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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Greetings From Glorious Golemstan!

In Jewish tradition, the golem is most widely known as an artificial creature created by magic, often to serve its creator. The word "golem" appears only once in the Bible (Psalms139:16). In Hebrew, "golem" stands for "shapeless mass." The Talmud uses the word as "unformed" or "imperfect" and according to Talmudic legend, Adam is called "golem," meaning "body without a soul" (Sanhedrin 38b) for the first 12 hours of his existence. The golem appears in other places in the Talmud as well. One legend says the prophet Jeremiah made a golem However, some mystics believe the creation of a golem has symbolic meaning only, like a spiritual experience following a religious rite.

The Sefer Yezirah ("Book of Creation"), often referred to as a guide to magical usage by some Western European Jews in the Middle Ages, contains instructions on how to make a golem. Several rabbis, in their commentaries on Sefer Yezirah have come up with different understandings of the directions on how to make a golem. Most versions include shaping the golem into a figure resembling a human being and using God's name to bring him to life, since God is the ultimate creator of life..

According to one story, to make a golem come alive, one would shape it out of soil, and then walk or dance around it saying combination of letters from the alphabet and the secret name of God. To "kill" the golem, its creators would walk in the opposite direction saying and making the order of the words backwards.

Other sources say once the golem had been physically made one needed to write the letters aleph, mem, tav, which is emet and means "truth," on the golem's forehead and the golem would come alive. Erase the aleph and you are left with mem and tav, which is met, meaning "death."

Another way to bring a golem to life was to write God's name on parchment and stick it on the golem's arm or in his mouth. One would remove it to stop the golem.

Often in Ashkenazi Hasidic lore, the golem would come to life and serve his creators by doing tasks assigned to him. The most well-known story of the golem is connected to Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague (1513-1609). It was said that he created a golem out of clay to protect the Jewish community from Blood Libel and to help out doing physical labor, since golems are very strong. Another version says it was close to Easter, in the spring of 1580 and a Jew-hating priest was trying to incite the Christians against the Jews. So the golem protected the community during the Easter season. Both versions recall the golem running amok and threatening innocent lives, so Rabbi Loew removed the Divine Name, rendering the golem lifeless. A separate account has the golem going mad and running away. Several sources attribute the story to Rabbi Elijah of Chelm, saying Rabbi Loew, one of the most outstanding Jewish scholars of the sixteenth century who wrote numerous books on Jewish law, philosophy, and morality, would have actually opposed the creation of a golem.

The golem has been a popular figure in the arts in the past few centuries with both Jews and non-Jews. In the early 20th century, several plays, novels, movies, musicals and even a ballet were based on the golem. The most famous works where golems appear are Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Karel Capek's R.U.R. (where the word "robot" comes from), Isaac Bashevis Singer's The Golem and The X-Files.

There is also a character named Golem in J.R.R. Tolkien's classic series The Lord of the Rings. Today, there is even a golem museum in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. Sometimes, someone who is large but intellectually slow is called a golem. Other civilizations, such as the ancient Greeks, have similar concepts.
Wife of detained physician charged
Dr Strangelove in Arkansas: Nuke plant Jihadist? Doctors bombing other doctors like mafiosos? Where is the coverage on this ?
It also added additional charges to the grenade-possession charge that Randeep Mann has faced since March, when authorities found 98 live grenades partially buried in the woods near the couple’s home in London, about one-half mile from Entergy’s Arkansas Nuclear One power plant...
The wife of a Pope County doctor awaiting trial on a grenade-possession charge joined her husband in jail Friday after federal prosecutors accused both of conspiring to impede an investigation and concealing documents. In addition, Sangeeta “Sue” Mann, 48, is accused of lying to a federal grand jury during the investigation of her husband, Randeep Mann, 51. He also faces three new charges of possessing illegal firearms - an unregistered shotgun and a machine gun. The new charges were revealed in an indictment that was handed up earlier this week by a federal grand jury but remained under seal until Sangeeta Mann was in custody Friday morning. The indictment marked the first time that Sangeeta Mann has faced charges. It also added additional charges to the grenade-possession charge that Randeep Mann has faced since March, when authorities found 98 live grenades partially buried in the woods near the couple’s home in London, about one-half mile from Entergy’s Arkansas Nuclear One power plant. SNIP

Doctor Injured In Bombing Says "Not Intimidated"
Dr. Trent Pierce says board that disciplines doctors won't be intimated
(West Memphis 08/07/2009) - Just 6 months after multiple surgeries and intense physical therapy, Dr. Trent Pierce made his first public appearances before the Arkansas State Medical Board he chairs. It's also the first time he acknowledges a possible link between his position on the board and the bombing that almost killed him. Pierce told those at the meeting, "This board has not and will not be intimidated by any type of threat."

Dr. Pierce's statement comes as no surprise to one of his former patients who knows the doctors determination and love for his profession and patients.

Charles Castleberry said, "That hurt when I saw that. I don't understand why anybody could do something like that."

Dr. Pierce's statements comes just as more indictments are issued against the man federal agents call a person of interest. In 2006 the Arkansas Medical Board restricted Dr. Randeep Mann's ability to prescribe medicine. He faces explosive charges after agents found grenades and 110 fully automatic machines guns on his property. Now, he faces additional charges for having two unregistered fire arms and he and his wife are indicted for fraud.

West Memphis police initially investigated the bombing. They no longer have the case but believe its only a matter of time before the ATF finds who's responsible for the bombing.
Now if this guy had been an abortion doctor this bombing would be all over the MSM.

Fatah demands return of Jerusalem
Abbas is a man of peace ~ GWB
What he did not tell you is that the entire Glow Ball defines PEACE as "dead Jews"

Hamas delegation reported in Cairo for talks on Fatah dialogue

Fatah official: Hamas forbids Gaza Fatah members to vote

Fatah endorses Abbas as party leader
Man of Peace!

Deposed Hamas PM Haneya plays soccer in Gaza
Man of peaceful soccer playing!

Syria: US to let in new tech items

Lebanese reports: Obama wooing Syria
Oh I'll bet they have mutual understandings deluxe indeed!
Syrian sources said Syria's foreign minister, Walid Muallem, and US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell have reached a mutual understanding....
Netanyahu Says Israel Won't Repeat 'Mistake' of Gaza Pullout
Go BiBi... I know they got a coma waiting somewhere for you too... watch yourself.
“We can only conduct genuine introspection and say that the unilateral evacuation from the Gaza Strip brought neither peace nor security,” Netanyahu said, according to a transcript e-mailed by his office. “We will not repeat this mistake.”
Israel recalls diplomat who warned about US ties
Well this guy may as well just jump in an oven and save everyone else the trouble of killing him. Idiot.
Israel has recalled one of its senior diplomats in the United States after the leaking of a warning he gave about the damage to ties caused by the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Boston consul general Nadav Tamir has been recalled for consultations so he can clarify how one of his memos appeared in the media," foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said.On Thursday, the privately-owned Channel 10 television reported that Tamir had warned the ministry that the refusal of Netanyahu's right-leaning government to heed US requests to freeze settlement activity in the occupied West Bank was harming Israel's most important diplomatic relationship.

"The way in which we are conducting the relationship with the US government is causing Israel strategic damage," he was quoted as warning in the memo."While the administration is trying to calm things down, it is Israel that keeps on heating up the rhetoric," he added.

The row over Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank, including annexed Arab east Jerusalem, has brought the Jewish state's relations with its key ally to their lowest ebb in years. Tamir warned that it was not just the US government that risked being alienated by Netanyahu's hardline stance but also many Jewish Americans.

Pakistan gets $3.1 billion in jizya from IMF
LAHORE: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will give a $3.1-billion loan to Pakistan, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen has said. Due to the delay in funding from Friends of Democratic Pakistan, the government has approached the IMF for financial assistance, the minister told reporters here on Friday.

Currently, the foreign exchange reserves of the country stood at $12 billion, while the inflation rate in June was 13 percent, Online news agency reported citing the Pakistani leader. Pakistan has also asked for additional funds from the IMF for its insurance sector.
US Senate confirms new ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Confirming the appointment, an official from the US Embassy said Saturday that the mission is not in a position to give the details regarding the new envoy’s arrival in Saudi Arabia.

“I maintain a great respect for Saudi Arabia, its culture and its commitment to regional stability,” Smith said in a statement prior to the confirmation. “The United States and Saudi Arabia have a deep and abiding partnership and, if confirmed, I will work to further strengthen our ties with this vital ally to advance US interests on a wide range of regional security challenges.”

Smith is an international business development executive at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems. Previous assignments at Raytheon include vice president of government business in Wichita, Kansas and vice president of Precision Engagement in Tucson, Arizona. Prior to joining Raytheon, Smith was director of Navy C2 programs for Lockheed Martin Mission Systems. Smith served as deputy commander at the Joint Warfighting Center of the US Joint Forces Command in Suffolk, Virginia, where he was responsible for managing the joint force exercise and training development program. Smith’s distinguished aviation career includes combat sorties during Desert Storm.

He commanded the 94th Tactical Fighter Squadron and 325th Operations Group. He served as the CSAF chair at the National War College and as vice director of operations for the North American Air Defense Command. Smith previously served as commander of the 18th Wing at Kadena Air Base in Japan The general is a 1974 graduate of the US Air Force Academy. He received a master’s degree in history from Indiana University in 1975.
Iranian Official Acknowledges Torture of Some Protesters

BEIRUT, Lebanon — A top judiciary official acknowledged Saturday that some detainees arrested after post-election protests had been tortured in Iranian prisons, the first such acknowledgment by a senior Iranian official.

Meanwhile, a second day of hearings was held in a mass trial of reformers and election protesters, with more than 100 people accused of trying to topple the government. The accused included a French researcher and employees of the French and British Embassies, prompting angry responses from Britain, France and the European Union.

But even as the trial appeared to further the campaign by the hard-line establishment to intimidate and silence the opposition, at the expense of alienating Iranian moderates and the West, the statement on torture by the judiciary official, Iran’s prosecutor general, revealed continued divisions within the government. Speaking to reporters at a news conference, Qorbanali Dori-Najafabadi, the prosecutor general, said “mistakes” had led to a few “painful accidents which cannot be defended, and those who were involved should be punished.” Such mistakes, he said, included “the Kahrizak incident,” a reference to the deaths of several detainees at Kahrizak detention center in southwestern Tehran.

His comments came after weeks of reports that detainees had been tortured, and they fell somewhere between an admission and an accusation, as most of the arrests were made by the Revolutionary Guards and the paramilitary Basij militia, groups that are not under the control of the judiciary.

Britain calls Iran trial of employee an "outrage"
Really? Then why did you send a representative to attend Ahmadhinejad's inauguration?
Britain condemned the trial of an Iranian employee of its Tehran embassy on spying charges on Saturday, calling it an "outrage" and saying it breached past assurances from senior Iranian officials. Political analyst Hossein Rassam is on trial with Iranian moderates and a French citizen accused of involvement in the political unrest which followed the Islamic Republic's disputed June presidential election -- unrest that Iran says Britain and other Western countries have fuelled.

"I am deeply concerned by the unjustified charges today laid against Hossein Rassam," said British Foreign Minister David Miliband. "Hossein is a member of our embassy staff going about his legitimate duties. Iranian action against him, and those against (French national) Clotilde Reiss and a member of the staff of the French embassy in Tehran only brings further discredit on the Iranian regime," Miliband added.
Iran tries UK and French embassy staff
An Iranian court on Saturday charged a French woman, two Iranians working for the British and French embassies in Tehran and dozens of others with spying and aiding a Western plot to overthrow the system of clerical rule. The European Union, France and Britain all condemned the trial. The Swedish EU presidency said in a statement "action against one EU country, citizen or embassy staff, is considered an action against all of the EU."

Iran resumes mass trial for election protesters

TIMELINE: Political events in Iran since June elections

Iraq's FM Asks Iran for Information on 3 Detained Americans
Hoshyar Zebari says he brought up the Americans during a meeting this week with Iran's Ambassador Hassan Kazemi Qomi, but he does not give further details about the conversation.
In Iran, a Hostage-Taker Is Now Hostage

Last week Iran's theocracy widened its crackdown from suppressing an opposition movement to putting on trial the very revolutionaries who launched the Islamic republic. This new purge may be more profound politically than the campaign against the followers of Mir Hossein Mousavi: The Iranian revolution is eating its children.

Mohsen Mirdamadi saw it all coming. He warned me about it five years ago. The only thing he didn't foresee was his own role. Last week, he sat in a revolutionary court, dressed in gray prison pajamas, as one of its victims.

I've followed Mirdamadi since the 1979 U.S. Embassy takeover. In 1981, I stood below the plane that brought 52 American diplomats to freedom in Algeria and wondered about the type of people who seized, interrogated and brutalized hostages for 444 days. Mirdamadi was one of three ringleaders. Former hostage John Limbert remembers him as "particularly nasty." I met him a decade ago.

Like many early revolutionaries, Mirdamadi had evolved over the intervening two decades from a scruffy student radical into a balding, pinstripe-suited realist. In 2000, he ran for parliament as a reformer.

"Our emphasis originally was on winning independence from foreign influence and creating an Islamic state," he explained at the spartan headquarters of the Islamic Iran Participation Front, just two blocks from the old U.S. Embassy. "But today our emphasis is on freedoms. . . . Our tactics have shifted, too. Before, we carried out a revolution. Today, we're trying evolution."


Journalist & everyone with him die in convenient car accident in Tajikistan
Editor in chief of "Zindagi" ("Life") newspaper Kurbonali Khujamov died in the result of a car accident in Tajikistan. The accident took place on Dushanbe-Khujand highway connecting capital of the republic with northern region of the country, MIA reported. Brother of the journalist, his son, and friend of his son also died in given accident. Khujamov was working in the system of radio and television before.

Ex-Minister of emergencies of Tajikistan accused in involvement in terrorism
Minister of Emergencies? Exigence Czar!
Field commanders of former United Tajik Opposition (UTO) are accused in involvement in terroristic groups formed from UTO remains and militants in Tajikistan. Tajik Ministry of internal affairs reported about drawing of additional subdivisions of force structures, which were involved in military operation on neutralization of terroristic group members, a part of terroristic organization "Islamic movement of Uzbekistan" (now Turkestan) - IMU, from eastern regions of the republic on August 5. About 1000 governmental forces officers were involved in this operation, according to unofficial data. Operation on detection and neutralization of the group was conducted in frames of special operation "Kuknor-2009" ("Poppy-2009").

US donates vehicles and counter narcotics equipment to Turkmenistan
Representatives from State Counter Narcotics Service of Turkmenistan attended the ceremony. The donation is part of the Embassy's International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Program (INL). The U.S. Embassy's Chargé d'Affaires a.i., Richard M. Miles, stated at the ceremony: "The United States Department of State will continue International Narcotics and Law Enforcement counter-narcotics programs and also the export control and related border security programs to strengthen Turkmenistan's borders and train its law enforcement officials."

“Comprehensive” book on Kazakhstan released
The book, “Contemporary Kazakhstan: The Way Ahead,” comprises 24 articles — more than half of which have been written by Kazakh scholars — while the others have been authored by Indian experts.
Missing Uzbek Refugees Found In Southern Kyrgyzstan

How Russia Is Defining Genocide Down
This does not just happen in Russia, my friends.

MOSCOW — After the conflict between Russia and Georgia broke out a year ago, each side accused the other of atrocities, but the Russians went farther. They spoke of marauding Georgian soldiers who systemically killed hundreds if not thousands of civilians in the separatist enclave of South Ossetia.

Georgia was guilty not just of war crimes, they said. It was genocide. “Eyewitnesses say Georgian army units ran over women and children with their tanks, drove people into houses and burned them alive,” Vladimir V. Putin, the prime minister and former president declared. “What was it if not genocide?” That word became a Russian rallying cry.

But it also served to underscore how the Kremlin seemed to mishandle the campaign to shape public opinion worldwide — a pivotal arena as Russia and Georgia sought to cast blame over who started the fighting. It was as if senior Russian officials pulled out a dog-eared Soviet propaganda playbook that called for hurling the most outlandish charge, without recognizing that in the modern global media climate, their credibility would quickly suffer if the facts proved otherwise.

In the old days, credibility might not have mattered. Language could be marshaled by the Kremlin in discomfiting ways to advance the ideals of Communism and the West just expected it. But now, Mr. Putin has presented himself and his country as democratic and forward-looking, and that same language is held to a different standard. And so it was that reporters entered South Ossetia after the five-day war, and Russian and local officials could not explain where all the bodies were, even at one point suggesting that they had been hastily buried by family members in backyards.

Russia leader: Sarkozy deal keeps peace in Georgia
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded medals Saturday to servicemen who fought in the war against Georgia a year ago, and promised Russia would not reverse its recognition of two breakaway Georgian provinces.

The August 2008 conflict ended with the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia declaring independence, with Russia's backing.Their independence was "the only way to ensure the security of people and stability in the Caucasus region. I would like to underline that this decision will not be reviewed," Medvedev told servicemen at a base in Russia's southern city of Vladikavkaz.

Only Nicaragua has followed Russia's lead in recognizing the regions, which Georgia calls occupied territory and where thousands of Russian troops remain based, as independent countries.Russia considered its recognition of their independence to have absolved it of a clause in an EU-brokered cease-fire agreement that called for the full withdrawal of all parties to pre-conflict positions.

Medvedev wrote Saturday to French President Nicolas Sarkozy — who, holding the EU presidency at the time, authored the Aug. 12 peace plan — to thank him for the "big role" he played in ending the hostilities.
Safety of Russian planes in Afghan war questioned
MOSCOW — More than a year ago, the U.N. dropped the Russian air transport company Vertikal-T from its approved list of vendors after a fatal helicopter crash in Nepal. Yet NATO continued to use helicopters owned by Vertikal-T in Afghanistan. And on July 19, one of those choppers crashed at southern Afghanistan's largest NATO base, killing 16 civilians on board.The crash reflects a little-known reality behind NATO's military push in Afghanistan: It is relying on Russian aviators flying Soviet-design aircraft, who are clocking up lucrative contracts in a country Russian troops left two decades ago.

Magna wants Chevrolet Russia as part of Opel deal
See the USA in your Chevrolet? Not anymore, tovarich!
Magna International Inc.’s offer for German automaker Opel is sputtering over its request that rights to General Motor Co. Chevrolet vehicles in Russia be included in the deal.
New Lugar Energy Report on Nabucco Pipeline
Ahhh, Tovarich Lugar, my man in the senate and Obamanable's Oymerikan handler! Very good work on this Nabucco deception! Great will be your reward! I think I will call you Dickie Git Yer Gun from now on, my funny republican Comrade Richard Lugar. HAHAHA! And they say Vlad has no humor!
~ Glorious Vlad, Most Macho Czar for Life
It is a signal to the rest of the world that partner governments will not acquiesce to manipulation of energy supplies for political ends. It also has the potential to build new avenues for peaceful cooperation. This prospect was illustrated in the meeting that Ambassador Morningstar and I enjoyed with Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki after the Nabucco signing this week," Senator Lugar said at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing two days after returning from the signing event in Turkey.
'Emotional' moments with Putin
I am telling you comrades Vlad is man of many moods! Look into my eyes... say my name!
Turkey is going to make an important step towards being a regional nuclear power with the power plant that is going to be constructed. However it was striking that Turkey's collobration with Russia on this matter was qualified as "peaceful usage of nuclear".
The Electric Car's Connection to Goldman Sachs
Globally collaborative partnership strategy!
Coda recently announced that it had raised $24 million, with an undisclosed portion coming from its new advisory board member, Henry M. Paulson, the former Treasury secretary, who, before that role, was the chairman and chief executive of Goldman Sachs. Coda’s chief executive, Kevin Czinger, is a former Goldman Sachs executive director, leaving in 1995.

Mr. Czinger said in an interview that he brought Mr. Paulson into the company because he had “an interest in the environment and in China, plus he saw the business opportunity.” Coda’s co-chairman, Steven Heller, is also a Goldman Sachs man. Until his retirement in 2002, he had served as the head of global mergers and acquisitions at Goldman Sachs and reported to Mr. Paulson. “He was my boss for many years, and I’ve known him for 20 years,” Mr. Heller said in an interview. “He’s a tough, rational investor who understands our business model and our strategy and wants to be part of it.” Mr. Paulson was not available for comment, but he said in a statement: “Coda’s noncapital intensive business model and globally collaborative partnership strategy persuaded me to join the advisory board.”
During Crisis, Paulson's Calls to Goldman Posed Ethics Test
NO! Unheard of! Absurd!
Before he became President George W. Bush’s Treasury secretary in 2006, Henry M. Paulson Jr. agreed to hold himself to a higher ethical standard than his predecessors. He not only sold all his holdings in Goldman Sachs, the investment bank he had run, but also specifically said that he would avoid any substantive interaction with Goldman executives for his entire term unless he first obtained an ethics waiver from the government. But today, seven months after Mr. Paulson left office, questions are still being asked about his part in decisions last fall to prop up the teetering financial system with tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, including aid that directly benefited his former firm.

Testifying on Capitol Hill last month, he was grilled about his relationship with Goldman. “Is it possible that there’s so much conflict of interest here that all you folks don’t even realize that you’re helping people that you’re associated with?” Representative Cliff Stearns, Republican of Florida, asked Mr. Paulson at the July 16 hearing.

“I operated very consistently within the ethic guidelines I had as secretary of the Treasury,” Mr. Paulson responded, adding that he asked for an ethics waiver for his interactions with his old firm “when it became clear that we had some very significant issues with Goldman Sachs.” Mr. Paulson did not say when he received a waiver, but copies of two waivers he received — from the White House counsel’s office and the Treasury Department — show they were issued on the afternoon of Sept. 17, 2008.

Mike Morgan: The Health Care Smoke Screen - Taking the Heat Off Goldman Sachs
I guess Mike is "crazy" like me....
Health Care - Just Another Smoke Screen - Instead of addressing the financial crisis from the roots, Obama and his team of merry banditos are once again throwing up a smoke screen. Do you really think the town meetings and all of the demonstrations are spontaneous? Do you really think the outrage over the pittance of AIG bonuses was spontaneous? Not a chance. If either of them were, than why are we not seeing the same outrage over the billions in bonuses being paid out or the $100 million bonus being paid to just one man that was most responsible for the oil bubble and world oil crisis last year. Crooks paying off crooks. That's what Congress and the Regulators are all about?
Economic Suicide and the ABC's of DEPRESSION!

Howard Dean & Karl Rove to Debate Issues at September 11 Ubben Lecture
Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...

David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, may have been intense, but colleagues joked "that his emotional range ran from A to B."

Typical of sociopaths, successful dictators, serial killers and Vulcans.
"The Battle for America 2008" briefly revisits Joe the Plumber, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and, wistfully, Tim Russert. It recalls McCain's sprint to Washington to try to solve the economic crisis, a move that caused his campaign manager, Rick Davis, to admit, "It was an unprofessional thing to have done."
Violence Breaks Out at Democratic Town Halls
Believe me, purple proles, this is giving them exactly what they want.... Golems of manufactured "Populist Anger", "domestic terrorists" who then "make it necessary" for them to quell the "insurgency" due to the exigent circumstances. Throw in some fake flu pandemic or a natural or unnatural disaster or two and BINGO .... instant police state, just add water. I'm crazy? Maybe. Mike Morgan too? We will see.

Vibrant Response '09 Trains Services on Multiple Levels

Commissar Obama And His Czardom

57 Trillion Reasons To Murder 100 Million

Guatemala fires 3 top police officials after cocaine disappears after bust
Guatemala’s top three police officials have been fired after hundreds of pounds (more than 100 kilograms) of cocaine allegedly disappeared from a shipment seized by authorities. Interior Minister Raul Velazquez says police made the 1-ton seizure Thursday. But when federal prosecutors weighed the drugs, 258 pounds (117 kilograms) were missing. National Police spokesman Donald Gonzalez said Friday that Velazquez dismissed the agency’s general director Porfirio Perez, assistant director Rolando Mendoza and chief of operations Victor Lopez. Gonzalez says they are under investigation for possible involvement in the missing drugs. Guatemala ordered Perez investigated last month after $300,000 dollars in seized cash went missing.
India detains "suspect" North Korean sugar ship
The Indian coastguard has detained a "suspicious" North Korean ship carrying a cargo of sugar off the Andaman and Nicobar Islands after a more than six-hour chase, the Times of India said on Saturday. The MV Musen dropped anchor off Hut Bay island on Wednesday without permission, the newspaper said. When a coastguard vessel approached, the ship tried to escape, forcing coast guard officers to fire in the air. The ship finally obeyed. Preliminary inspections found that the vessel was carrying sugar, the newspaper said. A detailed inspection would be carried out later on Saturday. The South Korean Defense Ministry said it was not aware of the incident. The Foreign Ministry was not immediately available for comment.
Niger opposition vows to fight 'dictatorship'
Niger's opposition on Saturday rejected a new constitution that paves the way for President Mamadou Tandja to potentially rule for life and pledged to fight what it termed a "dictatorship".

"We are going to continue to defend the constitution of August 9, 1999, that the people of Niger have shown their attachment to by rejecting the new one proposed by President Tandja," said opposition leader Mamadou Issoufou."We are going to resist and fight against this coup d'etat enacted by President Tandja and against his aim of installing a dictatorship in our country," Issoufou said.

It was the first opposition reaction to the contested referendum, forced by Tandja in the uranium-rich west African nation.Issoufou, an outspoken opponent of Tandja's regime, is also a member of the umbrella opposition coalition, the Forces for the Coordination of Democratic Forces for the Republic (CFDR).
Foes of Niger (the French want that uranium!)
Niger’s capacity to produce uranium became well known when the U.S. accused Saddam Hussein of having tried to purchase yellowcake for Iraq’s nuclear weapons program in the run-up to the U.S. invasion.
Giving the The Good Humor Man a whole new meaning:
NYers Get a Taste Of The The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Quint, who is a classically trained bassoonist, has only been in the ice cream business for a few months. The ice cream truck is just a summer gig while most orchestras are on break."It kind of came about because the idea of a middle-aged gay guy driving an ice cream truck seemed pretty humorous and a little bit suspect to me. I love the idea of what people might be saying, so I thought, 'Whatever they might be saying, let's grab it and amplify it times a hundred and label the truck that way,' " Quint says. "There's gonna be no doubt. It's the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck." As for Quint's menu, he says it's sort of "metrosexual," with toppings like ground wasabi peas, caramelized bacon, Trix cereal and Nutella.
Ben Stein 'expelled' from his job with The New York Times
Monotone TV personality Ben Stein has been stripped of his Sunday New York Times business column because of his work as a pitchman for a credit monitoring company.
Yah that's why... Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Speaking of Bueller....

“You are a neomaxizoomdweebie”:
Remembering John Hughes
RIP, John

No Tsunami Warning issued.


10,000 ignored UIGHURS rolling around in their mass grave?


One Million Chinese Flee Typhoon


Expected Istanbul Earthquake

Turkey exists on The Mediterranean – Himalayas Earthquake Zone which is one of the main earthquake areas in respect of their scales and damages. Turkey is affected by three plates : Eurasia, African and Arabian Plates. African and Arabian Plates push Anatolia upward quickly. Also, Eurasia Plate pushes downward. This motion is slow because Eurasia Plate is a very big landscape. These movements cause a tension on North Anatolian Fault Zone and this tension is released with an earthquake.
Recent Earthquakes World Wide - Last 8-30 Days

SC nuclear fuel plant cited for false records

The Biblical Archaeology Society Celebrates its 200th Issue

"Der Golem" ~ 1920
First ten minutes
In 16th-century Prague, a Jewish rabbi creates a giant creature from clay, called the Golem, and using sorcery, brings the creature to life in order to protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. Unfortunately, his evil assistant manages to take control of the Golem, and uses it to commit crimes to enrich him, and finally has it kidnap the rabbi's beautiful daughter. However, the Golem--which had been given human emotions by the rabbi--finally rebels against the assistant's misuse of him.

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