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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

WhoTF is Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, and why should you care?

Shalom all ye infidels ~

WhoTF is he and why should you care?
He is one of the many Creatures from Nowhere, a Super Top Secret Agent of the Nothing!

Prince El Hassan Bin Talal is a Hashemite Prince of Jordan,
the uncle of King Abdallah II,
and the author of the
New International Humanitarian Order.
Some people even seriously think he is the Mahdi / AntiChrist .
He does twist scripture very very well, but then again so does every educated Muslim I have ever known.

Of course this is
a favorite trick of Satan too....

But more on HRH the Prince of Peaceful Hashemites in a moment.

I've been thinking .... I would really like my computer to run on Tesla coils. They look cool, and I am certain there must be some way to power them off the infinite force being generated by the perpetual motion of George Orwell spinning out of control in his grave.

The following quotation is so bad it caused me physical pain to read it.
It is not written by the Prince himself, who is an EXPERT taqiyyalope.
He is probably the best triplespoking doublespeaking diplobabbling taqiyyaloping Hashemite pimp for the caliphate I have read to date.

The point pertinent to my post is highlighted, but it was just so bad I was compelled put up the whole thing and share the resulting suffering with you all:

Mr. President,

It is indeed saddening that we still talk about the deteriorating situation of the Palestine refugees and their basic rights, while the world celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration. On this occasion, we are called upon to work for increased commitments to respect the basic human rights and to find an effective international mechanism to implement international instruments on human rights, away from selectivity and duplicity. We are also called upon to establish a balance between these international instruments, on the one hand, and the national regulations and laws in force in the various countries of the world, on the other, without prejudice to the principle of state sovereignty.

We, therefore, feel that we should reiterate the call made by His Royal Highness Crown Prince El-Hassan from this rostrum for the establishment of a New International Humanitarian Order.

In this spirit, my country participated and supported the adoption of the Statute of the International Criminal Court in Rome earlier this year.

Cooperation and coexistence among different religions and ethnic groups requires a formula for dialogue among civilizations and religions to replace the manifestation of conflict and xenophobia, which has emerged and has been spreading lately. Dialogue among religions would bring out common denominations among different beliefs of the world’s peoples and would explain their foundations to the other parties, thereby making it easier for the adherents of such beliefs to understand one another and coexist together.

The desired inter-religious dialogue constitutes the best means to confront the manifestations of animosity and the attempts to distort the image of Islam and Muslims, whether those living in their home countries or those who have migrated to non-Muslim countries. It is necessary to have a deeper understanding of Islam and the Muslims, away form blind bigotism, which leads to unfair generalization about, and the stereotyping of, more than a billion Muslims. From that narrow view, bigotism goes on to animosity towards Islam and the Muslims on the basis of actions committed by a minority, which if far removed from Muslims and the magnanimous precepts of Islam.

~ Comments by the Jordanian foriegn minister
His Excellency Mr. Abdel-Elah Khatib Minister of Foreign Affairs
at the The 53rd United Nations General Assembly
October 1st 1998

It is indeed saddening! Bigotism!


A New World Order without Ideologies


by HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
His Royal Highness is the youngest son of King Talal bin Abdullah and Queen Zein El Sharaf, and the younger brother of His Late Majesty King Hussein. His family is directly descended from the Prophet Muhammad and is the forty-second generation.

Understand.... this does make HRH The Prince eligible to be the MAHDI.
Here are some of the signs / requirements that the Mahdi /AntiChrist must fulfill:

1. He must be a descendant of Mohammad through the daughter Fatima
2. He must have the pledge and support of Iraqi (Babylonian) people
3. He must rule the Arabs for 7 years
4. Will have a broad forehead and a pointed nose
5. Will appear to do nothing but work to spread justice and harmony on earth, IOW he will be seen as a uniter and a "man of peace"
6. Must eventually take control of and reign from Jerusalem
(BTW the Hashemites OWN the Temple mount)
7. He must be involved in a peace treaty with Israel which he also later breaks
8. He will be a Prince

My research has shown me that there are a great number of people out there who seem to think this guy really is the Mahdi/Anti-Christ.

Myself, I do not dig those kinds of prognostications and I am not interested in making them, in naming the Anti-Christ or IDing individually every single person place and thing out of biblical prophecies. I think that the endeavor itself goes against the WORD of GOD but that's another lecture entirely. If you are obedient to His Word and working your best to stay in His Will and confessing to Him with your mouth when you fail that, you don't need any hoodoo prognosticating hooplewanky religious performance art crapola. The Helper that was promised to us will provide everything you need to know.
That magical crap is nothing compared to the indwelling, it is for lightweights, for Godless amateurs.
It is why I am Clam in the Face of Stan!

I read the signs and take precautions but I know and remember what the Man one knows jack shit but the Father who sent Him, no matter what they claim to know.
And if they claim to know it, don't believe them.
Even the very elect will be deceived.


To The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
A New World Order without Ideologies
Zurich, Switzerland
4th February 2003

Three years ago, at the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank in Prague, Vaclav Havel emphasised that the “the crucial task is to fundamentally strengthen a system of universally shared moral standards that will make it impossible, on a truly global scale, for the various rules to be time and again circumvented with still more ingenuity than had gone into their invention.”

READ IT ALL IF YOU CAN STOMACH IT (or fathom WTF that crap is supposed to really mean)

and......lest us not forget to reiterate he is President of The Club of Rome

And.... apparently, HRH is also
one of Seven Champions of the Earth (along with the GOREACLE!)

But there's so much more! Help me, I'm an Islamophobe in COLORAMA!


Prince Hassan insisted that Muslim people have a fundamental right to govern themselves according to their beliefs and heritage.

He acknowledged that varying interpretations of Islam exist in the Muslim world
and that this can be problematic.

He stressed that the shari‘a should not be treated as a kind of “infectious disease,” simply because it does not conform to Western views of governance. He added that despite European claims of rejecting a theocracy, the existence of the Vatican demonstrates that, even in the West, secularism is not absolute.

~ Quote from:


Report of the Dialogues: Islamic World –U.S.–The West Workshop Organized in Amman, Jordan, March 6–8, 2004

Funded by
Carnegie Corporation,

the MacArthur Foundation,
Majlis El Hassan,
and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Speaking of the Rockefellers , Here is speech given by Stephen Rockefeller regarding HRH The Crown Prince El Hassan:

Remarks by Steven C. Rockefeller, Chair of The Rockefeller Brothers Fund
January 28, 2004 at the New School University in New York

Your Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, President Bob Kerrey, Professor Mustapha Tlili, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening. First of all, I would like to express my profound gratitude to Prince El Hassan for accepting the invitation to share with us his courageous vision of "A Muslim Centrist Platform for Democracy in the Arab World." Prince El Hassan's branch of the Hashemite family is directly descended from the prophet Muhammed, and he occupies a unique place as a spiritual, social, and political leader in the 42nd generation. Your Royal Highness, your participation in this evening's dialogue provides all of us with a rare opportunity to deepen our understanding of the great spiritual tradition of Islam, the contemporary situation in the Arab world, and promising paths to democratic social change, human development, and peace in the Middle East and worldwide.

Prince El Hassan's address has been made possible by a special initiative of the World Policy Institute at the New School University involving dialogues among representatives from the Islamic world, the U.S., and the West. I commend Professor Mustapha Tlili for his leadership in founding and directing these dialogues which began with a very productive meeting in Granada, Spain in 2002. I would also like to thank President Kerrey for the guidance and support he has provided this initiative.

The RBF became a partner in support of Professor Tlili's dialogues project as a result of the Fund's search for ways to respond meaningfully to the challenges that emerged from the events of 9/11. The RBF response to 9/11 has involved support for relief programs and recovery projects in New York City and also several strategic initiatives that have now been integrated into the Fund's new Peace and Security program. For example, the Fund is actively promoting a broad public debate on the U.S. role in the world and on the values and principles that should guide it, and the RBF is also supporting efforts to contribute to the improvement of communication and understanding between Muslim and Western societies.

The Carnegie Corporation and the MacArthur Foundation have joined with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in supporting Professor Tlili's dialogues. If promising initiatives designed to promote mutual understanding are to be sustained and fully successful, they must be supported by institutions and governments in the Muslim world as well as the West. All of us have both an opportunity and a responsibility to build strong partnerships in this undertaking.

As the world enters a [global] phase in the development of civilization under the impact of technological and economic forces, the peoples and nations of the world have a choice. Under the influence of ancient prejudice, ignorance and narrow self-interest, we can engage in a self-destructive clash of cultures and religions, or recognizing that we share a common humanity and planetary home, we can cooperate and support each other in building an equitable, sustainable, and peaceful global society that respects cultural diversity and accepts pluralism. There is no greater social and spiritual challenge today than the pursuit of the latter goal in our local communities and globally. Tonight's dialogue on the future of the Arab world and on building better relations between the U.S. and the Islamic world is of central importance to this undertaking.

This concludes Part One of I don't know how many parts to come on HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal. This could go on indefinitely.

Remember kuffars, Islam means peace!

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