you.
Chunky frat boys in their shorts,
pimps with old semite eyes,
sex hoochies of the jungle,
sensitive smart alec college graduates,
critics fronting frantically in New York city,
every body in L.A just plain licking ass
or having it licked, irony in place of balls,
balls in place of brains,
brains in place of soul,
where is the soul?,
where is the love?,
where am I?

You're wearing a mask
which mask are you ?

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