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Friday, August 28, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: And Your Little Dog, Too.

Jewish prayers on Temple Mount 'a violation of international law'
Breathing while Jewish in Jerusalem is a violation of international law. GOD save us, cause it's comin' down fast.

PA Sheik Denies Existence of Holy Temple

The Holy Temple would like to conversely deny the existence of the Sheik ..
Once again, the Palestinian Authority denies that the Holy Temple ever existed – despite a Waqf pamphlet from 1925 boasting proudly that the Temple Mount once housed Solomon's Temple.The latest denial came on Wednesday when the PA’s Chief Islamic Judge, Sheikh Taysir Rajab al-Tamimi, condemned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as well as "all Jewish rabbis and extremist organizations,” for lying and asserting that Jerusalem was a Jewish city.

Merkel urges "substantial change" on Israeli settlements

Hamas rejects Fayyad plan for de facto state

Hamas fights the Salafists to gain more legitimacy

Abbas to call election if talks with Hamas fail

Hamas authorities impose Islamic codes, deploy modesty police

Al-Darb Diya: Fatah Plans Separate Military

Amid Schalit deal speculation, Hamas commander Ja'abri visits Cairo

The 'Elders' arrive in Israel to fellate Hamassholes
Robinson and "special envoy" George Mitchell go way back, they are comrades in their profane cause.
The "Elders," as they are called, are a group of prominent former heads of state, renowned activists, and global business leaders who are trying to use their clout and cachet to affect change. Included in the delegation here are former President Jimmy Carter, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former Irish President Mary Robinson, and Britain's Richard Branson, founder of the multinational Virgin Group.


Israeli officials said that while they welcome the Elders, the group was making a mistake by having planned to visit the Gaza Strip and meet with Hamas officials there. A spokesman for the Elders' visit, however, said the Gaza portion of the visit had been postponed "due to security concerns" and would not elaborate. The Elders hope to reschedule a Gaza visit in the coming weeks, the group's spokesman said.
ISRAEL: Never Again?
August 28, 2009: Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians remain stalled. The basic reason is that Israel will not accept a deal that destroys Israel, and the Palestinians will not accept a deal that doesn't destroy Israel.
Syria, Hizbullah Arming Salafi Forces In Lebanon
A high-level Lebanese security force is claiming that Syria and Hizbullah are transferring funds and arms to several Salafi parties in the city of Tripoli, in northern Lebanon, and that the Lebanese security apparatuses have raided several weapons storage depots. The Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, which is close to the opposition, stated that circles close to the March 14 Forces are arming themselves, and that the arms storehouse recently uncovered in Tripoli belongs to them.

Police prepare for Friday prayers at Temple Mount
The headline says it all. Hey I know, let's give them a state and call it LUNACY.
The Jerusalem Police have completed their preparations for the first Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at the Temple Mount
4 Percent of Israelis Think Obama is Pro-Israel
Must be the same 4% that think they are Alexei or Anastasia Romanov.

Iraqi Archbishop 'More Pessimistic Than Ever' About Christians' Future
Kirkuk, Iraq -- Louis Sako, Chaldean Archbishop of Kirkuk, has said that Iraqi Christians are facing "bad days" as "ineffective" security cannot prevent criminality and violence targeting Christian minorities. Many of the Christians who remain are in such fear that they too want to leave Iraq, he said. The future of Christianity in Iraq, even in the short term, now "hangs in the balance," Archbishop Sako said in a phone interview with the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN).

Christians lack the protection of militia and have become "easy targets" for criminals, he reported. Violence and the lack of jobs and services have encouraged many Christians to leave. There are now only 300 Christian families in southern Iraq and less than 400,000 Christians in Iraq as a whole. Within the past decade, their numbers have declined by 750,000. In the northern city of Mosul, a former Christian heartland, many Christian families are "too afraid to come back." At one point in the interview, Archbishop Sako warned of rising extremism. "Iraq is going to a narrow form of Islam," he commented.
Businessman Killed, Doctor Kidnapped -- Fear Returns to Haunt Christians in Iraq

Iraqi PM steps up pressure on Syria over bombers

Iraqi Forces Recover Looted Picasso Painting

Sweden May Have Illegally Deported Iraqi Refugees

Saudi ambassador in Syria for first time in a year

Saudi Terror Czar Escapes Assassination Attempt

Saudi king visits prince injured in suicide attack

Ankara to propose joint NATO-OIC conference in talks with Rasmussen
We understand perfectly.
Ankara will also suggest that Rasmussen organize a joint conference by NATO and THE OIC in order to discuss misunderstandings between the Western and Muslim worlds. The Turkish capital is also working on a proposal to establish an institutional communication mechanism between the two organizations. One option for such a mechanism is to appoint special representatives for dialogue between the two organizations, the sources said.
Use Of Gold Dinar Advocated For Trade Between OIC Members
The use of the gold dinar for trade among the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries should be seriously considered as earlier advocated by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom said the current financial system, based on currency notes, has many drawbacks and has resulted in poverty, environmental damage, output and distribution monopoly, unemployment, crime and vice.

He said many economists were of the opinion that the use of the gold dinar should be re-introduced as a measure of value and medium of exchange in international trade. Jamil added that the gold dinar was also well known for its stability and was not subject to specualtion and manupulation.
Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation moved in 2007 to a 2800 sq.ft building at 7045 N Western Ave. Chicago, IL. This move has enabled us to consolidate the service programes in one location. The new location is conveniently accessible by walk, public transportation within 2 miles radius of a densely populated Muslim community on the North side of Chicago. The following programs serve the Muslim Ummah through out the US and world wide.
Crisis Management: Americans Are Being Led Back to a Pre-9/11 Landscape

Alleged Drug Ties of Top Afghan Official Worry US
Vexing, even!
WASHINGTON — It was a heated debate during the Bush administration: What to do about evidence that Afghanistan’s powerful defense minister was involved in drug trafficking? Officials from the time say they needed him to help run the troubled country. So the answer, in the end: look the other way. Today that debate will be even more fraught for a new administration, for the former defense minister, Marshal Muhammad Qasim Fahim, stands a strong chance of becoming the next vice president of Afghanistan.
US envoy 'in angry Karzai talks'
The US special envoy to Afghanistan has held an "explosive" meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai over the country's election, the BBC has learnt.
Snake oil and propaganda-ad-absurdum from Afghanistan
Margolis is a long-time Taliban enthusiast and an apologist for Hamas. It is curious that Margolis is held in such high esteem by self-proclaimed "anti-war" noisemakers of the leftish type, given that he's a founding editor of the noxious Yankee Pat Buchanan's extreme-right American Conservative magazine, but there we are.
US warns Karzai on fraud, corruption, militia ties
LOL. Warned them what? Not to let any of it show publicly? PLEASE.

NATO Declares 'Success' In Backing Secure Afghan Vote

Radio Free Afghanistan Reporter Beaten By Police
Radio Free Afghanistan's reporter in Kandahar was beaten by police as he was speaking with witnesses of a massive truck bombing in the center of the city.
Solidarity with Latin America is Iran's top priority: FM

Tehran denies reports it is running out of yellowcake uranium

Ayatollah Khamenei moves to protect dissidents from death penalty

Myanmar Takes Rebel-Held Town Near China Oil Projects
Myanmar’s army seized control of a rebel-held town on its border with China, raising concern a 20- year cease-fire could collapse, threatening planned oil and gas projects in the region.

Ethnic Kokang rebels attacked Myanmar police patrolling a border gate in northeastern Shan state, killing at least one, the Washington-based U.S. Campaign for Burma said in a statement late yesterday. About 10,000 people had crossed into neighboring Yunnan Province in China by early today to escape what was described as a domestic war by state-controlled Xinhua News Agency, which cited the provincial government.

“The junta should withdraw its additional troops sent to Kokang,” Peng Jiasheng, who heads the local rebel army, said in a statement released through U.S. Campaign for Burma. He called a new committee set up by the regime to administer the area “illegal and illegitimate.”

The Kokang are one of the ethnic groups on Myanmar’s borders that agreed to join the state in 1947 in return for autonomy.

Myanmar fighting forces 10,000 to flee to China

CNPC's purchase of 1,000 apartments draws controversy
Web users are outraged after a news report said that China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) bought 1,000 apartments for its employees at very low prices.
India nuclear test 'did not work'

U.S. moves toward formal cutoff of aid to Honduras

Which puts us squarely on the side of the bad guys. Again. NICE!

Amnesty deal offered to former Honduras leader

Australia defends 'discriminatory' Aboriginal policy
Dig this:
"It's the government's responsibility to provide health care and education to all its citizens."
Is that right?

Darfur war over at least for now says departing UN chief

Totally fucking absurd statement of the month.

Multiculturalist LGBT tolerance bandwagon comes to Bucharest; Romanians remain stubbornly backward, refuse to be given progressivist moral homilies:
"Madonna has been touring with a phenomenal troupe of Roma musicians who made her aware of the discrimination toward them in several countries so she felt compelled to make a brief statement," she added.

Ionut Dinu, 23, a concert-goer said: "I jeered her because it seemed false what she was telling us. What business does she have telling us these things?"

Official figures put the country’s Romany population at 500,000 but other estimates say there are as many as 2 million in Romania. Discrimination against the Roma remains rampant throughout Eastern Europe. Described as “forgotten citizens” by a 2008 European Commission report, it was found that 77 per cent of Europeans agreed that being Roma was a disadvantage on a par with being disabled.

Ingushetia Bombing Claimed By Rebels' Spiritual Leader
The website of the North Caucasus insurgency says the suicide bombing of the police department in Nazran, Ingushetia, on August 17 was carried out by Said Abu Saad al-Buryati, RFE/RL's North Caucasian Service reports.
Russian gas begins direct flow to South Ossetia

Troubles in the Ossetia
The author lays out why the trouble in Ossetia is..... THE JUDEN!
Jewish communities arrived with the Romans. Some went to Eastern Georgian regions ruled by the Persians where Jews were tolerated unlike the oppressive rule of the Byzantine Empire. From about 750 CE to 1122, Georgia was an Arab caliphate. Ashkenazi Russian Jews were settled in Georgia by the Russian government about 1810. Zionism was the first cooperation between the Georgian and Russian Jews.
Russia charges eight with Arctic Sea hijacking

Controversy Erupts Over Stalin Statue In Georgian City

Controversy has erupted over a campaign in the Georgian city of Gori to remove Josef Stalin's monument from the center of the town of his birth
Patriarch Kirill decorates the head of Gazprom
Moscow, August 26, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia awarded the Order of St. Seraphim of Sarov (1st degree) to Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Board of Gazprom. Patriarch Kirill gave this award for merit to Miller at a meeting at the Patriarch's residence in Chisty Pereulok, Moscow, "to pay tribute to his continuous efforts for the benefit of the Russian Orthodox Church," the Patriarchate's official website reports Wednesday.

Awarding the Order, Patriarch wished Miller the aid of God in his labour and success to his corporation for the benefit of Russia and its people. A year ago, Patriarch Alexy II, the predecessor of Patriarch Kirill, decorated Miller with the Order of St. St. Sergius of Radonezh. "Over a decade, Gazprom has been giving its best efforts to provide help and assistance to the Church, including the renovation of churches, several dozens of which have been renovated at Gazprom's expense," a spokesperson of the Synodal Department for Relations between the Church and Society told Interfax-Religion on Wednesday. The spokesperson also noted that Gazprom was one of the largest benefactors of Christ the Savior Cathedral.
Russia and Ukraine in Intensifying Standoff

Black Sea lighthouse stirs Russia-Ukraine tension

Remains Of Journalist Gongadze Identified In Ukraine

Forensics experts in Ukraine have confirmed that the fragments of a human skull found last month in Kyiv Oblast are remains of journalist Heorhiy Gongadze, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reports.
Belarus president comes to Russia to restore ties

Parishioners Refuse To Vacate Troubled Minsk Church
Parishioners of The New Life evangelical Christian church in Minsk have refused to vacate the church's building, despite demands to do so by Minsk city authorities, RFE/RL's Belarus Service reports
Russia deploys anti-missile defence unit near North Korea

Putin TV -- Russia's New Reality
The days when Vladimir Gusinsky's NTV was known for its independent investigative reporting are gone forever. Such is the reality of life in the Russian media. The journalists who broadcast yesterday's honest political reporting still work for the same TV channels, but those channels are now exclusively propagandistic.
Re-Stalinization of a Moscow Subway Station

Poet behind Soviet national anthem dies aged 96

Putin Finds an Extra $4.6Bln for Budget

Caspian oilfield is Big Oil's new energy frontier

League of women voters to welcome Kazakhstan officials
The League of Women Voters of Tyler/Smith County will welcome a delegation of elected officials from Kazakhstan on September 12 for an eight-day visit. Learning first-hand about local and regional government, with an emphasis on accountability and transparency, is the major purpose of the visit. To accomplish that goal, the delegation will meet regional leaders in many fields, make contacts that can be continued into the future, experience life in Texas homes, and enjoy the cultural and social benefits of this area.

The trip is sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center, a program of the United States Congress designed to enable emerging leaders in Russia and former Soviet Socialist Republics to gain first-hand exposure to the American system of democracy through visits to local communities.
KAZAKHSTAN: "Such preaching is prohibited by our law"
Within hours of arriving in the town of Uspen to visit a local Christian and set up a local congregation, police broke into the house where members of the Pavlodar Grace Church were staying, church members told Forum 18 News Service. One visitor was questioned and a local woman the visitors had prayed with was beaten by police until she signed a statement saying she had been forced to submit to a religious ritual.

Two of the visitors face administrative trial on 31 August. Asked why the Police targeted the group, Inspector Nurserik Aytzhanov told Forum 18: "They were imposing their religion on the residents of the town by saying that 'Jesus Christ is the only God and you must believe in him'." Asked what was wrong with sharing one's beliefs with others, he said: "Such preaching is prohibited by our law." He denied that police beat anyone. Police in Jambeyt likewise denied to Forum 18 that they beat one of ten visiting Baptists they detained.
Russia to negotiate WTO entry with Kazakhstan, Belarus

Kyrgyzstan seizes 204 kilograms of opium

Azerbaijani Interrogated After Voting For Armenian Song
Rovshan Nasirli, a 25-year-old Azerbaijani, was called to the National Security Ministry on August 12 to explain why he voted for an Armenian song in the televised Eurovision Song Contest in May
Jehovah's Witness Arrested In Baku
Mushfiq Mammadov, a conscientious objector to military service in Azerbaijan, has been detained for refusing to perform compulsory military service.
Russia can deploy a battalion in South Kyrgyzstan
Russia can deploy up to a battalion in South Kyrgyzstan, radio Business FM quoted as Nikolai Makarov, chief of the Russia’s General Staff said. “Kyrgyzstan has turned to us for assistance in the Collective Rapid Deployment Forces training center’s establishment and asked to locate up to a battalion of troops in the city of Osh. The issue is still under consideration as well as its price, reasonability, necessity and financial side,” Makarov said.


Uzbekistan Seen Building Military Base Near Kyrgyz Border

Uzbekistan's removal from CSTO linked with Russian policy in region

CSTO Military Exercises Off To Discouraging Start

Uzbekistan opens honorary consulate office in Hanoi

Uzbekistan would prefer to be policeman of Central Asia

Uzbekistan: New Abuse of Jailed Dissident
Uzbek authorities should promptly investigate new allegations of abuse against a political prisoner, Yusuf Jumaev, and ensure that his family is permitted regular visits, Human Rights Watch said today. Jumaev's daughter, Feruza Jumaeva, who saw him on August 17, 2009, told Human Rights Watch that Jumaev was beaten by a prison guard not long before her visit. She said that she saw bruises on his body, which he told her came from being beaten, and that he told her he continues to be subject to insults and humiliation.

"The abuse of this peaceful poet and dissident needs to stop," said Holly Cartner, Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch. "Jumaev should never have been imprisoned in the first place, and Uzbek authorities should free him without delay." Jumaeva told Human Rights Watch that her father said the beating was carried out by Jamshid Atoev, a member of the prison staff who oversees one of the prisoner brigades. The guard reportedly approached Jumaev as he was sitting in the exercise yard, and delivered a strong punch to his spine.

Jumaev told his daughter that when he asked why he was being beaten, Atoev punched him repeatedly in the chest area and the head. Jumaev is among the many dissidents and human rights activists jailed by the Uzbek authorities on political grounds. He is a poet and political dissident who called for President Islam Karimov's resignation in the period before the country's presidential election in December 2007. He has suffered repeated abuse in prison.
Four 15-day prison sentences for regular, registered worship services
Some twenty Anti-Terror Police officers raided the regular Sunday afternoon worship service of the registered Donam Protestant church in the capital Tashkent on 23 August, claiming it was "unauthorised". Seven church members were arrested and Christian literature was confiscated, Protestants told Forum 18 News Service. Three men were soon freed but four – including the church's pastor, Vladimir Tyo – were sentenced to 15-day prison terms for "violation of the procedure for organising and conducting meetings", even though the regular service was included in the required quarterly report to the city Justice Department. The court verdict also records that the judge ordered the confiscated literature destroyed without giving any reason. Raids on both registered and unregistered religious communities, fines, imprisonment and confiscation of religious literature are frequent in Uzbekistan.
TAJIKISTAN: Recalling the Good Old Soviet Union
The collapse of the Soviet Union has brought misery to Tajikistan's remote eastern half. People are being driven once again to live as nomads. Tajikistan is a former Soviet republic that became independent in 1991. It borders the two former Soviet republics Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, China on the east and Afghanistan in the south.
Debt-hit Tajiks turn to suicide

Daghestanis Protest Abductions Of Young Men
Some 200 people have protested in Makhachkala, Daghestan, against continuing abductions of young Muslim men by security forces
Iceland shows the dangers ahead for us all
Dude must read here...
In the build-up to the global crisis of 2008, tiny Iceland was a canary in the mine, a leading indicator of wider vulnerabilities. Now, amid growing optimism about global recovery, Iceland may again be a leading indicator of trouble ahead.
Icelandic State to Sue “Outvasion Vikings”
The government of Iceland agreed yesterday to start preparing a lawsuit against and demand compensation from individuals, associations and companies which caused financial damage to the Icelandic state and the Icelandic public in the events leading up to the banking collapse.
The FDIC To Draw on Its Line of Credit at Treasury Soon

Bernanke's personal bank account struck by identity theft

Massachusetts Subpoenas Goldman on Trading Huddles

Developer sues Goldman Sachs for back rent

Speculators busier as crude oil cost spikes

Weak $US strengthens oil price

Deficits, Dollars, and the Price of Energy

Bosnian Serb Bank Controlled By PM Hands Out Millions
Milorad Dodik, the prime minister of the Bosnian entity of Republika Srpska, controls a development bank that was designed to grow the economy and put people to work. But in its three years of existence, the bank has doled out millions of dollars to friends and shadowy companies, loans that have done little to help the lives of ordinary residents.
Defense firms hope for protector like Kennedy
Just when you thought you knew everything about his evil...
Kennedy's close ties to companies also extended to his big staff. Former Kennedy aide William Lynn later became a top lobbyist for Raytheon, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, and in February, was confirmed as the Pentagon's second-ranking official despite complaints he remained too close to Raytheon. Raytheon did not respond to questions about its outlook without Kennedy in Washington. But it issued a statement expressing sympathy for Kennedy's family and stating that his support "...helped Raytheon, and its hundreds of suppliers in Massachusetts and neighboring states, continue to grow."
DISA Chooses Raytheon's Insider Threat Management Solution
Raytheon receives Insider Threat Focused Observation Tool (InTFOT) enterprise contract for Department of Defense
FCC: The Mobile Crackdown Cometh
At an Aug. 27 hearing in Washington, the Federal Communications Commission signaled that it's preparing to scrutinize the data services and software available on the most sophisticated mobile phones and whether wireless carriers are inhibiting competition. The FCC will "look more broadly at all of the elements that affect the mobile marketplace," Chairman Julius Genachowski said during the meeting.
ACLU Sues DHS over Laptop Searches

"The ACLU believes that suspicionless searches of laptops violate the First and Fourth Amendments," the group wrote in the suit, filed in a New York District Court.

In July 2008, the Customs and Border Protection agency within DHS published formal guidelines for laptop border searches that gave CBP officials permission to search laptops and electronic devices at the border. Court cases on the topic have generally found that citizens should have diminished expectations of privacy when re-entering the country because the U.S. has a right to protect itself and control what crosses its borders.

Critics of the policy claim that laptop searches are an invasion of privacy – a personal computer holds a lot more information than a suitcase full of clothes or briefcase full of paperwork. What's to stop CBP from copying the contents of your computer and keeping it on file indefinitely, they have argued

As a result, the ACLU wants to know exactly what types of data the government has collected. The organization first filed a Freedom of Information request in June 2009, but after some back and forth between the ACLU and DHS, the ACLU said that it had "exhausted the applicable administrative remedies" and that "DHS and its components have wrongfully withheld the requested records from the ACLU."

The ACLU wants DHS to hand over the documents, waive any fees associated with document recovery, and pay the organization's costs and attorneys' fees.

Ex-CIA spy's son pleads guilty to conspiracy
The son of an ex-CIA spy agreed to testify against his imprisoned father Thursday in a plea deal that could help him avoid jail time for taking money from Russian agents.Nathaniel Nicholson pleaded guilty on Thursday to conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government and conspiracy to commit money laundering.Jim Nicholson was the highest-ranking CIA official ever convicted of espionage when he pleaded guilty in 1997 to a conspiracy charge that sent him to prison for more than 23 years. He had been accused of selling information to the Russians about the CIA agents he trained and passing along other secrets.Both Nicholsons were indicted in January on new charges of conspiracy, money laundering and acting as an agent of a foreign government. Jim Nicholson was accused of sending his son back to his Russian handlers from 2006 to 2008 to squeeze more money out of them.
Pepco to Introduce Smart Grid Program
At the center of the District’s $90 million overhaul would be an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The AMI would measure and record customer use. This information could then be communicated through a network to a central data collection point where it would be analyzed.
Leftist False Flag Operation in Colorado?

Colorado Citizens’ Coalition, a 527 pressure group, may have been behind an attack on a Democratic Party office in Denver calculated to depict opponents of ObamaCare as violent.

Maurice Schwenkler, reportedly an anarchist who goes by the name Ariel Attack and whose sex is a subject of debate, was arrested for vandalizing the Denver office. One available photograph shows a shattered window that bears two signs on the inside reading “Want Health Care Reform? Come Inside” and “Today 100 Coloradans will lose their health insurance.” The damage to the windows may cost $10,000 to repair.

Colorado Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak appeared to blame opponents of President Obama’s healthcare nationalization scheme for the vandalism. “Clearly there’s been an effort on the other side to stir up hate,” she said. “I think this is the consequence of it.”

Waak has not yet apologized.

Czarist Insanity In America Part 2
Obama, we know about the company you keep. In your case the distance is further than you think. The Confessor knows the depth of the well from which you came and the people know your talk is cheap. This is part two of a look at your czars, the people you said we should judge you by, so let the judgment begin:
In unprecedented move Arkansas DHS forces parents to chose between their children and their religion
Now - imagine if the protagonists in this situation were Muslims....
After nearly a year, the Arkansas Department of Human Services still has not returned more than thirty children , who were taken in a raid on Tony Alamo Ministries. The Department has made several requirements for the reunification of parents and children. One of the requirements the Arkansas DHS has made is that the parents must sever their connection with Tony Alamo Ministries if they want to be reunited with their children.


The requirement that parents chose between their church and their children in order to be reunited with their children, appears to be unprecedented in American History. The lawsuit filed by attorney Kuhn asking for the federal government to give injunctive relief from the State of Arkansas is one of the most important petitions filed on behalf of religious and civil liberties in recent years.

Benny Hill and the Theory of Evolution

Humanoid Robots Share Their First Kiss
Ucccchhh with the freakin' robot people already.

Medical Scans a Significant Source of Radiation

If I told you how many full abdominal contrast CT-Scans I have had over the last 12 years you would stop asking me why my ass glows in the dark.
Medical imaging tests nearly double the amount of radiation Americans would otherwise be exposed to, new research shows.
UN Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds
I refer you once again to Brave New World, Chapter Three
The United Nations is recommending that children as young as five receive mandatory sexual education that would teach even pre-kindergarteners about masturbation and topics like gender violence. The U.N.'s Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released a 98-page report in June offering a universal lesson plan for kids ranging in age from 5-18, an
"informed approach to effective sex, relationships" and HIV education that they say is essential for "all young people."

The U.N. insists the program is "age appropriate," but critics say it's exposing kids to sex far too early, and offers up abstract ideas — like "transphobia" — they might not even understand. "At that age they should be learning about ... the proper name of certain parts of their bodies," said Michelle Turner, president of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, "certainly not about masturbation." Turner was disturbed by UNESCO's plans to explain to children as young as nine about the safety of legal abortions, and to advocate and "promote the right to and access to safe abortion" for everyone over the age of 15.

TIME: After Kennedy's Death: Silence from the Pope
Traditionalist Wing! LOL! AKA those who have Bibles and actually know what is in them?
The letter, most likely already resealed and tucked away in the Vatican archives, was probably just a dying Catholic's request for a papal blessing. In the eyes of the traditionalist wing of the Church, however, Kennedy should have been asking the Pope for forgiveness.
Democrats now seek to exploit Ted Kennedy's death

Nancy Pelosi asks for $100K to fight 'smears'

Gov. Richardson Says Feds Won't File Charges in Corruption Probe
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's office said federal prosecutors won't bring charges in a corruption probe that forced him to withdraw his nomination to a cabinet position in the Obama administration.
Ecuadoran describes 20-year battle against Texaco, Chevron
Last year, Fajardo won the U.S.-based Goldman Prize for serving as the public voice for 30,000 Ecuadoreans who filed a class-action lawsuit against Texaco in 1994. According to their claim, still alive in the Ecuadorean courts after its 2003 removal from a New York U.S. District Court, Texaco dumped nearly 17 million gallons of crude oil and 20 billion gallons of drilling wastewater directly into the Ecuadorean Amazon. The claim says area residents, among the poorest people in Ecuador, have suffered disproportionate rates of miscarriages, leukemia and other cancers resulting from oil-related soil and water contamination.
Uranium demand could get boost from financing rule changes
...revisions to rules of nuclear power plant financing could provide a boost to longer-term demand.
Telluride residents rally against proposed uranium mill in CO
The debate over a uranium mill proposed by a Canadian company in the western end of Montrose County has come down to a question of what people would rather have in their back yard: uranium processing, farms and ranches, or multi-million-dollar McMansions fueled by the outdoor recreation and tourism industry?
Havasupai Tribe Gather to Halt Uranium Mining in the Grand Canyon
For four days, Havasupai elders gathered on sacred Red Butte and listened to the legacy of uranium mining on Indian lands. They heard directly from the victims of the trail of death and cancer left behind by uranium mining corporations that were never held responsible on Pueblo and Navajo lands in the Southwest United States. They also listened to the promise of solidarity from the hundreds who gathered here to stand with them: Navajos from Big Mountain, Hualapai, Hopi, Kaibab Paiute, Paiute, Aztecs, and other American Indians from throughout the Americas.
HRI gets hearing on uranium mining - Appeals Court grants full review
WINDOW ROCK — In an order filed Monday, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals granted Hydro Resources Inc. a full court review of an April 17 opinion that the company’s Section 8 mine is in Indian Country.
Interior Begins Analysis of New Grand Canyon Uranium Protections

Titan Uranium Inc. to Acquire 100% Interest in Utah Sheep Mountain Property

QUEBEC: New Uranium Discovery

Report delayed on public's opinion in Saskatchewan uranium debate

Meghalaya moves towards uranium mining
Where the hellya?
Meghalaya (Hindi: मेघालय, pronounced [meːˈɡʱaːləjə]) is a small state in north-eastern India. The word "Meghalaya" literally means "The Abode of Clouds" in Sanskrit and other Indic languages.
Gold-plated horse head from Roman era found in Germany

More than 1500 ordered to flee Calif. wildfires

Four earthquakes hit Oklahoma this morning

6.8 Quake - Indonesia - BANDA SEA



Earthquake Warning for Northeast India

Whole world shakin' like a broke whore's ass

Texas sized garbage pile found in Pacific Ocean

New Culprit Seen in Ozone Depletion
Not the Juden this time? Whew.

Russian geneticists are working to resurrect the mammoth

Lab Produces Monkeys With 2 Mothers

Double the guilt.

And your little dog, too...
Barack Obama's Dog Bo is a Mutant

And so are you.

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