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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nazis Rune Everything

Please read the first two posts (here and here) in this series before reading this one if you have not seen them yet for context.

Special thanks to infidel-4-ever, Yank in the EU, Former Belgian, kristian in Sweden, Meeks of CA, SpiritBraveHeart, Render and JHW for everything and thanks to Toby too, for the picture below.

In order to fully understand why Filip DeWinter and other "Own Peoples Firstly!" types all over the globe are bad news, and how these covert fascists all interconnect to other more overt Fascists and Neo-Nazi organizations worldwide, I need to give a small lecture on the history, importance and use of Runes in Nazi and Neo-Nazi symbolism and faith.

Yes I just called Nazism a faith. The interconnectedness of disparate Nazi and Fascist entities worldwide is all very similar in structure to the widely scattered and diverse Muslim groups which we see now comprising the Global Islamic Jihad. Which is why this thing is so hard to quantify, identify and expose........ just like the jihad.

In my opinion the Fascist / Neo-Nazi white power jihad is not only a totalitarian political movement, it is definitively yet covertly religious. (see also here and here and here

Conversely the Islamic jihad is not only fundamentally and overtly religious, it is also a fascist political construct, hence the now popular term Islamo-Fascism. Remember, Mein Kampf translates literally to "my struggle" and Jihad also means "my struggle".

Use of the Swastika is legally banned in most of Europe hence the contemporary use of the Odin's Cross and the various Teutonic runes by white power terrorists in it's stead.
In this post I will follow two of the white nationalist world's most universally used symbols, the "Life Rune", which is also the symbol of the Flemish Voorpost (Vanguard) and of course the ever ubiquitous, passed off as Celtic, Odin or Sun Cross. By their foolish use of pagan symbolism we shall know them!
Here we go:


Guido von List (1848-1919) was the first to combine German national socialism with the occult teachings of Theosophy. List discovered Wotanism as a young teenager, which is the worship of Wotan, Wodan, or Odin.

List became known as a national socialist guru guiding a renaissance of the glorious Aryan past in Germany. He was also a self-styled master of occult socialism, claiming to be "the last of the Armanist magicians who had formerly wielded authority in the old Aryan world". In 1908 List formed the Guido von List Society in part to promote his Ariosophist research and writings on the Armanen Order. He wrote extensively on these subjects as well as on the Runic Alphabet.

List's pet words (Ariosophy, Aryan, Armanist) all evoked his occult socialist ideas of an aristocracy of enlightened leaders and List's central goal of a super socialist man, or the superior socialist society.

Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7, 1900, in Munich, in the German state of Bavaria, the son of a schoolmaster and one time tutor to the Bavarian royal family. In 1917 Himmler was drafted but did not see frontline service in World War I. After the war he studied agriculture at the Munich Technical College. He joined the Artamanen League (as did Rudolf Hoess) and then, in 1923, the right-wing paramilitary Reichskriegsflagge through which he became involved in the Munich Beer Hall Putsch, initiated by Adolf Hitler, of November 9-10, 1923. In August 1925 Himmler joined the Nazi Party and from 1926-1930 was its deputy propaganda chief.

From WIKI:

Guido von List elaborated a racial religion premissed on the concept of renouncing the imposed foreign creed of Christianity and returning to the pagan religions of the ancient Indo-Europeans (List preferred the equivalent term Ario-Germanen, or 'Aryo-Germans').[5] In this, he became strongly influenced by the Theosophical thought of Madame Blavatsky, which he blended however with his own highly original beliefs, founded upon Germanic paganism.

Before he turned to occultism, Guido List had written articles for German nationalist newspapers in Austria, as well as four historic novels and three plays, some of which were "set in tribal Germany" before the advent of Christianity.[6] He also had written an anti-semitic essay in 1895. List adopted the aristocratic von between 1903 and 1907.

List called his doctrine Armanism after the Armanen , supposedly a body of priest-kings in the ancient Ario-Germanic nation. He claimed that this German name had been Latinized into the tribal name Herminones mentioned in Tacitus and that it actually meant the heirs of the sun-king: an estate of intellectuals who were organised into a priesthood called the Armanenschaft (Goodrick-Clarke 1985: 56).

His conception of the original religion of the Germanic tribes was a form of sun worship, with its priest-kings (similar to the Icelandic goði) as legendary rulers of ancient Germany . Religious instruction was imparted on two levels. The esoteric doctrine (Armanism) was concerned with the secret mysteries of the gnosis, reserved for the initiated elite, while the exoteric doctrine (Wotanism) took the form of popular myths intended for the lower social classes (Goodrick-Clarke 1985: 57).

List believed that the transition from Wotanism to Christianity had proceeded smoothly under the direction of the skalds , so that native customs, festivals and names were preserved under a Christian veneer and only needed to be 'decoded' back into their heathen forms (Flowers 1988: 16-17). This peaceful merging of the two religions had been disrupted by the forcible conversions under "bloody Charlemagne — the Slaughterer of the Saxons" (tr. Flowers 1988: 77). List claimed that the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church in Austria-Hungary constituted a continuing occupation of the Germanic tribes by the Roman empire, albeit now in a religious form, and a continuing persecution of the ancient religion of the Germanic peoples and Celts.

He also believed in the magical powers of the old runes. From 1891 onwards he claimed that heraldry was based on a system of encoded runes, so that heraldic devices conveyed a secret heritage in cryptic form. In April 1903, he submitted an article concerning the alleged Aryan proto-language to the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Vienna. Its highlight was a mystical and occult interpretation of the runic alphabet, which became the cornerstone of his ideology. Although the article was rejected by the academy, it would later be expanded by List and grew into his final masterpiece, a comprehensive treatment of his linguistic and historical theories published in 1914 as Die Ursprache der Ario-Germanen und ihre Mysteriensprache (The Proto-Language of the Aryo-Germans and their Mystery Language).


Thus in the course of uncounted generations all men will become Einherjar , and that state — willed and preordained by the godhead — of general liberty, equality, and fraternity will be reached. This is that state which sociologists long for and which socialists want to bring about by false means, for they are not able to comprehend the esoteric concept that lies hidden in the triad: liberty, equality, fraternity, a concept which must first ripen and mature in order that someday it can be picked like a fruit from the World Tree.[8]


The High Armanen Order (Hoher Armanen Orden) was the inner circle of the Guido von List Society. Founded in midsummer 1911, it was set up as a magical order or lodge to support List's deeper and more practical work. The HAO conducted pilgrimages to what its members considered "holy Armanic sites", Stephansdom in Vienna, Carnuntum etc. They also had occasional meetings between 1911 and 1918, but the exact nature of these remains unknown. In his introduction to List's The Secret of the Runes, Stephen E. Flowers (1988: 11) notes: "The HAO never really crystallized in List's lifetime – although it seems possible that he developed a theoretical body of unpublished documents and rituals relevant to the HAO which have only been put into full practice in more recent years".

Listians under the Third Reich
List died on 17 May 1919, a few months before Adolf Hitler joined a minor Bavarian political party and formed it into the NSDAP. After the Nazis had come to power, several advocates of Armanism fell victim to the suppression of esotericism in Nazi Germany. Among the Listians [14] who were subjected to censure were the rune occultists Friedrich Bernhard Marby, who was interned in Welzheim, Flossenbürg and Dachau concentration camps,[15] and Siegfried Adolf Kummer whose fate is unknown. He may have died in a concentration camp, [16] but at "least one report has him fleeing Nazi Germany in exile to South America." [17]

The main reason for the persecution of occultists was the Nazi policy of systematically closing down esoteric organisations (although Germanic paganism was still practised by some Nazis on an individual basis), but the instigator in certain cases was Himmler's personal occultist, Karl Maria Wiligut. Wiligut identified the monotheistic religion of Irminism as the true ancestral belief, claiming that Guido von List's Wotanism and runic row constituted a schismatic false religion. Flowers (1988: 35) writes: "The establishment of [an] 'official NS runology' under Himmler, Wiligut, and others led directly to the need to suppress the rune-magical 'free agents' such as Marby"


Yggdrasill, AKA Algiz, AKA The Man Rune, AKA Elk Rune, AKA Leben Rune /Toten Ruin

I have also seen it called the
broken cross, the crow's foot, the witch's foot, the Nero Cross, the sign of the "broken Jew, and the "symbol of the 'anti-Christ''

Our rune, inverted in the death pose and encircled , is also called the "Peace Sign".

Overall it is known most commonly today as the Life (and death, when inverted) Rune and all the runes were created by Odin (Wotan).

The Life Rune is the signet emblem of the National Alliance, the Vlaamse SS, The Voorpost, The Lebensborn project and countless dozens of other historical Nazi and modern White Nationalist groups large and small worldwide.

Along with the Odhal Rune it appears to be the most popular rune in use today worldwide with white nationalists.

The Life Rune signifies birth, creation, death, rebirth and renewal. It is also said to represent security, protection and shelter and the womb.

The Nazis used it on the tombstones of dead SS men next to their date of birth, and reversed it next to their date of death. Today, it is often used to represent women as “givers of life” among white supremacists.

Yggdrasill , in Norse mythology is the great "World Tree" whose branches and roots extend throughout the universe—the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. At its top sits an eagle, at its bottom a serpent, and between them a squirrel, breeding discord. It was prophesied that at the doom of the gods the tree would be destroyed. See Germanic religion

ROLAND RAES , at a recent Voorpost Reunion,
the Life Rune on the podium

BELOW: Shaun Walker of
National Alliance and the ubiquitous rune

Frank Vanhecke of Vlaams Belang,
2 weeks ago

I often go on bitter nights
Wotan's oak in the quiet glade
With dark powers to weave a union
The runic letter the moon makes with its magic spell
And all who are full of impudence during the day

Are made small by the magic formula!
~ Adolph Hiltler, 1915

MARCH OF THE ODIN'S CROSSES (click photos for more links):

Flanders, 2007

"What we want is not to suppress other peoples. We want our freedom, our security, and the security of our living space. It is the security of the very life of our people. That is what we are fighting for!
~ Adolf Hitler." (21 - 27 July 1940)

European National Front Propaganda, 2006

What we are we have done ourselves.
~ Adolf Hitler." Unidentified Gau (1 - 7 January 1939)

LEFT: Contemporary Flemish White Power flyer
the 14 words refer to this

A Jongerenfront flyer from the 1980's

Three to Watch: Populists of the Hard Right - New York Times:

From the outside, Dewinter’s English-style-cottage home looks like the others that fill the suburbs around Antwerp — if you overlook the 15-foot sign featuring a clenched fist and the exhortation “Beat corruption, vote Vlaams Blok.” Inside, his two youngest daughters are playing with dolls in a cheerfully sunny playroom. Dewinter’s wife, Lutgarde, and their oldest daughter are running late, returning from a Flemish youth club. He really is, as many friends say, a doting father, the flip side to his tough image.

One needn’t look very hard, however, to find clues as to why Belgian authorities are so leery of him. On one of his bookshelves is a heavy marble sculpture of the Celtic cross, adopted by some neo-Nazis as their version of the swastika. On a dresser, a photo of the French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen mingles with those of Dewinter’s wife and kids. For Dewinter, Le Pen is like family, a father figure even.

Organizing to Resist the Islamization of Europe
When Friends Attack
About Vlaams Belang and Sweden Democrats
Sweden Democrats Document Dump
Islam in Europe: ‘This Isn’t Going to Be Pretty’
Videos: Vlaams Belang and Vlaams Blok
Vlaams Belang Leader Interviewed
Vlaams Belang and the US White Supremacist Cesspool
Wednesday Night Link Depot
’Repugnant?’ Yes, That’s What I Wrote
Now is DeWinter of Our Discontent
The Mask Comes Off at Brussels Journal
A Nuanced Look at Brussels Journal’s Latest Claim
WN Weapons of Mass Deception
Sources for Pim Fortuyn ‘Fascist’ Quote
A White Power Rat in the Vlaams Belang Youth Magazine

White Revolution My Ass.

It is from the VBJ (Vlaams Belang Jongern = Vlaams Belang Youth) site and is also promoted at the VB site. In the video you can see at -8:55 the Odin's cross advertising the "Festival van de Rechtse Film" in 1989.

Monday, November 5, 2007

The continent of Europe is so wide, Mein Herr

Not only up and down, but side to side, Mein Herr.....

Shalom Infidels and part time Modern Nazi Hunters:

Cabaret scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it.
I must have been about 10 or 11 at the time.

It really telegraphed to me (and still does) the degenerate feel of the whole period.
I clearly remember realizing something very deep when watching CABARET for the first time.

It happened when the kid sings Tomorrow Belongs to Me in the beer garden.
I was crying so hard I could not see the screen.

Suddenly I realized that so called "normal" people allowed this to happen.

Well.... guess what?


Honktwa my ass.

I am working on post III regarding the WN / Vlaams world
I hope to have it up today.

I'll be back as soon as I can

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weapons of Mass Deception

Behold, the Symbol of the International Third Positionists.

Which sheds an even brighter light on the symbolism of DeWinter's little statue, now doesn't it?

The Odin's Cross is an internationally recognized NeoNazi trademark currently being (lamely) taqiyyed off by some as a Celtic Cross. This symbol is being used today only by by NeoNazis, white power movements and movements worshiping Odin which are also largely comprised of white power people. To boot, it is the symbol and masthead of Stormfront , the "White Nationalist Community"

Celtic Cross my ass. I see you.


In order to understand why the Vlaams Belang sponsored CounterJihad Europa, why the BNP was invited by the YAF to speak at campuses in America during IslamoFascism week, and why they and so many other White Nationalist and Neo Fascist groups world wide have been working so diligently to seem "moderate" since 9/11, (read: RE-BRANDING) I first need to give a small lecture on white man's political taqiyya.

The Gramscian tactics of commanding the language, polarizing the personal and manning the long march through the institutions does not belong only to the whores of the left or the beasts of Islam.

This tactic is also being used by todays "New Right" .

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ENTRYISM:


A political tactic in which an extremist organizations and groups intentionally infiltrate legitimate mainstream organizations in an attempt to gain recruits, and gain influence and power, obtain plausible deniability for their real agendas with their ultimate goal being to take control of the legitimate structure.

The technique is commonly used by extremists of both the left and the right in order to enter and co opt more centrist groups, thereby providing political cover for their extremist agendas and gaining them access to mainstream political power.

In situations where the larger organization is hostile to entryism, said entryists engage in taqiyya to hide the fact that they are, in fact, an organization in their own right.

In the case of the Militant Tendency, this was done by claiming that the tendency was just a newspaper, its editorial board and readers.

Militant was open about its support for Trotskyism and revolutionary socialism.

The Majority of entrist groups go to great pains to hide their true political views as well as their organizational existence.

Vital to note that entryism does not involve dissolving the small organization into the larger one.

Entryism is generally (but not always) done clandestinely and often in organizations run on democratic centralist lines.

Entryism is a logical conclusion from Leninist political theory which postulates that a "revolutionary vanguard" can sucessfully forment a revolution within a larger capitalist society.

It is also related to the concept of Gramsci's "Long March through the Institutions"

Entryism is not an exclusively left-wing phenomenon; it is also found in the far-right entering mainstream right-wing groups. e.g. British National Party members joining the UK Independence Party.

In the US the John Birch Society, and other groups were accused of entryism in relation to the surprise selection of Barry Goldwater as the Republican candidate for US President in the 1964 election.


Also see: THE THIRD WAY:

From Wiki:
For another party by the name "England First", see England First Party.

International Third Position (ITP) was a United Kingdom group formed by the Italian Roberto Fiore and as a continuation of the Political Soldier movement that originated in the Third Positionist British National Front in the early 1980s. With a small but dedicated membership the ITP preached a form of revolutionary nationalism that attacked capitalism and looked to the Strasser brothers and Distributist writers like Hilaire Belloc and A. K. Chesterton for inspiration.

Initially the ITP distanced itself from traditional Fascism and Nazism, promoting "racial separatism" rather than crude racism. The International Third Position operated more as an "elite cadre" than a mass movement. It sought to become an umbrella organisation for various national revolutionary parties throughout Europe and the world.

Though a key formulator of the Third Positionist platform, Nick Griffin left a few years after the ITP's formation. After circa 4 years he threw his lot in with the British National Party (BNP), which he later took control of by attacking and undermining the BNP founder John Tyndall. Derek Holland, though appearing at nationalist functions as late as 2002, appears to have retired from active political involvement.

The ITP changed its name * to England First in 2001 and has since become a part of the European National Front with the Spanish Falange, Italian Forza Nuova, Romanian Noua Dreaptă, Polish National Rebirth of Poland and others.

The most recent ITP/ENF gathering in central London in April 2005 drew 150 supporters. Overall membership is estimated by Searchlight magazine to be somewhat lower than this, although the ITP maintains a relatively strong publishing presence as well as its network of international contacts.

Publications supporting the ITP in the UK are Final Conflict, The Voice of St George and Candour (which was previously published by A. K. Chesterton and is the longest running far right publication in Britain). The movement also publishes a number of reprint books connected to its ideology.

* Please take note that since 9/11 all of these White Power based parties have changed their names ~ bz

Third Position On The Web

A burgeoning number of sites devoted to "Third Position" ideology — a mix of "left" and "right" ideas with strong neofascist overtones — have sprung up on the World Wide Web in recent years. The list below is divided into two groups. The first group includes those sites listed on the resist@nce Web ring — all of them affiliated with the European Liberation Front and its ally, the Laison Committee for Revolutionary Nationalism.

Many of those behind this first group of sites are adherents of Odinism, a neo-Pagan religion popular among Skinheads. The second group of sites are affiliated with a key British group, the International Third Position (ITP). The first group is highly critical of the second because it opposes the ITP's right-wing Catholicism.

Please go to the link above for the links to these sites. I do not want to link any white power sites directly here.

I embedded a different link in the AMERICAN FRONT however, it is safe and a must read. ~ BZ

The American Front

Beyond Left and Right

Black Front
The ideas of Otto and Gregor Strasser, brothers who pushed a more "socialist" version of Hitler's National Socialism, are prominently featured here. (Black Front was the name of a group started by Otto Strasser after Hitler ordered his brother's murder.) In addition to articles by British Third Positionists, it carries the full texts of Sun Tzu's Art of War, Qadhafi's Green Book, and Jack London's Iron Heel.

Insurrection Online
"Freedom! Justice! Identity! National Revolution!" is the mantra of this site, which carries articles by American Front members and others on "national revolution." It also includes a withering attack on Don Black's Stormfront hate site. Stormfront had earlier written, "As if the Communism wasn't enough, in 3P many of the leaders are also Satanist. Third Position and American Front is Communist crap."

National Bolshevik
National Bolsheviks, or "national revolutionaries," are anti-capitalist insurrectionists with a strong fascist and anti-Semitic overlay. This site opens with a photo of Che Guevara and then leads into such articles as "Zionist Oppression." It also carries biographies of Third Position heroes and the "solidarity2" E-mail list.

National Revolution
National Revolution's slogan is the same as that of the American Front: "National Freedom, Social Justice, Racial Identity." This site offers articles on the Romanian Iron Guard and others penned by fascists such as Julius Evola and Yukio Mishima.

National Revolutionary Faction
With the goals of a "monoracial Europe" and the destruction of the "economic imperialism of Zionism," this extensive site is the work of Briton Troy Southgate, who broke away from the International Third Position group.

It contains a gamut of articles on revolutionary skills and methods, as well as the manifesto of the European Liberation Front, a coalition of Third Position groups.

Spartacus Press
Spartacus Press is dedicated to "the idea of extreme-left/far-right convergence — a process ... once called the 'courage to live in antithesis.' " Opening with the words "Hail Serbia, Fuck NATO," it has articles on revolutionary movements throughout the world, ecology and an eclectic array of other topics.

Its hope, it says, is to "encourage anti-System coalitions that transcend ideological and religious boundaries."

The Voice of Revolution On-line Journal
Devoted to "National Freedom and Social Justice," this site is run from Saskatoon, Canada, and carries articles — including "how-to" manuals for revolutionists — salient quotes, essays and poetry. Art is especially highlighted as key to developing the "New Man." One recent article exhorted readers to undertake "direct action."

The following English-language sites are affiliated with the International Third Position, a British neofascist group. They differ from other Third Position sites in that they are fervently Catholic, albeit from a far-right perspective.

American Coalition of Third Positionists
This is the site of the official American branch of the International Third Position, based in Rockville, Md. It sells pins and The Third Position Handbook, in which "ideology, structure, and strategies for political action" are discussed. The group also sells a newsletter through the site called Neither Left Nor Right.

Final Conflict
Final Conflict describes itself as the "premier Nationalist fanzine!" The site sells Third Position books, Celtic cross pendants, anti-abortion materials, videotapes, stickers, and even a T-shirt adorned with the words "FASCIST AND PROUD." It also carries an attack on the "criminality" of the British antifascist magazine Searchlight.

International Third Position
This is the main site for the International Third Position (ITP), headed by Roberto Fiore and Derek Holland. Along with extensive links to other ITP-linked groups, the site carries information on the neofascist communes that ITP runs in Spain and France.

It describes its politics as driven by a "spiritually motivated worldview."

Here's an interesting piece on history of the Third Position in Pravda.

I have been playing Six Degrees of Vlaams Belang, the BNP and the major players names of both movements all day, every day, for the past 12 days straight and I have yet to leave the WHITE NATIONALIST world. The far right and the far left start to commingle at the putrid edges. RON PAUL! is prominent. All evil meets at least twice daily at Jew Hate Junction.

BTW, while playing my games I found yet another codeword to add to our list from the last post.

"Hellenic Nationalist"

I also found the White nationalist Terminology, Acronym, Numerical, Imagery, Gestures and Symbol dictionary, get your copy before it disappears, warning: this link is a google redirect to a Stormfront thread. ABOVE: Peter Rushton, and the ubiquitous Odin's Cross.

Who TF is Peter Rushton? Rushton was purged from the BNP for being a "Trotskyite". I post his photo only becasue of the cross. But when playing six degrees of Vlaams Belang you can place another Rushton, Phillipe, right next to Phillip Claeys and Jared Taylor in February, 2006

Emmanuel Brun d'Aubignosc (from left) joined celebrity white nationalist David Duke, British National Party overseas liaison Julie Russell, British National Party leader Nick Griffin, and Griffin's wife in Germany in 2002.

Here is a clip from an edifying article.

On a beautiful day in northern Germany in the summer of 2002, two notorious white supremacists sat down at a picnic table to eat vanilla ice cream.

David Duke, the former Klan leader turned anti-Semitic superstar of the global radical right, sat across from Nick Griffin, the head of the white supremacist British National Party (BNP). Joining Duke and Griffin were BNP overseas liaison officer Julie Russell, Griffin's wife, and a little-known Belgian man in his early 30s by the name of Emmanuel Brun d'Aubignosc.

There's no record of the conversation that accompanied the ice cream. But it's a good bet that website technology came up. D'Aubignosc at the time was a longtime computer expert and professional website designer, as well as a self-proclaimed white nationalist.

Since he met with Duke and Griffin in 2002, d'Aubignosc ("dee-ah-ben-yosc") has become a major behind-the-scenes promoter of white nationalist ideology in more than a dozen countries, an Intelligence Report investigation has revealed.

According to international website registry records and d'Aubignosc's own statements on the white supremacist online forum Stormfront, he is the chief website manager, or "webmaster," for several high-profile white nationalist organizations, including the British National Party; the French white nationalist group Le Mouvement Social et Patriotique; and the National Front, a far-right anti-immigrant political party in France. The National Front's leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, personally tasked d'Aubignosc with creating a pan-European white nationalist web presence at a meeting last year in Paris, according to a statement d'Aubignosc posted online under his code name, Indutiomar, which is apparently a reference to the first century Celtic general Indutiomarus.

D'Aubignosc also administers a multinational "whites only" dating service called Eurodatelink and a network of white nationalist electronic newsletters for readers in 16 European countries, as well as the United States and Canada. D'Aubignosc promotes this network, dubbed Altermedia, as "World Wide News for People of European Descent."

But d'Aubignosc's most vital role in the global white nationalist movement is that of David Duke's personal webmaster. D'Aubignosc designs, manages, and regularly updates Duke's official website and that of the Duke-led hate group, EURO (European American Unity and Rights Organization).

D'Aubignosc also does business with Chris Evans, a former unit commander for the neo-Nazi organization National Alliance and marketing director for the Alliance's hate-rock company Resistance Records. Evans now lives in Texas, where he runs AryanWear, a leading white supremacist clothing and merchandise company. Website registry records list Evans as the United States administrative contact for Eurodate.

Also, Evans is the North American contact for Upsylon, a web hosting and E-commerce consulting firm owned by d'Aubignosc. Upsylon is based in Brussels, Belgium, where d'Aubignosc also maintains a residence.

Because he lives and works in Belgium, d'Aubignosc's white nationalist website management may violate that country's strict anti-hate speech laws, which prohibit residents of Belgium from distributing propaganda that "incites discrimination, hatred, segregation or violence" against a person or group "on account of race, color, origin, or national or ethnic descent."

The fact that d'Aubignosc is distributing racist and anti-Semitic materials online rather than passing out leaflets in the street affords him scant legal protection, according to Frederick Banson, spokesperson for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, a European Union agency that monitors racism and xenophobia and advises EU member nations on prosecuting hate crimes.



We have THREE ENEMIES the way I see it:

The whore commie socialist degenerate left,
The blood guzzling beasts of Islam,
And the ravening power mad wolves of the racist right

This post is already getting overlong . I know I am asking you to digest a lot of disparate information.

For that reason I will end this post here and reconvene this train of though back into the Vlaams Belang and their hijacking of the Counter Jihad Europa with the next installment.

Be back as soon as I can.

UPDATE 11/5 - It's a Honktwa!:

Death By 1000 Papercuts: The Neo-Nazis,
The White Supremacists,
And BabbaZee--

Lizard Land Weather Report:
There's a Storm Front Coming