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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Missing Links: Tomorrow Never Knows

The Beatles ~ Tomorrow Never Knows

Stalin's ghost shapes 21st century crises in Europe

Why are we surprised?
Frankly, I'm not surprised, I knew a year ago. Why are YOU surprised?

PEACE IN OUR TIME! Russian convoy moves DEEPER inside Georgia

UN making a grab for our arctic oil


Jordan Bans Jewish Religious Objects

SADA CUMBER, brand new US OIC Rep, Dhimmis up for GWB

Iran warns Israel not to act ”stupidly”

Iran training "assassination squads" inside Iraq

Ahmamadmanjihad: We'll fill the gap in Iraq when the US leaves

Al-Sadr Urges Followers To Sign Blood Pact Vs Occupiers
Al-Sadr urged "believers to sign with their blood an oath of allegiance to the imam Mahdi," in a statement read during Friday prayers by Sheikh Assaad al- Nasseri in the Shiite holy city of Kufa, south of Baghdad.

Iranian president expresses hope to sign energy deals with Turkey

Hezbollah: US, Israel foresook Georgia

Saudi spy chief meets with Musharraf

Go right ahead and kill Shirin Ebadi, say mullahs

Atheists abandon attempt to ban baptisms

Commies to get rights in CA public schools???

Obama confirms relationship with red mentor

Howard Dean calls GOP the "white party"
and WTF color is he?

Whore of Churchianity and Pals

Obamanable Snowjobman wants you to kill your babies

Cabaret ~ Tomorrow Belongs To Me

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