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Monday, December 3, 2007

Lebensborn to Make a Reich, Baby


In the interest of clarifying further the importance of the photos of the Flemish youth group singing songs from their songbook of the Odins Cross and Odal Rune shown in this LGF post, I am posting further information and images related to the the use of the ODINS CROSS
and the ODAL RUNE in the nationalist Flemish "youth movements"

When the Belgian "VMO"


broke up the replacement ODAL committee was formed and is represented by the ODAL RUNE which Charles is calling in his post the OCHALA RUNE, (AKA OTHALA RUNE) same thing.

Understand that the ODAL RUNE represents THE HOMELAND , BLOOD AND RACE

it is also the symbol of the skinhead group BLOOD AND HONOR, and it is the most used rune in the White Power world outside of the LIFE RUNE

Excellent Link HERE regarding Bert Erikkson of the VMO - This is the first of two lengthy - and somewhat edited - excerpts from Øyvind Strømmen's upcoming book on Eurofascism

Also ...

Please do go to GAMBINI's Blog and watch the translated version of the HIDDEN FACE OF VLAAMS BELANG documentary that I had in my first post on this for further information...


(NJSV) : Nationalistisch Jongstudenten Verbond / Nationalist Alliance of the Young Students:

NJSV was born in 1982 out of the "Action Group of Flemish Schoolboys" or (VSAG). NJSV is a high school boys fascist preparatory club which owes its existence to its founder and first president, none other than Filip Dewinter.

Filip Dewinter's shelf :

In 1987 Dewinter and Vanhecke founded the Vlaamse Blok Jongeren / Vlaams Belang Youth
The majority of of todays VB Parliamentarians are comprised of the alumnus of these blok-related boys clubs.


In BabbaZee's collection that shone a light on this movement, I noticed that there was a drawing of people raising a flag, with the Odin's Cross White Power symbol on the flag, and under it there was the statement:
Morgen de nieuwe ORDENUNG!

Using the dictionary, you get the word-for-word translation
Morning the new arrangement!
or, reading between the words,
Dawn of the new ORDER!

The document above with Dewinters name on it refers to his legal responsibility for the publications listed on the paper , this is apparently part of Belgian law, those who are responsible for the publication must be named and listed somewhere.
As far as I can tell this paper comes from the 1980's and relates to the various NJSV publications.

Left: Filip Dewinter, VMO "demonstration", 1988

Filip Dewinter, courtesy of RENDER

Just ran across a site that happens to illustrate perfectly what I have said repeatedly here and at LGF regarding the three most used symbols in the White Nationalist world:

The Odin Cross
The Odal Rune
The Life Rune

Try not to choke while reading it

Also interesting to note:

What happens if you do an IMAGE SEARCH for the term


let's try