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Saturday, November 15, 2008

WFRL: DJ Mikael Spins...

The Rolling Stones & The Prophet Zimmy
Like a Rolling Stone

The Prophet Zimmy
Like a RollingStone

Ghetto Freaks!

Sign of Aquarius ~ 1970
AKA "Ghetto Freaks"
and"Love Commune"

Missing Links: You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here

The Mothers of Invention
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here

Just as much as you wonder
If I mean just what I say
That's just how much I question
The social games you play

You're probably wondering
Why I'm here...
And so am I

Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayad told a UN-sponsored interfaith conference that Jerusalem is only holy to two religions. “Jerusalem is home to the third most holy place to Islam, the place where Muhammad rose to the heavens, and the place where Jesus, the Christian, was resurrected,” Fayad said. He made no mention of the Jewish connection or that the Temple Mount Judaism’s holiest site.

Hamas fires long-range rockets at Israel

GERMAN MP: Israel must stop issuing military threats against Iran
Is that right?

Top Iranian "cleric": DEATH TO ARROGANT AMERICA!

President Bush Fellates Saudi King Abdullah

The 37th Session of the OIC Permanent Finance Committee

Talks yield no new sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program

Russian minister says Moscow against new Iran sanctions

IAEA wants to give nuke aid to SYRIA

IRAN: OPEC Is `Very Likely' to Recommend Cut

Obama to 'rethink US policy on Afghanistan'

Rice praises Obama

Lenin statue blown up near Moscow

Belarus Silent on Reported Missile Talks With Russia

France urges Russia and US to end missile feud

EU, Russia Agree on New Partnership Talks and Financial Policy

EU-Russia Summit Hints At Geopolitical Rapprochement

Lithuania's President calls on the EU to demonstrate more solidarity

US advises EU to tread carefully with Russia

Baku energy summit mulls gas pipeline routes


This “Nabucco Project” pipeline would bypass Russia—and cut deeply into its natural gas business
By February 20, 2009, the world will be rocked as Russian special forces, wearing Gazprom (OTC:OGZPY) security uniforms, will invade Ukraine to protect the natural gas pipeline into Europe. Russian stocks will plummet as skittish investors flee Moscow for good. But three companies stand to make a mint.
NABUCCO project depends on Turkmenistan

OMV (Austria) in talks with Shell, BP on Nabucco gas

Gazprom talks to Serbia behind closed doors

Zapatero to tout Spain's banking regulation at World Economic Crisis Summit

Spain not originally invited, but France gives seat

Greeting Card Company Unveils 'Atheist Christmas Cards'
Oh please, get yer own damn holiday ya sour MFers- how 'bout Festivus? Suits yez.

A storm of international protest is building over a Chinese ruling that a Muslim Uighur woman who is six months pregnant must have an abortion or lose her home

SIX MONTHS pregnant!

Diocese repudiates Catholic priest who said Obama supporters should not seek communion

Ex-Hitler youth issues dire warning to America

The inside story of a banking behemoth
Goldman Sachs has groomed politicians, more than one treasury secretary, and more than a few millionaires. But the history of the 139-year-old Wall Street giant has long been shrouded by "a near fetish for no publicity".

~ SNIP ~

He said: “We as a world society need a new financial system. “The problem is that we need an international system and there are only national governments."
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Soros backs GWB

A "leading US expert" has said India could benefit from this economic meltdown

GM may need $30 billion in aid

Chevron to invest US$1 bln in Indonesia next year

5.23 - 68.3 miles ESE of Adak


Worlds most ancient temple unearthed on Turkish Syrian border
It's more than twice as old as the Pyramids, or even the written word. When it was built, saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths still roamed, and the Ice Age had just ended. The elaborate temple at Gobelki Tepe in southeastern Turkey, near the Syrian border, is staggeringly ancient: 11,500 years old, from a time just before humans learned to farm grains and domesticate animals.

According to the German archaeologist in charge of excavations at the site, it might be the birthplace of agriculture, of organized religion — of civilization itself. "This is the first human-built holy place," Klaus Schmidt of the German Archaeological Institute says in the November issue of Smithsonian magazine.

Now I'm Here

Now I'm here.....
Think I'll stay around

WFRL: Commando

Commando ~ 1977

First rule is: The laws of Germany
Second rule is: Be nice to mommy
Third rule is: Don't talk to commies

Fourth rule is: Eat kosher salamis

Friday, November 14, 2008

3 Wood: American Shariah ~ Creeping Death

Creeping Death

Babba has posted on this many times and now the topic hits the MSM. Babba, you are a visionary.

U.S. Interest in Shariah Finance Opens Dangerous Doors, Critics Say

"Shariah-compliant banking, sometimes called Islamic banking, is growing in popularity in the Western and Islamic worlds. But critics say American interest in the system at a time of economic crisis is opening the door to increased Islamic influence in the American banking system. Worse yet, some fear the banks may be helping to finance international terrorism.

In Shariah-compliant banking, lenders may not charge interest and investors cannot make money from forbidden industries like gambling, alcohol, pork and pornography. Selling debt, devising derivatives and short selling are also prohibited, and investments must be closely tied to actual assets.In the U.S., the Dow Jones Islamic Index tracks Shariah-compliant companies and funds, and funds have sprung up like the Amana Mutual Funds Trust and the Azzad Asset Management.

American investment funds, like those offered by TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab, can invest in Shariah-compliant companies, and those companies can offer investments in American companies. Top holdings in the Azzad Ethical Midcap Fund, for example, include Western Digital Corp., Southwest Electric Co. and Apple Computer, Inc.

But allowing Shariah-compliant finance in the U.S. is green-lighting a seditious system that supports jihad, said Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C.

"If you understand what Shariah is, you understand that it is a pretty awful system. Not something that you'd want insinuated in your society and becoming a major feature of your economic system," Gaffney said.

"Shariah (Islamic law as dictated by the Koran) governs all aspects of life, from the personal practice of the faith to how you relate to your family to how you relate to your business partners, to your community .... all the way up to how the world is run, and it is all one seamless program. You can't say 'I'll take the personal pietistic practice ... and skip the beheading and the flogging and the stoning and the global theocracy,'" he said."

I fully expect an Obama administration and a liberal Congress will be very receptive to sharia banking. Then it will be come very easy for terrorists to operate at will within our borders because they will have easy access to financing to do so. Given our free society, someone with $50,000 in cash can operate almost invisibly for quite a long time and cause untold damage.

Buckle up folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Personally, I set the over/under for the next terrorist attack on U.S. soil to happen within 6 months of Obama taking office. I then put it at one chance in three that Obama will do anything but apologize.

~ 3 Wood

WFRL: Ezekiel's Wheels

Wheel Within a Wheel ~ 1980

Art Blakey : Drums
James Williams : Piano
Bobby Watson : Sax alto
Branford Marsalis : Baritone & alto Sax
Bill Pierce : Sax tenor
Wynton Marsalis : Trumpet
Valery Ponomarev : Trumpet
Kevin Eubanks : Guitar
Robin Eubanks : Trombone
Charles Farmbrought : Acoustic Bass

Missing Links: a little Blakey around the edges ~

~ William Blake

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers

Blake's Heaven: A man ahead of his time

During his lifetime, he was dismissed by many as a dangerous radical. But now, on the 250th anniversary of his birth, he is hailed as one of Britain's greatest visionaries

Earthquake Monitors to Watch for N.Korea Nuclear Activity

The realism behind a 7.8 earthquake is no longer a question of 'if' for the state of California, rather a question of when

Obama aide apologises to US-Arabs

IDing the fact that Obama is AS WHITE AS HE IS BLACK is now an INSULT

Will Hillary be the new Condi?

Hamas’ “Recognition” of Israel

THE MIGHTY GLICK: The Perils Ahead

OIC: Speech of his Excellency Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
Up your meds before reading:
It is a distinct honour for me to participate in this High-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly under the agenda item 'Culture of Peace', sponsored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a host of member States.
As long as your meds are already upped:
Saudi King meets with "Prominent Jews" in NY

Now why would the King Of Saudi Arabia organize an interfaith conference at the UN, declaring that all religions caused intolerance and bloodshed? And why would Israel's
mafia President applaud the King?

Saudi King Promotes 'Theological Diplomacy' At UN


CIA: Al Qaeda Is Extending Its Reach

Taliban will never negotiate with the West

Iranian envoy kidnapped in Pakistan

Iran's missile tests show need for European shield

Experts: 'New' Iranian missile an old one

Russian church 'stolen by thieves'

Sailor charged with causing deaths on nuclear sub

Medvedev seeks fresh start in Russian-US ties

Medvedev Trip to US Unlikely to Help Ties

Russian constitution change could lead to Putin comeback as president

For Europe and Russia, Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Naturally. Europe likes heat and hot water, just like America does.

EU Plan To Battle 'Vicious Cycle' Of Energy Dependency

Why Europe is Secretly Afraid of a Socialist America

EU looks to diversify energy supplies

In Russia's Putin-Medvedev shuffle, Putin is the lead dancer

Spanish minister bothered by Gazprom interest

As well he should be!

Spanish gov't rejects selling 20% Russia's Gazprom

Gazprom's Move on Spain

Gazprom, Serbia Set Negotiations Into Motion

Gazprom Sends Germans to Siberia

BASF, Gazprom boost gas production at Siberia's Achimgaz project

Germany and Austria: Press Turkmenistan on Rights

Petrostate: Putin, Power, and the New Russia

US Disapproves Creation of Opec-Like Gas Cartel

Solidarity needed for Nabucco

TURKEY: ‘Gov’t needs to reduce red tape if it is to become a petrol hub’

Baku Energy Summit brings together energy-hungry nations

Chevron on Oil Prices and Energy Policy

Chevron Calls On Obama To Create Energy Policy

Chevron cuts oil prices Friday

US Stocks Advance Led by Energy Shares; Exxon, Chevron Gain

Chevron sees first oil from Blind Faith Field

Goldman suspends GM rating, sees $22 billion bailout

Sharia banks expand amid crisis

Bernanke Says Central Bankers Ready for More Action


Vile German film: House of the Sleeping Beauties
OBVIOUSLY I do not possess "The Correct Mindset":
There, for the correct number of euros, lecherous old men get to spend the night in bed with nude young women. But this is no ordinary prostitution racket. First, the women have willingly been drugged, so they sleep through the entire experience and remember nothing when they awaken.

Second, there is no sex except for a little caressing and an occasional kiss. Edmond's encounters in this necrophiliac brothel awaken bizarre hallucinations about his mother and other childhood events. The story takes on an air of suspense when Edmond accidentally sees a corpse being carried from the building and taken away in a car.

"House of the Sleeping Beauties" is rewarding viewing for people with the correct mind-set. Just don't confuse it with the Disney animation classic "Sleeping Beauty" and bring the kids.
Gayhad? White powder sent to Mormon temples

That freaking mud volcano still going, 2 years later. Gov't gives up

Castro don't look so good.......

Weekend at Fidel's!

Moscow Court Upholds Verdict Against Journalist

Monticeto CA currently like hell on earth

Fascinating article about the human genome
"new large-scale studies of DNA are causing her and many of her colleagues to rethink the very nature of genes"

Mysterious glowing aurora over Saturn confounds scientists

First photos taken of planets far, far away

The key to understanding the tragedy that was Jonestown lies in the oratory skills of the Peoples Temple founder, Jim Jones.
Draw what parallels you dare

The Art of William Blake
Set to The Doors
The Crystal Ship

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two Outta Three Frogs Agree...

Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
Scares the hell out of me
and the end is all I can see...

Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
~ Revelation 16:13

Hat Tip: MeritWorm

Radical Secularism, Militant Islamism
The contemporary secular campaign being waged against Judeo-Christian civilization.

By Joseph Morrison Skelly

God is dead,” Friedrich Nietzsche declared in Thus Spake Zarathustra and The Gay Science, two of his nineteenth-century assaults upon the established moral order.

“God is not great,” Christopher Hitchens decrees in his tome of the same title released last year.

“Stop!” Herb London shouts, as he stands athwart history in his new book, America’s Secular Challenge: The Rise of a New National Religion, published this autumn by Encounter Books. In it, he takes on the high priests and acolytes of radical secularism, which he deems to be an emerging national faith. Such an ideology elevated to the level of religious doctrine poses a grave threat to the West, London, the president of the Hudson Institute, properly asserts. This is true of extreme secularism in and of itself, but even more so when it is juxtaposed against the designs of one of our mortal enemies, militant Islamism.

“In particular, I hope to demonstrate,” he writes, “that our culture’s increasing commitment to the tenets of radical secularism undermines our resolve to oppose a fanatical foe on the world stage.” As he argues elsewhere, “[t]he question is whether radical secularism offers a sufficiently robust alternative to religion — robust enough, that is, to nurture our allegiance to the core values of Western civilization at a time when those values are under siege not only from the external threat of radical Islam, but also from the internal threats of spiritual fecklessness and moral anemia.” No, it does not, is his sobering reply, which makes his latest publication a must read.


In his book, London differentiates between a healthy secularism and its extremist counterpart. The former is one of the pillars of enlightened liberal democracies. Many of its adherents are patriotic citizens of the West. “There are secularists who love America and will sacrifice for it,” he affirms. Radical secularism, however, “is a kind of faith, as is the dogmatic commitment to scientific rationality, to which so many secularists appeal in the hopes of answering moral and ontological questions that were once answered by religion.”

The rational secularist — someone like Alan Wolfe, Christopher Hitchens, or the staff of the American Civil Liberties Union — “disinters a ‘religious’ canon of his own, one that has a distinct value system even as it rejects Christianity and Judaism.” At first glance it may seem ironic to refer to radical secularism as a religion, since it is bereft of any faith in God, but the author is right to assert that it constitutes a new belief system, a postmodern creed of sorts, which is one of his key insights. Another is how he turns the tables on elitist commentators who are so quick to excoriate religious fundamentalists by applying their standards to radical secularists, demonstrating in the process how it is the latter group that more often exhibits intellectual rigidity.

London identifies five developments in our time that have paved the way for the ascendancy of radical secularism. They include the rise of multiculturalism; the decay of traditional religion; the degeneration of the liberal virtue of tolerance into an unwillingness to discriminate (relativism, in other words); transnationalism, which is “the effort to reduce or eliminate the national heritage of European states through continental harmonization” — and a phenomenon creeping into American life; and “a loss of existential confidence that is at the same time a failure of nerve.” There is a historical dimension to this process, too, since the assault upon established religion has deep roots in the West, including Friedrich Nietzsche, as mentioned above, and extending back to the radical French branch of the Enlightenment, which the author acknowledges early on in his book.

While London details the contemporary secular campaign being waged against Judeo-Christian civilization writ large, he is eloquent in his defense of Christianity itself. “[T]he historical truth is that our way of life, including the liberty ensconced in liberalism, emerged from and is sustained from Christian principles,” he argues. “Judeo-Christian principles” might be the more accurate phrase, this reviewer believes, but the author’s effort to bolster a Christianity now unsure of itself is most welcome. He welcomes Pope Benedict’s appeal to reason, or logos, in his Regensberg address, revealing that his book is not, by any means, a simple-minded attack upon modern science. “Pope Benedict’s lecture at Regensberg University was, in fact, an exploration of faith’s basis in reason.” He recounts in a positive manner the Pope’s recent remarks to a youth audience. “The great challenge of our time is secularism,” the Pontiff said. “Society creates the illusion that God does not exist, or that God can be restricted to the realm of purely private affairs. Christians cannot accept that attitude. This is the first necessity: that God becomes newly present in our lives.”

In his concluding chapter London exhorts Christianity to rise to the occasion by appealing to its noblest achievements: “[w]hether Islam will find the will to reform itself is a looming question of our times, but it is equally important to ask whether Christendom, which has often wanted to sit out the battle, will mobilize the spiritual strength to fight for the greatest and most liberating tradition the world has yet known.”

Radical secularists seek to banish religion entirely from the public square. But what do they believe in private? In an important chapter London delineates their six central principles, what he calls the “articles of a possible secularist catechism.” Listen closely, and we can hear several of them reverberate in this presidential election season.

The first doctrine is that “[t]ruth is subjective, relative, or contextual.” Next is the assertion that [r]ationality can solve moral and ontological questions about man’s nature,” followed closely by the notion that a “rational government is freed from the limits traditionally imposed on its purview through the attainment of technical knowledge. Man’s eternal problems, including the plight of the poor, can be solved through a welfare state based on the redistribution of wealth.” The fourth article of faith holds that “[s]ince we are all children of the globe, subject to the same rationality, national loyalty and patriotism are dangerous anachronisms.” The fifth asserts that the “most important goal one can seek is self-transformation, what the psychologist Abraham Maslow called ‘self-actualization.” The last dogma stipulates that“[d]iscrimination is the great bugbear of social intercourse.

The mandate ‘judge not, let ye be judged,’ stripped of its original meaning as a plea for compassion, is not a justification for closing one’s eyes to the difference between right and wrong.” London’s assessment of these secular commandments is quite damning. “[L]et us say that, taken together, they form the basis for a seductive new religion. Since this religion is based upon individual, self-directed action as the source of salvation — and upon manifest disapproval of the transcendent — one might just as accurately describe it as a new form of paganism.”


The perpetrators of 9/11, alas, were not pagans, but adherents of militant Islamism. Radical secularism, London is right to stress, is incapable of confronting this deadly strategic threat. Since it eschews theology in favor of rationality, this paradigm cannot adequately comprehend a fanatical movement rooted in religion. As he laments, “[b]elieving that there must be a rational explanation for seemingly irrational behavior, Western leaders and opinion makers bend over backwards to contrive exculpatory explanations. Rarely do they come to the conclusion that the violence is fomented by religious zealotry no liberal concessions can possibly mitigate.” Many Western policymakers are handicapped by the limits of the secularist imagination, in other words.

Militant Muslims, for their part, perceive that the fissures now visible in the foundation of Western resolve — due in part to the corrosive effects of radical secularism — present opportunities they can exploit, cracks they can pry open. During a recent seminar on his book in New York City, London made a perceptive comment in reply to a question on what might be fueling the rise of extremist Islam at this historical juncture: “Perhaps it is because radical Islam recognizes a cultural weakness in the West,” he said. As he puts it in his book, “[c]ertainly part of the reason for the recent tumult is the belief circulating in the Islamic world that a secular West no longer has the will to resist Islamic jihad.”

Herb London is correct. At bottom, our social malaise is a spiritual illness. We are fighting now on battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq, but, as he warns, “if the West cannot marshal the strength to defend its core values, these contemporary Crusades will assuredly end in disaster. Part — a large part — of that task is spiritual. It involves challenging the gospel of radical secularism, according to which the goal of human life is entirely defined by material well-being.” In its place can stand a revival of the Judeo-Christian founding principles of the West in general and the United States in particular. Religion remains a vital force in American life and represents a wellspring of national renewal. Tapping into it can help to ensure the more favorable outcome of the two scenarios that, London believes, lie ahead of us.

“As the first decade of the twenty-first century comes to a close, its seems clear that there will either be a rebirth of the West, bolstered by a resuscitation of its key traditions, or further disintegration as we struggle ineptly against fanaticism.” The obstacles to achieving the first outcome are formidable, to be sure, but America’s Secular Challenge: The Rise of a New National Religion outlines a strategy for ultimate success.

— Joseph Morrison Skelly is a college history professor in New York City and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Open Season

I speak peace when peace is spoken
But I speak war when your hate is provoking
The season is open 24-7-365
Man up yo ~ time to ride
No need to hide behind slogans of deceit
Claiming that you're a religion of peace
We just don't believe you
We can clearly see through
The madness that you're feeding your people
The cry of your unholy war
Using the willing, the weak and poor
From birth drowning in propaganda
rhetoric and slander
All we can say is damn ya
My forefathers fought and died for this here
I'm stronger than your war of fear
Are we clear?
If you step in my hood
It's understood
It's open season

RIP Mitch Mitchell & Jimmy Carl Black

With the death of Mitch Mitchell, one of the finest bands of all is no more

Jimi Hendrix Experience
1967 ~ Offenbach, Germany
Stone Free, Purple Haze & Hey Joe

Mothers of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black dies

The Mothers of Invention
1968 ~ Paris, France
Forum Musiques

Missing Links: Schizophrenic WWIII Paranoia Blues

The Kinks ~ 1973
Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
I'm too terrified to walk out of my own front door,
They're demonstrating outside
I think they're gonna start the third world war,
I've been to my local head shrinker,
To help classify my disease,
He said it's one of the cases of acute schizophrenia he sees.

Well the milkman's a spy, and the grocer keeps on following me,
And the woman next door's an undercover for the K.G.B.,
And the man from the Social Security
Keeps on invading my privacy,
Oh there ain't no cure for acute schizophrenia disease.

I've got acute schizophrenia, paranoia too,
Schizophrenia, schizophrenia,
I've got it, you've got it, we can't lose,
Acute schizophrenia blues.

I'm lost on the river, the river of no return,
I can't make decisions, I don't know which way I'm gonna turn,
Even my old dad, lost some of the best friends he ever had,
Apparently, his was a case of acute schizophrenia too.

I got acute schizophrenia, paranoia too,
Schizophrenia, schizophrenia,
I've got it, you've got it, we can't lose,

They're watching my house and they're tapping my telephone,
I don't trust nobody, but I'm too scared to be on my own
And the income tax collector's got his beady eye on me,
No there ain't no cure for acute schizophrenia disease.

"Experts": Paranoia on the rise..

Either We Kill Them, or We Lose

Live Now: House Oversight Committee Hearing On Regulating Hedge Funds

Death sentence awaits Abbas approval
A Palestinian Authority "military" court in Bethlehem on Wednesday sentenced a Palestinian security agent to death by a firing squad after finding him guilty of "collaboration" with Israel.
Abbas lays cornerstone for Arafat museum in Ramallah
Abassholes vs Hamassholes infinitum....

Court issues temporary order to stop building in West Bank

Rice bids farewell to Middle East
Ucccchhh. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out ....

SYRIA: Israeli Bombs Are Source of Uranium at Shelled Site
Is that right? [insert your own joke here]

The UN: Attack Israel but ignore Radical Islam

Fighters with Sunni Awakening groups in Iraq, who were paid by the US to turn against al-Qaeda, have begun to receive their first pay cheques from the Shia-dominated Iraqi government

US aid worker assassinated in Pakistan

Saudi Tolerance

Russia, Iran, Qatar may form gas venture

Gazprom, Egypt Discuss Middle Eastern LNG Plans

Central Asia May Be Key to Gas Cost Deal

Nabucco’s destiny depends on Turkmenistan

Turkish President to hold energy talks in Azerbaijan

Gazprom eyeing 20% stake in Spain's Repsol

Gazprom’s Head predicts Oil Shortage

Russia rejects US missile proposals

US says Russia has not responded to missile shield proposals

US, Russia to hold nuclear talks in Geneva

EU-Russia Détente

Neo-Nazis outnumber Jews in Europe

Keep an Eye on Russia

US official: Six powers to discuss Iran nuclear issue

Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb

Iran Returns to the Global Stage

Iran test-fires new missile, Israel within reach

Iran tests precision missile able to reach Europe

Ahmadinejad: Any aggression to receive crushing response

Hudna in Sudan

Jihadists Seize Somalian Port City

Aid workers find 'apocalyptic' scene in Chad

Christian sisters murdered in Mosul

13,000 Christians fled Mosul last month...

Pops, Mantovani & Patsy vs: buttloads of bellicose bats

"Why Believe in God?" Campaign Debuts for Christmas Season

TOM WOLFE: Greenwich Time

Tick Tock.

Priest advises penance for Obama vote

Priestly Hunks

Columbian Shamans go speak to Volcano

GAYHAD: Book of Mormon set ablaze
So far no Mormons rioting looting & pillaging - imagine that.

Fascist Means to Gain Liberal Ends

UK: Bailing out a sperm bank?

UK: Too White and Too Male to be Sensible

Antony Flew to Richard Dawkins: ‘You’re an Idiot’

The Prophet Zimmy (when he was just a baby)
Talkin' WWIII Blues
Some time ago a crazy dream came to me,
I dreamt I was walkin' into World War Three,
I went to the doctor the very next day
To see what kinda words he could say.
He said it was a bad dream.
I wouldn't worry 'bout it none, though,
They were my own dreams
and they're only in my head.

I said, "Hold it, Doc,
a World War passed through my brain."

He said, "Nurse, get your pad, this boy's insane,"
He grabbed my arm,
I said "Ouch!"

As I landed on the psychiatric couch,
He said, "Tell me about it."