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Friday, November 21, 2008

Missing Links vs Incessant Glowballyhoodoo

Glow Bally WHO do?

1)Sensational or clamorous advertising or publicity
2) Noisy shouting or uproar

Public Image Limited
Order of Death - 1980

Why have you despised the commandment of the Lord,
to do evil in His sight?

~ 2 Samuel 12:9

Noted pedophile "Mikaeel" reverts & frees himself from the fetters of Abrahamic morality

Glowball Hate Speech Laws?

US, Australian & UK Islamic Leaders Calling for Sharia law

Phoenix Imam Tells Muslims To Disregard U.S. Laws

School Board Chooses Not to Reappoint CAIR Hamas Supporter

Saudis could amaze any alien

Aga Khan's Glow Ballistic Da'Wa Tour 2008
In October 2006, the Aga Khan and Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the Imam and Ottawa would each contribute $30 million to a new Global Centre for Pluralism, a think-tank and research facility to be housed in the old Canadian War Museum.
Oh.... the irony and the horror inherent in that seemingly innocuous statement.

Iran Blocks Access to Millions of 'Immoral' Web Sites

Iraqi throng protests agreement on US forces
Yer welcome.

Burnt out Bush and Obsolete Olmerde to meet over Iran's nuclear ambitions

On Tuesday night, Olmert and Barak were secretly summoned to the palace of Jordanian King Abdullah

Israel allows Fatah men return to West Bank

All your American state secrets are belong to Hu?

Beijing's Thrust Into Latin America

The Next Crisis: Africa

Sudan: still hell on earth

Mai Mai Fighters Third Piece in Congo’s Violent Puzzle
My, my.

In spite of Sudan's vast oil reserves, government officials said Thursday it could not pay for the humanitarian aid its citizens need and appealed for 2 billion dollars from the international community

OPEC Disarray as Oil Sinks to $50

Gazprom drops German pipeline project


There will be a battle over Turkmenistan and very soon

From Russia With Loathing

Medvedev: Ukraine must pay its Gazprom debt

Or Bad Vlad will bust out yer kneecaps, see?

EU must push Baltic Sea gas link to meet 2011 goal

EU Opens Online Library

Mighty white of yez

The Terrible Scare Story Hank Paulson Told Congress

The evolution of Czar Paulson

Wall Street and the Rise of Obama
Significantly, on September 23, Paulson's former firm, Goldman-Sachs, received $5 billion from Warren Buffett, a major Obama financial backer and booster.Then, during the current crisis, Paulson appointed another former Goldman Sachs banker, Neel Kashkari, to run the new "Office of Financial Stability" and buy bad loans and distressed securities. Under Paulson and Kashkari, $10 billion of taxpayer money was soon extended to Goldman Sachs.
Wasichu speak with forked tongue:
"Anybody who has engaged in the actions of Henry Paulson and then said he's promoting the legacy of Ronald Reagan I think is historically illiterate," said Craig Shirley, author of two books about Reagan's campaigns.

Grover "the beard" Norquist Sends Letter to Treasury Applying for $700 Billion

Zero interest rates won't stop central bank

Sarkozy: French government and a state-owned lender will raise $7.6 billion to create a sovereign fund aimed at protecting and developing the country's ``strategic companies.''

WTF is a Sovereign Wealth Fund, anyway?
A state-owned investment fund composed of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or other financial instruments funded by foreign exchange assets. SWFs can be structured as a fund or as a reserve investment corporation. Some funds also invest indirectly in domestic state owned enterprises.

Big banks get crushed

Chevron suspends export contracts Nigerian production

TX Oil Refinery Explosion

Government warns of "catastrophic" US quake

5.0 in San Diego

Nevado del Huila volcano erupts; thousands evacuated

The vote is over, but the Gayhad lingers on

Many on Obama's advisory team are notorious anti-Semites from years past: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Malley, Gen. James Jones, Jimmy Carter and Robert Gates have all been deeply linked to James Baker's philosophy for years. Remember Baker said to his President Richard Nixon: "Fuck the Jews. They didn't vote for us anyway."

Pro-abortion Catholic to head Dept. of Health and Human Services
My freakin' head is spinning now. Pro-abortion Catholic? WTF?

Forced Abortion and Organ Harvesting In China: We Can Not Plead Ignorance!!

Belgian tattoos a pig, calls it art
Waloony! [insert your own jokes here]

God and Evolution Can Co-Exist, Scientist Insists
And I'm certain he was denounced 30 seconds later

Time Zone (Johnny Lyndon & Afrika Bambaattaa)
World Destruction ~ 1984

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