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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Nobody's Fault But Mine ~

Witnesses report fierce clashes on Tehran streets
Reporting from Cairo and Tehran -- Iranian security forces reportedly used tear gas and water cannons to disperse as many as 3,000 people who attempted to gather in central Tehran today, defying warnings from the country's Supreme Leader against further protests over disputed elections. Witnesses described fierce clashes between protesters and police, as cordons of police attempted to block the rally from forming.
Bomb Blast Strikes Near Shrine of Iran's Revolutionary Founder

Iran: Riot Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters

Basij Militia Allegedly Use Axes, Daggers to Attack Iranian Protesters

Iran: 'Arab militias' attack pro-Mousavi protesters

Mousavi calls off rally "to protect lives"

Khamenei to Mousavi: Accept results or leave Iran

EU leaders step up Iran election criticism

At European Parliament, Prominent Iranians Condemn 'Coup'

Meantime The Obamanable remains "concerned"

House condemns Iran's crackdown on protests
House smokes crack while Iranians protest....

Officials: Khamanei Speech Will Not Change White House Stance

Pakistan: More than 30 tango down
The Tango Down report brought to you daily by akak!

Karzai Alliances With Warlords Raise Concerns
As well they should!

Truck bomb kills at least 30 in northern Iraq

Poll Finds Only 6 Percent of Israelis See Obama as Pro-Israel
Of those 6% only 0.002% were determined to be medically out of their comas

Israeli University bars Jewish students from lecture by Arab Terror Suporter
Those present reported that screams of “Allahu Akhbar” could be heard from inside the auditorium as Raed Saleh lectured. During his speech, Saleh said, “We love life, our families, our homes and our children, but if they suggest that we give up our principles and holy sites, we would rather die and we welcome death.”
Israel honors German soldier from "The Pianist"

Israel develops freeze-dried blood powder
Can't wait to hear how this one comes back out after it slides into the propaganda machine.

Senators Question US Missile Defense Strategy
Lawmakers yesterday questioned the Obama administration's seeming hesitation to pursue deployment of missile defense assets in Europe
That is not a strategy, Senators, it is capitulation....

DOD's cyber command takes shape

Defense Department officials are ironing out the details of a new military command in charge of the Pentagon's cyber mission. The department hasn't yet formally announced the creation of a cyber command, but officials have been speaking about it at public events as if the command is a certainty. For example, in a recent speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, Deputy Defense Secretary William [RAYTHEON] Lynn said the creation of the command exemplifies DOD's recognition that cyberspace is a new theater of operations, on par with land, sea and air theaters.

Lynn said the command will be in charge of military networks, and the Homeland Security Department will continue to take the lead on cybersecurity for civilian agencies. The private sector will be responsible for its own cyber defenses, he said. Some critics say creating the command would militarize cyberspace, an allegation Lynn denied.
Michigan: Brown Blasts New MSP Headquarters
An amendment offered by Sen. Cameron Brown and approved by the Michigan Senate on Thursday (June 18th) will forbid taxpayer dollars from being spent on the new Michigan State Police headquarters nearing completion in downtown Lansing. “At a time when our state is facing a budget crisis, it is simply irresponsible to move the state police from a building leased for only a dollar a year to one that will cost more than $3 million next year,” said Brown, R-Fawn River Township.

“Most shamefully, this move would come at a time when 100 state troopers are poised to lose their jobs, supposedly due to a lack of funds.” Brown, who previously chaired the state police appropriations subcommittee in both the House and Senate, offered the amendment to the department’s budget bill. “I am proud of the close relationship I have with the men and women who wear the state police uniform,” Brown said. “They have made it clear to me they do not believe this new building sufficiently meets their needs, and that they would much rather keep more troopers on the roads than move into lavish new headquarters.”

Located at Grand Avenue and Kalamazoo Street in Lansing, the so-called “Triangle Project” has been the source of intense scrutiny for several years. Brown has fought the building since Gov. Granholm first proposed it in 2007. The new facility was not competitively bid, and its limited size on the banks of the Grand River will not allow for the staging area, warehouse facilities, or helicopter pad the MSP uses at its current headquarters.

The building will also be unable to accommodate the state’s Emergency Operations Center or the Fusion Center.
Interagency Agreement Heralds Renewed Cooperation for ICE, DEA
Hark the federal angels of death sing!

DHS centralizes cybersecurity programs
The Homeland Security Department has centralized its cybersecurity programs under the department’s deputy undersecretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently wrote in a message posted on DHS’ Web site.
DHS Nominee: Science for Security
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Senate Homeland Security Committee holds confirmation hearings for Tara O'Toole, President Obama's nominee to head up the Science and Technology Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security. O'Toole brings a background in medicine and science to the job overseeing the development of technology for the agencies tasked with protecting the nation.
MASS: Cut those strings! Say 'no' to intelligence cameras
Please keep in mind the millions in grants you have seen given state by state in the last few posts as well thank you.
The Department of Homeland Security, a federal intelligence agency, has provided Brookline a grant of 12 cameras that are operating in public places in Brookline, 24/7. We have a choice in relation to these cameras: We can accept them because we think they will make us feel safe — but in doing so, we will most certainly diminish our rights to privacy; OR we can say “no, we do not want to be tracked and documented in public places.”
Lawmakers differ on DHS data center funding

No Worries for Illegal Alien Workers Under New DHS Guidlines

US, Chinese military officials to meet next week
Top U.S. and Chinese military officials will meet next week to discuss North Korea and maritime conflicts with the aim of improving cooperation between Beijing and Washington, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Pentagon policy chief Michele Flournoy will meet with Lieutenant General Ma Xiaotian, deputy chief of general staff of the People's Liberation Army, in Beijing on June 23 and 24, a senior Pentagon official said.

President Hu confident about future relations with Russia
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Thursday expressed confidence in the future development of China-Russia relations and said the two countries should further strengthen their cooperation under the complicated international circumstances
Georgia-Russia war: EU blames Saakashvili
My name is called Vlad.

Europe Sleeps As Power Passes It By
And Vlad is watching, waiting, like a tiger.

Independent newspaper faces closure in Russia
An independent newspaper in a Russian province near Chechnya is facing closure on charges of carrying extremist statements — an accusation its editor denounced as an attempt to stifle criticism of police brutality.

Authorities have accused the weekly Chernovik of sympathizing with Islamic militants who have been launching almost daily attacks against police. Last week, a sniper killed Dagestan's top law-enforcement official, feeding fears that the southern region may be spinning out of control.

Chernovik editor Nadira Isayeva said, however, that officials were seeking to shut down the paper because they were angry over its exposure of police brutality and corruption — police conduct she said had helped swell the number of Islamic militants.

"The main reason behind the persecution of the newspaper is our journalists' opinion about the activities of law-enforcement structures, which differs from the official view," Isayeva told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Russia-Ukraine Tension Could Cause Another Gas Crisis

The European Union said it asked the International Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions to provide money for Ukraine to buy natural gas from Russia, to avoid a further natural-gas crisis that could arise within weeks. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso made the request at the end of a two-day summit of EU leaders Friday. "There is the risk of another major gas crisis in weeks," Mr. Barroso told reporters, referring to a two-week disruption of Russian gas exports to the EU in January that left some countries without natural gas for heating homes or running factories.

You will come to me when you are cold.
You know my name.

Ukraine Demands Russia's FSB Officers Get Out Of Crimea

Belarus denies Gazprom debt claims
I have two words for Belarus!
~ Vlad

Gazprom clinches Kyrgyz market

Official: Russia monitors possible DPRK missile launch
Russia is monitoring a possible missile launch by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), news agencies reported on Friday, citing a deputy chief of the Russian armed forces. "It is too early to say when North Korea could launch a missile -- this could happen any time," Lt. Gen. Alexander Burutin was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti. "Our monitoring facilities are on permanent alert, and we will trace the missile seconds after it is launched," he said. Burutin warned that his country will intercept the DPRK ballistic missile if it flies in the direction of Russia.

Kazakh President Praises New Russian Bloc
Very good!
But in Altai they are even better.
Yesterday they name a mountain after GAZPROM
and today they sing me a special song:

Altai thanks Putin in song
At the Barnaul Law Institute in Altai, southwestern Siberia, two teachers have expressed their deepest feelings for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a song called “From Grateful Altai,” reports. The ode has been completed in time for the prime minister’s visit to the city, although it is not clear when it will be performed.
Russian Region Removes 'Sovereignty' From Constitution

Putin approves final version of anti-crisis program
Just call me the Anti-Crisis!
HA HA HA! Get it?
Vlad makes very much with the humor.

Kyrgyz Presidential Challenger's Supporters Detained

Former Tajik Interior Minister Dies During Police Raid
Now he's formally former.

Former Chief Of Tajik National Airline Arrested

Convicted extremists set up underground Hizb ut-Tahrir network in Uzbekistan

Iranian firm implementing $100m projects in Turkmenistan
Talking to IRNA, Forqani said Pars Energy Company has in hand the construction of a natural gas storage and supply facility, a railroad to the length of 30 kilometers, as well as a hotel and a dock. He went on to say that 256 kilometers of the Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railroad which lies within Turkmenistan territory will be built by Iranian companies.
We give birth to a brand new branch of Turkmenistan's economy — mining industry!

Belarus, Turkmenistan to set up potash fertilizer company
OK Babba. Why should we care?
I'll tell you.

Keep in mind we have just authorized four US companies to begin State sponsored nuclear power plant work, the UAE and India and now Egypt and Saudi Arabia have all started USA & UN supported "domestic nuclear energy " programs, and keep in mind the "nuclear fuel bank" crap discussed regarding Kazakhstan in earlier posts as well...


POTASH is Potassium Carbonate
it is also sometimes used in the process of mining uranium

In Turkmenistan, uranium prospection and/or exploration is being performed by AXG Mining Ltd (Australia)

Russia to help Tajikistan to develop uranium deposits
Russia will help Tajikistan to develop gas and uranium deposits, Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev said following talks with his Tajik counterpart, Emomali Rahmon. "We want to assist in geological prospecting in Tajikistan with the aim of subsequent extraction and possible processing of energy resources. I mean gas and uranium," he said. (Itar-Tass/BBC Monitoring Central Asia Aug. 29, 2008)

In Uzbekistan, uranium prospection and/or exploration is being performed by Areva, Navoi Mining and Milling Complex, Uran Ltd , Korea Resources Corporation , Mitsui & Co, Ltd. (planned)

Uzbekistan plans to develop seven new uranium deposits to achieve 50% production increase by 2012:

Uzbekistan's export operator the Navoiisky mining and smelting plant (NGMK) plans to put into operation seven new uranium deposits, the NGMK general director said on Jan. 13, 2009. Kuvandik Sanakulov said the uranium production and enrichment monopoly was conducting geological prospecting work at five of the seven deposits. "As part of an increase in uranium production up to 2012, the expansion and reconstruction of sulfuric production, at a cost of about $12 million, will be carried out. The implementation of the program will make it possible to increase uranium production in 2012 by 50%," Sanakulov said. (RIA Novosti Jan. 13, 2009)

Uzbekistan and Japan agree on joint uranium exploration

Kazakhstan Expands Its Uranium Industry

Uranium One Allies With Russians In Kazakhstan

New Uranium Mining Projects - Kazakhstan

Trigon Uranium and Intercontinental Potash announce proposed reverse takeover
Trigon Uranium and Intercontinental Potash Corp. have entered into a non-binding letter of intent under which Trigon intends to acquire privately owned International, a company in which it already holds a minority stake.

Trigon shares had been halted on the TSX Venture Exchange pending news.

The Toronto company said Friday that after the $2.6 million share swap deal it will change its name to Intercontinental Potash Corp. and continue to be listed on the TSXV. It also plans to consolidate its shares and seek a $3 million private placement financing. Trigon currently holds 37 per cent of International Potash, a company that is trying to commercialize Polyhalite as a slow-release fertilizer from its Ochoa project in New Mexico.

Ohio nuclear facility officially declared

Details Of Nuclear Plant Proposal Outlined In Piketon, Ohio

Throwing a BRIC at the world's reigning currency

White Paper: United States: Financial Regulatory Reform

Fed Could Rain On Treasury's Summer Parade

Senate confirms Allison as TARP chief

The U.S. Senate on Friday confirmed Herb Allison, the former chief executive of mortgage finance company Fannie Mae, as assistant Treasury secretary to oversee the government's $700 billion bank bailout fund.

Allison, had led Fannie Mae after the Treasury Department seized it last September to avert a collapse. He will replace Neel Kashkari, who was appointed to oversee the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) by the former Bush administration but who had stayed on until early May.
Bair Proposes Systemic Risk Council

US Stocks Fall, Reverse Earlier Gains, as Energy Shares Drop

US Stocks In Narrow Range As Oil Slide Hurts Energy Cos

Banks in Georgia, North Carolina, Kansas Closed by Regulators

Obama puts critics of financial overhaul on notice
DIG THE LANGUAGE! He will have the power!!!!
President Barack Obama said Saturday that current financial rules exploit consumers and he put critics of his proposed overhaul on notice: "While I'm not spoiling for a fight, I'm ready for one."

Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address to defend his recent proposal, which is intended to prevent a repeat of the breakdown that has sent the U.S. economy reeling. But such major changes face a fight in Congress and opposition from some leaders in the banking and insurance industries.

In the address, Obama focused on a consumer watchdog office that he wants to set up.

"This is essential," Obama said. "For this crisis may have started on Wall Street. But its impacts have been felt by ordinary Americans who rely on credit cards, home loans and other financial instruments."

The Consumer Financial Protection Agency would take over oversight of mortgages, requiring that lenders give customers the option of "plain vanilla" plans with clear and affordable terms.

"It will have the power to set tough new rules so that companies compete by offering innovative products that consumers actually want and actually understand," Obama said. "Those ridiculous contracts — pages of fine print that no one can figure out — will be a thing of the past. You'll be able to compare products, with descriptions in plain language, to see what is best for you."

Obama's Mortgage Refinancing Program May Be Expanded

Bank of America's Prueher and Franks Exit From Board

House panel subpoenas Fed over BofA/Merrill merger

Stanford Indicted in $7 Billion Scheme With Antiguan Regulator

House Democrats Unveil Plan for Health Care
You call that thing a plan?
I thought it was a very long suicide note.

The Abortion Movement's best-kept secret
Meanwhile, the feminist pro-abortion group National Organization for Women (NOW) decried the killing as “the most recent in a string of murders in the service of the anti-abortion cause,” and called upon the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to “root out and prosecute as domestic terrorists and violent racketeers the criminal enterprise that has organized and funded criminal acts for decades.” They urged the government to put “the full resources of their two departments behind that effort.” National Abortion Federation (NAF) president Vicki Saporta went so far as to dub the last thirty years a “reign of terror” against abortionists.
Abortion clinic in focus again, with vigil planned
The now-shuttered Kansas clinic run by slain abortion provider George Tiller is the focus of the issue again, with a vigil and counter-demonstrations planned Saturday.Operation Rescue planned a gathering and prayer vigil in Wichita led by Rev. Patrick Mahoney, who helped lead the 1991 "Summer of Mercy" protests in the city that sparked mass demonstrations and arrests.

Berkeley: Abortion opponent's actions have prosecutors seeking new injunction:
A Berkeley church elder is out of jail and back outside an Oakland abortion clinic to try to persuade women against what he calls "womb lynching," despite a judge's order to stay 100 yards away.

And so an Alameda County prosecutor went back to court Friday, aiming to convince the same judge to fortify his order with an injunction under a year-old city law designed to protect women seeking abortions.

A jury in January convicted Walter Hoye, 52, of Union City, on two misdemeanor counts under Oakland's "bubble ordinance," which bans being within eight feet of women entering abortion clinics.

Hoye chose 18 days in jail over volunteer work and a probation order to stay away from the Family Planning Specialists Medical Group on Webster Street. But Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stuart Hing issued the order anyway.
Vatican Newspaper's Editor Explains Why Obama Is Not 'Pro-Abortion'
The editor-in-chief of the Vatican newspaper, L ' Osservatore Romano, has drawn fire from some conservative Roman Catholics in the United States for allegedly going too soft on President Obama. "Obama is not a pro-abortion president," the editor, Gian Maria Vian, said in a recent interview.
Obama tells men what kind of dads they should be
The kind that would never saddle a woman with the tragedy of a baby? Oh no wait that was the other speech. Never mind.

Conservative Icon Backs Sotomayor

Dude is a "conservative icon"? Who knew?
In any event.... do you believe me yet?

BP Warns Bolivia After Takeover of Aviation Fuel Unit
The British oil major sent a letter on May 15 to socialist President Evo Morales informing him that if an agreement is not reached “within six months” either party could bring a claim before an international tribunal.
Interview with Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa
From a more global perspective, the change that is needed is much more radical and relates to the architecture of global power of the corporations and mega-banks. Do you believe that it is possible to democratize this capitalist system that we live in now? Do you believe that it is possible to accomplish this change?
Somalia's parliament asks neighbors to send troops
Somali lawmakers pleaded Saturday for international military intervention within 24 hours to help fight Islamic insurgents in the lawless African nation, where fierce fighting has resumed in the capital.

Parliament said in a resolution that it needed foreign countries to send troops immediately, Speaker Sheik Adam Mohamed Nor told journalists. He did not give details of the vote. President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, who is also a member of parliament, did not take part but it was not clear why.

"We have, as a parliament, decided to ask the regional governments — like Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti — as well as the international community to intervene militarily in Somalia within 24 hours to help the Somali nation," Nor said.

There was no immediate indication whether Somalia's neighbors would answer the Parliament's plea for foreign troops. There is already an African Union force in Mogadishu, but its mandate is restricted to guarding government officials and installations.

Oil up towards $72 on economic prospects, Nigeria
I am convinced the MEND attacks on these pipelines (and similar events worldwide) are not spontaneous at all but orchestrated at the behest of a panel of who knowswho Glow Ball Seizers who determine when the time is to create shortages. They use the jihad and these sorts of groups like a slash and burn farmer uses fire. But backdrafts are a bitch.

World hunger 'hits one billion'

China to Google: No porn, or else
Google & Cisco will turn your dissident pr0n ass over to the governemnt.
They already have.

Mud volcano could wreak havoc for 30 years say scientists

All in the last 24 hours:




















5.4 earthquake rattles Greek island of Rhodes

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